Die Deutsche Wochenschau

After the invasion of Poland (September 1939, the outbreak of the Second World War), the Nazis consolidated four separate newsreel production efforts into one. These newsreels (Ufa-Tonwoche, Deulig-Tonwoche, Tobis-Woche, Fox-Tönende Wochenschau) were merged into a single wartime newsreel, but kept their respective opening titles until June 1940. After that, the merger was made public by use of a single new opening title: Die Deutsche Wochenschau.[1] This was the sole series of German newsreels until the end of World War II. It was a source of footage for late Nazi propaganda films such as Der Ewige Jude and Feldzug in Polen, as well as innumerable post-war documentaries. [Wikipedia]

Winkel, Roel Vande." Nazi newsreels in Europe, 1939-1945: the many faces of Ufa's foreign weekly newsreel ( Auslandstonwoche ) versus German's weekly newsreel ( Deutsche Wochenschau)." Historical Journal of Film, Radio & Television, Mar2004, Vol. 24 Issue 1, p5-34, 30p UC users only
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Die Deutsche Wochenschau
Four Nazi newsreels of German homefront during the war. Shown are scenes of fighting in various parts of Europe, fabric being made from waste paper, combat under winter conditions, the Luftwaffe in action over Crete, Paratroops, the Luftwaffe over Greece, desert fighting, fighting in Finland, fighting near Leningrad, U-Boats attacking a convoy in the North Atlantic. Authentic views of the war, as seen by the other side. In German, without English subtitles. 50 min. Video/C 1349 Another installment is also contained on Video/C 9336

Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941-1945
Contents: German invasion of Russia, June, 1941; The battle of Sebastopol, June, 1942; The battle of Kursk, July, 1943; The battle for the Rhineland, October, 1944; The battle for Germany, March 1945. A collection of German language newsreels made during World War II which show the German media treatment of events designed to highlight Nazi military achievements. In German without subitles 85 min. Video/C 3793

Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941-1945
German officers, troops and civilians dig anti-tank obstacles and tow-man bunkers. Animated map shows Vilnius, Warsaw and Narva. German soldiers help Estonian refugees aboard German ships. Latvian volunteers regiment parades past German Army offiicials. German FW-190's bomb and strafe city. German "Grenadiers" and artillery attack Russian bridgehead. Shows mobil German tanks and immobilized Russian tanks. Germans dive-bomb Warsaw's suburbs. Western Front map. German forces advance near Rhine river and take U.S. prisoners near Luneville, France and occupy city. Minister of Propoganda Joseph Paul Goebbels speaks to troops and civilians at Rhineland tank factory. "King Tiger" type tank displayed for dignitaries In German without subsitles 22 min. DVD X6580

Die Deutsche Wochenschau
A collection of German newsreels made during World War II covering the events from June to October 1939 which show the German media treatment of war news focusing mainly on Europe, designed to highlight Nazi military achievements.

Vol. 1: Contents: The German fleet visits Scapa Flow ; Navy Day in Fascicst Rome ; Goebbels visits Danzig ; Naval Exercises on the Danube ; Poland interferes with free trade in Danzig ; The creation of a home guard in Danzig ; German refugees report about life in Poland ; Polish destruction of German property in Danzig ; The invasion of Poland ; Polish prisoners are interviewed about their views of Germany ; The Germans distribute food to the Polish. 155 min. DVD X6760

Vol 2: Contents: German engineers re-start steel mills in Silesia ; German troops patrol west wall fortifications ; U-boat Captain Prien and crew welcomed in Berlin ; New Japanese foreign minister takes office ; Baltic Germans resettled in Posen ; British navy blockades North Sea countries ; Luftwaffe reconnaissance over English coast ; Evacuation of Tientsin by the British ; Anti-air defense exercises in Germany ; Ethnic Germans from Russia return to Germany ; Goebbels tours western air defense zone ; International Wnter Games in Bavaria ; Luftwaffe planes Sink British ships in North Sea ; Duce reviews elite militia in Rome ; German wartime trade fair in Leipzig. DVD X6761

