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Bibliographies of works about various film themes

The Movies, Race, and Ethnicity

The Beat Generation Goes to Hollywood

Alcohol and Drugs in the Movies

Ancient Civilizations in the Movies

Artists in the Movies

Banned and Censored Films

Children, Teens, and Families in the Movies & TV
--See Also: Teachers and Schools in the Movies

Corporations, Wall Street, and Sundry Capitalism in the Movies
--See Also: Labor Themes in the Movies

Dance in the Movies

Disabilities in the Movies (includes representations of physical and mental disabilities; movies featuring psychiatrists and psychiatry).

The Elderly in the Movies

Food and Drink in the Movies

Hollywood and Filmmaking in the Movies (movies about movies) / Movie Genre Parodies and Movie Homages

The Homeless, Hobos, Tramps, and Bums in the Movies

Journalists and the Media in the Movies

Labor Themes in the Movies
--See Also: Corporations, Wall Street, and Sundry Capitalism in the Movies

Lawyers and the Legal Process in the Movies

Literary Adaptations

Music and Musicians in the Movies

Notable Screenwriters

Period Films
  • Flappers and and Shieks: Films of The Roaring 20's (includes listing of contemporary films set in the 1920s/30s)

  • Movies Set In or About the 1950s

  • Hollywood's take on the 1960s
  • Politics and the Presidency in the Movies and TV

    Pre-code Movies
    Notable movies made before the Hollywood Production Code [Hays Code]1934-1967

    Queer Cinema/Representation of Gays and Lesbians in Film and TV (includes move and TV represenations of homosexuality; films by gay and lesbian filmmakers; films involving cross-dressing and gender confusion).

    Religious Themes in the Movies

    San Francisco and the Bay Area in the Movies

    Schools and Teachers in the Movies

    Scientists and Doctors in the Movies

    Social Class in the Movies

    Sports, Gaming, and Gambling in the Movies

    Teachers and Schools in the Movies
    --See Also: Children, Teens, and Families in the Movies & TV

    Terrorism in Film and TV

    Vamps, Vixens, Femmes Fatales and Kick-ass Gurrrls: Transgressive Women in the Movies

    Women Film Directors

    Writers and Poets in the Movies

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