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Reviews and criticism of individual road movie films

Atkinson, Michael
"Crossing the frontiers." Sight & Sound Vol IV nr 1 (Jan 1994); p 14-17
"The writer discusses recent road movies. He lists movies made since the late 1980s, demonstrating the flexibility and audience appeal of the genre. He contends that road movies express the fury and suffering of the marginalized and give their restless protagonists the false hope of a one-way ticket to nowhere. He considers that road movies are rarely box office hits, perhaps because the genre epitomizes so much of what is uneasy and ephemeral about our culture. He concludes that we may be nearing the age of the anti-road movie, or the revisionist road movie, when the genre will return from the mainstream marketplace to the cult status of the genre's best films." [Art Index]

Atkinson, Michael
"Crossing the frontiers: road movies." In: Ghosts in the machine : speculating on the dark heart of pop cinema / by Michael Atkinson. 1st Limelight ed. New York : Limelight Editions, 1999.
Main Stack PN1995.A775 1999

Blasini, Gilberto
"Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride!" road movies and US society, 1967-1995 / [microform] : Gilberto M. Blasini. [2002]
Institute of Transportation Studies UMI-30-78133

Brereton, Pat.
"Westerns, landscape and road movies." In: Hollywood utopia : ecology in contemporary American cinema. Bristol, UK ; Portland, Ore. : Intellect Books, 2005.
Full text available online (UCB users only)
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995.9.N38 B74 2005

Burns, Rob
"On the streets and on the road: identity in transit in Turkish–German travelogues on screen." New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film; 2009, Vol. 7 Issue 1, p11-26, 16p
UC users only

Cagle, Robert L.
"Auto-Eroticism: Narcissism, Fetishism, and Consumer Culture." Cinema Journal. 33 (4): 23-33. 1994 Summer.

Corrigan, Timothy
"Genre, gender, and hysteria: the road movie in outer space." In: A cinema without walls : movies and culture after Vietnam / Timothy Corrigan. New Brunswick : Rutgers University Press, c1991.
Main Stack PN1993.5.U6.C64 1991
Moffitt PN1993.5.U6.C64 1991

Corrigan, Timothy
"Genre, gender, and hysteria: the road movie in outer space." In: A cinema without walls : movies and culture after Vietnam / Timothy Corrigan. New Brunswick : Rutgers University Press, c1991.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1993.5.U6 C64 1991
Moffitt PN1993.5.U6 C64 1991
Discusses Paris, Texas; Bonnie and Clyde; Badlands

Dargis, Manohla
"Roads to freedom." (history and analysis of road movies ) Sight and Sound July 1991 v1 n3 p14(5)

Davies, Jude.
"Against the Los Angeles Symbolic: Unpacking the Racialized Discourse of the Automobile in 1980s and 1990s Cinema." In: Screening the city / edited by Mark Shiel and Tony Fitzmaurice. London ; New York : Verso, 2003.
ENVI: PN1995.9.C513 S37 2003
MAIN: PN1995.9.C513 S37 2003

Dick, Leslie
"Sight and Sound A-Z of cinema. R road." Sight & Sound Vol VII nr 11 (Nov 1997); p 22-24,26
A consideration of the road movie genre. Incl. a definition of the term and a chronology of a century of events and developments significant to the genre.

Dimendberg, Edward.
"The will to motorization: cinema, highways, and modernity." October (Cambridge, Mass) no73 Summer 1995. p. 90-137

Everett, Wendy.
"Lost in Transition? The European Road Movie, or A Genre "adrift in the cosmos." Literature Film Quarterly, 2009, Vol. 37 Issue 3, p165-175, 11p
UC users only
"This article presents an analysis of a film genre, known as the journey narrative, and its importance to the contemporary film industry in Europe. The journey narrative is considered a typical Hollywood genre which implies escape or freedom through traveling. However, in Europe, this genre tends to be associated with a sense of homelessness in modern life. The first road movies in Europe include "Arrival of a Train in the Station at La Ciotat" and "Voyage to Italy." It is noted that the flexibility and ability of road movies to adapt to different cultures makes this genre a key to modern film industry.: [EBSCO]