Vol 3: Contents: German Army captures first British soldiers ; Admiral Raeder greets returning U-boat crew ; Germany invades Denmark and Norway ; Danish troops ordered to cease resistance ; Oslo captured by German troops ; German troops push deep into Norway ; British naval convoy retreats From Namsos ; German invasion of West is launched ; Luxembourg and Belgian borders crossed ; Troops cross Albert Canal by raft ; Maastricht Bridgehead taken by Germans ; Paratroopers dropped over Holland ; Paratroopers defend Narvik against Allied attacks ; Leibstandarte link-up with paratroopers in Rotterdam ; Fort Eben Emael captured in Belgium ; Guderian's panzers breach the Maginot Line ; The defeat of the Allies in Antwerp and Leuven ; Brussels is taken. DVD X6762

Vol 4: Contents: Luftwaffe attacks fleeing Allied troops at Dunkirk ; The Germans march into Dunkirk ; Italians declare war on the Allies ; Luftwaffe raids on Paris ; Air attacks on La Havre ; German offensive begins from Amiens toward Rouen and La Havre ; Allies set oil tanks on fire in Oisemont ; The Marne is crossed ; Germans take the Palace of Versailles ; Germans enter Paris ; Einzugsparade in Paris ; Scharnhorst and Gneisenau wreak havoc in the North Sea ; Sinking of HMS Glorious ; Offensive against the Maginot Line ; Metz and Strasbourg fall into German hands ; Verdun is taken ; Battle for Alsace-Lorraine is finished ; France capitulates at Compiegne. DVD X6763

Vol 5: Contents: Opening of the Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung in Munich ; Assembly line builds tanks for the front ; French prisoners help out with the harvest ; German troops occupy the Channel Islands ; Opening of the Ostmesse in Konigsberg ; Italians launch attacks against the English in British Somalia ; German long range artillery bombards England from the Channel Coast ; Battle of Britain begins ; New RAD formations are established in the Wartheland ; German refugees from Alsace-Lorraine can return back home ; Mine sweepers clear Norwegian waters of mines left by the British ; Kapitanleutnant Lemp receives the Ritterkreuz ; Review of the military importance of London ; Youth labor camps are set up in Norway ; Hungarians occupy Transylvania after the Vienna Award ; How anti-shipping mines are manufactured ; How barrage balloons work ;Italians take As Sallum in Egypt ; English bomber raid on Bethel ; Draft is instituted in the United States ; Japanese bomb Chungking ; King Christian of Denmark celebrates his 70th birthday ; First meeting of the Luxembourg Nazi Party ; Ration cards are distributed in the occupied western territories ; Italians launch the invasion of Egypt ; English attack the French fleet at Oran ; Liverpool is bombed ; Construction of the new ministry in Italian East Africa ; Spanish occupy Tangier ; Bulgarian troops occupy Dobrudja ; Resettlement of Volksdeutsche from Bessarabia ; Bessarabian Volksdeutsche arrive in Graz ; Vikdun Quisling calls for the dissolving of the Norwegian parliament ; Warsaw after one year of Nazi rule ; English bomb La Havre. DVD X6764

Vol 6: Contents: Gau Danzig-Westpreussen celebrates its first anniversary ; Germany occupies Rumania to protect its oil wells ; Hitler meets with Laval and Petain ; Hitler meets Franco on the French-Spanish border ; "Day of Freedom" in Posen and Litzmannstadt ; Commemoration of the founding of the Generalgouvernement ; Captured French uniforms and tanks are sent off to Germany ; Herms Niel conducts a RAD performance for wounded Italian troops ; Italian Army builds new roads in the Egyptian desert ; Japanese bombers attack the Burma Road ; Kapitanleutnant Kretschmer is awarded the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves ; Construction in the capital of Manchukuo ; Japanese troops receive transit rights in French Indochina ; Japanese troops advance through northern Vietnam ; NSB members parade in Amsterdam ; Foreign Minister Molotov meets with Hitler in Berlin ; Severe Earthquake in Rumania ; Rumania, Hungary and Slovakia sign on to the Three-Power Pact ; Air attack on Coventry ; U-Boat ride with Kapitanleutnant Kretschmer. DVD X6765

