Classic Commercials of the 50s and 60s

Volume 1
Contents: Milton Bradley games--Boraxo (R. Reagan)--Luster Cream shampoo (S. Jones)--Ipana toothpaste--Colgate toothpaste--Wildroot Creme--Royal Drene Shampoo--Malboro cigarettes--Gillette razors--Dodge cars--Chevrolet cars--Esso gasoline--Lucky Strike cigarettes--Kool cigarettes--Malboro cigarettes--Winston cigarettes--Ajax cleanser--SOS Brillo pads--Ovaltine (R. Webb) --Mego toys--Ideal toys--Black Label beer--Rheingold beer--Budweiser beer--Brewers Gold beer--Robert Hall clothes--Ked's shoes--Bulova watches--Maxwell House coffee--Butternut coffee--Cracker Jacks--Volkswagen cars--Goodyear Tires--Hertz--Fresca cola--Hasbro toys--Edon toys--Crest toothpaste (N. Reagan)--Lucky Strike cigarettes--various candy ads--Ovaltine--Gleem toothpaste--Lionel trains. Video/C 3932:1

Volume 2
Contents: Kix cereal--Kool cigarettes--Parliament cigarettes--Hasbro toys--American characters toys--Rocket 500 toy cars--Kent cigarettes (D. Van Dyke)--Soaring Sam toy airplane--Electric football game--Silent ray gun--Chevrolet cars--Hydrox cookies--Colgate toothpaste--Luster Cream Shampoo--Coco-Cola--Drano--Nestle's Quick--Oreo cookies--Malboro cigarettes--Olympia beer--Screaming Yellow Zonkers snackfood--Eastern Airlines--Air France--Lyndon B. Johnson presidential add.--Telstar video game--Bayer Aspirin--Gulf Crest gasoline--Florida orange juice (M. Mantle)--Campbell soups--No-Cal cola--Bromo-Seltzer--Lifebuoy soap--Ideal games--Tootsie Rolls--Barbasol soap--Vasoline hair tonic--Candy fashion doll--Ramco toy cannon--Fizzies drink tablets--Gunther beer--Luster Cream shampoo--Newport cigarettes--Ford cars--Old Gold cigarettes--Beach-nut gum--Heinz 57--Cherrios--Battlewagon toy--Twinkles dry cereal--Vel soap--Coca-Cola. Video/C 3932:2

Volume 3
Contents: Ovaltine (R. Webb)--Corn Flakes--Kellogg's pep flakes--Kent cigarettes --Thunderbird Ford car--Alka-Seltzer (Jean Arthur)--Jello gellatin--Sanka coffee (A. Griffith)--Gulf gasoline--Lay's potato chips (B. Lahr)--Chef Boy-Ar-Dee pizza and Beefaroni--Pepsi-Cola--Rinso bleach--Clairol hair dye--Kool cigarettes--Bold detergent--cigars--Chesterfield cigarettes--Pretzels--RCA TV--Utica Club beer--Ford Motor Company history of car design--Ideal rocket toys--Shirley Temple doll, Saucy Walker Doll--Argo Sniffie paints--Coleco swimming pool--Coleco corn popper (S. Lewis)--Wilt Chamberlain basketball game (W. Chamberlain)--Bowlamatic game--Mego Action Jackson--Jet power toy cars--Ritz crackers--Skippy peanut butter--Ez pop corn--Jello pudding--Chevrolet trucks (Alcan highway)--Renault cars--Hasbro Daffy drops toy--GE electric home (R. & N. Reagan)--Newport cigarettes--York cigarettes--Kent cigarettes (D. Van Dyke)--candy bars--Tressy doll--Trik-Trak car toy--AHM model trains--Coleco PorkerRama. Video/C 3932:3

