Before the advent of television and broadcast news, there were newsreels. Newsreels were 5 to 10 minute motion picture compilations highlighting the news of the day. These films were shown between feature films in motion picture theaters. Among the best-known early newsreel series were the Pathé-Journal, shown first in England and France, and the Pathé Weekly, produced for American audiences. The March of Time, produced in the United States by Time, Inc. was one of the most successful US newsreel of the 1930's and 40's.

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Documentaries and Other Films About Newsreels

The Camerman (Silent, 1928)
Directed by Buster Keaton, featuring Keaton, Marceline Day, Harold Goodwin, Sidney Bracey, Harry Gribbon. Keaton plays a lovestruck tintype photographer who falls for a pretty girl, an employee of MGM News service. Buying an antiquated movie camera, he sets out to film news events in the streets of New York so he can win a job and the girl's affection. 70 min. DVD 5437; vhs 999:144
Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Cameramen at War. (1943)
Compiled by Len Lye. A tribute to the cameramen of the British military film units and the newsreel companies that sent back front-line reports. Most of the film shown is of World War II, with special emphasis on the European and North African combat areas. 15 min. Video/C 5027

Citizen Kane (1941)
Directed by Orson Welles. Cast: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, William Alland, Everett Sloane, Agnes Moorehead. When one of the world's richest and most influential men dies muttering the word "Rosebud", a newspaper's managing editor insists that Kane's obituary film is missing something and "needs an angle." He orders his top reporter Thompson (Alland) to discover what "Rosebud" means. Thompson searches for, finds, and interviews five key figures, but ulimately does not solve the mystery. Because Kane was purportedly based on newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst, efforts were made to surpress the film, by 'Hearst hatchet woman' Louella Parsons, among others.

"The movie opens with newsreel obituary footage that briefs us on the life and times of Charles Foster Kane; this footage, with its portentous narration, is Welles' bemused nod in the direction of the ``March of Time'' newsreels then being produced by another media mogul, Henry Luce. They provide a map of Kane's trajectory, and it will keep us oriented as the screenplay skips around in time, piecing together the memories of those who knew him." [Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times, May 24, 1998] 119 min. DVD 852; Video Disc 124; VHS 999:85

Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Dawn of the Eye.Canadian Broadcasting System. 1997. 48 min. each installment. Dist: Films Media Group.

History Through a Lens, 1894-1919. Traces the history of the filmed-news industry from the development of the movie camera in 1895 which quicklyled to newsreels shown in vaudeville and then in movie theaters twice a week. In reality, much of what was shown was staged by pre-Hollywood film studios. Film shows the competitiveness and tricks used as news reporting got its start and includes rare footage of very early newreel films. DVD 4527; also VHS Video/C 5942

Eyes of the World, 1919-1945. Hollywood's version of the news was sanitized until a program called March of Time, a theater newsreel program, established the standards still used in the industry today. As World War II progressed it provided a forum for competition between numerous news agencies. Includes newsreel footage of World War II and of D-Day, with commentary by war correspondents. DVD 4528; also VHS Video/C 5943

The Eye of the Dictator.
Examines the use of film and particularly the weekly newsreel to inform, disinform, and persuade Germany during years of the Nazi regime. The program takes an in-depth look at the way Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, controlled the work of German film cameramen and how he manipulated their work to great effect both as propaganda and as art. c1995. 55 min. Video/C 6903

Four Hours a Year: The Making of "The March of Time"
The "March of Time" newsreel series covered the news for motion picture audiences before television from 1935 to 1951. This documentary features interviews with its creative team who cover topics including reporting styles, logistical difficulties with big 35mm cameras and huge lights, the use of re-enactments, technical details for a "natural look", lack of zooms or panning, flat lighting, wide angle lens and distortion, the difference between "the truth of yesterday and the truth of today" and the influence of this newsreel series on today's television journalism. Contents: Newsreel excerpts: Tour of the White House in Roosevelt-Landon election race -- Father Coughlin, formation of a National Union for Political Justice -- First nationwide radio broadcasts by a religious preacher -- New York City's Mayor LaGuardia -- Huey Long in Louisiana -- French Maginot Line before WWII -- Dominican Republic -- New England in 1940. 1974. 56 min. Video/C 5965

Newsfront (Australia, 1978)
Directed by Phillip Noyce. Cast: Bill Hunter, Wendy Hughes, Gerard Kennedy, John Ewart, Chris Haywood. The newsreel cameramen were unsung heroes who raced to beat headlines and defied dangers to capture moments on film for moviegoers. They captured historic moments but when a new technology called television arrived, their days were numbered. Tells the story of two such Australian journalists who filmed the historical events of two turbulent decades. 110 min. DVD 4984
Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

The Reel World of News
Looks at newsreels, a unique 20th century institution. For over 50 years newsreels informed and entertained whole generations until their demise in the mid-1960's with the advance oftelevised nightly newscasts. 1984. 58 min. Video/C 754

The Weakly Reporter(1944)
Directed by Chuck Jones. Warner Brothers. Animated short. This Chuck Jones animated short parodies the newsreels that were the standard fare for movie theater intermissions during The Second World War. Included are gags about the food and supply shortages civilians had to suffer through, as well as the increasing role women were playing in the American war effort. (supplement with Passage to Marseille) DVD 6281

Zelig (1983)
Directed by Woody Allen. Cast: Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Susan Sontag, Saul Bellow. This spoof of documentary films stars Woody Allen as Leonard Zelig, the famous "Chameleon Man" of the 1920's, whose personality was so vague he would assume the characteristics of whomever he came into contact with. Filmed in black-and-white, the movie simulates the look of a newsreel, complete with stentorian narration. 79 min. DVD 1014; vhs 999:803
Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database


39/40, the war through a lens (39/40, la guerre des images)
It took Hitler less than ten months to conquer Europe. This two-part series is an astonishing "play by play" told by three of its major players: France, England and Germany. Inspired by newsreels, each country reveals the "truth" to its citizens. Between September 1939 to June 1940, we view how each side saw the inexorable plunge Europe took into chaos. Contents: La Drôle de guerre = The Phoney war (53 min.) -- La Debacle = The debacle (53 min.) DVD X4944

Adolph Zukor Presents Broadway Highlights: Intimate News of the Gay White Way.
Presents a series of newsreel segments from the 1930s of celebrities of the day visiting New York's hot Broadway shows. Many prominent Big Apple personalities are shown, making this feature an important historical document as well as very entertaining viewing. Originally produced in 1936. 60 min. Video/C MM533

Adolph Zukor Presents Broadway Highlights: Intimate News of the Gay White Way.
Presents a series of newsreel segments from the 1930s of celebrities of the day visiting New York's hot Broadway shows. Many prominent Big Apple personalities are shown, making this feature an important historical document as well as very entertaining viewing. Originally produced in 1936. 60 min. Video/C MM533

America, Lost and Found: The Depression Decade
Uses newsreels, old photographs, feature film clips, advertisements, and home movies to create a portrait of America in the 1930's. Conveys the psychological impact of the economic and social collapse that accompanied the Great Depression in the United States, how America reacted to the loss of its dreams and how these dreams were rebuilt. 1979. 59 min. Video/C 8988

America, The War Years. Volume 1, 1941-1942.
Newreel footage originally produced in 1941 and 1942 by Universal Newsreel and United News. Newsreels and combat footage give glimpses of the United States during World War II, with reports on military campaigns, war production, and life on the home front during 1940-1941. Contents: v. 1. 1941 (50 min.) New Years in N.Y. -- New Congress hears president pledge war aid -- Lease-Lend Bill passes -- Miami, Fla. -- Belmont Park, N.Y. -- Jitterbug and jive -- Stanley cup -- DeGaulle in England -- Women defense workers -- Seattle black-out -- French Indo-China -- Airplane manufacturing plant -- American troops in Newfoundland -- Libya -- U.S. to guard Greenland -- Yankees baseball -- Detroit Tigers baseball -- Washington Navy yard -- Paratroops at Fr. Benning, Ga. -- Carol exiled King of Romania -- Jack Benny -- Malta bombed -- Eritrea -- Churchill in England -- U.S. in move to halt Japs -- Hess flees from Reich -- 9th Army Corps -- Portsmouth, N.H. submarines -- Belmont Park -- First pictures of sea fight -- Haile Selassie returns to Ethiopia -- Speed boat races -- Aerial acrobats -- Nazis war in Russia -- Soviet-Japanese Friendship Pact -- 21-yr-olds drafted -- Army air force at Mitchel Field -- Siege of Tobruk -- Special report: Japs-U.S. at war -- America on the alert. v. 2. 1942 (50 min.) Movie stars join war effort -- U.S. motorcycle dispatch riders -- U.S. Navy pilots test flying boat -- Tennis match (Bobby Riggs) -- Gas shortages and food rationing -- G.I. mail call -- Who's on first? (Abbott and Costello) -- U.S. arms manufacturing plants -- Midway -- Horse races for Army relief fund -- America salutes women workers in war effort -- Private Snafu gripes -- Marines on Guadalcanal -- Jeep assembly plant -- Hollywood canteen -- Alaska Highway completed -- Warship production -- British pursue Rommel in Libya -- Rodeo thrills soldiers -- Ready made homes for war workers -- British sailors aid U.S. Harvest -- World's largest autobus tested -- RAF blasts Nazis -- U.S. Navy day -- New roles for women in war -- Soldiers get mail -- U.S. carrier beats off air attack -- Academy Awards, 1942 -- Plants speed anti-aircraft guns -- China plans army of 26 million -- N.Y. hails U.N. war heroes. 100 min. DVD 2499

Anti-war Films of the 1960s
Universal Newsreel: Peace march: thousands oppose Vietnam War (4/18/67, 3 min.) -- Universal Newsreel: Protests galore (5/5/67, 3 min.) -- Universal Newsreel: Anti-war demonstrators storm Pentagon (10/24/67, 2 min.) -- The seasons change (1968, 45 min.) -- Columbia revolt (1969, 49 min.) Universal Newsreels: Three newsreels showing demonstrations against the Vietnam War in the United States, Spain, Italy, and London with some coverage of the "March on the Pentagon." Seasons change: Details the events and issues involved in the violent Chicago Police crackdown on anti-war demonstrators during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Includes interviews with demonstation participants, the Chicago 7 and an official statement of the Youth International Party (Yippies). Columbia revolt: This documentary of the student protests and riots at Columbia University in 1968, presents the events as they happened from the perspective of the students, from the early stages of what originally began as a demonstration but quickly became an occupation by students of campus facilites, setting off a chain of events that ultimately resulted in a two month long, violent siege. DVD 5960

Archives de guerre (1940-1945: ce que les Francais on vu dans les salles de cinema
Five hours of French newsreels and propaganda films drawn from the archives of the Institut national de l'audiovisuel trace the history of World War II month-by-month and document life in France during the German occupation. 402 min. DVD 9247

Bowles, Brett. "Illuminating the Dark Years: French Wartime Newsreels on DVD." Historical Journal of Film, Radio & Television, Mar2007, Vol. 27 Issue 1, p119-125, 7p UC users only

The Archives of War
A documentary series of 20th century wars using film shot by British Pathe News, from the trenches of World War I, through the destruction of World War II, to the Cold War's atomic arsenals and the horrors of the Korean and Vietnam wars. Disc 1. World War I and the interwar years ; World War II: The leaders -- Disc 2. World War II: The battles ; The Cold War -- Disc 3. Korea ; Vietnam. DVD 1704

Atomic Newsreels, or Pathetic Atomic Tests
Contents: News magazine of the screen: Atomic energy / Warner-Pathe News (1950s, 22 min.) -- News magazine of the screen, Vol. 2, issue 6 / Warner-Pathe News (1952, 23 min.) -- News magazine of the screen, Vol. 5, issue 10 / Warner-Pathe News (1955, 22 min.). News magazine of the screen: Atomic energy: Excellent compilation of 1950s newsreel stories on atomic weapons testing, civil defense and nuclear energy. News magazine of the screen, Vol. 2, issue 6: Edited for use in schools this collection of newsreels includes the Frenchman's Flat, Nevada nuclear test. Also includes other events of the time. News magazine of the screen, Vol. 5, issue 10: Edited for use in schools, a collection of newsreels which includes civil defense drills for a nuclear attack. Also includes other events of the time. DVD 2660

Der Augenzeuge: die DEFA Wochenschau.
Der Augenzeuge (Eyewitness) was the weekly newsreel played in East German cinemas from 1946 through 1980 which displayed the official version of world news shown to East Germans. Disc 1 [Pt. 1-2]: Die 40er Jahre (1946-1949) -- Disc 2 [Pt. 3-4]: Die 50er Jahre (1950-1959) -- Disc 3[ Pt. 5-6]: Die 60er Jahre (1960-1969) -- Disc 4 [Pt. 7-8]: Die 70er Jahre (1970-1980) DVD 8411

Winkel, Roel Vande. "Nazi newsreels in Europe, 1939-1945: the many faces of Ufa's foreign weekly newsreel ( Auslandstonwoche ) versus German's weekly newsreel ( Deutsche Wochenschau )." Historical Journal of Film, Radio & Television, Mar2004, Vol. 24 Issue 1, p5-34 UC users only

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
This documentary juxtaposes newsreel footage, film clips and period music in an eye-opening look at the Great Depression. Many of the movies created in the 1930s featured strong social commentary, while others offered pure escapism and fed a fascination with a dazzling world out of reach to the everyday American. Through a contrast between the fantasy of film and the reality of everyday life, a fascinating perspective on the Great Depression and Hollywood's golden age is presented. Also includes political speeches by Franklin D. Roosevelt and others.1975. 112 min. DVD 450

By-line Newsreel. (Tyler-Texas Black Film Collection: The Missing Link in Black Cinema)
Newsreels providing close-ups of black leaders in government and sports. Produced by Bill Alexander and Biddy Wood, 1956/1957.

Vol. 1: Opens with shots of black government officials in the EisenhowerAdministration followed by footage of Marine Reservists departing for basic training. In sports, the Baltimore Colts with black star Lenny Moore, take on the Chicago Bears, with black star Bobby Watkins. Fashion models wearing "I like Ike" buttons are shown followed by an interview with Mrs. Carmel Carrington Marr, A U.N. official. Video/C 7176

Vol. 2: Opens with Afro-Americans celebrating in the "I'm an American Day" parade in Baltimore. At Altus Air Force Base, a black soldier comes to the aid of a white engineer who is disabled. Black officials of the Eisenhower Administration are shown including Samuel Pierce, Undersecretary of Labor. Concludes with a visit to the Savannah Club in New York's Greenwich Village. Video/C 7177

Vol. 3: Black members of the Eisenhower administration are interviewed including a top aide, the first black member of the White House staff, and Assistant Secretary of Labor, J. Ernest Wilkins. In sports, Air Force athletes are shown competing in Olympic track and field tryouts in Los Angeles. Video/C 7178

Vol. 4: The 1956 Republican National Convention in San Francisco is shown with interviews of leading Black Republicans. In sports, scenes from the Morgan State-North Carolina State football game are shown and at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, President Eisenhower opens the World Series by throwing out the first ball to Dodger catcher Roy Campanella. Video/C 7179

California Election News #1 and #2
Fake newsreels secretly produced by MGM as "dirty tricks" in the film industry's political war against Upton Sinclair. DVD 691

Campus on the March
Newsreel about the military training of college students including training of women to assume jobs usually done by men. RKO-Pathe, 1942. 18 min. DVD 5152

Classic Fidel Castro Newsreels
This compilation of newsreel footage opens with a young Fidel Castro as he assumes power of Cuba in January of 1959 and continues on through the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Contnets: Rally for Castro: One million roar 'Si!' to Cuban executions (1/22/59) -- Castro 'resigns': mass demonstrations show his power secure (7/20/59) -- Havana rally: peasants mass to support Castro (7/27/59) -- Ike at U.N. proposes new world disarmament program (9/22/60) -- History at U.N: World leaders set New York a-whirl (9/26/60) -- Invasion scare: Castro masses troops, claims U.S. aggression (10/31/60) -- News highlights of 1960 (12/31/60) -- U.S. breaks relations with Cuba (1/5/61) -- Cuba invaded: foes of Castro open offensive (4/19/61) -- Reds celebrate May Day (5/5/61) -- The Cuban crisis (10/25/62) -- Missile bases: Castro balks at U.N. team (11/1/62) DVD 8283

Cuban Cinema Classics
For the First time documents the use of mobile cinemas which bring moving pictures to campesinos in the Cuban countryside. Contents: Newsreel 49 = Newsreel No. 49 (1960, 1 min, b&w) -- Por primera vez = For the first time / director, Octavio Cortazar (1967, 10 min, b&w) -- Dolly Back / director, Juan Carlos Tabio, starring Mirta Ibarra (1986, 10 min., col.) Newsreel 49 heralds the beginning of Cuba's revolutionary cinema. Images of the icons of the major Hollywood studios give way to Cuban faces and places, concluding with a narration of the decree establishing the Cuban film Institute (ICAIC) DVD 2393

Davidoff Newsreel
A newsreel segment depicting the first voyage of a Polish ocean liner with Jewish immigrants to Palestine in 1934. The film contains footage of the departure from the Black Sea port of Constanta, the passengers enjoying the voyage, the recitation of Yom Kippur prayers on deck and an extended cantorial performance. Other images include passengers dancing the hora, singing Zionist songs, and the impressive urban vistas of Haifa and Tel-Aviv which greeted the visitors upon their arrival. Dist.: National Center for Jewish Film. 10 min. Video/C 7319

Die Deutsche Wochenschau
See separate listing

Eastern & Central European Newsreels, 1926-1944, Selection I
Romanian oil fields (with gypsies) (1926, 12 min.) -- Ukraine in flames / Alexander Dovzhenko (1941-1943, 10 min.) -- Die Deutsche Wochenshau (German wartime newsreels) (1943, 16 min.) -- Tito's partisans, Yugoslavia (1944, 10 min.) A variety of newsreels showing footage of 1926 oil fields in Romania, the WWII battle in the Ukraine that broke the Nazis' grip on Russia, Adolf Hitler meeting King Boris of Bulgaria, the funeral of King Boris, Hitler Youth training at a military camp, the German Navy visiting Japan, German forces on the Russian front, German women horse-soldiers, pro-German Slovakian cadets in World War II, German combat against Allied invaders in France, and footage of Tito's partisans in Yugoslavia. Video/C 9336

The Eye of Vichy (Oeil de Vichy)
A compilation of long forgotten film footage and newsreels, produced by the Nazis and French collaborators during World War II. From the small town of Vichy in Central France, Field Marshall Petain's puppet government worked with their Nazi overlords in creating pro-Nazi propaganda. They skillfully produced a strange alternative history of the war years in order to turn public emotion against the Allies and the Jews. A film by Claude Chabrol. 1993. 110 min. DVD 9916; vhs Video/C 6983

Roth, Michael S. "L'oeil de Vichy." The American Historical Review. Oct 1994. Vol. 99, Iss. 4; p. 1242 (3 pages)

Fidel: 48 horas en Buenos Aires
Newsreel footage of a visit by Fidel Castro to Buenos Aires, Argentina in May, 2003, intercut with historical footage of other journeys to the country including meetings with presidente Nestor Kirchner and Che Guevara. In Spanish without subtitles. Video/C MM233

