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John Blaser
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Welcome to my home page. If you are interested in my professional qualifications, please see my career profile and resume. Here you will also find links to my work on the Web. If you interested in old movies — especially film noir — please visit my Web site, No Place for a Woman: The Family in Film Noir and Other Essays. And if you are looking for other Web sites to enjoy, I have provided a list of my favorite places on the Web.

Career Profile

The Internet is the most powerful communications tool ever created. Yet many Web sites are managed by computer experts — and it shows. This is like asking a typesetter to be the managing editor of a large newspaper. But if you want to communicate and do business on the Internet, you need a professional communicator to manage your Web presence.

I offer the unique combination of communications experience, education, and technical skills needed to communicate effectively via the Internet. I bring five years of experience as an Internet Web developer, plus eight years as a professional editor. At Northwestern University, I earned a bachelor's degree in English and history and a master's degree in English, which further strengthen my communications abilities. I even adapted my master's thesis, No Place for a Woman: The Family in Film Noir, into an award-winning web site.

As Manager of Electronic Communications for the American Dental Association, I manage all aspects of ADA ONLINE (www.ada.org), the ADA's Internet site. ADA ONLINE links both ADA members and the public directly to the Association in ways that were not possible before the existence of the World Wide Web. My wide-ranging duties at the ADA include developing site content, creating user-friendly navigation and design, building new online resources and services with agencies throughout the ADA, expanding and implementing new technologies and interactivity with support from our Information Technology Division, coordinating the work of consultants as well as internal staff, and HTML encoding Web pages.

The head of our Communications Division calls ADA ONLINE "the most high-profile project in the Association," which is rapidly becoming "the primary vehicle for communicating with our members and the public." For this reason, managing ADA ONLINE and leading its ongoing growth are crucial to enhancing the Association's image and serving the needs of member dentists and consumers worldwide.

At the ADA, I enjoy the challenge of a high-profile position with an internationally respected company, and I am confident that I can make an immediate contribution in a similar role elsewhere.

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Spike is our cat who died while waiting for a kidney transplant. This page is a tribute and a link to the Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center Web site.

First posted: January 1996
Last updated: June 2002

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Photos and audio files provided courtesy of Terri's Film Noir Home Page (no longer online).