Eyerman, Ron; Löfgren, Orvar.
"Romancing the Road: Road Movies and Images of Mobility." Theory, Culture and Society 1995 Feb, 12:1, 53-79.
UC users only

Georgescu, Lucian.
"The road movies of the New Romanian Cinema." Studies in Eastern European Cinema, Jan2012, Vol. 3 Issue 1, p23-40, 18p
UC users only
This article looks at the New Romanian Cinema phenomenon beyond the so-called formal canon. The intention is to capture the spirit of the nation, twenty years after the fall of communism, from the perspective of the road theme within the feature films of Romanian contemporary film-makers. The conceptual starting point is the journey seen either as sidereal or as radical, the two semantically opposite forms defined by Jean Baudrillard and Marc Guillaume.

Gott, Michael.
"Borderless possibilities, hesitant voyagers: Mapping identity in three post-1989 Czech road movies." Studies in Eastern European Cinema, Jan2012, Vol. 3 Issue 1, p7-22, 16p
UC users only

Grant, Barry Keith
"Road Movies." In: Schirmer encyclopedia of film / Barry Keith Grant. Detroit : Schirmer Reference, c2007.
Doe Reference PN1993.45 .G75 2007 v.1-4 (2007)

Hammond, Michael
"The Road Movie." In: Contemporary American cinema / edited by Linda Ruth Williams and Michael Hammond. London ; Boston : Open University Press, c2006.
Full-text available online [UC Berkeley users only]

Harris, Hilary.
"Desert training for whites: Australian road movies.(Cultural narratives)." Journal of Australian Studies 86 (Jan 2006): 99(15).
UC users only

Indurain Eraso, Carmen.
"Boys on the Side: Undermining the Road Movie's Generic Expectations." In: Beyond Borders: Re-Defining Generic and Ontological Boundaries. Edited by Ramon Plo-Alastrue, Maria Jesus Martinez-Alfaro. Place/Publisher Heidelberg : Universitatsverkag C. Winter, 2002.
Main Stack PS228.P68.B49 2002

Ireland, Brian
"American Highways: Recurring Images and Themes of the Road Genre." The Journal of American Culture 26:4 (December 2003) p. 474-484
UC users only

Ireland, Brian
"Errand into the Wilderness: The Cursed Earth as Apocalyptic Road Narrative." Journal of American Studies; Dec2009, Vol. 43 Issue 3, p497-534, 38p
UC users only

James, Caryn
"On the road again: uneasy riders." (evaluation of road movies on video) The New York Times Feb 26, 1989 v138 s2 pH36(N) pH36(L) col 1 (6 col in)

James, Caryn
"Today's Yellow Brick Road leads straight to hell." (road movies and American culture) The New York Times August 19, 1990 v139 s2 pH1(N) pH1(L) col 1 (42 col in)

Kolker, Robert Phillip.
"On the Road: Exile and Innocence: Major theme and images in Wenders' films." In: The films of Wim Wenders : cinema as vision and desire / Robert Phillip Kolker, Peter Beicken. Cambridge [England];New York : Cambridge University Press, 1993.
Moffitt PN1998.3.W46.K64 1993

Kuzniar, Alice.
"Wenders's Windshields." In The Cinema of Wim Wenders: Image, Narrative, and the Postmodern Condition. Edited by Roger F. Cook and Gerd Gemunden.Detroit, Mich. : Wayne State University Press, c1997.
MAIN: PN1998.3.W46 C56 1997;

Laderman, David.
Driving visions : exploring the road movie. Austin : University of Texas Press, 2002.
Full text available online (UCB users only)
Main Stack PN1995.9.R63.L33 2002

Laderman, David.
What a Trip: The Road Film and American Culture." Journal of Film and Video Vol. 48, No. 1/2 (Spring-Summer 1996), pp. 41-57
UC users only

Lang, Robert
"My own private Idaho and the new new queer road movies." In: Masculine interests : homoerotics in Hollywood films New York : Columbia University Press, c2002. Film and culture.
Main Stack PN1995.9.H55.L37 2002