German Wartime Newsreels 1941-1945
Contents: German invasion of Russia, June, 1941; The battle of Sebastopol, June, 1942; The battle of Kursk, July, 1943; The battle for the Rhineland, October, 1944; The battle for Germany, March 1945. A collection of German language newsreels made during World War II which show the German media treatment of events designed to highlight Nazi military achievements. 85 min. Video/C 3793

The Golden Gate International Exposition, Treasure Island, San Francisco Bay, 1939-1940.
Two silent documentary films exploring the sights of the Golden Gate International Exposition of 1939-1940. The first film is in black and white, with English subtitles and covers hightlights of the fair. The second untitled newsreel is in color and also examines the sights at the fair closing with spectacular photos of the fair at night illuminated by colored lights. 199?. 38 min. Video/C 4183

Historic Israel Films
Film and newsreel collection spanning 1933-1957 on Israel. Includes coverage of the Israeli-Egyptian War, early footage of Palestinian refugee camps, Israel in the 1930s, and Israeli life and culture. Contents: Five newsreels (1955-1957, 5 min.) -- Amateur footage (1933, 16 min.) -- Labor of thy hands / Hadassah presents ; screenplay, Mina Brownstone ; producer, Hazel Greenwald (1950s , 14 min.) -- Sands of sorrow / director, Theodore A. Morde ; producer, Council for Relief of Palestine Arab Refugees ; narrator, John S. Martin (1950, 28 min.) Five newsreels: Includes footage of Israel's war and entry into Egypt, as well as a Tel Aviv protest. Amateur footage: Rare film footage of Israel from the early 1930s, full of street scenes and landmarks, including the Wailing Wall. Labor of thy hands : Sponsored by an American Zionist women's organization, this film aims to build support for Israel among Americans by showing similarities between the two countries. Sands of sorrow: Produced by The Council for Relief of Palestinian Arab Refugees, an American organization, this film shows the conditions of Palestinians living in refugee camps in the Gaza Strip around 1950. DVD X56

Historic Spanish Revolution Films
Spain in revolt (1938, 21 min.) -- Spanish Revolution anniversary newsreel footage (1957, 2 min.) Spain in Revolt: Historical film footage from the 1930s showing lots of footage from the Spanish Civil War with an intriguing blend of silent film, sound effects, dramatic music, battlefield scenes, wounded soldiers and civilians. Spanish Revolution Anniversary Newsreel: Franco looks on as they celebrate the 18th anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War. DVD 7971

Historic Time Travel: When the Guns Fell Silent
A compilation of six 1950s newsreels presenting footage of events during and directly after the Korean War. News magazine of the screen (Vol. 1, Issue 6, 1951, 22 min.) -- News magazine of the screen, March (1952, 22 min.) -- News Magazine of the screen (Vol. 4, Issue 2, 1953, 24 min.) -- News magazine of the screen (Vol. 2, Issue 9, 1952, 24 min.) -- News magazine of the screen, October (Vol. 4, Issue 4, 1953, 23 min.) -- News magazine of the screen (Vol. 4, Issue 9, 1954, 23 min.) DVD 5151

Historic Travel U.S.: Learning to Live in California.
With a focus on life in post-WWII California, provides a rare opportunity to examine some of the films that were produced in an effort to guide, motivate and educate people on a wide range of subjects from road safety to social issues. Includes a 1931 tour of Oakland, a look at the local transit Key System, the conditions of African Americans in Los Angeles in 1971, films on the Bracero farm labor program, an educational film against exposure of young boys to homosexuals and more. See America first [Oakland] / host, Kay Gordon (1931, 16 min.) -- March of progress [Key System] / Key System Transit Company (1945, 21 min.) -- When you are a pedestrian [Oakland] / produced by Progressive Pictures (1948, 10 min.) -- Teddy / National Institute of Mental Health (1971, 16 min.) -- Freedom of the American road / with Henry Ford II ; sponsored by Ford Motor Company (1955, 16 min.) -- Why Braceros? / Council of California Growers (1959, 19 min.) -- Boys beware / produced by Sid Davis (1961, 10 min.) DVD 4845

Historic Travel U.S.: Many Faces of California.
A selection of nine rare and historic films of life in California between 1917 and 1957. Includes coverage of aviator Kay Stinson in her flight from San Diego to Los Angeles with footage of car races (1917), The Dole Air Race of 1927, glider flights in 1929, a 1948 bicycle safety film and the National Roller Skating Championships of 1950. Also includes a 1950s baby contest and coverage of artist Simon Rodia constructing the Watts Towers in Los Angeles in 1957. Kay Stinson, Aviator (1917, 3 min.) -- Tribune: American dream picture / Oakland Tribune-American (1924, 8 min.) -- Dole Air Race / Kinograms (1927, 10 min.) -- Norman Goddard and his glider (1929, 6 min.) -- Bohemian grove (amateur film) (1938, 2 min.) -- You and your bicycle / Progressive Pictures (1948, 9 min.) -- Amateur skating champs / Universal-International Newsreel (1950, 2 min.) -- Babies on parade / Universal-International Newsreel (1950, 2 min.) -- The Towers / Rembrandt Films ; producer, Antonio M. Vellani (1957, col., 12 min.) DVD 5288

Historical World Fairs. San Francisco.
Amazingly, just nine years after the devastating earthquake of 1906, San Francisco staged the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, celebrating the opening of the Panama Canal. The city went on to host another fair in 1939, the Golden Gate International Exposition, this time to celebrate the completion of the Golden Gate Bridge. Panama-Pacific International Exposition (1915, 13 min.) -- Opening of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (1915, 9 min.) -- Golden Gate Bridge (amateur film, 1939, 30 min.) -- Dead fair / produced by Telenews (1940, 2 min.) -- Farewell to Treasure Island / produced by Ken Allen (1940, 3 min.) -- Story of Jewel City [1906 earthquake] / produced by Exposition Players Corporation (1915, 9 min.) -- Treasure Island / produced by Arthur E. Howard (1939, 10 min.) -- Frisco Fair/Pacific Northwest (amateur film, 1939, 17 min.) -- California: Golden Gate International Exposition (1939, 8 min.) -- Panama Pacific International Exposition / produced by Frank W. Vail (1940, 10 min.) 119 min. DVD 4844

History of U.S. Presidents: Teddy Roosevelt, Political Master
Historial films and newsreels of Teddy Roosevelt, the first president to understand the power of personal myth and visual images. More than just the Rough Rider of presidential myth, Teddy Roosevelt vigorously led Congress and the American public toward progressive reforms and a stong foreign policy. Presents some of the first scenes ever shot of a sitting president, providing a unique insight as to how our political process became what it is today. Japanese and Russian peace delegates leaving New York City, 1905 (3 min.) -- Roosevelt speaking in Panama, November 1906 (3 min.) -- Roosevelt's arrival in Panama, November 1906 (2 min.) -- Roosevelt in Africa 1909 (14 min.) -- Roosevelt speaking at the Battery, 1910 (1 min.) -- Roosevelt's return from Africa, 1910 (29 min.) -- Roosevelt at the dedication of Roosevelt Dam, 1911 (1 min.) -- Roosevelt speaking at Pueblo Colorado, 1912 (2 min.) -- Roosevelt at Fargo, ND, during progressive campaign, 1912 (5 min.) -- Chauncey Depew, Senator Perkins, and Governor Whitman of New York, at GOP Convention, 1916, Chicago, Ill (2 min.) -- Hopi Indians dance for Roosevelt 1913 (4 min.) Roosevelt and Mrs. Roosevelt at the Panama-California Exposition, 1915 (1 min.) -- Roosevelt at the San Diego Exposition, 1915 (1 min.) -- Roosevelt's reception in Albuquerque, NM, 1916 (2 min.) -- Roosevelt at Sagamore Hill 1916 (2 min.) -- Roosevelt in New Mexico, 1916 (1 min.) -- Roosevelt speaking to a group of men from the porch at Sagamore Hill, 1916 (2 min.) -- Roosevelt and Leonard Wood at the New York Flower Show, 1917 (2 min.) -- Roosevelt speaking to a group of suffragettes from the porch at Sagamore Hill, 1917 (1 min.) -- Women suffragettes visit Roosevelt at Sagamore, 1917 (1 min.) -- Roosevelt at Billings, Montana, 1918 (1 min.) -- Roosevelt in Baltimore during Liberty Loan drive, 1918 (1 min.) -- Roosevelt speaking in St. Paul, Minnesota, 1918 (1 min.) -- Story of the Panama Canal (1927, 29 min.) -- Roosevelt Dam (1928, 15 min.) DVD 4836

Holland and the War: The Dutch Tradition: Three Years of the Netherlands' Fight Against the Axis, 1940-1943
In May 1940 Holland was overrun by the German Army in a few days. During early 1942 the Japanese overran the Dutch East Indies. Through original newsreels this film examines the background of the Netherlands and her colonies in the East and West Indies in times of peace, and points out their contributions to the fight against the Axis during World War II. 28 min. Video/C MM45

The Homefront
Chronicles the war effort in the United States from 1941-1945, using vintage newsreel footage and personal reminiscences of everyday citizens as the primary means of illustrating the social and economic forces that produced sweeping, permanent changes in American life. 1985. 87 min. Video/C MM4

Homefront U.S.A.
Series presenting newsreel footage of activities on the homefront in America during World War II. 55 min each installment. 1997.

America Goes to War. Presents an America directly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, retolling its industry for war with women entering the work force, the opening of day care centers, factories beginning to produce gun shells, ships, bombers, tanks and jeeps as military parades celebrate soldiers embarking for war. Video/C 9019

Home Fires. Portrays the sense of fear instilled in U.S. citizens following the attack on Pearl Harbor, patrols organizing across the nation and civil defense units preparing for attack. This segment also includes the trial of Nazi spies in the Supreme Court, Navy dirigibles being put into service and men joining up, among them Hollywood celebrities and other celebrities promoting bond drives, plus other features. Video/C 9020

The Land of Plenty Portrays America at the end of their first year in WWII, showing how Americans were united through shortages, rationing, buying war bonds, and for the first time in America, the distribution of food ration books. Includes footage of servicemen receiving decorations, the manufacture of prefabricated homes, families manufacturing machine tools in their homes, citizens donating blood, practice by coastal batteries and more. Video/C 9021

United We Win. Shows how those at home during WWII eagerly searched for ways to be useful and contribute to the war effort. They served on draft and rationing boards, stood watch as aircraft spotters or patrol coastal watchers until by mid-1943 civil defense volunteers numbered 9 million. Also includes coverage of vacant lots plowed into victory gardens, scrap metal drives, the building of tank destroyers, Mrs. Roosevelt opening a Red Cross blood drive, Winston Churchill meeting with President Roosevelt, Army nurses in training and the return home of the battle scarred Memphis Belle. Video/C 9022

Arsenal of Democracy. Presents the vast output of U.S. factories during the war including the manufacture of planes, tanks, naval vessels, landing craft, artillery pieces, millions of tons of artillery shells and rifles. With victory still a long way off, the army of the home front was united, strong and well prepared. Also includes footage of movie stars promoting war bonds, Margaret Truman christening the battleship Missouri, President Roosevelt announcing Italy's surrender and more. Video/C 9023

Rosie the Riveter. Focuses on the varied contributions of women during WWII from nursing to industry, signaling a significant change for women in American society. Also includes segments on SPARS, WAVES and WACS modeling their new uniforms, WAC mechanics servicing airplanes in Arizona and the presentation of Purple Hearts to parents of Japanese American soldiers. Video/C 9024

V for Victory. Presents the postwar hopes and dreams in American hearts and minds despite radio broadcasts and newsreels reminding them that the fighting and dying continues. It also presents segments on the preparation of parcels for American POWs, mail for U.S. Troops and the death of President Roosevelt just months after being re-elected by a landslide and the unprecedented outpouring of emotion it brings. Video/C 9025

ITN/Reuters Stock Footage Library.

Best World News of 1999. Includes footage of important news events from 1999, such as the impeachment trial of President Clinton, the resignation of Boris Yeltsin, and the funeral of Jordan's King Hussein. Includes newsreel footage of hotspots such as Chechnya, East Timor, Kosovo and Iraq, interviews with scientists involved in deciphering chromosome 22 and experts on genetically modified crops, the Colombia earthquake, the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, the solar eclipse of 1999, Internet addiction, the commuter rail crash in Paddington, England, coverage of the Air India Flight 814 hijacking, the stabbing of George Harrison and the power-sharing initiative in Northern Ireland. 57 min. Video/C 7728

Best Stock Shots #1. Includes footage of major world sites such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Bend and the Great Wall of China, a look at wind turbines, the Windscale nuclear power station, water pollution and oil polluted beaches, the effect of acid rain on the Salisbury Cathedral and global warming. Other features include coverage of the effects of the Chernobyl disaster including deformed children and coverage of environmental issues such as the endangered Amazon and Madagascar rain forests, the Kew Botanical gardens, rare white dolphins, endangered pink flamingoes of Kenya and other endangered animals, animal rights protests including an anti-fox hunting demonstration, aerial and ground views of Stonehenge, a walking robot, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. 36 min. Video/C 7729

Best Stock Shots #2. Presents newsreel footage of the social history of the latter part of the 20th century. Includes scenes of people at a variety of occupations and recreations, including fishing, folk dancing, and rubber tree tapping. Presents wildlife including birds, lizards and seals and animals resident on the Galapagos Islands and visits major cities including Cairo, Damascus, and Krakow. Also shows accidents on commuter trains and natural disasters such as storms, wildfires and graphic scenes of the eruption of Mount Aetna. 61 min. Video/C 7730

Great Events #1. Features a broad sampling of post-World War II events including clips from the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland, the fall of the Berlin Wall, oil fires in Kuwait, the Somalia relief effort, the Ciskei massacre, the Vietnam War and the attempted soviet coup in Moscow. Concludes with footage of personalities of the times including Queen Elizabeth, Nikita Krushchev, John F. Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, along with celebrities Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Brigitte Bardot, Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger. 58 min. VideoC 7731

Great Events #2. Provides varied newsreel footage including scenes of helicopters lifting off from the U.S. Embassy after the fall of Saigon, IRA terrorists throwing hand grenades at a funeral, attempts to quell oil well fires in Kuwait, footage of the civil war in Nigeria and the Falkland Islands War, the aftermath of the explosion of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the fall of Vukovar to Serb forces, the siege of Dubrovnik, and civil war in the Republic of Georgia. 60 min. Video/C 7732

The Environment. In these newsreels pollution and reclamation both share the spotlight. Compelling footage of ecological damage includes smoking factories and power stations, automobile emissions, a slag heap, a chemical dump, barrels of radioactive waste, acid rain damage, hillside erosion, a forest fire, burning oil wells in Kuwait, black rain, oil-coated wildfowl, melting ice floes, the impact of drought and dead landscapes. Images of hope, such as paper, cans and bottles being recycled, trash being sorted, and scientists testing water samples are also included. 57 min. Video/C 7733

Great Disasters. Newsreel footage of natural and manmade disasters of the 20th century. Includes footage of the 1937 Hindenburg disaster, the 1940 Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse, the aftermath of Pan Am Flight 103's explosion over Lockerbie and the 1998 high-speed train crash at Eschede. Clips of natural disasters include flooding in New England, hurricanes in Florida, avalanches in France and Austria, earthquakes in Turkey, Taiwan and Mexico City and volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, New Zealand, Montserrat, Guatemala and Nicaragua. 62 min. Video/C 7734

The Quirky Collection. Features the sort of outrageous stories frequently used at the end of news broadcasts. Clips include a school for Santas, a pilot who literally flies blind, the World Worm-Charming Championships, crossing the Atlantic by pedal boat, bungee-jumping at Victoria Falls, underwater hockey, the Juggling Olympics, the world series of Monopoly, world female boxing champ, a 6 yr. old golf whiz, a parachutist who survived a 200 ft. fall, a motorcycle stuntman, Vicars self-defense course, hot coals walkers, a cave house in England, and many wonderful and amazing curiousities concerning animals, birds and household pets. 63 min. Video/C 7735

JFK Films
Universal newsreels: Kennedy elected (11/10/60, 6 min.) -- Strategy talks: Kennedy confers with his Congress (12/22/60, 1 min.) -- Inauguration: Kennedy sworn in (1/23/61, 6 min.) -- Peace Corps: Kennedy outlines general program (3/13/61, 3 min.) -- Anglo-U.S. amity (4/6/61, 6 min.) -- Cosmos pioneer: Soviets orbit man in space (4/13/61, 1 min.) -- As the world watched: Spaceman hailed after U.S. triumph (5/8/61, 2 min.) -- India [visit by the first lady] (3/22/62, 2 min.) -- Kennedy on Telstar: Europe sees news conference (7/23/62, 1 min.) -- Income tax cut: Kennedy hopes to spur economy (8/13/62, 2 min.) -- Kennedy tour [of America]: Kennedy calls for U.S. lead in space (9/13/62, 4 min.) -- Kennedy tour [of America]: Kennedy inspects missile bases (12/10/62, 2 min.) -- Space tour: Kennedy inspects missile center/ Reds free professor (11/18/63, 3 min.) -- JFK Presidential press conferences: 24 highlight outakes from the first televised presidential press conferences (25 min.) -- An Answer: President addresses the men of the Second Fleet and Second Marine Division (1962, col., 30 min.) Presents the film legacy of John F. Kennedy's presidential reign through television coverage and newsreels aired between 1960 and 1963. Covers his press conferences, the space race, the announcement of the Peace Corps and other international and domestic issues of his presidency. DVD 5959

Kino Eye (Kinoglaz) (1924)
Directed by Dziga Vertov. A collection of short excerpts from newsreels and documentary films of Soviet life in the early 1920s made by Vertov and his "Kino-Eye" group. PFA print 999:1141 (segments also featured in What Do Those Old Films Mean, Video/C 1406:5)
Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Schaub, Joseph Christopher. "Presenting the Cyborg's Futurist Past: An Analysis of Dziga Vertov's Kino-Eye." Postmodern Culture: An Electronic Journal of Interdisciplinary Criticism vol. 8 no. 2. 1998 Jan. pp: 27 UC Berkeley users only
Vertov, Dziga. Kino-eye: The Writings of Dziga Vertov / edited with an introduction by Annette Michelson ; translated by Kevin O'Brien. Berkeley, Ca.: University of California Press, c1984. (Main Stack PN1995.9.D6.V44 1984)

Le journal d'une année: archives Pathé cinéma
Presents notable moments throughout the world taken from the filmed archives of newspapers of the time. Narration in French without English subtitles.

