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The majority of the journals listed below are also available in print form in the UCB Library. For library holdings (including earlier volumes of titles listed below), consult PATHFINDER.

Listing of indexes to film/mass communications journals and related publications

Complete listing of film and film-related journals at UCB
Complete listing of film and film-related journals at UCB

Early film journals online (via Media History Project)

International film journals online (via Bioscope blog)

All Journals

Afterimage (UC users only)

American Cinematographer (UC users only)

American Film (UC users only)

Animation Journal (Brown University) (unrestricted access)

Artechock Filmmagazin (unrestricted access)

Black Camera (Black Film Center, Indiana University) (unrestricted access)

Bright Lights Film Journal (unrestricted access)

Broadcast, Film and Convergence (unrestricted access)

Camera Obscura (UC users only)

Canadian Journal of Film Studies (Revue canadienne d'etudes cinematographiques) (UC users only)

Cineaste (UC users only)

Cinémas: : Journal of Film Studies (UC users only)

Cine-tracts (Brown University) (unrestricted access)

Cinema Journal (University of Illinois Press) (UC users only)

Cinema Journal: the Journal of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (University of Texas Press) (UCB users only)

Cinémas (unrestricted access)

Cinemascope (unrestricted access)

Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies (UC users only)

Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies (UC users only)

Documentary Box (unrestricted access)

Entertainment Design: The Art and Technology of Show Business (UC users only)

Entertainment Weekly (UC users only)

European Cinema Journal (unrestricted access)

European Cinema Yearbook (unrestricted access)

Feminist Media Studies (UC users only)

Film Comment (UC users only)

Film Criticism (UC users only)

Film & History (UC users only)

Film Historia (unrestricted access)

Film History (UC users only)

Film International (UC users only)

The Film Journal (unrestricted access)

Film Journal International (UC users only)

The Film Music Society Newsletter

Film-Philosophy (unrestricted access)

Film Quarterly (UC users only)

Film Score Monthy (UC users only)

Film Studies (UC users only)

Film West: Ireland's Film Quarterly (unrestricted access)

Filmkultúra (unrestricted access)

Filmmaker: The Magazine of Independent Film (UC users only)

Films in Review (UC users only)

Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media (unrestricted access)

Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television (UC users only)

Hitchcock Annual (UC users only)

Hollywood Quarterly (UC users only)

Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture (unrestricted access)

Independent Film and Video Monthly (UC users only)

The Independent Film & Video Monthly (unrestricted access)

IndieWire (unrestricted access)

Intensities: The Journal of Cult Media (unrestricted access)

Journal for MultiMedia History (SUNY Albany) (unrestricted access)

Journal of British Cinema & Television (UC users only)

Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media (UC users only)

Journal of Chinese Cinemas (UC users only)

Journal of Educational Media: The Journal of the Educational Television Association (UCB users only)

Journal of Film and Video (UCB users only)
Index to Journal of Film and Video (via University Film and Video Assn.)

Journal of e-Media Studies (unrestricted access)

Journal of Film Preservation (unrestricted access)

Journal of Media Practice (UC users only)

Journal of Popular Culture (UCB users only)

Journal of Popular Film and Television: JPF&T (UCB users only)

Journal of Religion and Film (University of Nebraska) (unrestricted access)

Journal of Film Studies (Cinémas: Revue d'Études Cinématographiques) (unrestricted access)

Journal of Visual Culture (UC users only)

Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media (UC users only)
(unrestricted access) 43 (2001) - current issue

Kinema: A Journal for Audiovisual Media (University of Waterloo) (unrestricted access)

Kino Magazine (unrestricted access)

KinoKultura (unrestricted access)

Kinoeye: A Fortnightly Journal of Film in the New Europe (unrestricted access)

Kulture Void Pictures (unrestricted access)

Literature/Film Quarterly (UCB users only)

Millennium Film Journal (unrestricted access)

Millimeter: The Magazine of Motion Picture and Television Production (UC users only)

Monthly Film Bulletin (UC users only)

The Moving Image (UC users only)

New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film (UC users only)

New Review of Film and Television Studies (UC users only)

Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film (UC users only)

Nouvelles "Vues" sur le Cinéma Québécois (unrestricted access)

October (UC users only)

Offscreen (Canada) (unrestricted access)

Post Script: Essays in Film and the Humanities (UC users only)

Participations: Journal of Audience and Reception Studies (unrestricted access)

Postmodern Culture (UC users only)

P.O.V.: A Danish Journal of Film Studies (unrestricted access)

Quarterly Review of Film and Video (UC users only)

Rouge [Australia] (unrestricted access)

Science Fiction Film and Television (UC users only)

Scope (Nottingham University) (unrestricted access)

Screen (UC users only)

Screen Education (UC users only)

Screening the Past (La Trobe University) (unrestricted access)

Senses of Cinema (unrestricted access)

Sight & Sound (UC users only)

Silents Majority: On-line Journal of Silent Film (unrestricted access)

Sound & Vision (UC user only)

Spectator (The University of Southern California) (UC user only)

Studies In Australasian Cinema (UC users only)

Studies in Documentary Film (UC users only)

Studies in French Cinema (UC users only)

Studies in the Anthropology of Visual Communication (UC users only)

Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema

Sync: The Regent Journal of Film and Video (unrestricted access)

The Thinking Eye (unrestricted access)

Variety (UC users only)
Archive of Variety articles and reviews 1914 - current

Velox: Critical Approaches to Contemporary film (unrestricted access)

Velvet Light Trap (UC users only)

Vertigo: Independent Film Magazine (unrestricted access)

Video Age International (UC users only)

Visual Anthropology (UC users only)

Visual Anthropology Review (UC users only)

Wide Angle (UC users only)
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