Volume 4
Contents: Milton Bradley games--Man in space game--Delco batteries--Muriel cigars--Raid--Tide--Instant Maxwell House coffee--Hamm's beer--Pet Evaported milk--Maypo cereal--Andersen soups--Jello gellatin--Westinghouse clothes washer--Borden's foods--Quick home permanent--Beech-Nut chewing tobacco--Pipe tobaccos--Ivory soap--Camay soap--Jello pudding--Maxwell House coffee--Ballentine beer--Muntz TV--Silver cup bread--Pepsodent toothpaste--Chef Boy-Ar-Dee--Quick shooter hat (Roy Rogers)--Trick shot toy gun--Luck Star gumball game--Buddy L toys--Benson & Hedges cigarettes--American Airlines--Newport cigarettes--Goodyear tires--Hess gas stations--Shell--Howard Johnson's frozen foods--CocaCola--Newport cigarettes--Ovaltine--Kent cigarettes (D. Van Dyke)--Candies--Bond bread--Bumble Bee tuna--Yuban coffee. Video/C 3932:4

Volume 5
Contents: Lionel science sets--General Mills foods--Tickle doll--Old Gold cigarettes (D. James)--Newport cigarettes--Gas appliances (B. Crosby)--Old Gold cigarettes--Goodyear tires--Newport cigarettes--Luster Creme shampoo (J. Blair)--American Airlines--Benson & Hedges cigarettes--Cherrios--Kent cigarettes (D. Van Dyke, M.T. Moore)--Ideal toys--Palmolive shaving cream--FAB detergent--Ballentine beer--Schaefer beer--Sprite cola--Clairol hair dye--Murial cigars--Ballentine beer--Ideal doll house--Oasis cigarettes--Life cigarettes--Johnny Lightening car set--Roy Rogers telephone set toy (R. Rogers)--Mrs. Filberts Margarine--Singer sewing machine--Ovaltine --Fiddle Faddle snack--Screaming Yellow Zonkers snack--PDQ Choco chips--Ovaltine (J. Namath)--Secret message pen--See-it-toys--Old Gold cigarettes--Coleco soccer game--Crest toothpaste (N. Reagan)--CocaCola--Borateem detergent (R. Reagan)--Gunther beer--Benson & Hedges cigarettes--Glad trash bags (recycling and environmental cleanup sponsored by Union Carbide) Video/C 3932:5

Volume 6
Contents: Pie face game--GI Joe--Hasbro Sugarplum toys--Color writer--Hasbro snocone machine--Hasbro ice cream machine--Hasbro talking telephones--RCA Victor phonograph recordings--RCA Victorola 45 phonograph--Dentyne gum--Handi-wrap--Crest toothpaste--Prell shampoo--Kellogg's puffa puffa rice cereal--Kellog's corn flakes (J. Durante)--Royal Shake-a-pudd'n--Planters peanuts--Clearasil--Lavoris mouthwash--Bufferin--Alka Seltzer--Charmin bathroom tissues (H. Lembeck)--Ry Krisp--Bufferin (J. Cotten)--Broadcast chili--Dentu-creme--Tiny tears doll--Lollypop factory toy--American Character "Bonanza" toys--Buddy L toy cars--Electric Tiger guitar--Parliament cigarettes--PAL razor blades--Vanish toilet bowl cleaner--Bufferin--Lionel trains--Oasis cigarettes--Bell Air cigarettes--Old Gold cigarettes (R. Barber)--Cities Service gasoline--Hoppity toy--Tressy doll--Ballantine beer--4 way cold tablets--Baggies--Crest toothpaste (N. Reagan)--Tide--Life magazine--Ovaltine (D. Snider)--Aero Shave--Griffin wax--Cold water ALL detergent--Pillsbury rolls--Kent cigarettes--Bromo Seltzer--Luster Creme shampoo (A. Ekberg). Video/C 3932:6