1941: La guerre : l'annee se termine par l'attaque de Pearl Harbor et la bataille de Moscou, qui voit la defaite des Allemands dans la boue et la neige -- France : Josephine Baker reconforte les blesses de guerre -- Premiers chantiers de jeunesse, crees par Petain -- Ainsi que l'instauration de la fete des meres -- Premieres femmes conseilleres municipales a Frejus -- sport : Emile Allais champion de ski -- Boxe a Marseille : Cerdan bat Blanchard -- Tino Rossi chante pour les blesses de guerre -- Lyon, cartes d'alimentation pour les chiens -- Lancement de la premiere chaine de television. 25 min. DVD X5783

1942: Paris bombarde par les Anglais le 3 mars -- Debarquement americain en Afrique du Nord -- Retour au pouvoir de Pierre Laval -- Proces de Riom -- Invasion de la zone libre -- Sabordage de la flotte de Toulon -- Bataille de Stalingrad -- Josephine Baker reconfortant les blesses -- Mode des chapeaux -- Nouveau procede de conservation, la surgelation. Special features: "Le Journal du siecle," (60 min.) les plus fortes images du XXe siecle commentees par Bruno Masure ; Joyeux anniversaire, la chanson en 4 versions. 25 min. DVD X5784

1943: Vie des civils : effort de la population, on economise l'electricite -- Finale de la coupe de France de football -- Suppression de l'octroi a Paris -- Cinema en 1943 -- Compiegne : arrivee du cent millieme prisonnier libere -- Megeve : le grand prix de ski -- Monde en guerre : President Laval et la milice -- Sur le front de l'Est -- Operations en Lybie -- Bombardement de Rome -- Colonel Skorzeny dans les Abruzzes. 25 min. DVD X5785

1944: Liberation de la France -- Avance des Allies en Europe et dans le monde -- Troupes alliees commandees par le general americain Eisenhower -- McArthur reprend les Philippines -- Bataille de Birmanie -- Allemagne mobilise toute la population -- De Gaulle en France -- Lancement du Liberty Ship: Carole Lombard. 25 min. DVD X5786

1945: Yalta : Staline, Roosevelt, Churchill se partagent le monde -- Allies passent le Rhin, parmi eux la premiere armee francaise de de Lattre -- Allemagne capitule -- Bombes sur Hiroshima et Nagasaki -- France : les femmes votent pour la premiere fois -- Vie artistique reprend ses droits -- Carven et Balmain relancent la mode -- C'est l'euphorie de la paix -- Prisonniers reviennent -- On veut croire en l'avenir. 25 min. DVD X5787

1958:Couronnement de Jean XXIII -- Naissance du prince Albert de Monaco -- Disparition de Vlaminck -- Mao rencontre Khrouchtchev -- Algerie : comite de salut public le 13 mai a Alger -- Paris : le president Coty appelle le general de Gaulle -- Rugby : Frances/Galles, la France gagne -- Cinema : tournage de La Femme et le pantin... -- La mode, avec Balmain. 25 min. DVD X5788

1959: L'adieu a Gerard Philipe -- De Gaulle en Algerie : pacification et plan de Constantine -- Festival de Cannes : la palme a Orfeu negro -- Frejus : la catastrophe du barrage de Malpasset -- Lancement de la premiere Caravelle -- Shah d'Iran se fiance, Paris decouvre Farah Diba -- Un nouveau mode de distribution, le premier magasin Leclerc -- Inauguration du pont de Tancarville. 25 min. DVD X5789

1960: Un nouveau president a la Maison-Blanche, John Kennedy -- Les evenements en Algerie : la semaine des barricades a Alger, discours de de Gaulle, le FLN en France -- Hollywood, un oscar pour Simone Signoret -- Nouveau : le franc -- Mort dans un accident de voiture d'un prix Nobel de litterature, Albert Camus -- Jeux Olympiques de Rome : Jazy a l'honneur -- Salon de l'auto : presentation de la nouvelle Peugeot 404 -- Elvis Presley termine son service militaire. 25 min. DVD X5790

1961: Alger, echec du putsch des generaux, l'OAS apparait, l'Algerie en route vers l'independance -- Le danseur etoile Noureev choisit la France -- Rupture entre Fidel Castro et les USA -- Construction du mur de Berlin -- EIsrael, le proces Eichmann -- Une mode envahit la France : le ye-ye -- Affrontements entre soldats francais et tunisiens dans le port de Bizerte. 25 min. DVD X5791

1962: Marilyn Monroe retrouvee morte dans sa villa d'Hollywood -- Le cosmonaute americain John Glenn fait trois fois le tour de la Terre -- Algerie : les accords d'Evian -- Referendum : 90% des Francais disent oui a l'independance en Algerie -- Attentats OAS, en France et en Algerie : Salan arrete -- Les pieds-noirs quittent l'Algerie -- Edith Piaf se marie -- L'idole des jeunes Johnny Hallyday, fait son service militaire -- Sport : Michel Jazy bat le record du monde. 25 min. DVD X5792

Kino-Pravda (1922)
Directed by Dziga Vertov. Excerpts from the second of the newsreel journal series which originally consisted of 23 issues produced from 1922-1925. Consists of a record of Soviet life edited into a unique genre of mixed documentary, animation and reviews and provides a record of the Revolution's social achievements. Kino-Pravda footage includes: Work on the reconstruction of the Moscow trolley system, Line No. 13 -- Tanks on the labor front (Leveling the Khodinka Airport) -- At the trial of the Social-Revolutionaries -- Organizing the peasants to join the communes -- Town of Gelenzhik (Children's sanitarium ; Save the starving children!) -- For inquiries regarding traveling film-shows. 14 min. 999:2063

Dziga Vertov bibliography

Korean War Films
Presents twelve 1950s newsreel and government information films reformatted for classroom presentation concerning the Korean War. Back to Freedom: More war prisoners return to America (1953, 1 min.) -- Getting ready physically (1951, 11 min.) -- News magazine of the screen, March: War maneuver in Korea/Australia: Ally in the Pacific (1952, 21 min.) -- Orphaned Korean boy arrives in San Francisco (early 1950s, 1 min.) -- Relief supplies for Korea (early 1950s, 1 min.) -- Service and citizenship (1951, 11 min.) -- Starting now (1951, 11 min.) -- Crime of Korea (1950, 15 min.) -- News magazine of the screen, Vol. 1, Issue 6 (1951, 22 min.) -- News magazine of the screen, October, Vol. 4, Issue 2 (1953, 23 min.) -- News magazine of the screen, April (1951, 19 min.) -- News magazine of the screen, April: "Another version" (1951, 19 min.) -- News magazine of the screen, March: "Another version" War maneuver in Korea/Australia: Ally in the Pacific (1952, 21 min.) DVD 4453

Life in the Thirties
Taken from newsreels and period motion pictures portrays life in America during the 1930's from the Great Crash of 1929 to the NY World's Fair of 1939. Blends haunting images of poverty with footage of escapist crazes, Benny Goodman and the birth of Swing, pinball machines and bingo. Recounts the Lindbergh kidnapping and the Hindenburg disaster along with scenes of social and economic trends, and the events and personalities that attracted the attention of the average person. Originally televised in 1956 on NBC's Project 20. Re-broadcast as a segment on America, a look back on PBS beginning Jaunary, 2001. 60 min. DVD 1677

March of Time
Selected news stories from The March of Time newsreel series, originally produced by Time magazine.

| American Lifestyles, 1939-1950 | Great Depression | Trouble Abroad | War Breaks Out |
| America at War | Postwar Problems & Solutions | Cold War, 1946-1951 |

American Lifestyles, 1939-1950

March of Time: The American Family. The War Years, 1941-1945 -- The Postwar Years, 1946-1948. Stories feature the concerns of U.S. families during and after World War II, such as rationing, the "baby boom," marriage and divorce. In two parts (2 tapes, 89 min. each): Part 1: Contents: Americans all -- Mr. and Mrs. America -- America's food crisis -- Americans all -- Where's the meat?; Part 2: Contents: Life with baby -- Nobody's children -- Life with junior -- Life with grandpa -- Marriage and divorce. DVD 8936-8937 [preservation copy]; vhs Video/C 1112: 1-2

March of Time: The American Family. American Fashion and Leisure, 1945-1950.
Selected newsreels examine fashion, beauty and leisure time in the U.S. Contents: American beauty -- Tomorrow's Mexico -- Fashion means business -- The fight game -- Wish you were here -- The male look. 105 min. DVD 8935 [preservation copy]; vhs Video/C 1113

March of Time: The American Family. America's Youth, 1940-1950. Stories examine the effects of war on the young men and women of America, their dreams and desires, and the conditions of U.S. schools and education. Contents: America's youth -- Youth in crisis -- Teenage girls -- The fight for better schools -- Schools march on. 90 min. DVD 8936 [preservation copy]; vhs Video/C 1114

March of Time: The American Family. Show Business. Present various aspects of the U.S. entertainment industry, including motion pictures, popular music, theater and nightclubs. In two parts (2 tapes, 92 min. each): Part 1: Contents: The movie marches on -- Show business at war -- Upbeat in music -- Challenge to Hollywood; Part 2: Contents: The nightclub boom -- Is everybody listening -- On stage -- It's in the groove -- Beauty at work. DVD 8939-8940 [preservation copy]; vhs Video/C 1115: 1-2

March of Time: The Great Depression

March of Time: Great Depression: Time Marches in 1935
The events, people and places that made the news in 1935-1936. Contents: Saionji (Okitsu, Japan) -- Speakeasy Street (N.Y. City) -- Belisha Beacons (London) -- Buchsbaum (Evieux, France) -- Fred Perkins (York, PA) -- Metropolitan opera (N.Y. City) -- Huey Long (New Orleans) -- Germany (Bavaria) -- New York Daily News (N.Y. City) -- Speed camera (Cambridge, Mass.) -- Mohawk disaster (N.Y. harbor) -- Leadbelly (Angola, CA) -- Trans-Pacific munitions (Europe) -- Mexico, Navy war games (Pacific Ocean) -- Russia (Moscow) -- Washington news (Wash. D. C.). 88 min. Video/C 2905:1

March of Time: Great Depression: Economy Blues, 1935-1936
The events, people and plans that made the news in 1935-36. Contents: Army (U.S.A.) -- Croix de Feu (France) -- Ethiopia (Lake Tana, Africa) -- Bootleg coal (Pennsylvania) -- CCC (Elmsford, N.Y.) -- G.O.P. (U.S.A.) -- Father Coughlin (Royal Oak, Michigan) -- Palestine (East of the Suez) -- Neutrality (Tokyo) -- Summer theaters (New England) -- Safety (Pleasantville, N.Y.) -- Wild ducks (The Northwest) -- Strikebreaking (New York City). 88 min. Video/C 2905:2

March of Time: Great Depression: Trouble Beyond our Shores, 1935-1936
The events, people and places that made the news in 1935-36. Contents: Japan-China -- Narcotics (Central America) -- Townsend Plan (U.S.A.) -- Pacific Islands (South Pacific) -- TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) -- Diebler (France) -- Moscow -- Hartman discovery (U.S.A.) -- Father Divine (Harlem) -- Tokyo Japan (Japan) -- Devil's Island (French Guiana) -- Fisheries (New England). 82 min. Video/C 2905:3

March of Time: Great Depression: War and Labor Woes, 1936
The evens, people and places that made the news in 1936. Contents: Veterans of future wars (Princeton, N.J.) -- Arson squads in action (U.S.A.) -- Florida canal (Florida) -- Field trials (U.S.A.) -- League of Nations Union (Geneva) -- Railroads (U.S.A.) -- Albania's King Zog (Zog of Albania) -- Relief (U.S.A.) -- Otto of Hapsburg -- Texas Centennial (Battle of a Centennial) -- Crime School (Biggest crime drive) -- Revolt in France -- An American dictator -- Jockey club -- Highway homes -- King Cotton's slaves. 111 min. Video/C 2905:4

March of Time: Great Depression: Prosperity Ahead, 1936
The events, people and places that made the news in 1936. Contents: The "Lunatic" fringe -- Passamquoddy -- U.S. milky way -- Labor versus labor (Labor's civil war) -- England's tithe war (Queen Anne's bounty) -- The football business -- The Presidency (Washington, D.C.) -- New Schools for old -- A soldier king's son -- St. Lawrence seaway -- "An Uncle Sam production" -- China's dictator kidnapped (New life in China) -- Business girls in the big city (Girls in business). 106 min. Video/C 2905:5

March of Time: Great Depression: Reality and America's Dreams, 1937
The events, people and places that made the news in 1937. Contents: Conquering cancer -- Mormonism 1937 (The Mormon church) -- Midwinter vacations (Vacations in winter) -- Father of all Turks -- Birth of swing -- Enemies of alcohol -- Child labor -- Coronation crisis -- Harlem's black magic -- Britain's food defense -- The Supreme Court -- Amateur sleuths -- Irish Republic, 1937 (Irish Republic) -- U.S. unemployment -- Puzzle prizes. 97 min. Video/C 2905:6

March of Time: Trouble Abroad

March of Time: Trouble Abroad: War Abroad: Depression at Home 1937
Stories document the concerns of U.S. citizens directly before America's involvement in World War II. Includes films on the political situation in Poland, the dust bowl, the key role of Hawaii in national defense, orphans and adoption in the U.S., the Rockefeller Foundation and other issues. Contents: Poland and war -- Dogs for sale -- Dust Bowl -- Rockefeller millions -- Babies wanted -- The 49th state -- The spoils system -- Youth in camps -- Rehearsal for war -- Pests in 1937 -- War in China. 71 min. Video/C 4815

March of Time: Trouble Abroad: Tensions Increase 1937
Stories document concerns of U.S. citizens directly before America's involvement in World War II. Includes films on the recycling of scrap metal for weapons, England's problems with prohibition and gambling, the success story of the Amoskeag cotton mills, Alaska's problems with offshore Japanese fishing fleets, techniques used by the U.S. Secret Service to fight counterfeiters, the prevention of heart disease, problems in the merchant marine and more. Contents: Junk and war -- England's D.O.R.A. -- Fiorello LaGuardia -- U.S. Secret Service -- Amoskeag: success story -- Crisis in Algeria -- Britain's gambling fever -- Human heart -- Alaska's salmon war -- Finland's 20th birthday -- Laugh industry -- Ships, strikes and seamen. 76 min. Video/C 4816

March of Time: Troubles Abroad: Germany and Other Problems, 1938
Stories document the concerns of U.S. citizens directly before America's involvement in World War II. Includes films on Nazi Germany, the flight of White Russians to Europe and the U.S., the pine industry in Southern U.S., the work of N.Y.'s Missing Person's Bureau, the development of Key West, the rehabilitation of U.S. criminals, the League of Nations and more. Contents: Inside Nazi Germany -- One million missing -- Russians in exile -- Old Dixie's new bloom -- Brain Trust Island (Key West) -- Arms and the League -- Crime and prisons -- Nazi conquest, no.1 -- Racketeers vs. housewives -- Friend of the people (U.S. electioneering) -- England's bankrupt peers. 93 min. Video/C 4817

March of Time: Troubles Abroad: Spotlight on War 1938
Stories document the concerns of U.S. citizens directly before America's involvement in World War II. Includes films on a proposed national health care system, the work of the U.S. Coast Guard, England's support of Gibraltar, attempts to engineer safer roads, Hitler's strategy to invade Czechoslovakia, Father Divine's Peace Mission Movement, Britain's struggle for neutrality before World War II and more. Contents: Men of medicine -- G-men of the sea -- Man at the wheel -- Threat to Gibraltar -- Prelude to conquest -- Father Divine's deal -- U.S. fire fighters -- British dilemma. 91 min. Video/C 4818

March of Time: Troubles Abroad: Uncle Sam: The Observer 1938-1939.
Stories document the concerns of U.S. citizens directly before America's involvement in World War II. Includes films on the building of the Maginot Line by the French, the millions of homeless refugees fleeing Nazi persecution, public opinion polls of American attitudes in 1938, the role of the U.S. Diplomatic Corps, the expropriation of industries and land by Mexico, the Boy Scouts and Sea Scouts and more. Contents: Inside the Maginot Line -- The foreign service -- The refugee, 1939 -- U.S.A. -- Mexico's new crisis -- Young America. 91 min. Video/C 4819

March of Time: Troubles Abroad: War, Peace and America, 1939.
Stories document the concerns of U.S. citizens directly before America's involvement in World War II. Includes films on the political situations in North Africa and Japan, the depressed economic conditions in the Southern U.S., England's presence in the 1939 World's Fair, and social conditions which police must deal with in 1939 New York City. Contents: North Africa, 1939 -- Tokyo, 1939 -- 1939 (Southern U.S.A.) -- War, peace and propaganda -- Metropolis. 91 min. 91 min. Video/C 4820

March of Time: War Breaks Out

March of Time: War Breaks Out: Americans Prepare. Part 1.
Stories document the effect of the early World War II years on American life. The first film examines the problems created for U.S. farmers during and after World War I and seeks to find constructive means to increase production for World War II needs. The second film is a propaganda piece designed to explain why the U.S. went to war in 1917 and to encourage U.S. involvement in World War II. Includes actual newsreel footage, and clips from the Nazi film Feuertafe, an account of the German invasion of Poland. Contents: Uncle Sam: the farmer (1939, 18 min.) -- "The ramparts we watch" (1940, 100 min.). 118 min. Video/C 4821

March of Time: War Breaks Out: Americans Prepare. Part 2.
Stories document the effect of the early World War II years on American life. Includes films on America's preparations for war, how captured German films motivated America's involvement in the conflict, how the F.B.I. combats espionage and sabotage, a view of how preparations for war effected one small town in New England, an overview of Texas in 1939 and the hoarding of foodstuffs and luxury items by Americans as consumer goods become less available. Contents: Labor and defense -- Uncle Sam: the non-belligerent -- Men of the F.B.I. -- New England's eight million yankees -- Thumbs up, Texas! -- Main Street, U.S.A. 113 min. Video/C 4822

March of Time: War Breaks Out: The Military Prepares.
Stories document the effect of the early World War II years on American life. Includes films on the use of airplanes for warfare, Japan's efforts to control Guam, the expansion of the U.S. Navy, the key role of the Panama Canal to America's naval defense, the transition from the production of consumer goods to weapons, machines and munitions for the war effort. Contents: Solders with wings -- Crisis in the Pacific -- U.S. Navy, 1940 -- Gateways to Panama -- Arms and the men: U.S.A. -- Crisis in the Atlantic -- Sailors with wings. 123 min. Video/C 4823

March of Time: War Breaks Out. Battle Beyond, Part 1.
Contents: Battle fleets of England -- Newsfronts of war: 1940 (Poland, Russia) -- The Republic of Finland -- Canada at war -- Philippines: 1898-1946 -- Spoils of conquest (Indonesia). Selected news stories from the March of Time which documents the the early World War II years. Includes films on Great Britain's preparations for war, Hitler's invasion of Poland and the deal struck between Hitler and Stalin, journalists on the front, and the involvement of Finland, Canada, the Philippines, Netherlands and Indonesia in World War II. 107 min. Video/C 4824

March of Time: War Breaks Out. Battle Beyond, Part 2.
Stories document the early World War II years. Include films on journalists in Europe and Germany's censorship of the press, Great Britain's air war with actual battle scenes, discussions between the U.S. War Dept. and Mexico on a North American defense plan, Autralia's commitment to the war effort, China's fight against the Japanese under Chiang Kai-shek, Hitler's propaganda for peace to leave him master of Europe, and Norwegians working to spearhead an Allied invasion of their Nazi-occupied homeland. Contents: On foreign newsfronts -- Britain's R.A.F. -- Mexico (Good neighbor's dilemma) -- Australia at war -- China fights back -- Peace: by Adolf Hitler -- Norway in revolt. 117 min. Video/C 4825

March of Time: War Breaks Out: Praying for Peace
Stories document the early World War II years. The first film, The Vatican of Pius XII, examines the efforts of Pope Pius XII to bring about world peace during World War II. The second film, Story of the Vatican, is a photographic journey of the splendors of the Vatican including areas where visitors have previously been excluded. 71 min. Video/C 4826

March of Time: America at War

March of Time: America at War: On the Homefront
Stories focus on how Americans on the homefront dealt with the war. Includes films on comparisions between U.S. involvement in the lst and 2nd World Wars, on civil defense preparations, diplomates of the United Nations working to end the war, how the F.B.I. fights sabotage, a case study of a defense industry, the role of the Pacific states in war industry and the difficulties besetting Congress during the early 1940's. Contents: Our America at war -- When air raids strike -- Men in Washington, 1942 -- The F.B.I. front -- Bill Jack vs. Adolf Hitler -- The West Coast question -- Spotlight on Congress. 114 min. Video/C 4827

March of Time: America at War: Friend and Foe, Part 1.
Stories focus on the allied, Axis and neutral nations of the war. Includes films on the war situations in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, India, France and Russia. Contents: Battlefields of the Pacific -- Far East command -- The Argentine question -- India in crisis -- India at war -- The fighting French -- One day of war: Russia, 1943. 116 min. Video/C 4828

March of Time: America at War: Friend and Foe, Part 2.
Stories focus on the allied, Axis and neutral nations of the war. Includes films on the war situations in Canada, Spain, Japan, Portugal, Sweden, Brazil and Argentina. Contents: The new Canada -- Inside fascist Spain -- And then Japan -- Portugal: Europe's crossroads -- Sweden's middle road -- South American front, 1944. 87 min. Video/C 4829

March of Time: America at War: Friend and Foe, Part 3.
Stories focus on the allied, Axis and neutral nations of the war. Includes films on the war situations in Ireland, Great Britain, Germany, China, Japan and Italy. Contents: The Irish question -- Underground report -- British imperialism, 1944 -- What to do with Germany -- Inside China today -- Report of Italy -- Memo from Britain. 113 min. Video/C 4830

March of Time: America at War: American Defense, Part 1.
Stories focus on the armed forces of the United States. Includes films on the U.S. Army and its services of Supply, Ground Forces and Air Forces, and paratropper units under the supervision of George C. Marshall, a film on advances in naval technology, an inside look at the planning behind the North African invasion and a film on the making of a Marine, from boot camp to storming the enemy beaches. Contents: America's new army -- Men of the fleet -- Prelude to victory (North Africa) -- We are the Marines. 122 min. Video/C 4831

March of Time: America at War: American Defense, Part 2.
Stories focus on the armed forces of the United States. Includes films on the work of the U.S. Navy, preparations for D-Day, the story of the Air Transport Command, the naval victories of Midway and Guadalcanal, the jungle march of J. Stilwell that reopened the Burma Road, the story of the Merchant Marine, and an account of the U.S. Air Force's assualt on the Luftwaffe in preparation for D-day. Contents: The Navy and the nation -- Invasion! (Preparing for D-Day) -- Airways to peace (Air Transport Command) -- Naval log of victory (Midway and Guadalcanal) -- Back door to Tokyo (Burma) -- Uncle Sam, mariner? (Merchant Marine) -- Unknown Battle (U.S. Air Force). 126 min. Video/C 4832

March of Time: Postwar Problems & Solutions
Compiled from segments of The march of time newsreel series originally produced by Time Magazine between 1941-1948.