Vol 7: Contents: Wounded soldiers recover in the High Tatras ; Generalfeldmarschall visits the troops in the East ; German military advisors parade in Bucharest ; Construction of new roads in Norway ; German recruits in Norway are sworn in ; Repairing French railway lines damaged in the War ; Wounded soldiers make Christmas toys ; Japanese air attack on the Burma Road ; Repairing the streetcar lines in Warsaw ; Border patrol soldiers at work on the borders of the Genearalgouvernement and Slovakia ; Professor Thorak at work sculpting ; Traditional German Christmas in the Warthegau ; Captured English submarine is converted for use in the Kriegsmarine ; 600th Anniversary of the Royal Family in Japan ; Signing of treaty in Moscow marking the German-Russian borders ; German sailors tour Castle Kronborg in occupied Denmark ; Hermann Goering's 48th birthday ; Lieutenant-Colonel Galland makes his 57th kill over the Channel ; Norwegian workers depart for labor service in Germany ; Japanese General Yamashita presents Generalfeldmarschall von Brauchitsch with a samurai sword ; How steel helmets are made ; New Kondor bomber ; German and Italian air raid on Malta ; German U-Boats in the South Atlantic. A look back (1939): German occupation of Bohemia and Moravia ; German troops enter Prague ; Army parade on Wenceslaus Square ; Large celebration in Berlin on the occasion of the occupation of Bohemia and Moravia ; Adolf Hitler's 50th birthday and celebrations ; Military parades on the occasion of Hitler's birthday. DVD X6766

Vol 8: Contents: Wake for Reich's Justice Minister Dr. Guertner ; Royal Hungarian Envoy is received at the new Reichskanzlei ; FW 200 Kondors attack the coast of Scotland ; German raider causes trouble in the tropics ; Funeral for the Hungarian Foreign Minister, Count Czaky ; Reichsjugendfuhrer Axmann visits Oslo ; Herms Niel gives a concert in Prague ; Gau Silesia is divided into Upper- and Lower Silesian Gaus ; Karl Hanke is made Gauleiter of Lower Silesia ; Fritz Bracht is named Gauleiter of Upper Silesia ; Kapitanleutnant Schepke and his crew go skiing in Oberbayern ; German planes attack English positions in North Africa ; Police sports' festival in the Deutschlandhalle ; Max Schmelling reports voluntarily to the paratroopers ; Tour of the SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler ; 21st Anniversary celebration of the founding of the Nazi Party in Munich ; Bulgaria signs the Three Party Pact ; German pioneers build bridges on the Rumanian-Bulgarian border ; German troops enter Bulgaria ; Japan negotiates the settlement of border disputes between Thailand and Indochina ; Vienna celebrates the 3rd anniversary of the Anschluss ; Kapitanleutnant Moehle receives the Ritterkreuz for sinking 112,000 tons of shipping ; German troops in Tripoli are reviewed by General Rommel. A look back: (1932) HJ youth in the mountains; featurette filmed before the Machtergreifung (subtitles unncessary) ; (1936) Ewige Wache - die Feldherrnhalle (not translated) DVD X6767

