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A Note About This List: The following list does not generally include annual or semi-annual publications, such as almanacs, handbooks, catalogs, and book series. Ceased journal titles for which the library only holds a limited number of volumes are also not included. For complete holdings, consult OskiCat or the CDL Catalog (MELVYL).

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Indexes to film/mass communications journals and related publications

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Historical Newspapers (Proquest)
Indexes articles from Chicago Defender (1905-1975), Chicago Tribune (1849-1985), Los Angeles Times (1881-1985), New York Times (1851-2003), Wall Street Journal (1889-1989), and Washington Post (1877-1990)

Readers Guide Retrospective
Citations to articles from over 500 leading US magazines 1890-1982

Periodicals Archive Online(PCI Full-Text)
An online periodical archive that provides access to some 475 digitized journals in the humanities and social sciences. A sister database, Periodicals Index Online, provides additional indexing for articles in over 4,700 periodicals.
Indexes: Cinema Journal (1961-1996); Film History (1987-1995); Film and History (1971-1995); Journal of Popular Film and Television (1972-1996); Monthly Film Bulletin (1934-1987, 1989-1991); Sight and Sound (1932-1990)

Periodicals Index Online (formerly PCI)
Indexes millions of articles published in over 4,700 periodicals in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. A sister database, Periodicals Archive Online, provides a full-text archive of some 475 journals published between 1802 and 1995.
Indexes: Cahiers du Cinéma (1951-1995); ; Cinéaste (1967-1995); Cinema Journal (1961-1996); Cinema Papers (1974-1990); Film and History (1971-1995); Film Comment (1962-1995); Film History (1987-1995); Film Quarterly (1945-1995); Film Review (1944-1995); Films in Review (1944-1995); Frauen und Film(1974-1995); Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television (1891-1995); Journal of Popular Film and Television(1972-1995); Literature/Film Quarterly (1973-1995); Monthly Film Bulletin (1934/1935-1991); Quarterly Review of Film and Video (1976-1985); Sight and Sound (1932-1995); Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Journal (1916-1995)

American Film Institute (AFI) Catalog
Database of credit and other information for American films 1893-1973. Entries include source citations to historical periodicals used by the AFI staff to verify information in the catalog entry. Sources cited include Variety, Daily Variety, Moving Picture World, Exhibitor, The Hollywood Reporter, Box Office, Filmfacts, issues of The Players’ Directory, the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times.

Film Index International (British Film Institute Catalog)
Database of credit and other information for international film, 1928--. Entries include source citations to historical and contemporary periodicals used to verify information in the catalog entry.

Print Indexes and Review Compilations

Batty, Linda, 1940-
Retrospective index to film periodicals, 1930-1971 / by Linda Batty. New York : R. R. Bowker Co., 1975.
Media Resources Center PN1994.A12 B38 1975
Pacific Film Archive PN1994.A12 B38 1975

Film Review Index.
Edited by Patricia King Hanson, and Stephen L. Hanson. Phoenix, Arizona: Oryx Press, 1986-1987.
Media Resources Center PN1995 .F54 1986 Vol. 1, 1882-1949; Vol. 2, 1950-1985.

The New York Times Encyclopedia of Film, 1896-1979
Gene Brown, editor; Harry M. Geduld, advisory editor. New York: Times Books, c1984.
Media Resources Center PN1993.45 .N4 1984
Facsimiles of articles appearing in the New York Times 1896-1979 dealing with motion pictures, the motion picture industry, and motion picture personalities. An invaluable source of primary source material on the history of American film. Index: vol. 13.

Variety film reviews.
Media Resources Center PN1993 .V36
Library Has BOUND 1907/20(1)-1995/96(24)// INDEXES CUMULATIVE INDEXES: 1907/20(1)-1983/84(18)

Individual Journal Titles in the UC Berkeley Library

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American Cinematographer.
UCB Main Stacks f TR845 .A55 1(1920)-33(1952) (AT NRLF: v. 2 no. 18-28, v. 3-6, v. 11-33 1952)

Australian Films. Canberra, Australia, National Library of Australia)
UCB Main PN1998 .A871 1940/58-1968, Jan 1973-June 1973, 1979-1981 (All holdings stored NRLF PN1998 .A871)


Music fML1.B5 (current) MICROFILM AA2361 (historic) Nov 1894-Nov 1919, May 1920-Aug 1957, July 1961(73)-June 2003(v.115, pt.1)-

Biograph bulletins 1896-1908.
Main Stack XC8.24434 NRLF #: $C 214 166

Biograph bulletins, 1908-1912.
Main Stack PN1999.B5.B5 1973

The Bioscope.
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 78619 Sept 1908-May 1932.