March of Time: Postwar Problems & Solutions. America's Postwar Problems, Part I
Documents the concerns of U.S. citizens after World War II with unemployment, housing, productivity on farms, the social and economic adjustment of veterans, alcoholism and other issues. Contents: Post-war jobs -- Post-war farms -- The returning veteran -- Wanted: more homes -- Problem drinkers -- Is everybody happy? -- The American cop. Video/C 4790

March of Time: Postwar Problems & Solutions. America's Postwar Problems, Part II
Documents the concerns of U.S. citizens after World War II with education, medicine, traffic, mental health, the renovation of America's trains and other issues. Contents: The teacher's crisis -- Your doctors -- New trains for old -- T-Men in action -- The presidential year -- Stop-heavy traffic -- The nation's mental health. Video/C 4791

March of Time: Postwar Problems & Solutions. America's Postwar Problems Beyond, Part I.
Documents the concerns of U.S. citizens after World War II with world food scarcity, the political situations in Czechoslovakia, Germany, Britain, Turkey, Indonesia and other issues. Contents: World food problem -- The Soviet's neighbor, Czechoslovakia -- Germany-Handle with care! -- Storm over Britain ; XIII/13 -- Turkey's 100 million -- End of an empire? (Indonesia) -- Policeman's holiday (Scotland Yard). Video/C 4792

March of Time: Postwar Problems & Solutions. America's Post-war Problems Beyond, Part 2.
Documents the concerns of U.S. citizens after World War II with the economic and political situations in Guam, Asia, Palestine, the Philippines, Germany, Greece and France. Contents: The new U.S. frontier (Guam and Asia) -- Palestine problem -- 18 million orphans (Philippines) -- Justice comes to Germany -- Report on Greece -- The new France. Video/C 4793

March of Time: Postwar Problems & Solutions. Postwar Problems and Solutions: Modern Main Street, U.S.A.
Documents the concerns of U.S. citizens after World War II with what the future holds, quality medical care, working women, mail fraud, the future of farming, firefighting and other issues. Contents: Public relations...This means you -- The case of Mrs. Conrad (Medicine) -- White collar girls -- Watchdogs of the mail (Mail fraud) -- Farming pays off -- Mid-century: half way to where? -- Where's the fire? Video/C 4794

March of Time: The Cold War

March of Time: Cold War, 1946-1951: Changing Attitudes 1946-1948.
Stories document the concerns of U.S. citizens after World War II. Includes films on the political situations in Russia, France, Italy and Greece and a documentary on the development of the atomic bomb. Contents: Atomic power -- The Russia nobody knows -- The Cold War, Act I: France -- The Cold War, Act II: Crisis in Italy -- Cold War, Act III: Battle for Greece. Video/C 4795

March of Time: Cold War, 1946-1951: Hostility Grows 1948-1949
Stories document the concerns of U.S. citizens after World War II. Includes films on the political situations in Germany, France and India with documentaries on the development of jet airplanes and the uses of nuclear energy. Contents: Battle for Germany -- America's new air power -- Answer to Stalin (France and Germany) -- Asia's new voice (India) -- Report on the atom. Video/C 4796

March of Time: Cold War, 1946-1951: Peace or War? 1949-1950
Stories document the concerns of U.S. citizens after World War II. Includes films on the political and social situations in Russia, Sweden, Japan, and Italy. Includes a documentary on American fears of a "communist attack". Contents: Sweden looks ahead -- MacArthur's Japan -- A chance to live (Italian war orphans) -- As Russia sees it (Instigation of Korean War)-- The gathering storm (U.S.). Video/C 4797

March of Time: Cold War, 1946-1951: Time Marches On 1950-1951
Stories document the concerns of U.S. citizens after World War II. Includes films on the political and social situations in Yugoslavia, Morocco, Iran and Formosa. Includes documentaries on the Mutual Defense Assistance Program and The U.S. Airforce Strategic Air command. Contents: Tito: new ally (Yugoslavia) -- Strategy for victory (Mutual Defense Assistance Program) -- Flight plan for freedom (Strategic Air Command) -- Moroccan outpost -- Crisis in Iran -- Formosa: island of promise. Video/C 4798

Natural Disaster Films, 1905-1973.
Features film footage and newsreels detailing damage by earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes, mostly within the United States in the 20th century. 1936 Pittsburgh flood (Part II - Part 1 missing) (1936, 2:49, silent) -- Trip down Market Street before the fire (1906, 13:52, silent): A car ride down San Francisco's main street before the great earthquake destroyed it -- Cataclysm: volcano, tidal waves devastate Pacific Area (1960, 1:44): Tidal waves hitting Hawaii and California. -- Earthquake (1973, 26:45): Aftermath of 1971 San Fernando Valley earthquake. -- San Francisco earthquake aftermath / Edison Newsreels, 1906, 4:55) -- Flood relief: President inspects area and speeds aid (1955, 1:23): Aftermath of Hurricane Connie -- Man against the river (1937, 9:54): Refugees of flood of the Ohio River -- Mississippi River flood of 1927 (1936, 17:42, silent) -- News Magazine of the Screen (May 1952, 1:54): Nine states ravaged by flooding of the Missouri River -- Hurricane in two hemispheres (November 1956, 3:56): Hurricane Flossy hits Louisiana while Typhoons 9 & 12 hit Japan -- A mattress for the Mississippi (December 1956, 0:53): Mississippi River is reinforced from the river bottom right up to the levees -- Northeast devastated by floods! (August 1955, 2:22): Hurricane Connie -- Disaster: Floods ruin Ohio Valley (1937, 0:25, silent) -- Reno flood (1927, 2:35, silent) -- San Francisco after the fire, 1906 (1906, 23:25, silent) -- San Francisco earthquake aftermath: Riding down Market Street (1906, 3:17, silent) -- San Francisco aftermath (1906, 7:43, silent) -- San Francisco earthquake aftermath (1906, 1:39, silent) -- Shock troops of disaster: Story of the New England hurricane (1938, 10:53) -- Storm havoc: Hurricane kills 43, Damage 15 millions (August 1955, 1:31): Hurricane Connie hits the east coast from the Carolinas to New York -- Tornado (1950s, 14:26): The dos and dont's of what to do in case of a tornado. -- Scores die as twisters rip Midwest (April 1956, 0:55): Hudsonville Michigan is devastated, 14 states severely damaged. DVD 8768

A Newsreel History of the Third Reich.
The preponderance of this newsreel footage was seized from the S.S. by the Russians and provides a window into how WWII-era Germans perceived the events of the war, and how Hitler's government (Goebbels' ministry of propaganda), "spun" those events to them. 21 volumes. SEE separate listing of individual installments

News Magazine of the Screen (Vol. 1, 1949-1951)
Warner Pathe News. 1949:Niagara Falls, Gen. Marshall Congressional appearance, Berlin Airlift Anniversary, Office Fashions, San Francisco fire -- April 1950 (2 versions): UN Forces at Korean 38th parallel, UN peace meeting in Santiago, US normalizes relations with Franco, Defense Sec. Marshall swears in 700 civil defense workers, VP Alben Barkley sets congressional service record, Canberra jet bomber christened, Italian countess creations, Skater Dick Button wins championship, Confederate Gen. James Moore dies at 99, Historic America -- October 1950: UN Opens 3rd session, UN Forces invade Korea's Port of Inchon, Formosa (Taiwan), Mt. Sinai religioius texts preserved (including one in Mohammed's hand), Automated cow milking, Soap sculptures, Swiss gliders, Fairchild XZ-120 Cargo Plane, B-36 premieres, Fanny Blankers-Koen fastest "woman in the world", Art Larsen tennis champion, Theodore Roosevelt biography -- December 1950: Assassination attempt on President Truman, Failed coup in Puerto Rico, UN President Trygve Lie re-elected, King Gustav of Sweden's funeral, Al Jolson's funeral, Britain's repaired House of Commons reopens, Women trapshooters, 1948 Eniwetok Atomic Test film segments declassified -- December 1950: Pathe News Christmas (2 versions) January 1951: Red Chinese drive back UN Forces in Korea as President Truman declares State of Emergency and UK PM Clement Atlee visits Truman, General Electric President Charles Wilson appointed US Defense Productin chief, Red China's Gen. Wu blames US for Korean War during UN Speech, Atlantic Pact meeting results in Gen. Eisenhower being chosen its military chief, Protestant council convened, Mt. Aetna erupts, Hawaiian elections, Ice Skate fashions, College football games -- February 1951: UN Condemns Red China, Gen. Eisenhower surveys Atlantic Pact defenses, Captured films of Russian aircraft in combat, US Sabre & Panther Jets in action with gun camera footage, 82nd US Congress opens, Liquid air demonstration, Mt. Hood Skiway, Cypress Gardens Raceway in Florida, Getty'sburg Address -- March 1951 (Version 1): "War of Maneuver" in Korea, French Premier Pleven visits US, Gen. MacArthur celebrates 71st birthday, Vargas elected President of Brazil, American Red Cross prepares for emergencies, Army demonstrates undewater vehicles, US Navy celebrates 40 years of Naval aviation, Union Connecting Model Railroad in New York City, Chapel of Four Chaplains opens, Track & Field athletes, Australia celebrates 50 years as a unified nation. DVD 8794

News Magazine of the Screen (Vol. 2, 1951-1954)
Warner Pathe News. March 1951 (Version 2): "War of Maneuver" in Korea, French Premier Pleven visits US, Gen. MacArthur celebrates 71st birthday, Vargas elected President of Brazil, American Red Cross prepares for emergencies, Army demonstrates underwater vehicles, US Navy celebrates 40 years of Naval aviation, Union Connecting Model Railroad in New York City, Chapel of Four Chaplains opens, Track & Field athletes, Australia celebrates 50 years as a unified nation -- April April 1951: French President Auriol visits US, Gen. MacArthur recalled to the US, Chalk River atomic plant, Ringling Bros. Circus visits New York City, Golfer Ben Hogan attacked during tournament, Zoo Aviary, Lebanon PA. February 1952: Eisenhower becomes Republican candidate for President, California blizzard closes Donner Pass, HMS Queen Mary, Churchill visits US, Nuclear Test Films involving U.S troops in the field released, Luigi Livraghi and his raw vegetable figurines, New camera for filming missiles in flight, Hawaii retrospective, the sinking of the "Flying Enterprise" & the actions of her Captain Henrik Carlsen -- May 1952: Truman inspects flood damage on Missouri River, Submarine USS Pickerel, Seine River annual tidal wave, French fighting in Vietnam, US Soldiers guard Japan's Hokkaido Island, US Battleship Winsconsin bombards enemy targets in Korea, Roman museum dedicated to bread, Land Lottery winners, Lever Bros. skyscraper, USS Courier broadcasts Voice of America programming behind iron curtain, Operation Longhorn wargames, French hydroelectric power dam project begun, Dutch theater, Japanese theater, Madrid puppet show, Tour of White House. October 1953: Indian soldiers arrive in Korea, President & Mrs. Eisenhower welcome home John from Korean war duty, Konrad Adenauer's West German political campaign, West German police battle communist agitators, US military nuclear drill in West Germany, German police parade, Attempted assassination of Sultan of Morocco, Rescue of crew of sinking freighter Greenville, Italian postage stamps, infant sculptures, Grand Coulee Dam, College Professor's science magic show, Atomic Cannon, Malayan refugees, Theodore Roosevelt retrospective -- December 1953: King & Queen of Greece visit US, French fight Viet Minh in Viet Nam, Trieste demonstations against US/UK slowness in leaving occupation zone, Eisenhower addresses Canadian Legislature, VP Nixon visits South Korea, Korean orphan adopted by US Soldier arrives in US, Dionne Quintuplets, High altitude landing set on an Alpine mountaintop, New experimental aircraft, Famous clocks imitated, Salzburg Austria marionette ballet, US blimp coastal patrol fleet, Australia's Auto Cross race, Eastman House's photography museum. May 1954: Moscow-Peking Express train service begins, East German refugees arrive in West Berlin, Romanian prisoners released to US, Beirut communists riot, Paris communists riot, French battle fiercely at Dien Bien Phu, UCLA mock UN assembly, North American ski championships at Mt. Hood, British troop ship afire in Mediterranean, Warehouse fire at Inchon Korea, Korean War relief efforts, 1952 Eniwetok H-Bomb test films declassified, Statue of Liberty retrospective, Air flight retrospective. DVD 8795

News Magazine of the Screen (Vol. 3, 1955-1957)
Warner Pathe News. 1955: Atomic operations special report - Operation Teapot atomic tests, 1st Atomic Submarine USS Nautilus launched, 2nd British atomic test held in Australian outback, US Atomic test film retrospective -- May 1955: Manhattan Landmarks - The end of the "El" line elevated train (Version 1), the Statue of Liberty -- August 1955: Geneva Summit, Coup attempt in Saigon, Morocco riots, Sovereignty for West Germany and Austria, Operation Alert nuclear drill in Washington DC, "Survival Town" atomic test, Newspapers in the classroom, The end of the "El" line elevated train (Version 2), Summer sports highlights, USS Constitution retrospective. September 1956: Suez Canal crisis, French use forest fires as weapon in Algeria, Biblical city of Hazor, South Korean Pres. Rhee re-elected for 3rd term, Trans-Canada road blasted through Rocky Mountains, Australia's peak-scaling commandos, Chinese pen & Ink writing artist Sum, Alps retrospective, "Rockoons" study sun storms, Dart anti-tank missile, Triple in-flight jet refueling, Lilliput Theater, Salt Lake City retrospective -- October 1956: Presidential Candidates Eisenhower/Nixon and Stevenson/Kefauver, Australia's Murry River floods, Japan & Okinawa hit by Typhoon Emma, 1906 plane flies again, Roman Colosseum repairs, Scientists probe thickness of earth's crust, Dalles Dam, Vulcan gun, Canadian farmer's home for homeless children, Oil well retrospective, Royal Gorge retrospective, Hamlet's castle -- November 1956: Typhoon hits Kyushu, Hurricane hits Louisiana, Mayflower replica built, Army medics in parachute drill, Poznan bread rioters on trial in Poland, Pope celebrates sainthood for Innocent XI, New military vehicles, Fort Ticonderoga retrospective, Mountain climbing retrospective, Sunken ocean liner Andrea Doria -- December 1956: Eisenhower re-elected, Israel invades Egypt, Russia invades Hungary, India's Guna River floods, US Army Engineers shore up Mississippi River near Vicksburg, Italian firefighters, Atoms For Peace, Cargo races to Baffin Bay before ice closes in, Passenger plane rescue in Pacific, Sea life retrospective. March 1957: Hungarian refugees, UN Forces take over Suez Canal, Gasoline shortage in Europe, More Pompeii ruins excavated, Painting on pin-heads, The holy crags of Montserrat, Animals at Bronx Zoo, Lehman caverns, New York Public Librarty retrospective -- November 1957: UN condemns Russia for Hungary invasion, Chancellor Adenauer re-elected, Carrier landings by mirror, Army expedition to Artic ice cap, Humming bird sanctuary, Crop dusters, Timepiece retrospective, Guided missile retrospective, Erie Canal retrospective. DVD 8796

News Magazine of the Screen (Vol.4, Issue 9)
Warner Pathe News, 1954. A newsreel reformatted for classroom use. It shows the completion of the first train journey from Russia to China, an exodus of East Germans to West Germany and a mother welcoming her sons home after being held captive for seven years in Hungary. DVD 4295

News Parade
Contents: Bombing of Pearl Harbor / The S.S. Normandie Fire (1942, 10 min.) Included on DVD 4459

News Parade of 1945
Newsreel compilation of the decisive events leading to victory over the German and Japanese forces. Video/C 7628

El noticiero ICAIC Latinoamericanoa
Presents documentary films and newsreels by the ICAIC produced between the 1960's and 1989. Filmed by Cuba's formest documentary filmmaker Santiago Alvarez, they present such issues as the visit by President Salvador Allende to Cuba, entertainment such as musicians and street dancing, a segment on Ballet Nacional de Cuba and social issues such as marriage and divorce, Cuban industries and agriculture plus interviews with Cuban's of all walks of life. Contents: Actualidades Cubana e internacionales (11 min.) -- El Companero President [Allende] vista a Cuba (19 min.) -- Actualidades Cubana e internacionales (20 min.) -- El pueblo Chileno aplastara al fascismo (10 min.) -- Ano 32 de la revoluccion (10 min.) -- 1989 ano 31 de la revoluccion (18 min.) -- Nos casamos y ... nos divorciamos (10 min.) -- Ano 32 de las revoluccion (3 min.) -- Reportaje a la vinegreta (6 min.) -- El Centralito Guarapera (9 min.) In Spanish without subtitles. Video/C 8861

Nuremberg Trials Newsreels
Features newsreel footage from the Nuremberg Trials from 1945 and 1946. Footage includes trial scenes and brief execution by hanging. Contents: (1) Nuremberg War Crimes Trials Open, 1945/11/29 (1945, 2 min.) -- (2) Nazis Face War Crime Evidence, 1945/12/06 (2 min.) -- (3) War Criminal Trials Draw Towards End, 1946/08/26 (1 min.) -- (4) Twenty-one Nazi Chiefs Guilty, 1946/10/08 (5 min.) DVD 9241

Olympics of 1936
Presents newsreel highlights of the 1936 games, aka "The Hitler games," featuring American track star Jesse Owens. 7 min. Video/C MM179

Opium Destruction, San Francisco (Kinograms newsreel) 1914
Raiders confiscate a fortune of opium: Shanghai - Native police under foreign control set out on raids to break up illicit drug traffic. What they also got was a huge contact high as Japanese troops & western officials set fire to the stash. 2 min. DVD 8612

Our Century.
A ten-part series that surveys historical events of the 20th century using Gaumont British newsreel footage. Covers major advances, trends, and tragedies, from political upheavals and passing social crazes to the role of technology, and examines their impacts on the future.