Lost highways : an illustrated history of road movies
Edited by] Jack Sargeant & Stephanie Watson. [London]: Creation, 1999. Creation cinema collection;15.
Main Stack PN1995.9.R63.L67 1999

Luckman, Susan.
"Road Movies, National Myths and the Threat of the Road: The Shifting Transformative Space of the Road in Australian Film." International Journal of the Humanities, 2010, Vol. 8 Issue 1, p113-125, 13p
UC users only

Lyons, Donald
"Detours: the road movie." Film Comment v. 27 (July/August 1991) p. 2-3
"Road films sprang to life in the 1940s. World War II, the concomitant economic recovery, and the scattering of Americans gave people the opportunity and the desire to roam. Edgar G. Ulmer's 1946 film Detour is the fullest expression of the road picture aesthetic: sex is danger, life is a trap, and the road leads to nothingness. Carl Colpaert's recent film Delusion, which quotes from Detour in several scenes, shows the road movie in a state of self conscious and self referential reflection. It expresses little beyond its director's conviction that roads are metaphorically expressive and that greedy yuppies deserve whatever comes their way." [Art Index]

Mazierska, Ewa.
Crossing new Europe : postmodern travel and the European road movie London ; New York : Wallflower Press, 2006.
MAIN: PN1995.9.R63 M37 2006

Mcentee, Joy.
"'Especially Hard on the Little Things': Fathers and Children on the Road in American Film." AUMLA: Journal of the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association. 96: 154-72. 2001 Nov.

Mills, Jane
"On the Road with Screen Culture." Metro; Spring2002, Issue 134, p166, 7p
UC users only
Outlines the concept of screen culture in the motion picture industry in the U.S. Combination of love, knowledge, pleasure and history in screen culture; Distribution and training processes of the moving image; Characterization of road movies.

Mills, Katie
The road story and the rebel : moving through film, fiction, and television Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press, c2006.
MAIN: PN1995.9.R63 M55 2006; BANC: PN1995.9.R63 M55 2006
Table of contents

Mittman, Elizabeth.
"Fantasizing Integration and Escape in the Post-Unification Road Movie." In: Light Motives: German Popular Film in Perspective / edited by Randall Halle and Margaret McCarthy. Detroit, Mich. : Wayne State University Press, c2003.
MAIN: PN1993.5.G3 L54 2003

Morris, Christopher
"The Reflexivity of the Road Film." Film Criticism v. 28 no. 1 (Fall 2003) p. 24-52
UC users only
"The writer examines what road films have in common--the figure of the road--as a reflexive image of continuity and linearity. He discusses how the reflexivity of road films anticipates ideological stalemates about the genre by dramatizing paralysis and redundancy in reading. He asserts that the quests of the characters of road films are not only futile but repetitive. He argues that although the reflexivity of the road film may suggest in an abstract way the illusions of the simulacrum (Jean Baudrillard), the postal (Jacques Derrida), or irony (Paul De Man), the genius of film is to allegorize these failures concretely, in Beckett-like moments of dramatic action, in intertextuality, and in the figure of the road itself." [Art Index]

Moser, Walter.
"Présentation. Le road movie: un genre issu d'une constellation moderne, de locomotion et de médiamotion. (The Road Movie: A Genre Arising out of a Modern Constellation of Locomotion and Media-motion.) Cinemas, Spring2008, Vol. 18 Issue 2/3, p7-30, 24p
UC users only

Mottram, Eric.
"Blood on the Nash Ambassador: Cars in American Films." In: Cinema, Politics and Society in America. Edited by Philip Davies and Brian Neve New York : St. Martin's Press, 1981
Moffitt PN1995.9.S6.C5 1981
Main Stack PN1995.9.S6.C5 1981b [another edition]
Main Stack PN1995.9.S6.C55 [another edition]

Nightingale, Benedict.
"True (fugitive) romance: the movie genre." The New York Times 143 Sep 26 (1993): 15 sec 2.

