Ethnic Studies
Videos in the Media Resources Center, UC Berkeley

African American Studies: Documentaries

African Diaspora

The Black Panther Party

The Harlem Renaissance

Representation of African Americans in the Movies / Works by African American Filmmakers

Asian, Pacific, and South Asian American Studies: Documentaries

Japanese Internment

Representation of Asian Americans in the Movies / Works by Asian American Filmmakers

Chicano/Latino Studies: Documentaries

Representation of Chicano/Latinos in the Movies / Works by Chicano/Latino Filmmakers

American Immigrants From Europe and Scandinavia

Representation of European/Scandinavian/Middle Eastern Immigrants in the Movies

Indigenous Peoples of North and Central America: Documentaries

Representation of Native Americans in the Movies / Works by Native American Filmmakers

Jewish Studies: Documentaries

Representation of Jews in the Movies

Middle Eastern Americans

Mixed Race - Interracial Marriage/Dating/Families

General Works About Immigration and Immigration Policy

Immigration/Race Relations in Europe

Feature Films About Immigrants within Europe

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