A New World: 1900-1914. This segment documents events from 1900 to 1914. At the turn of the century people were discovering and inventing everything that would give life to the new century and man achieved his oldest dream, that of flight. The beginning of the century also saw increasing dangers, with the approach of the First World War. Contents: Summer 1900: Universal Exhibition in Paris -- Changes: Architectural innovations, N.Y., 1900; philanthropy; mass media and transportation, car races and rallys -- Flight: Airplanes and zeppelins -- Invention: Radio and photography -- Social reforms: Socialism, Feminism, sports, public health --The arts: Artists, live theater, motion pictures -- Exploration: Tourism -- Royalty -- Advent of War. 52 min. DVD X1248

Beyond the Front: 1914-1918. This segment documents events from 1914 to 1918. A whole world erupts in a terrible war, which ravages Europe. In 1917 the U.S. comes to the rescue of democracy and takes part in the final victory. Deeply involved in war work, women are redefining their role in society. Contents Frivilous: Children's war games; women's war work; European fashions; dogs at war; food production and rationing -- Total war: Invention of sonar; women as soldiers -- The arts: Monuments to the dead; Picasso, cinema futurist movement -- Advances: Aviation; munitions -- Preparing: Evacuation of children and elderly; celebrity contributions to war -- To the front: War participation by colonies of England and France; U.S. prepares for war; Americans arrive in france; Pershing -- Social changes: Japan; South Pole exploration; Freud; women at work -- The Great War: Battle scenes; casualties; war memorials. 52 min. DVD X1249

The Years of Jazz: 1918-1928 This segment documents events from 1918 to 1928. After the war Europe is torn apart but the desire to live and to reject old values seizes hold of the survivors. The roaring twenties become a worldwide phenomenon as the world dances to the rhythm of jazz. Contents: Lust for life: restoration and recreation in Europe -- Roaring 20s: Prohibition, advances in agriculture -- That's entertainment: Motion picture industry, movie stars tour Europe, First meeting of the Society of Nations -- Troubles: Violence in Ireland, royalty become figureheads, poverty in Russia, boarders of middle European countries reshaped. -- Sports: Olympic games, acceptance of women into the games, women in sports -- Aviation: Airplanes, zeppelins, Charles Lindberg flight -- Mixed media: Advances in newspapers, radio and musical reviews with Josephine Baker and the Ziegfield follies, advertising in Europe, architecture and fashions in Europe, liberated women of Europe, jazz, sports cards, cruise ships and tourism -- Colonial causes: Rebellion in the colonies, expeditions to the Poles, Refugees, political unrest in Germany and France. 52 min. DVD X1250

Great Illusions: 1928-1939 This segment documents events from 1928 to 1939. The financial crisis of 1929 attacks America with force, and affects the whole world. Fascism in Italy, followed by Nazism in Germany, makes Europe and then the world tremble. Propaganda is a new weapon used by totalitarian regimes as the century's second catastrophe is about to begin. Contents: Children of war: Children of Europe, Depression, 1929 -- Leisure: Water sports, foot and bicycle races, car rallys, auto shows, Volkswagen -- Flight: Women pilots, air acrobatics, advent of commerical aviation, zeppelins, Hindenberg disaster -- War zones: Spanish Civil War, royalty --Performers: Influence of Hollywood on Europe -- Dark side: Crimes and criminals, prisons, colonialism -- Aesthetics: Country exhibitions, Paris exhibition of 1937, New York exhibiton of 1939, American labor unrest, unions, gangsters, beauty culture -- Ideology & invention: Advances in airplanes, automobiles, sports: Jesse Owens (1936 Berlin Olympics), Joe Lewis, Nazism in Germany, persecution of German Jews, Marxism in Soviet Union, advances in science and medicine. 52 min. DVD X1251

Lost Paradise: 1939-1945 This segment documents events from 1939-1945. World War II instigates 6 years of violence, massacres and devastation. In many countries everyday life is reduced to hunger, escape and survival. Footage focuses primarily on the homefront and the resiliency and creativity of the citizens of Europe, Russia and the U.S. in meeting the challenges and heartbreaks of war. Contents: Preparations for war: Nazis in France, arts and entertainment -- War begins: Bombing of Britain, European women at war work, British women pilots -- Enter America: humanitarian aid, acceptance of refugees, Americans enlist, American music and dance, rationing and recycling, labor strikes, African American soldiers -- Art and propaganda: Nazi art, music, Paris revues, Nazi propaganda in songs and motion pictures -- New order: Anti-semitism, European fashions, Europeans recycle -- Invention: Bicycles replace cars, television appears, new weapons are developed -- In ruins: London blitz, civilian deaths in Europe and England, refugees, women in war work -- Fighting back: Jewish holocaust, Americans liberate France, concentration camp survivors, invention of atomic bomb. 52 min. DVD X1252

Westwards Eastwards: 1945-1958. This segment documents events from 1945-1958. The world is divided into two blocks: the West and the East, and Europe is in ruins. People have to get used to their regained freedom, rebuild, and learn again how to live. Wartime industry has developed new techniques and technologies, which are now exploited for civilian use. The consumer society has arrived. Contents: Rebuilding: Reconstruction in Europe, war trials, Communism in Russia, European museums reopen -- Sense of fun: Edith Piaf, Josephine Baker, Tour de France, sports, labor strikes in Europe, dance marathons -- Progress: Berlin airlift, dams in Europe, Marshall plan, consumerism, advances in automobiles, airplane design, television, homelessness in Europe, baby boom, exploration of ocean and poles, rockets and satellites, space race begins; oil exploration -- Tensions: Klu Klux Klan, U.S. racial tensions, Paris fashions, commercial aviation, Rosenberg trial and McCarthyism. -- Fame: American movie stars visit Europe, Festival de Cannes, Coronation of Queen Elizabeth -- New order: Fidel Castro, Mao in China, Schweitzer in Africa, Budapest resistence to communism -- Mixed media: TV as news source; jazz, Marilyn Monroe visits troops in Korea -- Changes: Prison uprisings, civil rights movement, European peace movement, sports competitions, rock n' roll. 52 min. DVD X1253

Nouvelle Vague: 1958-1968. This segment documents events from 1958-1968. The whole world is singing the music of The Beatles. The free world undergoes stupendous growth even as the Vietnam War rages, and the civil rights movement and racial riots rage in the U.S. The Berlin Wall is constructed, natural disasters such as the floods in Florence plague Europe and the principles of capitalism are questioned in a "little red book," the symbol of the "Cultural Revolution." Contents: New ideas: Universal Exhibition in Brussels, automation of food production, urban architecture -- Fame: Rock music invades the East, The Beatles, assassination of John F. Kennedy, decline of Hollywood, Cannes Film Festival, 1960 & 1964 Olympic games -- World order: 1965 N.Y. City blackout, Fidel Castro, Civil rights movement, urban riots, Black Power movement, Civil Rights Bill, Vietnam War protests, war protest in Europe -- War: Vietnam War, changing Vietnamese culture -- Divisions: Riots in Algeria, Berlin Wall, trial of Eichmann, Castro, Apartheid in S.A. -- Art: 1st African Arts Festival, 1966 in Dekar, King Tut, Picasso -- Construction: Aswan Dam, oil platforms and oil spills, floods in Florence. -- Transport: Ascendancy of Japanese industry, Hovercraft, advent of Boeing 707 passenger service, Soviet and U.S. space race, Vatican Council II, Cultural revolution in China. 52 min. DVD X1254

Peace and Love: 1968-1980. The technological revolution, the development of electronics and the first oil crisis preceed an economic recession and unemployment. The Vietnam War ends, Man walks on the Moon, and discoveries in genetics challenge former laws in biology and medicine. Contents: Unrest: Vietnam war ends, Pol Pot regime (Cambodia), Soviet Union invades Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia, Solidarity in Poland, riots in Ireland, revolt in Iran -- Terrorism: Hijacking of airlines and trains, U.S. Embassy in Tehran, bombing of train stations and synagogues, Red Brigade in Italy, political/criminal trials, killiing of Israei athletes at 1972 Olympics -- New and old: skateboards and windsurfing, archaeological discoveries in China, conservation of ancient buildings, living theater in Europe -- Technology: Apollo 11, man on Moon, microprocessor becomes a chip, optical fibers and medical advances -- Youth: Woodstock, Eastern religions, feminism -- Politics: Civil rights movement, assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., Watergate, hippies, musical "Hair" -- Disaster: Worldwide pollution, famines in third world, People's temple suicides, Moonies, Charles Manson -- Changes: TGV train, Boeing 747, Concorde. political changes worldwide, violence in the Middle East, Pope John Paul II. 52 min. DVD X1255

Solidarnosc: 1980-1990 This segment documents events from 1980-1990. Communism collapses in Central Europe. The industrial nations are faced with unemployment and new forms of poverty. Fundamentalism spreads in the Arab nations, drugs become a source of corruption, while within a decade nearly 10 million people are stricken with AIDS and pollution threatens the planet. Contents: Disappearing borders: Fall of the Berlin Wall, Lenin's statue falls, Prague Spring, Albanians immigrate to Italy, Horowitz plays in Moscow -- Way of life: Americanization of Russia, Tiananmen Square, Reagan and Gorbachev, Pope John Paul II -- Terror: IRA, Apartheid, Mandela freed, Palestinian exiles, terrorist bombings, attempted assassinations of Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan, Soviets shoot down Korean Airliner -- Sports & Aid: 1984 Olympic games, N.Y. Marathon, Paris-Dakar race, Live Aid Concert -- Economics & politics: Poverty in the U.S., Great Britain and France, worldwide unemployment, 1987 crash, Japanese industry, Yeltzin, nationalism, neo-Nazis, assassination of Indira Ghandi -- Disaster & war: CNN covers the Gulf War -- Technology & arts: Computers revolutionize games, cars, ovens, phones, medicine, architecture and meterology, computer viruses, film perservation -- Harsh reality: Pollution of oceans, fresh water and air, toxic wastes, global warming, deforestation, Chornobyl, rocket probes, Challenger disaster, child labor and prostitution, drug traffic, AIDS. 52 min. DVD X1256

Our History This final segment of the series summarizes events of the 20th century, a time of boundless progress and incredible catastrophes. 52 min. DVD X1257

Period Films of the Great Depression
Contents: Financing the American family / Household Finance (1935, 11 min.) -- Frontiers of the future / National Industrial Council (1937, 10 min.) -- Griffith Park relief workers demonstration (1933, 3 min.) -- San Francisco General strike (1934, 3 min.) -- Valley town / producer, New York University (1940, 25 min.). Financing the American family: Household Finance sponsored this film to educate struggling families on how obtaining a low-cost loan from their corporation to help families get out of debt. Frontiers of the future: Narrated by Lowell Thomas, traces the pattern of modern industrial growth from 1844. Proceeds with a brief outline of the many inventions and discoveries since that time. The value of research in bringing new products is emphasized, concluding with the statement that new frontiers of progress lie in the laboratory. Griffith Park relief workers demonstration: Brief newsreel of a demonstration held against the city and officials of Los Angeles to protest the death of about 100 relief workers at the Griffith Park Fire of 1933. San Francisco General Strike: Brief newsreel of a city-wide general strike held to support striking San Francisco longshoremen during the 1934 San Francisco Maritime Strike. Valley town: Documents how new technology was destabilizing the economic and social underpinnings of many steel towns of the 1930s through the story of one Pennsylvania town. This unique film presages the outcry against automation a generation later, while documenting both the boomtown phenomenon and the technological progress of this bleak industrial age. 52 min. DVD 2651

Paris 1900
A chronicle of Parisian life from 1900 to 1914, using newsreels, early silent film, and other memorabilia. Sports, recreation, and the arts are emphasized. The end of those halcyon days is suggested by newsreels showing the rise of labor unions, socialism, and new technology. 76 min. Video/C 1978

Paris 1945
Postwar newsreel presenting resistance efforts by Parisians. DVD 2065

Prohibition Newsreels
Producer, William Randolph Hearst: Capital stirred by biggest hooch raid (1923); Behind the scenes with the bootleggers (1926); More bad news for the thirsty (1930); Hoover Board's Dry Law report stirs nation (1931); Some opinions on Hoover Board's Dry Law report (1931); Dry agents still on the job (1932); First repeal gin shipped (1933); Repeal brings wet flood! (1933) (13 min.) Included on Treasures from American Film Archives III. DVD 8670

Rare Black Short Subjects: The Negro in Industry, Sports & Entertainment
Newsreels from All American News (9 min): Urban League delves into labor situation. Students make lowly mud a thing of beauty. Valet to F.D.R. tells of historic journeys. Meet a bear in Memphis zoo. Unloading supplies at Nettuno Beach, Italy. Tuskegee offers fine physical fitness course. Negro comedy act. -- Negro in industry (11 min.) -- Kilroy is here (9 min.) -- Negro in sports (10 min.) -- Negro in entertainment (11 min.). Programs and newsreel footage produced in the 1940's highlighting the accomplishments of African Americans, particularly in industry, sports and entertainment. Includes advertisements by Chesterfield cigarettes to promote Black pride. Video/C 999:1215

Rhodesian Civil War Newsreels, 1970-1978
Beginning in the 1960s, black guerrillas fought against white settler rule in the British colony of Rhodesia. This was a brutal war, in which the black civilian population suffered severely, a war which spilled over into neighboring countries. These government newsreels from that period present a view of the war from the white perspective. Contents: [Pt. 1] Graduation -- District Commissioner -- Police working a civil war -- Rhodesian Army commercial -- Army briefing -- Roadbuilding in a country at war -- Clearing road mines -- Selous Scouts -- Aftermath of guerrilla attack on village -- Dead guerrillas displayed to villagers -- Black soldier's funeral -- white soldier's funeral (30 min). -- [Pt.2] Rhodesian Civil War, 1963-1978 (Documentary report, 1976, 14 min.) Video/C 9340

Roundabout: People - Places - Events. Volume 1
In the 1960s the British Government produced a monthy cinemagazine primarily for distribution in South and South East Asia. Essentially designed to promote British values abroad, the cinemagazine featured light treatments of topical stories that not only reflected life in Britain in the 1960s, but portrayed how the British wished to be perceived. Contents: Issue 20 (Jan., 1964): Sydney Harbour -- Engineering Training College, Bhopal -- Gearless motor Scooter -- Hendon Police College -- Glyndebourne Opera. Issue 27 (Aug., 1964): Singapore happy homes -- Delhi flower show -- English steel works -- Blue pullman train -- Lightning fighter jet. Issue 36 (May, 1965): Princess Elizabeth Blind School, Malaysia -- Save the Children Fund -- Margot Fonteyn & ballet school -- Return of Burmese regalia -- Lord Mayor's show. Issue 42 (Nov., 1965): Hong Kong children -- Oriental print typeface manufacture -- Batik artist -- Leyland Motors -- Britax safety belts. Issue 43 (Dec., 1965): Rebuilding Sabah, Indonesia -- Islamabad -- Cumbernauld -- Overseas visual aids centre -- Kingston College of Art -- Welsh ribbon and tinsel factory. Issue 55 (Dec., 1966): BAC1-11 at Bangkok Airport -- Deep sea divers suit factory -- Expo '67 Montreal -- Overseas journalists at Wimbledon -- Beryl Grey Ballet School. DVD X1228

San Francisco Iron Workers Strike, 1917
Newsreel footage of striking iron workers marching down the cobblestone streets of 1917 San Francisco. Great shots of trolly cars too ... too bad they destroy one. 6 min. DVD 2649

Sports Scenes: African-American Newsreels
Scenes from the Morgan State-North Carolina State football game are shown and at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. Video/C 7179

Swinging London (Look at Life
Features 14 short films from the colorful Look at life series, produced by the Rank Organisation every week for screening in Oden cinemas. This collection offers a priceless insight into a fast-changing world of frothy coffee, high-rise living, scooter boys an it's girls. Explore London's market with Sid James, browse the boutiques of Cranaby Street, dine at the top of the Post Office Tower and dance the night away in subterranean jazz clubs. Contents: Report on a river -- Shopping by the ton -- Rising to high office -- Coffee bars -- In gear -- Change at the Tower -- Fire over London -- Goodbye Piccadilly -- Market place -- Members only -- Top people -- On the meter -- Eating high -- Down London river. Special feature: 2 short films: Scooter commuter (1962) and A dog's life (1959) Originally released as 14 short films made between 1959 and 1969. 124 min. DVD X6267

Swinging London! 1960s U.K. Newsreels.
Down London river (1959) -- Coffee bar (1959) -- Market place (1959) -- Top people (1960) -- Scooter commuter (1962) -- Report on a river (1963) -- Rising to high office (1963) -- Members only (1965) -- Eating High (1966) -- In gear (1967) -- Change at the tower (1967) -- Goodbye, Piccadilly (1967) Down London River: Take a history tour on the River Thames. Lots of famous footage: Parliament, Big Ben, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, Port of London, Cleopatra's Needle and much more! Coffee bar: It's a look at the SOHO bohemian coffee bars of London. Many famous coffee bars are shown on the inside and out including: The 2Is, the French, the Macabre, Le Grande, Stockpot, Sam Widges, Melbray, Universal, La Roca, Freight Train, El Toro, Picasso, Las Vegas, Moka Bar, and more. Market place: A look at the markets of London; from street flea markets to a new invention, the "super" market. Flea market footage includes tons of cheap rare stuff on Portobello Road. Top people: An overview of high-rise construction activity in London. From the crane operators who build the new sky-scrapers to the tenants who live in the penthouses, this newsreel provides a colorful birds-eye view of London Town. Many famous landmarks. Scooter commuter: A look at the London scooter scene. On display are gorgeous & colorful scooters. There are over 600 Scooter Clubs in England whose members attend scooter rallies all over Europe. A look at a gathering at London's Crystal Palace for a mass scooter rally featuring a grand parade of all the scooters. Also a brief history of the scooter, including a small WWII version that was used by paratroopers; and a look at scooter manufacture and proving grounds. Report on a river: A look at the River Thames, its past and present, from source to the sea. An examination of what has been done and is being done to modernize port services and to keep traffic moving --from holiday pleasure seekers to bustling commerce. Rising to high office: A fascinating look at 1963 mod-looking corporate office technology --which wasn't very high-tech compared to today, but still lots of "cool gadgets." Punched card data processing centers. The complex infrastructure that supports London's biggest office that attracts visitors from all over the world, not just to see the view, but to study a mid-20th century development. Members only: A look at the "private clubs" of London. From the famous political clubs of the 18th century to the gambling clubs and the bohemian night clubs of the West End. Eating high: An examination of the 60's trend of top-of-skyscraper revolving restaurants. First an overview of Europe's best then it's a detailed look at the problems involved in running the restaurant at the top of London's Post Office Tower. In gear: It's the swinging London fashion scene on parade and features an eye-catching array of dazzling & colorful mod fashions! The viewer is taken to King's Road, SOHO, and Carnaby Street. Some of the shops visited are: "Granny Takes a Trip," "Hung on You," "The Antiques Supermarket," "I Was Lord Kitchener's Valet," and "Gear." Next, it's off to the discotheque club scene where the "in" gear is worn. Clubs include: "Tiles," "Bag of Nails" (the Beatles used to hang out here), "Samantha's," "Georges" and "the Saddle Room." Groovy pop music soundtrack! Change at the tower: A look at the day-to-day running of the historic Tower of London and coping with up to 16,000 visitors each day. A stunning display of the Crown Jewels. Goodbye, Piccadilly: A look at the Piccadilly Circus of the Swinging Sixties! A lot of what is shown here no longer exists as it was soon "modernized" to meet the demands of a changing world. Also a look at underground Piccadilly to see sights that few people have ever seen. DVD 9361


