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Selected Subject Headings for Searching OskiCat

It is often easiest and most productive to search for books (and journal articles) using keywords and phrases. For example: In looking for a book about gender representation in American film, try searching using the words/phrases:

  • gender
  • women
  • sex role
  • masculinity (or masculine)
  • film (or cinema or motion pictures)
  • American (or United States)

    Note: In OskiCat you can use an asterisk (*) as a "wild card" at the ends of words -- for example: masculin* would yeild the keywords masculine and masculinity,

  • You can also search for books (and journal articles)by using established subject headings. For example:

  • Motion pictures
  • Silent films
  • Film criticism
  • Motion picture authorship
  • Love in motion pictures
  • Mental illness in motion pictures
  • Race relations in motion pictures
  • Motion pictures in propaganda
  • Surrealism in motion pictures
  • Motion picture actors and actresses
  • Motion picture producers and directors
  • Screenwriters
  • Women in Motion Pictures
  • Asians in Motion Pictures
  • African American women in motion pictures
  • Homosexuality in motion pictures
  • Motion picture industry
  • Women in the motion picture industry
  • Title of film as subject (e.g. Birth of a nation Motion picture)
  • Director's name as subject (e.g. Scorsese, Martin)
  • Film star as subject (e.g. Chaplin, Charlie)
  • In using subject headings, a number of standard subdivision phrases may be attached, for example:

  • History
  • (e.g. Women in the motion picture industry -- History)
  • Criticism and interpretation
  • (e.g. Charlie Chaplin -- Criticism and interpretation)
  • Bibliograpy
  • (Asians in Motion Pictures -- (Indians in motion pictures -- Bibliography)
  • Plots, themes, etc.
  • (e.g. Religion in motion pictures -- Plots, themes, etc.)
  • Interviews
  • (e.g. Motion picture producers and directors -- Interviews)
  • Chronology
  • (e.g. Motion Pictures -- Ireland -- Chronology)
  • (e.g. Homosexuality in motion pictures -- Spain)
  • The following are examples of genre and thematic terms that can be used to search for books in OskiCat:

    • Feature films
    • Video art
    • Short films
    • Animated films
    • Film adaptations
    • Historical films
    • Biographical films
    • Documentary films
    • Experimental films
    • Cinema verite
    • War films
    • Epic films
    • Foreign films
    • Gangster films
    • Detective and mystery films
    • Spy films
    • Film noir
    • gangster films
    • New wave films
    • Comedy films
    • Screwball comedy films
    • Western films
    • Adventure films
    • Samurai films
    • Fantasy films
    • Science fiction films
    • Horror films
    • Musical films
    • Religious films
    • Police films
    • Star Wars films
    • Superman films
    • Dracula films
    • Erotic films
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