Vol 9: Contents: Yugoslavian Minister President and Foreign Minister arrive at the Berghof ; Chief of the Danish Order Police arrives in Berlin ; Day of the German Police in Berlin ; Wehrmacht parade on the 2nd anniversary of the founding of Protektorat Bohmen und Mahren ; Slovakian soldiers on parade in Bratislava on the 2nd anniversary of the Slovakian state ; Drilling for oil in the Generalgouvernement ; Volksdeutsche from Bessarabia are settled onto farms ; Volksdeutsche feel from Yugoslavia ; Afrika Korps is supplied in North Africa ; German troops invade Yugoslavia and Greece ; Advance on El Agheila ; Afrika Korps takes Bengazi ; German troops take Maribor and Nis ; German troops advance on Belgrade ; Air attack on the Metaxas Line ; Salonika falls into German hands ; General Geisler decorates soldiers on the African front ; Hitler receives King Boris and Admiral Horthy at his southeastern HQ ; German pioneers take the Iron Gates on the Danube ; March into a Bosnian city ; Removal of a memorial plaque to Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo ; Capitulation of the Greek Epirus and Macedonian armies ; Advance into Thessaly ; German troops take Athens ; Afrika Korps advances on Tobruk ; Battle for Thermopyle ; German troops in Athens ; German troops meet their Italian comrades in western Greece ; British are pushed off the continent ; General Rommel arrives at the front near Tobruk ; German paratroopers and Gebirgsjäger land on Crete. DVD X6768

Vol 10: Contents: Croatia joins the Three-Power Pact ; General Rommel presents General Garibaldi with the Iron Cross, 1st and 2nd Classes ; German forces besiege Tobruk ; Declaration of war on the USSR ; Battles on the Soviet border ; Attack on the Soviet Union from Finland ; Taking of the fortress in Kaunas ; Taking of the fortress in Brest Litovsk ; Germans take Lemberg (Lwow) ; Liberation of the GPU prison in Lemberg (Lwow) ; Soviet troops are encircled in the Bialystok region ; Germans take Kalvaria and Vilna (Vilnius) ; Germans take Jonava ; Germans "evacuate" the Jews of Jonava ; Germans take Libau (Liepaja) ; Volunteers from all over Europe sign up to fight the Bolsheviks ; Rumanian and German troops advance into Bessarabia ; Germans are received with joy in the Ukraine ; Advance on Kiew (Kyiv) ; Conclusion of the double battle at Bialystok and Minsk ; Germans march into Riga ; Germans advance on Lake Peipus and Estonia ; Advance units head for Leningrad. DVD X6769

Vol 11: Contents: Germans take Smolensk ; Minsk after the battle ; Colonel Molders is decorated ; Rest and refreshment before the attack on the Stalin Line ; Advance on Ostrow and Pieskau ; Goering receives pilots awarded the Ritterkreuz for their work over Crete ; German Destroyers attack Soviet ships in the Barents Sea ; Overcoming Soviet resistance in Bessarabia ; Hungarian and Slovakian troops advance into the Ukraine ; Germans cross the Dnepr ; Germans take Polotsk and Vitebsk ; First air raids on Moscow ; Transport of volunteer Dutch, Croatian and Italians to the Eastern Front ; German and Rumanian troops in joint operations in Bessarabia ; Balti after its liberation from the Soviets ; Battle of Vinnitsa ; Mogilev is almost totally destroyed by the retreating Soviets ; Fighting for Smolensk ; True picture of the Soviet Paradise ; Large rally of French volunteers against Bolshevism in Paris ; First Flemish volunteers leave Brussels for the Eastern Front ; Danish volunteers take the oath in Hamburg ; Fuhrer visits the headquarters of Army Group Centre ; German troops push towards the Gulf of Finland from Lake Paipus and Lake Ilmen. A look back: 1935 --100th anniversary celebration of the German railway (not translated) ; 1935 -- 20 March newsreel (partially translated): Gertrud von Hindenburg christens the Tannenberg in Stettin ; One million German youth take part in the Reich's career competition ; Large train accident in London ; German fashion show success in London is re-enacted in Berlin ; New world's record is set for racing cars in Florida ; Universal military service is proclaimed ; Military march before Berlin's Ehrendenkmal ; 1936 -- Color film about the Reichshauptstadt in the year of the Olympic Games. DVD X6770

