The Matrix Trilogy:
A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Library

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UC users only
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Contents: The deeper we go, the more complex and sophisticated the franchise seems, and the dizzier we feel / William G. Doty -- Welcome to the sexual spectacle: the female heroes in the franchise / Martina Lipp -- Is Neo white? reading race, watching the trilogy / C. Richard King and David Leonard -- Religion, community, and revitalization: why cinematic myth resonates / Richard R. Jones -- Story, product, franchise: images of postmodern cinema / Bruce Isaacs and Theodore Louis Trost -- Fascist redemption or democratic hope? / John Shelton Lawrence -- Stopping bullets: constructions of bliss and problems of violence / Frances Flannery-Dailey and Rachel L. Wagner -- The déjà vu glitch in the Matrix trilogy / Michael Sexson -- Visions of hope, freedom of choice, and the alleviation of social misery: a pragmatic reading of the Matrix franchise / Stephanie J. Wilhelm and Matthew Kapell -- Biomorph: the posthuman thing / Gray Kochhar-Lindgren -- Strange volutions: the Matrix franchise as a posthuman memento mori / Tim Mizelle and Elizabeth Baker -- Try the blue pill: what's wrong with life in a simulation? / Russell Blackford -- At the edge of the world, again / Matthew Kapell.

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This article discusses actor Keanu Reeves as a hero of science fiction and fantasy motion pictures. Films discussed in the article include "Johnny Mnemonic," "Chain Reaction," "The Devil's Advocate," "Constantine," "A Scanner Darkly," and "The Matrix" trilogy. The article discusses his acting quality and the effectiveness of his decisions in these roles.

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Full-text available online (UC Berkeley users only)
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PFA : PN1997.M395 M38 2005

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Full text available online (UCB users only)
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This article explores the concept of human subjectivity to technology in the motion picture "The Matrix." Depiction of the relationship between human and interface; Emphasis on speed and mind-controlling computer technology; Style of the film's gender and race representations.

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The article discusses racial aspects of science fiction films. The author discusses how science fiction films of the 1950s such as "The Time Machine" depicted racial anxieties and how the Black Power movement resulted in the presence of more black characters in science fiction films such as "Planet of the Apes" and "Soylent Green." He suggests the motion picture "Star Wars" depicts good and evil using black and white colors but notes that the sequels feature the black character Lando Calrissian. He discusses the popularity of actor Will Smith in science fiction films such as "Independence Day" and "Men in Black" and suggests racial roles are reversed in the film "The Matrix" and its sequels.

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Full text available online (UC Berkeley users only)
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"The article discusses the use of bullet time as visual effects. The author claims that the scenes in the film "The Matrix," in which Carrie-Anne Moss moves with a fluid weightlessness, were the launch of bullet time. It is believed that bullet time is composed of an extended take when the camera appears to have a movement that holds a main character in focus as action extend at different rates. From 1999 to around 2003, bullet time had its popularity as it organized commercial, critical and technical discourses in the movie." [Ebsco]

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Addresses the question of sexuality in virtual reality as illustrated in cyberfictions and science fictions or films. Denunciation of virtual reality as a prison in the film 'The Matrix'; Provision of counter-fiction to mainstream narratives of virtual disembodiment in the music video 'All Is Full of Love'; Absence of duality between white and black or real and virtual. E

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