North, Sam.
"Road Movies." [from web site]

Odabashian, Barbara
"On the Road Again: An American Archetype." In: Beyond the stars Volume 4: Locales in American Popular Film / edited by Paul Loukides and Linda K. Fuller. Bowling Green, Ohio : Bowling Green University Popular Press, c1990
Main Stack PN1995.9.C36.B49 1990
Moffitt PN1995.9.C36.B49 1990

Orgeron, Devin.
Road movies : from Muybridge and Méliès to Lynch and Kiarostami / Devin Orgeron. New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995.9.R63 O74 2008

Petek, Polona
"Highways, byways and dead ends: towards a non-Eurocentric cosmopolitanism through yugonostalgia and Slovenian cinema." New Review of Film & Television Studies; Jun2010, Vol. 8 Issue 2, p218-232, 15p
UC users only
This paper is a contribution to the debates about European integration. Through a focus on cinema - more specifically, on the road movies in contemporary Slovenian cinema - I explore the ambivalence with which mobility in general and the road movie in particular have been perceived in this region of the new Europe. I argue that this ambivalence is not a sign of frustration or uncertainty; rather, it is an emancipatory dimension of a broader countercultural practice called yugonostalgia. Through an analysis of two contemporary Slovenian road movies, I trace the interweaving of Slovenian pro-European discourses and yugonostalgic counterdiscourses to show that this interweaving produces an inimitable cultural matrix in which an enabling model for a non-Eurocentric cosmopolitan project is beginning to emerge. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

Pilz, Kerstin.
"Dreams of Escape: Variations of the Italian Road Movie." Romance Studies. 21 (2): 139-52. 2003 July.
UC users only

Rascaroli, Laura
"New voyages to Italy: postmodern travellers and the Italian road film." Screen (London, England) v. 44 no. 1 (Spring 2003) p. 71-91
" European road films are examined with particular focus on the Italian road film. The writer highlights the differences between American road films and European road films of different types made since the 1930s before considering the ways in which recent European road films have reflected and investigated the complex issue of movement in and through Europe. She seeks to determine the extent to which travel films have engaged with the notion of a changing European sociogeographical space that, in turn, has produced new forms of national and transnational identity. She then examines the tradition of the Italian road film in order to show that some recent Italian films rework the national cinematographic history, and especially the tradition of postwar neorealism, thereby recovering the exploratory and critical spirit activated by the particular historical circumstances of neorealism." [Art Index]

The Road Movie Book
Edited by Steven Cohan and Ina Rae Hark. London; New York: Routledge, 1997.
Full text available online (UCB users only)
Main Stack PN1995.9.R63.R63 1997

Roddick, Nick
"The Road Goes on Forever." Sight and Sound 18:1 (January 2008) p. 28-30
UC users only
Roddick discusses how the early work of director Wim Wenders reworked American cinema tropes, the hitroad movie in particular, into a style that was European. Roddick comments on "Im Lauf der Zeit" ("Kings of the Road," 1976); "Paris, Texas" (1984); "Alice in den Städten" ("Alice in the Cities," 1974); and "Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter" ("The Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty," 1972), among others.

Smith, Imogen Sara.
"Blind highways: noir on the road" In: In lonely places : film noir beyond the city / Imogen Sara Smith. Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland, c2011.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995.9.F54 S65 2011

Tharp, Julie.
"'Fine Ponies': Cars in American Indian Film and Literature." American Indian Culture and Research Journal. 24 (3): 77-91. 2000.

Treacey, Mia
"Bitumen, Dirt Track and Lost Highways." Metro; 2000, Issue 124/125, p144, 8p
UC users only
Focuses on Australian road movies, where the relationship between a cultural fascination with the car and a projection of freedom and social identity are at play. Combination of road, vehicle and human occupants; Discussion of the genre of road movies; Insight into culture and society; Items dealing with the impact of genre theory.