Cahiers du Cinéma.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C3 1(1951)-207(1968), 218(1970)-221, 223-224, 226-286, 288-345(1983), 347(1983)-556(Apr 2001) - current (Some volumes in NRLF)(MICROFILM 2171 PN Library has: 208(1969)-217)

Cinema Arts.
UCB Main Stacks fPN1993.C52 1936(preview issue); June 1937(v.1:1)-Sept 1937(v.1:3)// [ceased] (Shelved at NRLF: 1936-1937)

La Cinématographie Française. (Paris. Merged with: Film Francais)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C47 1138(1946)-1154, 1156-1256, 1258-1306, 1308-1327, 1329-1498, 1501-1519, 1522-1547, 1559-1565, 1567-1576, 1578-1638, 1641-1648, 1683-1848, 1852-1946, 1949-2045, 2048-2152(Mar 5, 1966)// [ceased]
(many volumes at NRLF; check GLADIS/Pathfinder)


Daniel Blum's Screen World. Continued by: Screen World
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.3.D3.S33 Library has: BOUND 1949(1), 1952(3), 1954(5)-1960(11), 1962(13)-1965(16)// [ceased]


Le Film(Paris)
News/Micro MICROFILM 3623 PN annee 1:1(Feb 27, 1914)-1:20, annee 3(Mar 17, 1916)-7(1920) Library lacks: 1:7; 3:2-4

Film Culture
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.F4 3(May/June 1955)-70/71(1983), 76(June 1992)-79(winter 1996) Library has: CUMULATIVE INDEXES: 1(1955)-75(1985)Index no.1-75 MISSING

The Film Daily
Ser. 1. Film daily and predecessors. pt. 1. 1915-1927, pt. 2. 1928-1937, pt. 3. 1938-1948, pt. 4. 1949-1959, pt. 5, 1960 -- Ser. 2. Film daily yearbook and predecessors.
MICROFILM 78994 Library Has ser.1-2 (series 1 (107 reels), series 2 (18 reels)) (1989)
SHL: Guide to accompany this title shelved under Call No.: MICROFILM 78994 guide NEWS.

Some issues available online via the Media History Project.

The Film Daily Year Book of Motion Pictures.(Alternate Title Wid's year book <1920>-1921 Film year book 1922-1927 Film daily year book 1928-1929)
UCB Main Stacks 906vc F48 1920-1938, 1942-1943, 1945, 1947, 1949, 1951, 1954, 1956-1963(Shelved at NRLF: 1951, 1954, 1956-1963 1924-1926-1929-1930 1924-1926-1929-1930 Missing or Withdrawn 1927 1928, 1931-1933 MISSING; 1936 MISSING

Film Society Newsletter
UCB Main PN1993 .F426 Sept 1964-May 1965// (Some volumes in NRLF)


Hollywood Quarterly. (Continued by: Quarterly of film, Radio and Television
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.F424 1(1945)-5(summer 1951)//


Intercine (Published in 5 editions: English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Superseded by: Cinema)
UCB Main Stacks LB1044.A2.I6 1(July 1929)-7:1(Jan 1935) Library lacks: 1:2(Aug 1929), 2:2(Feb 1930)-2:12(Dec 1930), 3:1(Jan 1931) (Shelved at NRLF: v.1, v.2:1, v. 3-6 1934, v.7:1)

Iskusstvo Kino. (Moskva. Continues: Sovetskoe Kino)
Main Stacks PN1993.I7 1952:1-1952:6, 1953-1959:5, 1959:9-1963:32, 1963:34-1966:12, 1967:2-1976:7, 1976:9-1979:2, 1979:5-1980:5 1980:7-1980:9, 1980:11-1981:10, 1981:12-1983:5, 1983:7-1983:9, 1983:11-1987:11, 1988-1989:9, 1989:12-1990:8, 1990:11-2002 - current (Withdrawn: 1959:6-8; 1963:33; 1967:1; 1976:8; (Some volumes in NRLF)


