Roger and Me:
A Short Bibliography of Reviews and Articles in the UC Berkeley Libraries

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" An interview with filmmaker Michael Moore on the occasion of the opening of his film The Big One in New York. The film, full of Moore's trademark provocation of authority, originated from his discovery of a new American phenomenon whereby corporations already making their best profits ever were exporting jobs, and offers a chilling comment on how corporate executives view the American worker. However, Moore has recently been attacked by several factions of the left as a cultural fake who uses a working-class facade to mask his limited understanding of political and aesthetic theory. Moore discusses several topics in the interview, including the sources of his humor, some particulars of his new film, and the critiques of his work that have been raised by the left." [Art Abstracts]

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" Barbara Kopple's Academy Award-winning American Dream (1991) and Michael Moore's controversial Roger and Me (1989) focus on the same subject--the fate of the worker at the hands of the modern corporation--but differ greatly in their approach to the documentary format. Kopple's film, which deals with the 1985 strike of the meatpackers union at the Hormel plant in Austin, Minnesota, is rooted squarely in the mainstream of the documentary tradition, presenting the filmmaker as a sympathetic observer of the powerless. It is precisely this tradition that Moore rebels against in Roger and Me, whose ostensible subject is the plant closings of the 1980s by General Motors and their effect on the people of Flint, Michigan. A hybridization of the interactive and reflexive documentary modes, the film is part historical narrative and part autobiography. Moore himself remains the central figure throughout, in the persona of the reporter in search of his subject." [Art Abstracts]

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"Examines Michael Moore's film Roger and Me, a documentary on the closing of General Motors assembly factories in Flint, Michigan, and the subsequent economic decline of the town, as "ironic history," demonstrating how irony contributes to the film's humor but prevents a coherent and useful analysis of the situation." [America History and Life]s

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