Reel Life Stories
April - July 2003

Photography courtesy of Pennebaker Hegedus Films

An exhibit at the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery in Doe Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Reel Life Stories is an exhibit that traces and celebrates the evolution of documentary film and filmmaking over the course of the past century, from the early cinematic experiments of brothers August and Louis Lumière, to the diverse and provocative works of today’s independent documentary filmmakers. The exhibit includes photographs, posters, filmographies, filmmaking artifacts and memorabilia, and video displays, and highlights the notable documentary collections of the Media Resources Center, Moffitt Libraries.

Video tour of the exhibit (3:22 min) (requires Real player)


Origins of Documentary Film | Chronology of Documentary Filmmaking History

Bay Area Independent Filmmakers

Independent Documentary Distribution

Academy Awards: Best Documentaries | Academy Awards: Best Short Documentaries

Video Round Table Notable Videos for Adults

Quotes About Documentary Film Making and Filmmakers

Videos About Documentary Film Making and Filmmakers

Bibliography of Books/Articles About Documentary Film

Media Resources Center Collection

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