Vol 12 Contents: Air raid on Murmansk ; Air attack on the Stalin Canal ; Rumanian troops advance on Odessa ; German troops attack Nikolayev ; German troops attack Gomel ; Germans take Narva and reach the Gulf of Finland ; Novgorod falls to the Germans ; German troops take Luga ; Waffen SS units take Kherson ; Battle for Dneprodserzhinsk ; Soviet artillery shells Gomel after their withdrawal ; New roads are constructed by the RAD on the former Finnish-Soviet border ; Battle for Dneprropetrovsk ; Administration of White Ruthenia is turned over to civilian administration ; Resumption of the weekly farmers' market in Smolensk ; German troops enter Tallinn ; German planes bomb Leningrad ; Stukas attack retreating Soviets in the Murmansk region ; Finnish troops attack and take back Viipuri ; German troops advance on Leningrad ; Four Soviet armies are encircled outside Kyiv ; Kremenchug is taken ; Chernigov (Chrernihiv) is taken ; German troops take Kyiv. A look back: 1936 -- Echo der Heimat Nr. 3 (partially translated): Construction of the highway to Rugen ; Preparations for the 1936 Summer Olympic Games ; New construction projects help the German economy ; Consecration of the Haus des deutschen Handwerkes ; Completion of the construction of the Air Ministry in Berlin ; Germans get a look at the first television sets ; Many workers are killed when the supports collapse in the construction of Berlin's new subway ; Day of Freedom rally in Nuremberg ; March past of various paramilitary and military formations after the rally ; German youth in a training camp ; Demonstration of naval defensive tactics. DVD X6771

Vol 13: Contents: Supplies for the high north of the Eastern Front arrive in Petsamo ; Germans take the Estonian islands of Oesel and Moon ; Air raid on Leningrad ; Generalfeldmarschall von Brauchitsch celebrates his 60th birthday ; Rumanian troops push on to Odessa ; Italian soldiers take a town in southern Russia ; Artillery bombardment of Odessa ; German troops advance into Kyiv ; End of the battle of encirclement 200km east of Kyiv -- 665,000 prisoners are taken ; Opening of the third wartime WHW in Berlin ; Germans advance on Demjansk ; Pioneers blow up buildings in Kyiv to prevent the spread of fires set by the retreating Soviets ; Grossadmiral Raeder visits naval crews posted to the Eastern Front ; A sub journey with Kapitanleutnant Endrass and his crew ; Slovakian statesmen Dr. Tiso and Dr. Tucha visit the Fuhrerhauptquartier ; Finnish troops advance on past Lake Ladoga and Onega to take Petrazavodsk ; Dego Island is cleared of Soviets ; German troops begin building winter quarters on the Eastern Front ; Turkish generals view the Eastern Front ; Advance on Kaluga ; Battle for Borodino ; Taking of Kharkov. A look back: 24 Feb 1932: Deulig Tonwoche Nr. 8: Memorial service in the Reichstag for the fallen of the World War ; Rare finds among the Zaptatecas in Oaxaca ; Carneval begins in New Orleans ; Sven Hedin and Gerhard Hauptmann sail for the U.S. ; U.S. sends 60 ships to Hawaii on maneuvers as war breaks out in East Asia ; Unrest in Bombay after Gandhi's arrest -- 1936: Ehre der Arbeit. DVD X6772

Vol 14: Contents: German troops in the Leningrad region receive winter equipment and clothing ; Germans attack Soviet positions north of Moscow ; Difficult road conditions outside of Moscow hamper the Germans ; A look at workers' hovels in Kharkov ; Frontline newspapers go to the front along with the advancing troops ; Advance against the Crimea ; Victory parade for Rumanian troops in Bucharest ; Funeral for Generaloberst Ernst Udet ; Alfred Rosenberg is named as Reichsminister for the occupied Eastern Territories ; Conquest of Tichwin ; Germans take Simferopol and Yalta on the Crimea ; Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is received by the Fuhrer in Berlin ; General Dietl at the Fuhrer's headquarters ; Meeting between Reichsmarschall Goering and Marshal Petain. A look back: Erbkrank (aka. The Hereditary defective) (silent with German intertitles and optional English subtitles, 1936, 25 min.) ; Gebirgsjäger: Biwak im Winter (1942)DVD X6773

