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CineFiles (Pacific Film Archives)
A growing collection of searchable, online reviews, press kits, festival and showcase program notes, newspaper articles, and other documents from the Pacific Film Archive Library's clippings files.
"For every film, we list the ratings of 15 prominent critics. Some are the usual suspects (e.g., Roger Ebert) but we also try to use critics from different parts of the country and from different media in order to give a more representative idea of the national Critical Consensus. Then, under the title Dueling Critics, we include two quotes, one from the critic who gave the film its highest rating and one from the critic who gave it its lowest rating."
Reviews of current releases. "...One of the oldest and certainly the liveliest film and movie review destination on the Web! Founded in 1995 as The Movie Emporium, hosts more than 3,000 movie reviews and feature stories contributed by more than 20 active critics located throughout the country. Four of our contributors are members of the Online Film Critics Society, the Internet's most prestigious critics' group. Celebrities ranging from Owen Wilson to Russ Meyer, Val Kilmer, Mike Figgis, Christian Slater, John Woo, Mira Sorvino, John Singleton, Alicia Witt, Wes Anderson, Penelope Spheeris, Ice Cube, and Andie MacDowell have been interviewed on the site. We are based in San Francisco, with outposts in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Cleveland, Austin, Charlotte, and Detroit."
Compares reviews of current films between critics (with links to online text of reviews when available). Rating based on a weighted average of various individual reviews for that film.
Movie Review Query Engine
Perhaps the best single search engine for locating full-text reviews online, including reviews in journals and newspapers, use groups, and other miscellanea. Depth of chronological coverage varies.

Mr. Cranky
Curmudgeonly commentary and Hollywood flambé
New York Times Movie Reviews
Includes: archived Times reviews from the past 20 years, as well as a limited selection back to 1929; "Critic's Picks" recommendations from Times film critics Stephen Holden, Elvis Mitchell, and A.O. Scott; "Reader's Reviews" tool where users can rate movies, post their own reviews and view other readers' opinions' "News and Features" area with business and industry news from the Times; Movie Update newsletter, a free e-mail from with the latest reviews, new video releases and news from the Sunday Times; Extensive celebrity and production information from AMG's All Movie Guide; Weekend box office results from Nielsen EDI; National showtime database searchable by movie title or ZIP code

SAWNET (South Asian Women's Network)
Reviews of feature and documentary films by and about South Asian women
Video Librarian [Available to UCB users only]
Full-text reviews of documentary and educational works, as well as selected feature films. Geared to librarians and educators.

Links to movie reviews in newspapers)
Database of articles and reviews in Variety, 1914 to present

Women's Studies Database Film Reviews

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