Von Doviak, Scott
Hick flicks : the rise and fall of redneck cinema Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland, c2005.
Part Two explores road movies, featuring back-road racers, truckers and everything in between.
Part Two explores road movies, featuring back-road racers, truckers and everything in between.
PFA : PN1995.9.R33 V66 2005
Table of contents

From Grapes of wrath to Thelma and Louise the open road has long been a fixture of the American imagination. And of all mediums, none are more enduring than the classic road movie. This documentary traces America's love affair with the 'road movie' through interviews with Hollywood stars and clips from roadie classics. 2006. 70 min.
Media Resources Center DVD X484

Widdis, Emma
"'One Foot in the Air?' Landscape in the Soviet and Russian Road Movie." In: Cinema and Landscape.
On Order for Main

Wolff, Janet
"On the road again: Metaphors of travel in cultural criticism." Cultural Studies, 7:2, 224 - 239

Wood, Jason.
100 road movies / Jason Wood. London : BFI, 2007.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995.9.R63 W66 2007

Woodrow, Ingrid.
"Road Trip." Journal of Australian Studies (Sept 1998): 162(1).
The influence of automobile driving on culture is described. Media portrayals creating equivalent states between freedom and automobiles, memories of previous trips by car, and the geographical fact of all Australian roads leading to the ocean are recounted. The myth of travel may dominate the experience of travel.

Easy Rider

Bapis, Elaine M.
"Back in the saddle again : men, westerns, hippies, and Easy rider." In: Camera and action : American film as agent of social change, 1965-1975 / Elaine M. Bapis. Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland, c2008.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1993.5.U6 B294 2008

Bapis, Elaine M.
"Easy rider (1969): landscaping the modern western." In: The landscape of Hollywood westerns : ecocriticism in an American film genre / edited by Deborah A. Carmichael. Salt Lake City : University of Utah Press, c2006.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995.9.W4 L32 2006
Bancroft (NRLF) PN1995.9.W4 L32 2006
Pacific Film Archive PN1995.9.W4 L32 2006

Berra, John.
"Ancestry of Independence: Easy Rider and the Declaration of a New American Cinema." In: Declarations of independence: American cinema and the partiality of independent production / John Berra. Bristol, UK ; Chicago : Intellect, 2008.
Full text available online (UCB users only)

Biskind, Peter.
Easy riders, raging bulls : how the sex-drugs-and-rock'n'roll generation saved Hollywood / Peter Biskind. New York : Simon & Schuster, c1998.
Main Stack PN1998.2.B56 1998
Moffitt PN1998.2.B56 1998

Canby, V.
"Easy rider." In: American movie critics : an anthology from the silents until now / edited by Phillip Lopate. New York : Library of America : Distributed to the trade by Penguin Putnam, c2006.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995 .A448 2006 AVAILABLE
Moffitt PN1995 .A448 2006
Pacific Film Archive PN1995 .A72 2006

Chappell, Michael J.
"The Failure of the Flag in Easy Rider." International Journal of Motorcycle Studies, pp. (no pagination), Nov 2005

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"From Counterculture to Anticulture." The Review of Politics, Vol. 34, No. 4, America in Change: Reflections on the 60's and 70's (Oct., 1972), pp. 187-193

Cummings, William
"Easy Rider and American Empire: A Postcolonial Interpretation." International Journal of Motorcycle Studies, pp. (no pagination), Nov 2005

Del Gaudio, S.
"Columbia and the counterculture: trilogy of defeat." In: Columbia Pictures : portrait of a studio. Bernard F. Dick, editor. Lexington, KY : University Press of Kentucky, c1992.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1999.C57 C64 1991
Moffitt PN1999.C57 C64 1991

Dennis, Jeffery P.
"Easy Rider: the love generation." In: Queering teen culture : all-American boys and same-sex desire in film and television / Jeffery P. Dennis. New York : Harrington Park Press, c2006.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995.9.Y6 D45 2006)

Easy riders, raging bulls how the sex-drugs-and-rock 'n' roll generation saved Hollywood [videorecording]
A documentary of Peter Biskind's controversial, best-selling book, which chronicles edgy, impressionistic pictures made by maverick, now-legendary directors such as Scorsese, Coppola, Lucas, Altman, Polanski and Peckinpah. Includes interviews with many directors, writers, actors, etc.
Media Center: DVD 2763