Kinematograph (Germany)
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 33564 1907-Mar 1935; AT NRLF: JAN. 6 1907-DEC. 30 1908, JAN. 6 1909-DEC. 28 1910, JAN. 4 1911-MAR. 27 1912, APR. 3-DEC. 25 1912, JAN. 1-AUG. 27 1913, SEPT. 3 1913-MAR. 25 1914, APR. 1 1914-JUNE 30 1915, JULY 7 1915-DEC. 27 1916, JAN. 3 1917-APR. 24 1918, MAY 1 1918-APR. 30 1919, MAY 7 1919-AUG. 29 1920, SEPT. 5 1920-AUG. 28 1921, SEPT. 4 1921-OCT. 29 1922, NOV. 5 1922-MAY 25 1924, JUNE 1 1924-APR. 26 1925, MAY 3 1925-JUNE 27 1926, JULY 4 1926-JULY 31 1927, AUG. 7 1927-SEPT. 30 1928, OCT. 2 1928-SEPT. 30 1929, OCT. 1 1929-DEC. 31 1930, JAN. 2-DEC. 31 1931, JAN. 2-AUG. 31 1932, OCT. 2 1934-MAR. 30 1935 (some issues at NRLF: consult Pathfinder for holdings)


Leading Motion Pictures.(Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America)
UCB Bancroft F867.M6 L18 BOUND Feb/Mar 1935-June 1944//


Motion Picture Herald.(New York)(Merged with: Motion Picture Daily, to become: QP Herald)
UCB Main Stacks 906vc M916 Bound 119(Apr 6, 1935)-242(1972); (Library lacks: many issues)(AT NRLF: v.119, v.121, v.126, v.129-132, v.134-138, v.153, v.182-234, v.235:1-25, v.236:1-25, v.237:1-51, v.238:1-51, v.239:1-26)
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 2740 52:10(Sept 4, 1943)-155(June 24, 1944)

The Motion Picture Monthly. (New York)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .M43 BOUND 4(1928)-7:7(Dec 1931)// [ceased]

Motion Picture Projectionist. (New York)
UCB Main TR845 .M6 4-7:1, Nov.1930-33// [ceased] (AT NRLF: v. 4 no. 1-2, v. 4 no. 3-12 1931, v. 5-7:1)

Movie. (London)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .M78 15(spring 1968)-16, 18-28 (At NRLF: no.4-27/28, 1962-1981. (Incomplete))

Moving Picture Age. (Merged Into Educational Screen. After 1922)
Educ/Psych LB1044.A2M6 Library has: 4-5, 1921-22 Shelved at NRLF: v. 4:10-12, v. 5

The Moving Picture World. (Merged into Exhibitors Herald, which continued as Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World (later Exhibitors Herald World))
News/Micro MICROFILM 33208 Library has: 1(Mar 9, 1907)-89(Dec 31, 1927)// Library lacks: Vol. 10:14-12:9 (1911-1912)

Index: Filmmakers in the Moving picture world : an index of articles, 1907-1927 Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c1997.
MAIN: PN1995 .F555 1997; PFA : PN1995 .F555 1997

Some issues available online via the Media History Project.


New Movies. (New York) (National Board of Review Magazine)
UCB Main Stacks 906vc N532 18(1943)-23:6(Feb 1949); Library lacks: 18:4-6; (At NRLF v.18-23)


Photoplay (Combined with Movie mirror)
UCB Main PN1993 .P45 BOUND 25(June 1944)-28(May 1946)//
NEWS: MICROFILM MICROFILM 78741 Library has: v. 10, No. 2-6 (July-Nov 1916)-v. 54 (1940)

Some issues available online via the Media History Project.

