Miscellaneous Film & TV Topics/Themes

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Alcoholism and Drugs in the Movies

Ancient and Classical Civilization in the Movies

Censorship of the Movies (Hollywood Production [Hays]Code and other topics

Children, Teens, and Families in the Movies and TV

The Cinematic City

Dance in the Movies

Disability (Physical and Mental) in Film
Includes works concerning the representations of physical and mental disability (including the representation of psychiatry and psychiatrists)

Documentary and Ethnographic Film

The Elderly in the Movies

Filmmaking and Hollywood in the Movies

Food in the Movies

1920's: Movies and Society

1950's: Movies, TV and Society (includes the Hollywood blacklist)

1960s and 1970s (films and filmmaking)

Journalists in the Movies

Labor and the Working Class in the Movies

Lawyers and the Legal Process in the Movies

Literature and Drama on Film

Movies and the Technological World

Edward R. Murrow

Philosophy and the Movies

The Psychology of Movies and Movie Audiences
Including works on film and psychoanalytic theory, film and dreams

Reality TV

Religion in the Movies

Schools and Teachers in the Movies

Scientists and Medical Doctors in the Movies

Sex in the Movies

Shakespeare on Film and Video

Situation Comedies (TV)

US Politics and the Presidency in the Movies

Vietnam in the Movies

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