Gallagher, Mark.
"Tripped Out: The Psychedelic Film and Masculinity." Quarterly Review of Film and Video, Volume 21, Issue 3 July 2004 , pages 161 - 171
UC users only

Harris, Hilary.
"Desert Training for Whites: Australian Road Movies." Journal of Australian Studies, 2006, Issue 86, p99-110, 12p
UC users only
The article discusses Australian road movies and the issue of anti-racist whiteness in Australia. In the early 1980s, films were structured between relations of the Indigenous and non-Indigenous people while most movies discussed the challenge posed by immigrants to Australian society in the 1990s. An analysis of the changes in Australian concerns is discussed in relation to the film "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert," directed by Stephan Elliott.

Herring, H.D.
"Out of the dream and into the nightmare: Dennis Hopper's apocalyptic vision of America" {Out of the Blue; Easy Rider}. Journal of Popular Film and Television v. 10 no. 4 (Winter 1983) p. 144-54
UC users only

Hill, Lee. Easy rider / Lee Hill. London : BFI Publishing, 1996.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1997.E243 H55 1996

Holtan, Orley I.
"The Agrarian Myth in "Midnight Cowboy, Alice's Restaurant, Easy Rider" and "Medium Cool" Journal of Popular Culture 4:1 (1970:Summer) p.273
UC users only

Kinder, Marsha
"The Return of the Outlaw Couple." Film Quarterly Vol. 27, No. 4 (Summer, 1974), pp. 2-10
UC users only

Klinger, Barbara.
"Landscaping the Nation in Easy Rider." In: The Road Movie Book Edited by Steven Cohan and Ina Rae Hark. London; New York: Routledge, 1997.
Full text available online (UCB users only)
Main Stack PN1995.9.R63.R63 1997

Leibman, Nina
"Decades and Retrodecades: Historiography in the Case of Easy Rider and Shampoo." The Mid-Atlantic Almanac: The Journal of the Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association, vol. 2, pp. 81-94, 1993

Lev, Peter
"Easy Rider." In: American films of the 70s : conflicting visions Austin, TX : University of Texas Press, 2000.
Full text available online (UCB users only)
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1993.5.U6 L44 2000
Moffitt PN1993.5.U6 L44 2000

Luckman, Susan
"Road Movies, National Myths and the Threat of the Road: The Shifting Transformative Space of the Road in Australian Film." International Journal of the Humanities; 2010, Vol. 8 Issue 1, p113-125, 13p
UC users only

Mills, Katie.
"Road Film Rising: Hells Angels, Merry Pranksters, and Easy Rider." In: The road story and the rebel : moving through film, fiction, and television / Katie Mills. Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press, c2006.
Main (Gardner) Stacks; Bancroft PN1995.9.R63 M55 2006

Milne, Tom
"Easy Rider" Sight and Sound 38:4 (1969:Autumn) p.211
UC users only

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"Fantasizing Integration and Escape in the Post-Unification Road Movie." In: Light motives : German popular film in perspective / edited by Randall Halle and Margaret McCarthy. Detroit, Mich. : Wayne State University Press, c2003.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1993.5.G3 L54 2003

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"1960s counterculture and the legacy of American myth: A study of three films." Canadian Review of American Studies; Winter93, Vol. 23 Issue 2, p57, 22p
UC users only

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"Sleazy riders: exploitation, "otherness," and transgression in the 1960s biker movie." Journal of Popular Film and Television Fall 2003 v31 i3 p98(11)
UC users only

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"The Brief Ride of the Biker Movie." International Journal of Motorcycle Studies, March 2007

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UC users only

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Main (Gardner) Stacks B2430.D454 P69 2007

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"New voyages to Italy: postmodern travellers and the Italian road film." Screen (2003) 44(1): 71-91
UC users only

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Main (Gardner) Stacks PN2287.H66 R641 1988

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UC users only

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UC users only

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UC users only

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"Movies on drugs." American Film. v. 15 (November 1990) p. 54-7

Warshow, Paul
"Easy Rider." Sight and Sound 39:1 (Winter 1969/1970) p. 36
UC users only

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