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  • Introduction

    The Social Activism Sound Recording Project is a cooperative endeavor developed by radio station KPFA-FM (Berkeley, California), the Pacifica Radio Archives (PRA)(Los Angeles, and the UC Berkeley Library. The goal of the project is to make accessible via the web a unique library of recordings of significant people and events that shaped the politics and culture of the 1960's. The first phase of this project focusses specifically on social activist movements in Berkeley, California, particularly the Free Speech Movement.

    Recordings accessible on this web site include both radio programs originally broadcast on KPFA-FM, and raw, unedited field recordings made by KPFA reporters.

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    All PRA recordings are copyright by Pacifica Radio. These materials may not be downloaded, recorded, reproduced, transcribed, or otherwise used, all or in parts, in any form or format, without express written permission from Pacifica Radio. Contact the Pacifica Radio Archives, 3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West, North Hollywood, CA 91604, (800) 735-0230, Fax (818) 506-1084; email:

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