UCB Main PN1993 .P6 1(May 1952)-31(Nov 1959), 33, 37-40, 56-60, 64-72, 74, 76-83(Apr 1967), 85(June 1967)-104, 116-129(July/Aug 1971), 131(Oct 1971)-138(May 1972), 140(July/Aug 1972)-141(Sept 1972), 143(Oct 1972), 148(Mar 1973)-497/498(July/Aug 2002)- current CUMULATIVE INDEXES: 1(1952)-134(Jan 1972)


The Quarterly of Film, Radio, and Television. (Continues: Hollywood Quarterly. Continued by: Film Quarterly)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .F424 6(fall 1951)-11(summer 1957)//


Screen Actor. (Official publication of the Screen Actors' Guild)(Continued by: Screen Actors Guild National Call Sheet)
UCB Main Stacks HD6350.A2 S33 1(1959)-32(1993) (AT NRLF: v.1-24:1, v.25-29)

Screen Actor. (Official Bulletin of the Screen Actors' Guild) (Continues: Screen Guild Magazine)
UCB Main Stacks HD6515.A22 S3 1(Apr 1938)-15:3(Feb 1947)//; (AT NRLF: v.1, v.2:1-2, v.11-15)

The Screen Guild Magazine. (Continues: Screen Player. Absorbed: Screen Writers' magazine, 1934)
UCB Main Stacks 906vc S42 v.3:5(July 1936)-v.4(Feb 1938); (AT NRLF: All holdings stored)

The Screen Guilds' Magazine. (Continues: Screen Player. Absorbed: Screen Writers' Magazine, 1934.
UCB Main Stacks 906vc S42 1:5(Aug 1934)-3:4(June 1936)//; (AT NRLF: All holdings stored)

Screen World (New York) (Continues: Daniel Blum's Screen World)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.3.D3 S33 1966(17)-1969(20) 1982(33)-1989(40), 50(1999) (At NRLF: 20-40(1969-1989).

UCB Bancroft f F850 .S42 15:362(Apr 18, 1936), 34:10(Oct 1948)-34:11(Nov 1948)
UCB Main Stacks AP2 .R55 1(Feb 16, 1929)-35:3(Mar 1949)// [ceased]; LACKS 33:8-9; 34:11; AT NRLF: [v.1-27, 29-35:3 (1929-1949)](At NRLF: [v.1-27, 29-35:3 (1929-1949)]

Sight and Sound. (London, British Film Institute)(Absorbed: Monthly Film Bulletin)
UCB Main PN1993 .S54 v.24:1(July 1954)-24:3(Mar 1955), v.25-28, 29:4-v.33, 34:2-34:4, 36:1-36:2, 38:3-60:1(winter 1990/91); ser.2, v.1:1(May 1991)-1:5(Sept 1991), v.1:7(Nov 1991)-v.12(2002); later issues unbound Unbound issues in Periodical Room ser.2 v.11:8 shelved with Main Desk Collection; AT NRLF: v. 30, 36:1-2
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .S54 set2 v.50(winter 1980/81)-51:3(summer 1982), v.52(winter 1982/autumn 1984)-60:1(winter 1990/91); ser.2 v.1:9(Jan 1992)-5:2(Feb 1995), 5:4(Apr 1995)-v.7(1997)(At NRLF: ser.2 v.11:8 shelved with Main Desk Collection; v. 30, 36:1-2)

Society of Motion Picture Engineers (Continued by: Journal of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers) UCB Engin TR845 .S6 3(Apr 1917)-4(July 1917), 7(Nov 1918), 10(May 1920)-38(May 1929)// (AT NRLF: no.3-4, no.7, no.10-38)

Sovetskii Ekran.. (Moscow)( Continues: Ekran-kinogazeta. Continued by: Kino i zhizn')
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 2587 1925:1-1925:39, 1926:1-1926:52, 1927:1-1927:52, 1928:1-1928:52; AT NRLF: 1925:1-39, 1926:1-52, 1927:1-52, 1928:1-52, 1929 (At NRLF: MICROFILM 2587 1925:1-39, 1926:1-52, 1927:1-52, 1928:1-52, 1929)


Variety (New York, N.Y.).
UCB Stacks Main f PN2000 .V3 v.369:9(Jan 12, 1998)-371:6(June 21, 1998), 371:8(June 29, 1998)-372:8(Oct 11, 1998), 372:10(Oct 19, 1998)-v.388(Nov 17, 2002) - current
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 21159 1:1(Dec 16, 1905)-175:13(Sept 7, 1949), 177:5(Jan 11, 1950)-241:13 (Feb 16, 1966), 245(Nov 23, 1966)-272(Nov 7, 1973), 277(Nov 13, 1974)-365(Feb 2, 1997)
(see also electronic journals list)