Vol 15: Contents: German troops in the Leningrad region receive winter equipment and clothing ; Germans attack Soviet positions north of Moscow ; Difficult road conditions outside of Moscow hamper the Germans ; A look at workers' hovels in Kharkov ; Frontline newspapers go to the front along with the advancing troops ; Advance against the Crimea ; Victory parade for Rumanian troops in Bucharest ; Funeral for Generaloberst Ernst Udet ; Alfred Rosenberg is named as Reichsminister for the occupied Eastern Territories ; Conquest of Tichwin ; Germans take Simferopol and Yalta on the Crimea ; Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is received by the Fuhrer in Berlin ; General Dietl at the Fuhrer's headquarters ; Meeting between Reichsmarschall Goering and Marshal Petain. A look back: Erbkrank (aka. The Hereditary defective) (silent with German intertitles and optional English subtitles, 1936, 25 min.) ; Gebirgsjäger: Biwak im Winter (1942)DVD X6774

Newsreel History of the Third Reich

The preponderance of this newsreel footage was seized from the S.S. by the Russians and provides a window into how WWII-era Germans perceived the events of the war, and how Hitler's government (Goebbels' ministry of propaganda), "spun" those events to them.

Volume 1: The Early Days to 1935
Deals with the period from the end of the Great War to the emergence of Hitler as the German chancellor. Covers the 1930 collapse of the German economy and the subsequent poverty; the SA implementing the anti-Jewish campaign; the turbulent elections; the death of Hindenburg and the re-building of Germany under the new chancellor amongst other subjects. 85 min. DVD X3901

Volume 2: 1936-1939
Deals with the period 1936-1939. Covers the massive re-armament of the German military; the friendship pact with Mussolini and the Italian Fascist party; the German support of Franco in the Spanish Civil War; the English and French declaration of war and the mobilation of Germany's great war machine towards the West amongst other subjects. 85 min. DVD X3902

Volume 3: 1940: Part One
Covers the occupation of Copenhagen and Denmark; the Dutch and Belgium invasions and surrenders; the battle of Dunkirk and the evacuation of the British; the surrender of France and signing of the Armistice and the victory parades in Paris. 85 min. DVD X3903

Volume 4: 1940: Part Two
Deals with the second part of the year 1940. Covers the planning of 'Operation Sea-Lion' (the invasion of Great Britain); Great Britain's retaliatory bombing strikes on Berlin; The postponement of 'Operation Sea-Lion' for the invasion of North Africa and the Mediterranean; Mussolini's fascist Italy's attacks on Greece and Egypt. 85 min. DVD X3904

Volume 5: Assault on the Mediterranean
Covers amongst other topics the shelling of Dover from the French coast; the capitulation of Yugoslavia; Hitler in the Balkans; advances in Greece; the paratroop invasion of Crete; General Rommel's desert army in Cyrenacia advancing towards Torbruk and Solum and Hitler's visits to southern Styria. 85 min. DVD X3905

Volume 6: War Against the Soviet Union
Covers the latter half of 1941 with the war against the Soviet Union including events on the Finnish Front, the aerial attack on Brest, and the Ukraine Front. 87 min. DVD X3906

Volume 7: The Meeting of the Axis.
Deals with the third part of 1941. Includes the destroyers and torpedo boats on the Western Front; Rommel decorating his soldiers on the African Front; the battle for Roslaw on the Eastern Front; and Hitler and Mussolini inspecting the troops at home. 88 min. DVD X3907