Volume 7
Contents: GE television sets--Previews for television programs: "Our Miss Brooks (E. Arden, G. Gordon). "Cheyenne" (C. Walker)--All detergent--Chesterfield cigarettes--GE automatic TV--GE electric skillet--Ipana toothpaste--Ban deodorant & Bufferin (A. Godfrey)--GE pocket radio--Chesterfield cigarettes--GE television--All detergent--Previews for television programs: "Sugarfoot" (W. Hutchins). "Wyatt Earp" (H. O'Brian). "Guestward Ho" (J. Dru). "Donna Reed show" (D. Reed). "My three sons" (F. McMurray). "Cheyenne" (C. Walker). "Rifleman" (C. Connors). "Colt .45" (D. May, W. Preston)--Caleco games--Hazel Bishop cosmetics--RCA Victor TV and Nabisco cookies (Kukla, Fran and Ollie)--Bordens milk shake in a can--Winky Dink magic window (J. Barry)--Public service announcement: "Watch Mr. Wizzard"--Previews for television programs: "The Islanders" (D. Brewster). "Bronco" (T. Hardin) Video/C 3932:7

Volume 8
Contents: The "I Love Lucy gang" introduce and act in commercials related to Westinghouse kitchen and home products, coffee makers, trade-ins on refrigerators, and more. Betty Furness joins the gang and even little Ricky. Westinghouse furniture, TV with power tuning and a wireless remote control, Etch a Sketch, Silly String, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, coming attractions, Dodge of 1956, Johnson Wax and Glocoat, Ozzie and Harriet support a new toothpaste -- Antizyme-- Listerine toothpaste, Candid Camera with Allen Funt, Plymouth for 1958, Tombstone Territory, animated Listerine, Allerest, Simon Pure Beer with Buster Keaton, Desto with Groucho Marx, Marx Brothers for Creamy Prom, Tang with Bugs and Daffy, Philip Morris with Lucy and Desi, Post Grape Nuts with Andy Griffith, Instant Simon Wax with the Three Stooges, Flintstones for Winston cigarettes, Texaco with Jack Benny and Dennis Day, Tootsie rolls, Duncan Yo Yo's, Kay-Bee Toy Company's Safe Driving Spot, Doodle Buggy, Lone Ranger for Aeroshave and Pizza Rolls, Muriel Cigars, Reynolds Aluminum, Old Gold cigarettes, City Service and lots, lots more. DVD X5247

Volume 8
Contents: Westinghouse coffee makers, TVs, refrigerators (D. Arnaz, L. Ball)--Public service announcement: Dr. Kildare series--Westinghouse refrigerator (B. Furness)--Preview: "Patty Duke Show"--Silly string--"Sergeant Preston of the Yukon" (R. Simmons)--1956 Dodge cars--Glo-Coat floor wax--Listerine Antizyme toothpaste (O. Nelson, H. Nelson)--"Candid Camera" (A. Funt)--1958 Plymouth car--Preview: "Tombstone Territory"--Listerine mouthwash--Allerest--Simon pure beer (B. Keaton)--DeSoto plymouth (G. Marx)--Prom home permanent (Marx Bros.)--Tang (Bugs Bunny cartoon)--Philip Morris cigarettes (D. Arnaz, L. Ball)--Post cereals (A. Griffith)--Simoniz car wax--Winston cigarettes (Flintstones cartoon)--Texaco gas (J. Benny, D. Day)--Duncan yo-yo--Kay Bee toys--Boodlebuggy--Jeno's pizza roles (Lone Ranger)--Aqua Velva (Lone Ranger)--Maxwell House coffee--Alka-Seltzer--Tootsie rolls--Wheaties cereal--Advertisments in Spanish: Superior 70. Mazola Oil. Leche fresca. First National City Bank. True cigarettes. Pepsi-cola. Malta cola. Knorr-Suira flavor cubes. True cigarettes. Kent cigarettes.--Etch-a-sketch toy--Ovaltine (F. Chadwick)--Captain Midnight mug (R. Webb)--Reynolds aluminum wrap- -Mazola tasty fry--Cities service gasoline--Newport cigarettes--Kent cigarettes. Video/C 3932:8