Compilations of Reviews by Individual Reviewers (1900-1950)

Agee, James
Film writing and selected journalism / James Agee. New York : Library of America : Distributed in the U.S. by Penguin Putnam, c2005.
Graduate Services Modern Authors Collection XMAC.A265.F55 AVAILABLE LIB USE ONLY
Main (Gardner) Stacks PS3501.G35 A6 2005b AVAILABLE
Moffitt PS3501.G35 A6 2005b

American movie critics : an anthology from the silents until now
Edited by Phillip Lopate. New York : Library of America : Distributed to the trade by Penguin Putnam, c2006.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995 .A448 2006
Moffitt PN1995 .A448 2006
Pacific Film Archive PN1995 .A72 2006

Close up, 1927-33 : cinema and modernism
Edited by James Donald, Anne Friedberg, and Laura Marcus. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 1998.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1993.5.A1 C63 1998
Between 1927 and 1933, the journal "Close Up" championed a European avant-garde in film-making. It was edited by the writer and film-maker, Kenneth MacPherson and among its regular contributors were the poet H.D., Gertrude Stein, Dorothy Richardson and Virginia Woolf (whose essay on cinema is reprinted here in full). This volume republishes articles from the journal, with an introduction and a commentary on the lives of, and complex relationships between, its writers and editors.

Cooke, Alistair
Garbo and the night watchmen; a selection made in 1937 from the writings of British and American film critics. New York, McGraw-Hill [1971]
Pacific Film Archive PN1995 .C66 1971 os
NRLF (UCD) PN1995 .C64 1971

Empson, William
The book, film & theatre reviews of William Empson : originally printed in the Cambridge magazine Granta, 1927-1929, and now collected for the Foundling Press. Tunbridge Wells, Kent : Foundling Press, 1993.
Graduate Services Modern Authors Collection XMAC.E55.E47

Ferguson, Otis
The film criticism of Otis Ferguson. / Edited and with a pref. by Robert Wilson. Foreword by Andrew Sarris. Philadelphia, Temple University Press [1971]
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995 .F45 1971
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995 .F45 1971 c.2
Pacific Film Archive PN1995 .F45 1971

From Quasimodo to Scarlett O'Hara : a National Board of Review anthology, 1920-1940
Edited by Stanley Hochman ; introduction by Robert Giroux New York : F. Ungar, [1982]
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995 .F78 1982 AVAILABLE
Pacific Film Archive PN1995 .F78 1982

Greene, Graham
The Graham Greene film reader : reviews, essays, interviews & film stories / edited by David Parkins New York : Applause Theatre Book Publishers, c1994 (1995 printing) Location Call No. Status
Graduate Services PN1994 .G76 1995 AVAILABLE LIB USE ONLY
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1994 .G76 1995
Bancroft (NRLF) PN1994 .G76 1995

Grierson, John
Grierson on the movies / edited with an introduction by Forsyth Hardy. London ; Boston : Faber and Faber, 1981.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995 .G687 1981

Kauffmann, Stanley
American film criticism, from the beginnings to Citizen Kane; reviews of significant films at the time they first appeared. Edited by Stanley Kauffmann with Bruce Henstell. New York, Liveright [1972]
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995 .K293 1972 c.11
Moffitt PN1995 .K293 1972
Pacific Film Archive PN1995 .K293 1972

Sandburg, Carl
The movies are : Carl Sandburg's film reviews and essays, 1920-1928 / edited and with historical commentary by Arnie Bernstein ; with an introduction by Roger Ebert.Chicago, Ill. : Lake Claremont Press, 2000.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995 .S335 2000

Winnington, Richard
Film criticism and caricatures, 1943-53 / Richard Winnington ; selected, with an introd. by Paul Rotha. New York : Barnes & Noble Books, 1976, c1975.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995 .W591 1976
Pacific Film Archive PN1995 .W591 1976

Young, Vernon
The film criticism of Vernon Young / edited and with a foreword by Bert Cardullo. Lanham, Md. : University Press of America, c1990.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995 .Y68 1990
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