Volume 8: Hitler's Reichstag Address
Covers the end of 1941 and includes Hitler speaking in Berlin; Christmas in a military hospital; Luftwaffe dog fights over the English Channel; and the continuing bombardment of Leningrad, using Russian and German footage. 88 min. DVD X3908

Volume 9: The Advance on Leningrad
Covers events on all the German fronts including: Home Front - Goering and Field Marshall Von Bock decorating heroes from the E.F.; Western Front - a minesweeper fleet in the English Channel under attack by the RAF, Rommel advancing West of Torbuk; Atlantic Front - U-boats in the North Atlantic hunting and being hunted; Eastern Front - the advance on Leningrad. 85 min. DVD X3909

Volume 10: Bombing of Paris
Follows the second part of the year 1942, covering events on all the German fronts including Home Front-Hitler attends Day of Commemoration in Berlin; Western Front-the RAF bombing of Paris; and more. 87 min. DVD X3910

Volume 11: Rommel's War Machines
Deals with the third part of the year 1942 exploring the doings of relentless German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and the war machines from which he so strategically profited. 81 min. DVD X3911

Volume 12: Goering's Offensive
Deals with the fourth part of the year 1942 including: Western Front-heavy defenses set up along the Atlantic and channel coasts, Goering's offensive and the ferocious battle for Rostow. 84 min. DVD X3912

Volume 13: Hitler's 10th Anniversary
Deals with the first part of 1943, covering events on all the German Fronts including the 10th anniversary of Hitler's ascension to power, the construction of submarine bunkers and the strengthening of the Atlantic wall. 90 min. DVD X3913

Volume 14: The Role of the Hitler Youth
Covers events on all the German fronts including Stuka attacks and shelling of the docks of Leningrad, heavy bombing over Krefeld and the aftermath, U-boats attacking allied merchant shipping and British submarines. Also examines the role of the Hitler youth. 86 min. DVD X3914

Volume 15: Allied Aerial Attacks
Covers the last four months of 1943, depicting such events as Japanese ambassador General Oshima's meeting with Hitler at the Fuhrer's headquarters, the naval patrols on the Western Front, the bombardment of Leningrad, submarine patrols in the Atlantic, and much more. 87 min. DVD X3915

Volume 16: Tank Battles and the Stuka Blitz
Covers events from 1943 on all the German fronts. Includes: Hitler Youth training school; the fierce tank battle at Krivog, Rog; Stuka blitz on Nevel; reconnaissance destroyers attacking Allied ships; and bombing bridges in the Volturno sector. 88 min. DVD X3916

Volume 17: D-Day Landings
Deals with the first part of the year 1944, covering events on all the German fronts including: Western Front--Rommel inspects the troops and fortifications along the Channel coast; Home Front--preparations in Berlin against bomber raids; Eastern Front--tactical withdrawals around Narva, new front lines established, reinforcements for the front, artillery and troops; Mediterranean Front--Allied troops advance at Monte Cassino. 89 min. DVD X3917

Volume 18: Rise of the Revenge Weapons
Deals with the second part of the year 1944, covering events on all the German fronts including: Western Front--the defense of Cherbourg at the mouth of the River Orne against heavy naval and land attacks; Eastern Front--the Warsaw Uprising; Home Front--Goebbels' speech promising retaliation for the bombing of Berlin with the new revenge weapons, the V1 and V2, the attempted assassination of Hitler. 89 min. DVD X3918

Volume 19: Introduction of the Volksturm
Covers September-December 1944, with such pivotal events as the training and marching of the Hitler Youth, General Irwin Rommel's funeral, Germany's bombardment of southern England with the notorious V-2 rocket missile, and the retreat from Riga on the Eastern Front. 85 min. DVD X3919

Volume 20: The Final Year of the War
Covers occurrences in the final year of the war, 1945: V2 rockets fired at London, Allied supply convoys attacked in the channel on the Western Front, tank and infantry battles in Hungary, and Josef Goebbels' pleas to the Germans to fight for Hitler to the bitter end. 85 min. DVD X3920
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