1937: Vintage newsreels capture the Revolution in Spain, the crash of the Hindenburg, the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge, the fall of Shanghai plus feature stories on Franklin D. Roosevelt, Shirley Temple, Amelia Earhart, Joe Louis and more.
Audio section (Music): Swing School with Benny Goodman and his orchestra - featuring Martha Tilton, Gene Kropa, Teddy Wilson, Lionel Hampton (original broadcast Nov. 11, 1937).
Audio section (News): Radio broadcasts of a tribute to George Gershwin, the Hindenburg disaster, a speech by Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black regarding his membership in the Ku Klux Klan, a speech by Roosevelt warning of a coming world war.
Audio section (Entertainment): The Lux Radio Theatre presents "Captain Blood" (Feb. 22, 1937) starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone and Donald Crisp. 219 min. DVD 1108

1938: Video section focuses on the year 1938. Vintage newsreel footage captures stories on the Munich crisis and Germany's annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia, the Spanish Civil War, the budding German/Italian coalition, plus feature stories on Howard Hughes, "Wrong-way" Corrigan, the Maginot line, and more.
Audio section (Music): Artie Shaw and his orchestra (November 25, 1938) (16 selections).
Audio section (News): News of Europe, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin "never to go to war ... again, Hitler moves on Czechoslovakia, Winston Churchill "We must arm," BBC radio broadcast to the U.S.
Audio section (Entertainment): The Mercury Theater presents "The 39 Steps" (dress rehearsal), starring Orson Welles, Agnes Moorhead.
Bonus video track: Film trailers from some of the biggest movies of the year. Special features: Interactive chapter - includes awards, lists, data, miscellany and a special focus item - The Munich crisis. 191 min. DVD 1109

1939: Video section focuses on the year 1939. Vintage Newsreel footage captures stories on the German Blitzkreig of Poland, the New York World's Fair, the premiere of Gone with the wind, plus feature stories on Sonia Henie, Mickey Rooney, and Judy Garland, and the public farewell to "Iron Man" Lou Gehrig, and more.
Bonus video section: Film trailers from some of the biggest movies of the year. Special features: Interactive chapter, awards, lists, data, miscellany and a special focus item - Cinema's golden year.
Audio section (Music): Popular music: Songs made popular by the film "The Wizard of Oz" (5 songs), Louis Prima and his orchestra (8), Paul Whiteman and his orchestra (10).
Audio section (News): News of Europe, Neville Chamberlain "This country is at war with Germany," news broadcast from Wash. D.C., Winston Churchill "First month of the war.
Audio section (Entertainment): The Lux Radio Theater presents "It happened one night," starring Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert, etc., with host Cecil B. DeMille. 256 min. DVD 1110

1940: Video section focuses on the year 1940. Vintage newsreel footage captures stories on the war in Europe including the Battle of Britain and the fall of Norway and Finland, the U.S. presidential campaign between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie, the first peace-time military draft, women's golf champ Babe Didrikson (Zaharias) and more.
Audio section (Music): Selections by the Count Basie orchestra (8 songs) and the Tommy Dorsey orchestra (9).
Audio section (News): Radio broadcasts of speeches by Winston Churchill (5/19/40), H. V. Kaltenborn (5/19/40), Winston Churchill (6/18/40), William L. Shirer/William C. Kerker (6/22/40), News bulletin (8/4/40), Winston Churchill (8/20/40), King George VI on England's war effort (9/23/40), Edward R. Murrow (9/24/40), H.G. Wells meets Orson Welles (10/28/40), President Roosevelt (10/29/40).
Audio section (Entertainment): "My client Curley," starring Everett Sloan, Kingsley Colton, and Jeanette Nolan.
Bonus video track: Film trailers from some of the biggest movies of the year. Special features: Interactive chapter, awards, lists, data, miscellany and a special focus item - Winston Churchill. 216 min. DVD 1111

1941: Video section focuses on the year 1941. Newsreel footage captures stories on the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Winston Churchill's address before the U.S. Congress, fighting on the Russian Front, plus feature stories on Sara Delano Roosevelt, the Duke of Windsor, the 1941 World Series, and more.
Audio section (Music): Selections by Harry James and his Music Makers (11 songs), Glenn Miller and his orchestra (14).
Audio section (News): Winston Churchill "Give us the tools..., Winston Churchill "Hitler attacked and invaded Russia," Charles Lindbergh "This is not our fight," President Roosevelt "a date which will live in infamy.".
Audio section (Entertainment): The Lux Radio Theater presents "Buck Privates," starring Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.
Bonus video track: Film trailers from some of the biggest movies of the year. Special features: Interactive chapter, awards, lists, data, miscellany and a special focus item - Mount Rushmore. DVD 1112

1942: Video section focuses on the year 1942. Newsreel footage captures key events from World War II including the Allies push in North Africa, the Japanese occupation of Alaska, war developments in India and Egypt, the internment of Japanese-American civilians, Churchill's address to the U.S. Congress, plus key features on Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, Mickey Mouse and more.
Audio section (Music): Songs made popular by the film "Holiday inn" (4 songs); Songs made popular by the film "Yankee Doodle Dandy" (5); 1942 songs for victory (9).
Audio section (News): Radio broadcasts of the invasion of North Africa by the Allies, Winston Churchill's "The end of the beginning," datelines from around the globe (2), Gabriel Heater remembers Pearl Harbor one year later, and more.
Audio section (Entertainment): "Cromer", by Norman Corwin, starring Joseph Julian, Frank Lovejoy.
Bonus video section: Film trailers from some of the biggest movies of the year. Special features: Interactive chapter, awards, lists, data, miscellany and a special focus item - The Japanese internment. 178 min. DVD 1113

1943: Video section focuses on the year 1943. Newsreel footage captures stories on the major war campaigns in Tunisia, Guadalcanal, the Aleutian Islands, the Allied invasion of Italy and the Doolittle B-25 "Thirty seconds over Tokyo" raids plus key features on Franklin D. Roosevelt, Germany's "Desert Fox" Erwin Rommel, Winston Churchill, the Dionne quintuplets, Clark Gable and more.
Audio section (Music): Music from Glenn Miller Army Air Force orchestra (5 songs), the Ozzie Nelson Orchestra (5).
Audio section (News): Radio broadcasts of Datelines from around the world (3), "Japan's admiral in the Pacific, " Hitler's elite SS Corp.," feature commentary "Hitler's birthday.".
Audio section (Entertainment): "Transatlantic Call", Midwest: Breadbasket and Arsenal, featuring Wendell Wilkie, Carl Sandburg, George Cushing, Lambert Kaiman, Lawson Deming.
Bonus video section: Film trailers from some of the biggest movies of the year. Special features: Interactive chapter, awards, lists, data, miscellany and a special focus item - Tuskegee Airmen. 174 min. DVD 1114

1944: Video section focuses on the year 1944. Vintage newsreels capture the events of D-Day, the liberation of Paris and Rome, B-29's bombing Japan, MacArthur's return to the Philippines, the G-I bill, President Roosevelt's 4th election, and more.
Bonus video track: Film trailers from some of the biggest movies of the year. Special features: Interactive chapter, awards, lists, data, miscellany and a special focus item - The disappearance of Glenn Miller.
Audio section (Music): Songs made popular from the film "Going my way," with Bing Crosby (3 songs), Glenn Miller orchestra (5) plus other popular songs of the year 1944.
Audio section (News): Radio broadcasts of Roosevelt's fireside chat on the libration of Rome, first planes leaving England on D-Day, Eisenhower's speech to the D-Day landing forces, Operation Market Garden, Thomas Dewey's election eve speech, Winston Churchill's "The fruits of 1944" and "America's Thanksgiving."
Audio section (Entertainment): "The long name none could spell," narrated by Martin Gabel. 193 min. DVD 1115

1945: Video section focuses on the year 1945. Newsreel footage captures stories on the formation of the United Nations, the invasion of Okinawa and Iwo Jima, Mussolini's execution, Hitler's suicide, the discovery of Nazi concentration camps, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the big three conference in Crimea, Japanese kamikaze attacks, and more.
Bonus video section: Film trailers for some of the year's biggest movies. Sp ecial features: Interactive chapter, awards, lists, data, miscellany and a special focus item - The death of Adolf Hitler.
Audio section (Music): Presents twelve popular songs of 1945.
Audio section (News): Radio broadcasts, Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima flag raising, Allies crossing the Rhine, Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, News of Hitler's death, V-E announcement and celebration in Times Square, Winston Churchill's "Call for unconditional surrender" and "This is your victory," Truman signing the UN charter, news report of A-Bomb dropping on Hiroshima, Truman announcing A-Bomb dropping on Hiroshima, Japan considering surrender terms, Japanese surrender. Audio section (Entertainment): "On a note of triumph", written, produced, and directed by Norman Corwin. 222 min. DVD 1116

1948: Video chapter focuses on the year 1948. Vintage newsreels capture the upset victory of Harry Truman over Thomas Dewey in the U.S. presidential race, the Communist take-over of Czechoslovakia, statehood for Israel, the Berlin Blockade, plus feature stories on Tojo, Tokyo Rose, General Douglas MacArthur, the deaths of Mahatma Gandhi and Babe Ruth and more.
Audio chapter (Music): The Charlie Spivak Orchestra (9 songs), The Kraft Music Hall (September 30, 1948) with Al Jolson and Oscar Levant with special guest star Judy Garland (18 songs).
Audio section (News): Low turnout for Truman's speech in Iowa, The Soviets interfere with the Berlin Airlift and other news events of 1948.
Audio section (Entertainment): Lux Radio Theater presents "Notorious" (January 26, 1948) starring Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten and Joseph Kearns.
Special features: Interactive chapter, facts & photos, awards, lists, data, miscellany and a special focus item - Gandhi. 222 min. DVD 1117

1951: Video chapter focuses on the year 1951, capturing the war in Korea, the Rosenberg spy conviction, A-bomb tests in the desert, civil defense drills in the cities, General MacArthur's dismissal, the West Point scandal, Joe DiMaggio's farewell to baseball, the Kefauver crime commission, the Giants victory over the Dodgers and more.
Bonus video chapter: Film trailers from some of the top films of the year. Special features: Interactive chapter, facts & photos, awards, lists, data, miscellany and a special focus item: Estes Kefauver.
Audio chapter (Music): Selections from Duke Ellington and his orchestra (13 songs).
Audio chapter (News): Edward R. Murrow presents Korean War news, Truman fires MacArthur news bulletin, Gen. Douglas MacArthur's speech "Old soldiers never die..., " Bobby Thomson of the New York Giants "The shot heard round the world," and more.
Audio chapter (Entertainment): Windows on the world, produced by Norman Corwin featuring Douglas Fairbanks Jr. 201 min. DVD 1118

1952: Video chapter focuses on the year 1952, capturing the death of Britain's King George VI, the marriage of Elizabeth Taylor, Britain's first A-bomb test, the Olympic Games, the Korean War, the death of Evita Peron, Ike's landslide victory, the abdication of Egypt's King Farouk, Batista's coup in Cuba, Prince Husseun at 16 crowned King of Jordan, Albert Schweitzer winning the Nobel Peace prize and more. Bonus video chapter: The Eisenhower story and the Stevenson Story.
Audio chapter (Music): Selections by Ray Anthony and his orchestra (17); Rosemary Clooney (6), and Mario Lanza (6).
Audio chapter (News): Edward R. Murrow: 1952 election news - VP Richard Nixon "Checkers speech" - Democratic nominee Adlai Stevenson campaign speech -- News bulletin Ike's acceptance speech.
Audio chapter (Entertainment): The Hardy family "Andy's new job" starring Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone and Fay Holden. 180 min. DVD 2002

1959: Video section focuses on the year 1959. Newsreel footage captures stories on the Cold War featuring Eisenhower, VP Nixon and Soviet premier Krushchev, Field Castro and John Foster Dulles, plus stories on the Berlin crisis, Pope John XXIII, Queen Elizabeth II and more.
Bonus video track: "Design for Dreaming" a short film presenting 1959 autos and fashions. Special features: Interactive chapter, awards, lists, data, miscellany and a special focus item - February 3, 1959 ... the day the music died.
Audio section (Music): Popular music of 1959 with songs by Ritchie Valens and others.
Audio section (News): First astronauts are chosen, Pioneer IV is launched, Buddy Holly, Ritichie Valens and the Big Bopper die in an aircrash, Congress votes statehood for Hawaii, the "Kitchen debate" between Nixon and Krushchev.
Audio section (Entertainment): Suspense presents "Moonlight Sail" (December 27, 1959) starring Frank Thomas, Jr. and Louis Van Rooten. 171 min. DVD 1119

1961: Video chapter focuses on the year 1961 capturing the Kennedy presidency, the Berlin Wall, the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, Hemingway's suicide, Gary Cooper's death, Cosmonaut Yuri Garin, Astronaut Alan Shepard, Patrice Lumumba's murder, Nazi official Adolf Eichmann sentenced to death for war crimes, the Twist and more. Bonus video chapter: Kennedy outlines the global Peace Corps program.
Audio chapter (Music): Ten top popular music selections of 1961.
Audio chapter (News): President Eisenhower's farewell speech, John F. Kennedy's Peace Corps, The Bay of Pigs invasion denounced by the United Nations, FCC quoted as saying "Television is just a vast wasteland," Alan Shepard's flight, Gus Grissom loses his space capsule, the birth of the Berlin Wall.
Audio chapter (Entertainment): The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes starring Carlton Hobbs and Norman Shelley. 150 min. DVD 2003

1962: Video chapter focuses on the year 1962. Newsreels capture the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Second Vatican Council, John Glenn's trip around the globe, the Telstar satellite, the deaths of Marilyn Monroe, Eleanor Roosevelt, and William Faulkner, Adolf Eichmann's execution, Wilt Chamberlain's basketball record, James Meredith and the University of Mississippi and more.
Bonus video chapter: Happy birthday Mr. President. Special features: Interactive chapter, awards, lists, data, miscellany, and a special focus item--Adolf Eichmann.
Audio chapter (Music): Presents 10 top popular songs for 1962.
Audio chapter (News): John Glenn speaks to the world, Adolf Eichmann hanged, Telstar satellite, the death of Marilyn Monroe, Pres. Kennedy speaks on the Cuban Missile Crisis, Adlai Stevenson's speech at the U.N. regarding Cuba, Cuban Missile Crisis as it unfolded (Oct. 21-Nov.3, 20 min.), Richard Nixon concession speech, author John Steinbeck wins Nobel prize.
Audio chapter (Entertainment): Suspense presents "2464" starring Lawson Zerbe and Bob Dryden. 195 min. DVD 1120

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels.

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels. 1, Human Interests. A film on the popular culture of the 1950s beginning with footage of children followed by films of animals. Includes newsreels of beauty contests of children and women and concludes with novelties and popular entertainments like the circus, yo-yo games, water fights, car and boat shows, underwater boxing, and more. Contents: Kids of the fifties (13 min.) -- Animals of the fifties (16 min.) -- Ladies of the fifties (8 min.) -- Fun of the fifties (20 min.). 57 min. Video/C 7687

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels. 2, Disasters. Presents disasters of the 1950's including the power of hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, floods, earthquakes, avalanches, shipwrecks and landslides. Also includes newreel footage of airplane crashes, train wrecks and fire and gas explosions. Contents: Plane crashes of the fifties (13 min.) -- Train wrecks of the fifties (4 min.) -- Nature's fury in the fifties (22 min.) -- Shipwrecks in the fifties (5 min.) -- Fire in the fifties (8 min.) -- Landslides and explosions in the fifties (6 min.). 58 min. Video/C 7688

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels. 3, Inventions. Starts with new items in underwater trucks and moves on to motorcycles, bicycles, moving sidewalks, elevators, robots and future cars. Includes new aviation and speed achievements in sky rockets, the B-47 and B-52 bombers, a car plane, helicopters and supersonic jets and the newest in speed boats, jet cars and boats and new kinds of weapons including tanks, rifles, jets, guided missiles and atomic submarines. Contents: Gadgets of the fifties (21 min.) -- Aviation news in the fifties (18 min.) -- Speed in the fifties (9 min.) -- Weapons of the fifties (9 min.). 57 min. Video/C 7689

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels. 4, Fashion. Presents the world of international and domestic fashions in the 1950's in newsreels highlighting dresses, shoes, hats, swim wear, furs, lingerie, and sports wear. The latest in hair styles and the hottest clothing from Paris, Italy, England, France and the United States are revealed here to assist the ladies in keeping up with the seasonal style changes in fashions. Contents: International fashion scene (28 min.) -- United States fashion scene (29 min.). 57 min. Video/C 7690

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels. 5, Royalty. Newsreels of royalty starting with the British Monarchs King George, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and The Queen Mother, including newsreel excerpts of the impressive coronation ceremony of young Queen Elizabeth. Next viewed are Prince Rainier and his wife, former film star Grace Kelly and their children. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands travels the world and addresses a joint session of the U.S. Congress. Concludes with King Paul and Queen Frederica of Greece visiting New York, followed by brief looks at the royal life of Japan, Spain, Denmark and Austria. Contents: British royalty (38 min.) -- Monaco's royalty (13 min.) -- Dutch royalty (7 min.) -- Greek royalty (3 min.) -- Japanese royalty (3 min.) -- European royalty (3 min.). 61 min. Video/C 7691

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels. 6, Faces. Begins with newsreels of movie stars of the fifties in public appearances, traveling, at awards ceremonies and making public service announcements, four of them for U.S. savings bonds. Key world statesmen in newsreels are presented followed by major sports legends of the times and other famous faces including the mobster Frank Costello, Pope Pius XII, and a rare early view of the Dalai Lama of Tibet. / Contents: Stars of the fifties (36 min.) -- Leaders in the news (13 min.) -- Legends in the news (5 min.) -- People in the news (7 min.). 59 min. Video/C 7692

