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Selected Sound Recordings in the Media Resources Center


Selected Compilations of Speeches/Addresses

  • Edward R. Murrow: I Can Hear It Now SOUND/C 804
    A chronicle of World War II told in the authentic sounds and voices of the men who made this history.

  • Eyewitness: People Who Were There Tell About: Going to sea under sail--Homesteading (U.S.)--Women's suffrage movement--The Great Depression--The Dunkirk evacuation-- London blitz--1956 Hungarian uprising--WWII Japanese American relocation--Sinking of the Titanic--Sailing across the Atlantic--Scopes Monkey Trial--UFO sightings. Media Center: SOUND/C 155

  • Eyewitness 2: People Who Were There Tell About: the Civil War, Custer's Last Stand, Alaska Gold Rush, Hindenburg Disaster, San Francisco Earthquake, Woodstock Festival, Robert Kennedy's Assassination, and many other events Media Center: SOUND/C 154

  • Grass Roots Sound Recording: An Oral History of the American People. Media Center: SOUND/C 1250

  • Great Speeches of the 20th Century Media Center: SOUND/C 1250

  • Great American Speeches Media Center: SOUND/C 88:1-4

  • Great American Speeches Media Center: SOUND/C 887

  • Great American Speeches Media Center: SOUND/C 88

  • Great Moments of the 20th Century Media Center: SOUND/D 89

  • In Their Own Voices: The U.S. Presidential Elections of 1908 and 1912 SOUND/D 81

  • If I'm Elected: Our Presidents and Their Opponents (1892-1952) Media Center: SOUND/C 702

  • Pearl Harbor, Reflections and Notes. Media Center: SOUND/C 478

  • Speaking for America: Twelve National Leaders Talk About Their Visions for America. Media Center: SOUND/C 152
    John A. Gardiner, Henry M. Jackson, John Lewis, Douglas MacArthur, George Meany, Clinton Rossiter, Hubert Humphrey, Martin Luther King, Jr., Walter Lippmann, George McGovern, Daniel P. Moynihan, Adlai Stevenson.

  • Speaking for America: Six Presidents Talk About Their Visions for America SOUND/C 152
    Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S.Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson.

  • The White House Tapes(candid recordings of various presidents) Media Center: SOUND/D 169

  • May It Please the Court(23three live recordings of landmark cases as argued before the Supreme Court) Media Center: SOUND/C 1267

  • United Nations Speeches by Heads of State, 1945-1971 Media Center: SOUND/C 247

  • Voices of Freedom 1901-1950 Media Center: SOUND/C 713
    W. J. Bryan -- W. H. Taft -- T. A. Edison -- R. E. Peary -- T. Roosevelt -- W. Wilson -- A. Earhart -- W. Rogers -- F. D. Roosevelt -- H. S. Truman.
  • Selected Speeches/Addresses by Individuals in MRC:

  • [Allende, Salvador] Salvador Allende: An Interview with Chile's Marist President, May 29 1973 Media Center: SOUND/C 985

  • [Biko, Steve] An Interview with Steve Biko. Media Center: SOUND/C 81

  • [Chavez, Cesar] An Interview with Cesar Chavez, 1970. Media Center: SOUND/C 300

  • [Churchill, Winston] His Memoirs and His Speeches. Media Center: SOUND/C 125 and SOUND/C 1230

  • [Jackson, Jesse] Jesse Jackson: Speech at the Democratic Convention. Media Center: SOUND/C 682

  • [Johnson, Lyndon B,] Recordings of Conversations and Meetings. Recordings of Telephone Conversations. Media Center: SOUND/C 1309

  • [Kennedy, John F.] John F. Kennedy, A Self-portrait. Media Center: SOUND/C 640

  • [Kennedy, John F.] Presidential Recordings: Civil Rights, 1963. Media Center: SOUND/C 502

  • [Kennedy, John F.] Presidential Recordings: Integration of University of Mississippi, 1962. Media Center: SOUND/C 498

  • [Kennedy, John F.] Cuban missile crisis meetings, 10/16/62. Media Center: SOUND/C 501

  • [Kennedy, John F.; Nixon, Richard M.] The Kennedy-Nixon Debates Media Center: SOUND/C 27

  • [Kennedy, John F.; Nixon, Richard M.] Three of the Great Debates of the 1960 Presidential Political Campaign. Media Center: SOUND/C 879

  • [King, Martin Luther] I Have a Dream : Martin Luther King, Jr., 1929-1968. Media Center: SOUND/C 1222

  • [Malcolm X] Malcolm X Speaks Out. Media Center: SOUND/D 5

  • [Milk, Harvey] Interview with Harvey Milk. Media Center: SOUND/C 550

  • [Nixon, Richard M.] Resignation Speech. Media Center: SOUND/C 234

  • [Nixon, Richard M.] Watergate Denial Speech. Media Center: SOUND/C 233

  • [Reagan, Ronald ] Interview with Ronald Reagan, 1974 Media Center: SOUND/C 382

  • [Roosevelt, Franklin D.] The Fireside Chats of FDR. Media Center: SOUND/C 229

  • [Roosevelt, Franklin D.] Inauguration Addresses of the Presidents of the United States: Franklin Delano Roosevelt [and] Harry S. Truman. Media Center: SOUND/C 869

  • [Roosevelt, Franklin D.] "...Rendevous with Destiny." Media Center: SOUND/C 897
    Includes exerpts from 21 addresses by Mr. Roosevelt, delivered during the years 1933-45, and eulogy by Harry S. Truman, with connecting commentary by NBC staff reporters.

  • [Seale, Bobby] An Interview with Bobby Seale. Media Center: SOUND/C 304
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