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Primary Source Film Research Guide by Professor Kristen Whissel (with Karen Roy)

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Listing of pre-1980 film journals at UCB
Note: many broken/incomplete holdings. For publications or issues not held by UCB, check the MELVYL (CDL) catalog. You may be able to borrow these (or obtain copies of articles) by consulting the Library's Interlibrary Borrowing unit.

Article Databases

The following online databases can be searched to find older articles and reviews about individual movies, movie personalities, and movie topics. Some of these databases provide access to full-text articles; others provide article citations only. If full-text is not available, use the OskiCat catalog (or the UC E-Links button if provided) to determine whether the library owns the magazine or newspaper issue you are looking for.

Historical Newspapers (Proquest)
Full-text articles from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times & Wall Street Journal. To search all of the newspapers, on the ProQuest home page click on the tab that reads "Collections." Then click on the link that reads "ProQuest Historical Newspapers."

Historical Newspapers Online
Citations to articles in the New York Times, 1851 to 1922

Readers Guide Retrospective
Citations to articles from over 500 leading US magazines 1890-1982

Periodicals Archive Online (PCI Full Text)
Cinema Journal (1961-1996); Film History (1987-1995); Film and History (1971-1995); Journal of Popular Film and Television(1972-1996); Monthly Film Bulletin (1934/1935-1991); Sight and Sound (1932-1990)

Periodicals Index Online (PCI)
Cahiers du Cinéma (1951-1995); Cantrills Filmnotes (1971-1995); The Chronicle of Cinema, 1895-1995; Cinema Journal (1961-1996); Cinéaste (1967-1995); Cinema Papers (1974-1990); Film Comment (1962-1995); Film and History (1971-1995); Film history (1987-1995); Film Quarterly (Hollywood Quarterly) (1945-1995); Film Review (1944-1995); Frauen und Film (1974-1995); Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television (1981-1995); Journal of Popular Film and Television (1972-1995); Literature/Film Quarterly (1973-1995); Monthly Film Bulletin (1934-1991); Quarterly Review of Film and Video (1976-1995); Sight and Sound (1932-1995); Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Journal (1916-1995)

Other Indexes to Magazine Articles

American Film Institute Catalog
The AFI Catalog provides comprehensive filmographic information on over 45,000 American films, including more than 17,500 made in the early years of film from 1893 to 1910. For many of the individual films in the catalog, citations to reviews and other articles are provided. Publications indexed include Bioscope (Great Britain), Box Office, Film Daily, Hollywood Reporter, Motion Picture Daily, Motion Picture Herald, Motion Picture News, Moving Picture World, Photoplay, and others.

British Film Institute Film Index International
Film Index International provides in-depth indexing of over 100,000 international films - from the first silent movies to the latest blockbusters - and biographical information for over 40,000 personalities. For many of the individual films in the catalog, brief citations to reviews and other articles are provided.

New York Times Encyclopedia of Film
Media Center PN1993.45.N4 1984
A large compilation of article reproductions from the New York Times, 1896-1979. Articles included deal with individual films, filmmakers, and stars. Includes a large number of display ads for individual films. Reviews of films are not generally included in these volumes (see Historical Newspapers)

Film Review Index: 1886-1986
Edited by Patricia King Hanson, Stephen L. Hanson.
MRC and Main Stax: PN1995.F54 1986
Includes citations to reviews, other journal articles, and book chapters for a wide range of international films, 1886-1986.

The New York Times Film Reviews
Doe Library, Reference: PN1995.N4
Index to reviews in the New York Times, 1913-2000. (see also Historical Newspapers and Historical Newspapers Online)

History of the Cinema 1895-1940 ((Chadwyck-Healy)

A collection of books and pamphlets published between 1895-1940 (on microfiche)ranging in subject from contemporary studies in the sociology of the cinema to Hollywood novels, from biographies of stars to how-to books on screenwriting. The collection was acquired as part of a UC shared purchase program and resides at UC Irvine. An index to the collection is kept in both the Doe Library Reference room and the Media Resources Center (call # PN1993.5 A1 H57 1989). Materials from the collection may be request via interlibrary loan.

Producer Catalogs

Motion picture catalogs by American producers and distributors, 1894-1908 NEWS: MICROFILM.48027

A Guide to Motion picture catalogs by American producers and distributors, 1894-1908 NEWS: PN1993.5.U6 G85 1985

Clippings, Festival and Exhibition Programs, Press Kits

The Pacific Film Archives CineFiles database contains reviews, press kits, festival and showcase program notes, newspaper articles, and other documents from the PFA Library's collection. The collection contains documents from a broad range of sources covering world cinema, past and present. CineFiles currently includes materials on the films of nearly 100 directors whose works have been featured in PFA's exhibition program. Materials on additional directors' works are added regularly.

Filmographies and Catalogs

For catalogs and filmographies of various film genres or of films by individual studios or directors, use OskiCat.


Motion pictures catalogs
[Studio name or individual name] catalogs (e.g. Universal Pictures Company catalogs)

Interviews with Movie Personnel

To locate current and historical interviews with directors, actors, screenwriters, and other movie personnel, use OskiCat (full feature search):


Motion picture directors and producers interviews
Motion picture actors and actresses interviews.
Screenwriters interviews
Motion picture editors interviews
[Name of individual] interviews (e.g. Alfred Hitchcock interviews)

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