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels. 7, Sports. Presents games and entertainments of the 50s starting with logging competitions, sand surfing, water and snow sports, stock car racing, rodeo, bull fighting, weight lifting, ping-pong, woman wrestlers, bike racing, kayaking, and other fun and games. These popular sports are followed by the golf scene with Ben Hogan, horse racing with Native Dancer, boxing with Sugar Ray Robinson, Wimbledon tennis with Althena Gibson, baseball's 18th all-star game, Don Larsen's perfect game, the N.Y. Yankees winning the world series, Army-Navy football, the running of the bulls and more. 57 min. Video/C 7693

United Rairoad Employees Strike, 1917
Shot in San Francisco in 1917, this brief newsreel presents marching bands leading disgruntled striking San Francisco laborers. 2 min. DVD 2649

United Newsreels
Vol I: A compilation of 79 Newsreels from the year 1942 which were originally shown in theaters across the United States during World War II. Beginning with the building of new military bases in the South Pacific in May 1942, and covering events both nationally and internationally through the late summer, this series contains 79 individual reportages that provide a unique glimpse into what life was like in early WWII America. U. S. rushes new bases in Pacific--New roles for women in war --Sport fans hail big athletic meet--Soldiers get mail via movie film--U.S. victory at Midway filmed under fire--U.S. reveals armed might for Churchill--Youngest refugees find haven in U.S.--Home town hails Navy family of 8--Gunners train to man U.S. bombers--America welcomes royalty in exile--Tanks by the thousands roll off the line--U.S. bombers blast Jap bases--America salutes women workers in war effort--Huge freighters rush iron ore to steel mill--Tennis champions in title match--U.S. Navy pilots test mightiest flying boat--New sub-chasers war on U-Boats--Martyred Czech village lives again in U.S.--Latest war films from Australia--Canada's logging industry rushes timber for war--Wild West rodeo thrills soldiers--China plans Army of 26,000,000 in 6th year of war--Army Scout cars ready for action--Tokyo Raiders win medals for valor--War in the Pacific--Pan-American solidarity. Ice carnival in New York--Training in Army--U.S. troops in India--Build model town for interned Japs--Developments in aviation--Quebec's biggest farm family goes all-out for war--Navy speeds launchings--War news from the Americas--U.S. launches new aircraft carrier--Henry Ford's 79th birthday party--Old autos bring thrills of past--Pilgrims to Holy Shrine find peace--Army's newest tanks in action--Military court metes justice to Nazi spies--U.S. and Canada push strategic Alaska Highway--Speedboats race for gold trophy--Mightiest troop carrier tested--Free Dutch still fight--Spectacular Army show thrills U.S.--Army gunners in mass promotion--U.S. Planes speed Anzac daredevils--U.S Marines battle Japs in Pacific--News from the United States--Arkansas--Maine--New Jersey--America's first all-Filipino Army. Flying Tigers join U.S. Air Force in China--Brazil at war with the Nazis--Stage stars keep soldiers smiling--More U.S. troops arrive in India--Army planes take off from carrier--Everybody joins U.S. war effort--Plants speed anti-aircraft guns--RAF blasts Nazis day and night--World students convene in U.S.--World's mightiest warship launched--U.S. Army drafts dogs for war--Dominican President inaugurated--Battle for the Solomon's--U.S. Troops on Alaskan Front--Thousands pray for Armed Forces--Paratroopers over Panama--Carnival on ice thrills New York--Sailing with the convoys--Brazil united for victory-- Roosevelt awards warship to Norway-- U.S. Army tests newest tanks--Mexico hails day of liberty-- U.S. plants speed war production--Brazil bolsters foreign relations. DVD 8847

Universal Newsreels

Internet Moving Image Archive collection of Universal Newsreels

1932-1935: Sudden gale, Akron at Lakehurst, NJ -- Pacific Armada -- Mightiest war game -- Roosevelt inagurated -- Roosevelt's emergency bank bill passed by Congress -- Hitlerites parade in rain to demonstrate great Nazi strength -- Money stream flow from Treasury -- Akron disaster -- Commander describes Akron tragedy while Navy search goes on -- March in giant back salary protest by school teachers -- Akron hulk salvage -- New dirigible on trial flights -- President speaks to the nation, 5/8/33 -- Lindberghs fly North on epic ocean trip to blaze new air route -- Balbo nears American goal --Huge throngs welcome Balbo -- Track heroes given medals -- Stratosphere balloon falls -- President visits foresters -- Nations seek balloon title -- Great throngs hail crack regiment -- Legionnaires cheer Roosevelt as he issues new "call to colors" -- President asks church leaders -- Farmer plays tune with hands -- Rival candidates in New York mayor race -- Anzac in curious racial mixup -- Navy planes end distance hop -- Gigantic cattle drive starts -- Cameraman risks life to film sub in speed tests -- U.S. thrilled as president outlines recovery progress. Russian recognition nears -- Axe for turkeys -- Torpedoes launched from air -- Carl Laemmle arrives home -- Lindberghs in Russia -- Primo Carrera -- Loving husband -- Vest pocket cycle -- Senate starts racket probe -- State theatre in Richmond -- University honors Roosevelt -- Help needy says First Lady -- City gold rush starts -- Kidnappers lynched by enraged mob -- Highlights in the news, 11/06/33 -- Hunters open season -- Ancient Mexican dance for president -- Veterans parade in Hoboken, NJ -- Czechs celebrate republic's birth -- Farmers arm to break picket line -- Al Smith hails end of dry law -- Loyola students compete for keg -- King dedicates memorial -- Hairdresser wins lottery -- Recognition of Soviet Russia -- Commander Settle makes record stratosphere hop -- Noted speed pilot killed -- Highlights in the news, 6/27/34 -- President reports to the nation on the progress of recovery -- President Roosevelt sails on vacation trip -- Hauptmann weapon found as high bail set by court -- Hauptmann identified at hearing -- First actual pictures [of] assassination, 10/17/34 -- Five and ten princess home again -- Von Papen adds vote to victory -- State speeds case against Hauptmann -- Wilenz sure of convicting Hauptmann -- Hauptmann testifies -- Roosevelt addresses Boy Scouts -- FDR buys first baby bond -- Men out on strike at motor plant -- Town crier on job again -- FDR sees fear vanishing. DVD 6263

1936-1940: Automobile for cross-country travel devised -- Democrats cheer -- Giant dirigible sets record -- Red Cross unit bombed in Ethiopia -- Roosevelt welcomed back at Capital -- Roosevelt landslide -- Vet revives "dead" scottie -- Terrified civilians flee air raid -- March in gala parade on St. Patrick's Day -- Floods sweep cities in Western Pennsylvania -- G-man Hoover blasts lenient parole boards -- 425 children die as gas explosion shatters school -- Thousands weep as school blast victims are buried -- Remarkable new aid to navigation -- Zeppelin explodes, scores dead -- U.S. faces war says Roosevelt -- Coronation of King George VI -- Norman Alley's bombing of USS Panay -- World-wide news events, 4/4/38 -- World of sports -- World-wide news events, 4/20/38 -- World-wide news events, 6/27/38 -- World wide news events, 7/6/38. Blue and Gray at 75th anniversary of great battle -- Roosevelt urges national unity -- Radio station's "Attack by Mars" panics thousands -- Light tanks show their prowess in battle maneuvers -- Mayor La Guardia opens Red Cross drive -- All nations shaked by war crisis, 9/19/38 -- FDR leads nation in protest against Nazi persecutions -- Welles off to Panama -- King and Queen leave Britain on American tour -- Roosevelt urges Congress, 9/20/38 -- King and Queen wildly welcomed on Canadian tour -- Special release: Europe at war, 9/4/39 -- America not secure against brute force says Cordell Hull -- Mrs. FDR in Red Cross appeal -- FDR asks billions for National Defense and 50,000 planes -- FDR warns of Fifth Column -- Gen. Pershing urges U.S. rush planes, arms to the Allies -- Deanna Durbin appeals for donations -- Queen Lauds "Soldierettes" -- U.S. to aid Allies says FDR after fascist "back-stab" -- National draft lottery held -- Roosevelt warns of danger to U.S. if Nazis win war, 12/31/40. DVD 6264

1941-1943: Class graduated at new Naval Radio School -- Baby bonds for defense -- American day fete biggest patriotic meeting in history -- Aid Britain says Hull -- Civilian defense chief La Guardia announces plan -- Churchill home-coming -- Attlee here for parley -- FDR calls for national unity in an all-out effort -- Halifax says Hitler invasion will fail -- La Guardia calls upon nation for scrap aluminum -- Big news of 1941 -- Universal Newsreel presents highlights of an epochal year, 12/24/41 -- Mayor Samuels proclaims city defense week -- Land Lease bill passed -- President buys first bond -- President proclaims national defense week -- Nazis war on Russia, 6/23/41 -- Soviet Welfare Service launched at monster rally -- Screen notables hear Roosevelt praise industry -- U.S. raid defenses tested -- U.S. to guard Greenland -- FDR starts $9,000,000,000 "V" loan drive -- Churchill safe at home -- Gen. Adolph takes over -- Allied convoy battles Axis -- Soldiers stage "girlie" show -- Loretta Young trailer -- Scrap rubber needed, FDR -- Big convoy to Russia beats off Nazis -- Dover, 1942 / Bulgaria's king dies -- Mrs. FDR tells one -- Reds rout Nazis -- Roosevelt warns Axis -- Long way to go says FDR, 9/9/43. In the age before television, people saw the news every week in their neighborhood movie theater, in the newsreels that were shown with every feature film. DVD 6265

1944: Part 1: Jap planes blasted by Navy guns -- Battle for Rome -- Thanks for the dimes -- MacArthur in battle -- Preview to invasion 3/16/44 -- Blast Berlin by daylight -- Hari Kiri in Admiralties -- We blast Truk Jap fortress -- Jungle war in Burma -- Eire cut off by Allies -- Rout Jap naval force -- MacArthur renews vow -- Campaign in Burma -- Great day for the Kellys -- Arsenal for D-Day, 5/8/44 -- War news--all good -- Cameramen ready for invasion -- Advance on Rome -- Allies close on Rome -- Eve of battle, 6/6/04 -- First pictures of invasion of France -- First pictures of Rome's capture -- Aviation in the news -- Battle of France, 6/12/44 -- German rocket bomb. Part 2: Saipan is ours, 6/30/44 -- Cherbourg, gateway to vistory -- Roosevelt to run for 4th term -- Liberation of France forges on -- Battle rages along Nazi wall -- Third Army blasts Nazi strongholds -- RAF sinks Tirpitz -- Target Tokyo from Saipan B-29 base -- Nazi border pierced by Allied might -- Allied vise tightens on Rhineland -- Army needs must be met NAM is told -- Winter push to knock out German Reich, 12/14/44 -- B-29s rule Jap skies -- Allies fight fierce Nazi counter-blow -- Russians in new drive -- Yanks clear Greenland of Nazis -- Solons visit front, 12/29/44. DVD 6266

1945: Part 1: Total war mobilization asked by FDR, 1/8/45 -- German drive rolled back by Allies -- MacArthur closes in on Manila -- FDR pledges lasting peace at Inaugural -- Fight rages on Wallace appointment -- First pictures Manila drive -- Yanks close on Manila -- MacArthur makes good his promise -- Life-line to China re-opened -- Big Three confer -- Pacific force closes in on Japs -- FDR confers with Middle East chiefs -- First pictures Manila conquest -- West Front activities -- Air smashes devastate Germany -- Allies open final drive in Germany -- Carriers hit Tokyo -- Manila free of Japanese domination -- Allies drive across Rhine to victory -- Reds roll on in Germany, 3/29/45. Part 2: Death knell for Germany, 4/2/45 -- Air Army invades Germany -- Landings on Okinawa -- Truman faces new job with confidence -- Molotov here for security conference -- Nazi murder mills -- Mussolini executed -- World parley gets down to business -- Argentine admitted to world parley -- Germany gives up, 5/8/45 -- Funeral pyres of Nazidom -- Beaten Nazis sign historic surrender -- U-Boat menace ended -- Air Forces come home via bomber -- U.S. war dead honored on Memorial Day -- Allies seize German loot and criminals -- Truman warns Japs to give up -- Victorious generals welcomed. Part 3: General Ike, man of the hour -- Allies sign Control Law for Germany 6/14/45 -- President on tour -- San Francisco parley ends -- Sea Queen home with 15,000 vets -- Final days of struggle in Okinawa -- Czechs fight for freedom -- Jet planes in action -- Truman en route to conference -- Cruiser bow ripped off by typhoon -- Reconversion outlook -- Radar secrets revealed -- Japanese surrender, 8/23/45 -- Fleet at Ulith -- Postward flattop launched -- Truman askes one year's Army service -- Nazi war criminal sentenced -- Truman urges wage adjustment -- Management labor seek agreement -- Nuremberg War Crimes Trials open, 11/29/45 -- Nazis face war crime evidence -- Christmas brings joy to everyone -- Senate probes atomics. DVD 6267

1946: Strikes threaten industry -- 82nd Airborne parades for GI Victory -- Adm. Kimmel testifies on Pearl Harbor -- Churchill on vacation -- Radar makes round trip to Moon -- New airliner -- Reds bolt UNO meeting -- Nation pays tribute to its soldiers -- Nazi film shows V-2 rocket test -- First pictures of rocket bomb in U.S. -- Rail strike paralyzes entire U.S. -- Coal strike ended -- Eisenhower says we must back victory -- Damage foreshadows A-Bomb test -- Allied victory parade -- Atom test nears -- Japan today -- Big Four turns down Austria on Tyrol -- Monster flying wing -- Operations Crossroads underway -- Heroes come home -- First pictures Atomic blast --Hughes plane crash. Philippine's independence proclaimed -- Big Four's peace meet open again -- Truman honors Nisei Combat Group -- Jap films of Hiroshima -- Biggest bomber -- President on vacation -- Navy's biggest airplane -- Volunteers unload UNRRA food supplies -- UN starts session at new home -- Yugoslavia air victims -- Byrnes sets U.S. policy for Germany -- Monty comes to U.S. -- Air victims come home -- Sec. Wallace stirs foreign policy debate -- Gen. Clark honored at Salerno. -- Pittsburgh paralyzed by strikes -- Twenty-one Nazi chiefs guilty -- Byrnes denies atom threat -- Truman lifts meat price controls -- Byrnes wants all to share peacemaking -- Navy Day -- Soviet's U.N. proposals answered -- Big four resume peace talks -- White Sands N.M. V2 rocket -- Britain's Roosevelt memorial at Grosvenor square -- U.N. and Big Four adjourn. DVD 6268

1947-1952: 80th Congress convenes -- Marshall succeeds Byrnes -- U.S. will keep faith says Byrnes -- New head of Church installed -- Army-Navy agree on merger -- Hitler's heyday -- Runyon cancer drive -- 94 die in airplane crash -- West Point graduation -- Hollywood "Red" probe begins -- U.S. films fight reds -- Berlin siege: Gen. Clay returns to report on red crisis -- Cuba president in U.S. -- Red spy films: Chamber's farm yields top secret documents -- Dedication: Warren, Hoover hail new Truman Library -- Berlin Airlift increased -- Ilse Lock war crimes trial in Germany -- Navy tests twin jet fighter -- Clay speaks on Berlin Airlift -- 1949 in review, 12/26/49 -- War or peace 1950 fateful year -- New commander Gen. Clark succeeds Ridgway as U.N. chief -- Atomic sub: President officiates at laying of keel -- Korea see-saw battle for "Baldy" Ridge rages -- Politics: Ike stumps Midwest; Adlai's son a Marine -- Politics: Ike okays Nixon; Adlai in Baltimore. DVD 6269

1953-1955: Anniversary of 1953 East Berlin uprising -- President, foreign students hear peace hopes -- At the Summit, 7/18/55 -- Ike's challenge -- Ike returns: sees progress at Geneva Conference -- Far East parley: U.S. and Red China confer in Geneva -- Journey bound: fliers freed after two years captivity -- Hoover 81: shrine made of boyhood home -- Storm havoc: hurricane kills 43, damage 15 million -- Air defenses -- Northeast devastated by floods, 8/22/55 -- Flood relief: President inspects area and speeds aid -- U.S.S. Forrestal -- New York City, 9/5/55 -- Moscow parley: POW issue stalls Russo-German talks -- President: first pictures of Ike since his illness -- Deadlock: East-West tensions stymie Geneva meet -- Ike returns: thousands hail him at Capital -- Labor merger: AFof L and CIO join forces -- U.S. jet planes go to Airforce of the Netherlands. DVD 6270

1956: Guided missile: Navy tests newest Atomic war weapon -- Army digs in for defense of Arctic -- New missile may replace Navy's guns -- Arctic sentinels: Building rushed on radar defense -- Full scale war looms in Middle East, 4/12/56 -- Sea Sentinel: Navy demonstrates offshore radar -- Armed forces display U.S. might on Observance Day -- H-Bomb blast exploded at 15,000 feet over Pacific -- Cyprus riots -- Red carpet for Tito in Moscow -- Tito arrives in Moscow by train, greeted by Khrushchev and Bulganin (partial newsreel) -- Reds withdraw: cut troops in East Germany -- Freedom fight: Hungarians seize plane to Germany -- Ike in Panama: urges atom plan for hemisphere -- Suez Canal seized by Egyptians, 7/30/56 -- Suez crisis: British, French rush warships to area -- Press parley: Ike urges caution on seizure of Suez. It's Ike and Nixon! -- Fleet review: Secretary honored in 200 ship parade -- Space secrets: New rocket to seek new cosmic data -- Freedom Road: Hungarian patriots force Red retreat -- War in Egypt: British and French bomb its key cities -- Eisenhower re-elected -- Landslide for Eisenhower -- Near East crisis invasions complete: UN will take over -- Republican convention, 8/20/56 -- Walk out: Hungarian puppets quit UN Assembly. DVD 6271

1957-1958:2nd atomic sub. Sea Wolf undergoes first sea trials, 2/11/57 --Tel Aviv Israel -- Redstone Missile in production -- New Nation: Gold Coast becomes Ghana in ceremony -- Kansas, 1957 -- New aerial work horse wears skiis -- Spanish revolution anniversary -- Atom fallout: New tests begin as safety debate rages -- Maryland, 1957 -- British H-bomb fired as debate on atom test ban rages -- French air show -- "Moon" is born: the story of Project Vanguard -- Dedication: Warren, Hoover, hail new Truman Library --U.S. fires biggest A-Bomb -- Jet record: Coast to coast in 3 hrs., 23 min. -- Red Colonal: Top-ranking Russian spy chief captured -- New moon: Reds launch first space satellite, 10/07/57 -- Ike denies U.S. lag in missiles -- Space race: U.S. in lead with 4,000 mile rocket -- Pennsylvania, 1957 -- Ike reports: First missile recovered from flight in space -- Satellite a bust: rocket blows up -- Air Force gets a new theme song 12/9/57. Baghdad pact: Unified military command seen, 1/30/58 -- First U.S. satellite launched, 2/3/58 -- Navy's satellite: Vanguard fails in second launching -- Britain mourns soccer champs who die in plane crash -- Reds back down: Release 26 from hijacked airlines -- 3rd Vanguard successful: Moon launcher -- "Dead" A-bomb hits U.S. town -- Brussels World's Fair -- Space policeman: Pegasus measures action of meteoroids -- Russian exhibit of Sputnik -- Brooklyn, N.Y., 1958 -- De Gaulle and Dulles meet -- Mid East Crisis: Area quiet pending U.N. Summit talk -- Akron, Ohio, 1958 -- A-Sub epic: Nautilus pioneers North Pole seaway -- Ike tells U.N. direct U.N. action is key to Mid-East peace -- Triton launched: Giant sub. first with twin nuclear engines -- Nautilus sub. returns to New York harbor -- Atlas in orbit: radios Ike's message of peace to world -- News review of 1958. DVD 6272

