Instructions for Decal Facilitators

Decal facilitators must have authorization from their faculty sponsor on file for the current semester at the Media Resources Center before reserving or checking out materials to show in their Decal.

Faculty sponsors are asked to confirm via email to the MRC Operations Supervisor ( that the head facilitator (and any co-facilitators) are authorized to use media for the Decal.

The Decal Facilitator must provide the following information via email to the MRC Operations Supervisor (

(a) Course name (Department and #)
(b) The names of any co-instructors
(c) The time your class meets at
(d) Your phone number
(e) The number of students in your class

Once Decal Facilitators receive confirmation from the MRC Operations Supervisor that the above information has been received, they may arrange to borrow materials for same-day classroom use on the Berkeley campus by email (, phone (510-642-8197) or in person.

Please reserve materials at least 3 days in advance to ensure they are available for your class meeting.

Please be advised that media is only to be taken out for same-day classroom showings on the Berkeley campus. Privileges to borrow materials for Decal classroom showings will be revoked if media is not returned directly to the Media Center during open hours on the date due.

Requests for limited exceptions to these policies should be directed to the MRC Operations Supervisor ( or 510-642-8197)

Materials in the Media Center may in no case be used off-campus. Use of MRC collections in extra-curricular academic programs and events must be arranged in advance with the MRC Operations Supervisor ( Most MRC materials cannot legally be used for screenings other than those held in connection with face-to-face classroom teaching.

Use of MRC's Group Viewing Rooms for Decals

The Media Center has two media-equipped group rooms that will accommodate from 15 to 20 viewers. The rooms may be reserved for one-time use by Decal facilitators wishing to screen MRC materials to their classes if available. MRC group rooms are not booked for regular usage throughout the semester. Reservations for use of group rooms may be made in person at the Media Resources Center or by contacting the MRC Operations Supervisor ( or 510-642-8197).

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