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Film Reviews and Criticism

Film Reviews and Criticism

Historical sources of Film Criticism and Writing: 1896 - 1950


Strategies for searching UCB's online catalog (OskiCat) for books related to film, television, mass communications, and related topics

Motion Picture Research: Primary Sources

Film Journals

Complete Listing of Film Journals in the UCB Library

Full-text Online Journals (ejournals) available via the UCB Library


Bibliographies of books, articles, and related materials on film genres and themes, filmmakers, national cinemas, and individual films.

Selected bibliography of film reference books in the UC Berkeley Library

Movie Credit and Production Databases

Online databases containing credits and other information about international film and video works.

Web Movie Review Sources

Web-based databases and listings of full-text movie reviews.

Includes links and web sites devoted to film history and scholarship; film industry information; film script sites; film festival information; film and video associations.

Videos in the Media Resources Center on film topics

Film/Video Collections at UC Berkeley

Media Resources Center (Moffitt Library)

Pacific Film Archives

UCB Film Studies Department

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