1959:Castro triumphs: Havana crowds hail success of revolt -- Kremlin envoy Mikoyan, no.2 Red, in U.S. for vacation -- 49th star: Alaska statehood, new flag official -- New Delhi, India, 1959 -- 5th republic: New era dawns as De Gaulle invested -- Mikoyan in N.Y.: sees city under heavy guard -- Rally for Castro: one million roar "Si" to Cuban executions -- Deny Rocket lag: Atlas firing keynotes U.S. missile build-up -- Titan launched: 1st test of newest ICBM is successful -- Weather eye: Vanguard II satellite scans sky from space -- Kremlin visit: Macmillan talks with Khrushchev a fizzle -- Crisis ends: 3 nations rejoice at Cyprus settlement -- Pioneer IV passes Moon, heads into solar orbit -- Big 3 & Berlin: concern mounts as deadline approaches -- Philippines, 1959 -- Junior missilemen: Army aids teenagers in mass rocket shoot -- Aloha Hawaii: Islanders celebrate long-sought statehood -- Project Argus 'greatest experiment' 3-blasts in space -- Detroit, 1959 -- At sea, 1959 -- Dalai Lama greeted by Nehru: again blasts Reds -- California, 1959 -- Virginia, 1959. Space mice: plan live satellite in 1st recovery test -- Space monkeys meet press after missile mission -- Khrushchev's mystery trip to Albania -- Red China, 1959 --X-15 aloft: first free flight of manned space plane -- Connecticut, 1959 --Red Fair opens in New York -- Ike's calendar: Honors Gen. Taylor, welcomes Kozlov -- Khrushchev in Poland -- Castro "resigns": Mass demonstrations show his power secure -- Nixon's Moscow mission -- Nixon in U.S.S.R. opening U.S. Fair, clashes with Mr. K. -- Havana rally: peasants mass to support Castro -- Nixon in U.S.S.R. views Red A-ship, parries hecklers -- New diplomacy: Ike and Khrushchev to exchange visits -- Nixon's triumphal return -- Explorer VI paddle-wheel moon puts eye in the sky -- Bonn hails Ike: Says U.S. will stand by Berlin -- New York City, 1959 -- Denver, 1959 -- Harbor blaze: Chemical blasts rock port of N.Y. -- Reds "Lunik" hits the Moon -- Free China: 10 years on Formosa -- West Coast hails first World Series -- Good-will swap: U.S.S.R. film premiere opens culture exchange -- Iran, 1959. DVD 6273

Universal Newsreels. Vol. 12: 1960 Russia, 5/50/60 -- Spy story of the year -- New Magellan: Triton circles world submerged -- Powers case: Ike states policy spies and open skies -- Summit crisis: Mr. K. in ugly mood over U-2 incident -- Down from summit: Mr. K. kills conference, Big 4 departs for home -- Florida, 5/23/60 -- U-2 at UN: Reds now charge U.S. menaces peace -- Open sky plan: Ike offers UN U.S. photo planes -- UN spy debate: Reds bugged American Embassy Lodge claims -- Cataclysm: Volcano, tidal waves, devastate Pacific Area -- Whites flee: Newly independent Congo in upheaval -- Missile milestone: First Polaris firing by submerged U-Boats -- 25 years ago, 5/19/60 -- RB-47 debate: Lodge debunks Red spy-flight charges -- Republican Convention highlights 7/25/60. March of events in Congo crisis -- Space triumph: Discoverer capsule recovered from orbit -- U-2 spy trial: Ike hits Powers' case exploitation by Reds -- Space race: AF snares satellite capsule in mid-air -- Mr. K. and Castro: top Reds and allies get chill greeting -- Mexico, 9/19/60 -- Ike at UN proposes new world disarmament program -- 25 years ago, 9/22/60 -- History at UN: World leaders set New York a-whirl -- Spotlight of history on the UN -- Satchmo swings in Congo -- Khrushchev threatens Dag and UN -- Florida, 10/06/60 -- Invasion scare: Castro masses troops, claims U.S. aggression -- Kennedy elected -- Nuclear Navy: first Polaris a-sub sails on ocean patrol -- Algeria, 11/17/60 -- Tiros II Weatherman satellite in orbit around Earth -- Lumumba seized: followers threaten New Congo upheaval -- Strategy talks: Kennedy confers with his Congress leaders -- Space progress: "Man-in-space" capsule recovery successful -- News highlights of 1960. DVD 6615

Universal Newsreels. Vol. 13: 1961-1963:U.S. breaks relations with Cuba, 1/05/61 -- Inauguration: Kennedy sworn in -- NATO war games: Germany is stage for big winter maneuvers -- Peace Corps: Kennedy outlines global program -- Kasavubu hailed: Congo Federation plan target of controversy -- Laos crisis: Kennedy-Gromyko voice peace hopes -- Anglo-U.S. amity: U.S.-British pledge united front -- Eichmann trial -- Cosmos pioneer: Soviets orbit man in space -- Cuba invaded: foes of Castro open offensive -- First pictures: Soviets hail space hero -- Reds celebrate May Day -- As world watched: Spaceman hailed after U.S. triumph -- Cosmonaut: Russian orbits globe 17 times -- Berlin, 1961 -- World shocked: Reds threaten H-bomb tests -- Formosa, 1961 -- Civil planes grounded in defense alert -- France, 1961 -- 50 Megatons: U.S. protests new Red test -- Chimp into space, 1961. New Mexico, 1961 -- Space triumph: Glenn flight thrills world -- Uneasy peace: Algeria tense under cease-fire -- India, 1962 -- A day in history: Telstar brings world closer -- X-15 space record: Plane flown to 59-mile mark -- Kennedy on Telstar: Europe sees news conference -- First Lady at play : she joins Glenn at water skiiing -- Income tax cut: Kennedy hopes to spur economy -- The Wall, 1962 -- Red threat: President orders Cuban blockade -- The Cuban Crisis -- Crisis eases: Wary U.S. awaits missile removal -- Missile bases: Castro balks at U.N. team -- President tours: Kennedy inspects nuclear bases -- Suspense story: National Press Club hears Hitchcock -- Space movie: camera records missile in flight -- Space tour: Kennedy inspects missile center -- Reds free Professor: home after 16 days in Soviet prison. DVD 6616

Universal Newsreels. Vol. 14: 1964-1967:N.Y. World's Fair, 1964 -- Olympics end: U.S. teams win medal honors -- Japan, 1964 -- Khruschev resigns -- Olympics: US. dominates Tokyo games -- 2,000 MPH jet: Johnson reveals US. super plane -- Olympics: U.S. widens Tokyo lead -- Fashions, 1964 -- Bernard Baruch adviser to presidents is dead -- Marines in action: Dominican rescue, Vietnam Offensive -- Johnson on Vietnam: vows to fight on until Reds parley -- [Johnson] inauguration highlights, 1965 -- LBJ hears Graham -- Twins in Paris -- Vietnam action: Enterprise planes support troops -- Showdown in Vietnam -- Dominican truce: cease-fire brings calm to Island -- Space policeman: Pegasus measures action of meteoroids -- McNamara on Vietnam: new moves counter Red infiltration -- Report on Vietnam, 1965. Moscow, 1965 -- Enterprise in war: nuclear carrier joins 7th Fleet -- Politics and food: U.S. feeds Dominicans, power struggle on -- Dominican revolt, 1965 -- U.N.'s 20th year: world body marks signing of charter -- Missile passes test: Titan 3-C is most powerful known -- Viet sweep: Troops take Cong stronghold -- Airbase shelled: Soviet rockets used in attack -- Vietnam: big enemy force repulsed by GI's -- Seattle, 1967 -- Peace march: thousands oppose Vietnam war, 1967 -- Expo 67: Monument to man opens in Canada -- Loyalty day, New York City -- Protests galore -- Mid-East: Israeli-Egyptian battle erupts, 1967 -- Egypt accepts U.N. cease-fire -- Cease-fire: uneasy truce in Mid-East -- Ant-war demonstrators storm Pentagon -- Inauguration: Thieu sworn in, stresses peace, 1967 -- Wakefield, Mass., 1967 -- England, 1967 -- Lynda [Johnson] and Charles [Robb] marriage takes place in the White House. DVD 6616

Uncle Sam: The Movie Collection (Volume III)
Contents: With the marines at Tarawa / combat photographers, 2nd Marine Division (1943, col., 20 min.) -- Hollywood canteen / Dinah Shore (1944, 5 min.) -- Jap zero / Ronald Reagan (1942, 17 min.) -- Japanese relocation / U.S. Office of War Information (1942, 9 min.) -- Private Snafu in the Aleutians / Warner Bros. Cartoons (1945, 4 min.) -- Report from the Aleutians / U.S. War Dept., producer, John Huston (1943, col, 47 min.)-- Newsparade of 1945 (1945, 9 min.).

United News of 1944
1945, 8 min. Included on Video/C MM177

Vietnam Newsreel Review, 1967.
Highlights of U.S. Air Force military action in 1967 in Vietnam, produced and photographed by combat cameramen of the 600th Photo Squadron, including excellent action footage. Includes interviews with American pilots, bombadiers and navigators. 41 min. Video/C 4141

Vietnam War Films

Volume 1 Universal Newsreel, 1/16/47, Indo-China Rebellion (1 min.) -- A day in America (1968, 29 min.) -- Brink of disaster / presented by the National Education Program ; a Jerry Fairbanks production (1972, 29 min.) -- Columbia Revolt (1969, 49 min.) -- The News Magazine of the Screen vol.2 issue 9 (Excerpt) (1952, 1 min.) -- The News Magazine of the Screen vol.5 issue 10 (Excerpt) (1955, 3 min.) -- Red chinese battle plan (1964, 25 min.) -- Universal Newsreel, 6/6/67, Vietnam (1 min.) -- Tragedy or hope / presented by the National Education Program ; a Jerry Fairbanks production (1972, 24 min.) Day in America: Consists of what amounts to a Pledge of Allegiance to the Department of Defense (you actually do see students Pledging Allegiance while the Defense Department Seal flashes on-screen). What you're pledged to defend is essentially everything that can be claimed American, multicultural style. Sprinkled liberally throughout are unique glimpses of just about every aspect of life in the U.S. as it existed at the time of filming (1968) with carefully spaced glimpses of men in arms. Tragedy or hope?: Revised version of the film "Brink of disaster" reissued in the same year and included on this DVD. Brink of disaster: A fantasy story about a student and Vietnam veteran who defends a university library against a night attack by radicals bent on destroying its collections. Initially in league with the "radicals" he decides to reject their cause after his patriotic ancestors return to haunt him and a history professor explains he has become an unwitting dupe of a communist conspiracy to undermine American society. Columbia revolt: This documentary of the student protests and riots at Columbia University in 1968, presents the events as they happened from the perspective of the students, from the early stages of what began as a demonstration but quickly became an occupation by students of campus facilites, setting off a chain of events ultimately resulted in a two month long, violent siege. Red Chinese battle plan: Newsreel report on French military operations against Vietnamese guerillas. DVD 4460

Volume 2 Universal Newsreel March 3rd, 1967, Airbase shield: Soviet rockets used in attack (1 min.) -- Universal Newsreel October 24th, 1967, Anti-war demonstrators storm Pentagon (2 min.) -- Universal Newsreel June 6th, 1967, Vietnam (1 min.) -- Universal Newsreel, May 13th 1965: Johnson on Vietnam (3 min.) -- Know your enemy, the Vietcong (18 min.) -- Universal Newsreel April 26th, 1965, McNamara on Vietnam (2 min.) -- Universal Newsreel April 18th, 1967, Peace march (3 min.) -- Progress to peace (28 min.) -- Universal Newsreel May 5th, 1967, Protests galore! (3 min.) -- The battle of Khe Sanh (29 min.) Know your enemy: The Vietcong: Invaluable insight into the propagandization of the soldiers of both sides of the Vietnamese conflict is provided by this U.S. Army film which was shown to American soldiers to expose them to the tactical methods of South Vietnamese insurgent forces, which relys heavily upon captured VC propaganda films intended to be shown to their own forces. Progress to peace: Actor Raymond Burr narrates this revealing U.S. Army propaganda piece detailing the much vaunted "hearts and minds" offensive of winning the support of the Vietnamese people for America's goals and objectives in-country. Battle of Khe Sanh: This Department of Defense film analyzes the varied aspects of this pivotal battle in the history of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war, wherein American forces placed atop the mountain fortress of Khe Sanh in a position to intercept North Vietnamese infiltrations route were beseiged by NVA forces as a ruse to divert attention and resources from a simultaneous general uprising in cities throughout South Vietnam during the Tet New Year's holiday. DVD 8543

Volume 3 Universal Newsreel February 8th, 1965, Showdown in Vietnam (6 min.) -- Universal Newsreel May 25th, 1967, New Vietnam weapon: cutters to patrol lonely coast (1 min.) -- The Airmobile Division (28 min.) -- Twenty-five hour day (27 min.) -- Universal Newsreel February 28th, 1967, Viet sweep: troops take Cong stronghold (1 min.) -- Universal Newsreel December 9th, 1965, Vietnam action: Enterprise planes support troops (2 min.) -- Universal Newsreel April 29th, 1965, Marines in action: Dominican rescue Vietnam offensive (2 min.) -- Universal Newsreel April 4th, 1967, Vietnam: Big enemy force repulsed by GIs (2 min.) Airmobile Division: A U.S. Army film documenting the history, activities and doctrine of the First Cavalry Division, which unit occupies a special place in military history for its development of the tactical employment of the helicopter on the battlefield. Twenty-five hour day: Fairchild Aviation's opportunity to tout it's F-105 Thunderchief fighter-bomber, which was an essential component of U.S. Air Force air to ground operations throughout the Vietnam Conflict, as well as to acknowledge the contributions made by ground crews and rescue operations. DVD 8544

Women at War, From the Home front to the Front Lines.
Through selected newsreel footage details the vital contributions of American women to the war effort. Looks at the frequently forgotten history of WAC's, WAVE's and other all-women military units' work, nurses serving oversees and women workers in defense plants helping to perform America's miracle of war production. Hosted by Eric Sevareid and Edwin Newman. 1989. 45 min. Video/C MM478

Women in Defense
A newsreel produced to promote the contributions of women in the U.S. war effort. Contains footage of women performing jobs traditionally reserved for men. Video/C 7627

World's Fair & Exposition Films
Documentary films of various world fairs and expositions featuring the Golden Gate International Exposition (1939), the Chicago World's Fair (1962), the World Expo in Montreal, Canada (1967), the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915, and the Opening of Treasure Island, among others. Universal newsreel, March 17th 1958 (1 min.) -- Golden Gate International Exposition (1939, 3 films: 8 min, 10 min., 10 min.) -- Century 21 calling (1962 Seattle World's Fair) (14 min.) -- Century of Progress: International Exposition, Chicago (1933, 13 min.) -- Chicago World's Fair (1933, 13 min.) -- Dead Fair (Golden Gate Exposition, 1940) (1 min.) -- Universal newsreel, May 2nd 1967: Expo 67 "Monument to Man" (Canada, 2 min.) -- Farewell to Treasure Island (1940, 3 min.) -- Frisco Fair/Pacific Northwest (1939, 18 min.) -- Golden Gate Bridge (1939, 11 min.) -- Panama-Pacific International Exposition (1915, 2 films: 5 min, 8 min.) -- Panama-Pacific International Exposition (Revisited), (1940s, 11 min.) -- San Francisco World's Fair (1939, 10 min.) -- Story of Jewel City (1915, 9 min.) -- Treasure Island (1939, 10 min.) DVD 5828

Workers' Film & Photo League (Nykino) Newsreels (1936-37)

Books and articles about Film & Photo League

"Bought and paid for" -- "On the march" -- "Millions of little people" -- "Murder One man" DVD 4669

The World Today: Black Legion< (1936-37)
Produced by the Workers' Film & Photo League. DVD 4669

Newsreel Supplements on Feature Film DVDs

The following feature films on DVD in the MRC collection contain one or more newsreels from the year in which the movie was released:

Little Caesar (Warner-Pathé News)(1931) DVD 3511
The Public Enemy (1931) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD 3514
Smart Money (1931) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD X134
Mayor of Hell (1933) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD X135
Picture Snatcher (1933) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD X129
G-menAmelia Earhart Newsreels (1935-1937) (Fox Movietone News) DVD X2902
Captain Blood (1935) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD 4016
G-men (1935) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD 5832
Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD 8051
The Good Earth (1937) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD 5074
Kid Galahad (1937) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD X512
San Quentin (1937) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD 5838
The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD 2039
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (1938) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD X514
The Dawn Patrol (1938) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD 8052
A Slight Case of Murder (1938)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD 5837
Dodge City (1939) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD 4017
Invisible Stripes (1939) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD X513
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD 4020
The Roaring Twenties (1939)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD 3509
All This and Heaven Too (1940) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD X346
Brother Orchid (1940) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD X136
City for Conquest (1940) Warner-Pathé News DVD 5836
The Sea Hawk (1940) (Warner-Pathé News)DVD 4018
All Through the Night (1941)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD 6274
Citizen Kane (1941)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD 852
Great Guns (1941) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 5662
The Great Lie (1941)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD X337
The Maltese Falcon (1941)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD 6283
They Died with Their Boots On (1941) DVD 4019
Across the Pacific (1942)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD 6276
Desperate Journal (1942)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD X4605
Gentleman Jim (1942)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD 8054
In This Our Life (1942)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD X345
Larceny, Inc. (1942)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD X511
Pearl Harbor Newsreels (1942) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 7869
Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD 2038
Action in the North Atlantic (Warner-Pathé News) (1943) DVD 6275
Jitterbugs (1943) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 5660
Song of Bernadette (1943) (Fox Movietone News) DVD X1469
Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD X817
This Is the Army (1943)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD X818
Watch on the Rhine (1943)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD X338
The Old Maid (1944) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD X344
Passage to Marseille (1944) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD 6281
Leave Her to Heaven (1945) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 3807
Deception (1946) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD X339
Gentleman's Agreement (1947)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD 2808
Miracle on 34th Street (1949) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 6810
The Snake Pit (1948) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 7223
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) (Warner-Pathé News) DVD 2040
Letter to Three Wives (1949) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 3805
Prince of Foxes (1949) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 7667
White Heat (1949)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD 3513
Father of the Bride (1950) (Warner-Pathé News)DVD 2503
No Way Out (1950) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 7667
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)(Warner-Pathé News) DVD 1595
Titanic (1953)(Movietone newsreels) DVD X1470
Daddy Long Legs (1955) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 5261
House of Bamboo (1955) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 4215
Love is a Many-splendored Thing (1955) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 4840
The Seven Year Itch (1955) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 704
Anastasia (1956) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 3518
Carousel (1956) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 6861
King and I (1956) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 606
Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1956) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 4690
An Affair to Remember(1957) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 1650
A Farewell to Arms (1957) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 7626
Peyton Place (1957) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 7538
The Three Faces of Eve (1957) (Fox Movietone News) DVD X1070
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957) (Fox Movietone News) DVD X2391
The Best of Everything (1959) (Fox Movietone News) DVD X3148
The Diary of Anne Frank (1959) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 7347
Zorba the Greek (1964) (Fox Movietone News) DVD 2824

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