Volume 9
Contents: Beech Nut gum--Lifesavers candy--Baldwin piano--Lucky Charms cereal--Canada Life Corp.--Hardees hamburgers--Trix cereal--Cherrios cereal--Hanes underwear--Breath freshner--Golden honey cereal (Winnie-the-Pooh)--Sperry Rand Corp.--Comstock pudding--ARA auto air conditioners--Contac--Ideal dog food--Whackies cereal--Sugar crisp cereal--Cheracol D cough syrup--Honeycomb cereal--Provident National Bank--Esso car clinic--Bayer aspirin--Salada tea--Schweppes tonic water--White Lily self rising flour--Van Camps pork 'n beans--American Airlines--McCormick seasonings--Water Pick teeth cleaner--Sheffield watch--Aero floor wax--Arnold cakes--Master Charge credit cards--Sominex sleeping pills--American Export cruise Lines--Kent cigarettes--Newport cigarettes--Jamaica Tourist Board--Ray-O-Vac batteries--Clackers graham cereal--Wheaties (B. Richards)--Ideal chips are down game--Bug-a-boo game--Clunk-a-glunk game--Whoops game--Funny face game--Armour bacon--Allied van lines--Faberge Tigress perfume--Serutan--Reynolds aluminum wrap--Niagara cleaner--Niagara spray starch--ALL detergent--Imitation bacon bits--Reynolds aluminum (R. Marshall)--Colgate AD detergent--Muriel cigars--Coca-Cola--United Way. Video/C 3932:9

Volume 10
Contents: Newport cigarettes--Ballantine ale--Esso gasoline & oil--Humble oil (R. Marshall)--1955 Chevrolet--U.S. Safety Council. "Happy motoring" driving tips.-- Calgon water softener--Heinz beans--Flagg Flyer shoes--Yoo-hoo drink--Old Spice aftershave--Face powder--Puma soft drink--Certina watch--Broadstreet's clothing--Bold detergent--Van Camp's pork n' beans--Muriel cigars--Luster Creme shampoo (A. Dahl)--Remington electric shaver--Piels beer--Union Carbide--Excedrin--Dr. Pepper cola--Public service announcement: Nutrition (Sesame street characters)--TV guide magazine--Kimbies disposable diapers--Jacobsen lawn mower--Rival dog food (Peanuts characters)--Scorpion snowmobile--Suzuki motorcycles & snowmobiles (C. Connors)--Post Toasties cereal--Sentry Insurance--Sears easy living paints--Johnson snowmobile--Hills Bros. coffee--John Deere tractors--Monsanto weed killers--Mogan David wines--Vitality women's shoes--Nestle's Chocolate chips--Hahn grass mower--Dream Whip--International Harvester grass mower--Kentucky Fried Chicken--International Scout vehicle--Nestle's butterscotch chips--H. Salt fish--Dawn dishwasher detergent--"CROP walk : Pomona, Calif." for world hunger (R. Waite)--TV Guide--Reynolds Aluminum (W. Cox, H. Wagner)--Mazola Tasty fry--White Lily flour. Video/C 3932:10

Volume 11
Contents: True Story magazine--Liquid Heat--Tareyton cigarettes--Anacin pain reliever--Dristan nasal decongestant--Phillip's Milk of Magnesia (B. Lemond)--Bayer aspirin--Ironized yeast--Rockwood chocolate (C. Norris)--True Story magazine--Blennd juice--R.O.T.C. commercials--Calgon bath oil beads--U.S. Army Reserve commercial--Yoo-hoo chocolate drink--New York Telephone--Champale drink--Yoo-hoo drink (Y. Berra)--Power up drink mix--1958 Chevrolet--Elgin watches--U.S. Steel--American Red Cross--Wizard room deodorant--Pall Mall cigarettes--Dristan--Contac--Tide detergent--Timex watches--Ballantine ale--Reynolds aluminum foil (H. Wagner) Video/C 3932:11

Volume 12
Contents: Jello--Minute Rice--7 Up cola--American Cancer Society (J. Wayne)--Birds eye orange juice--Miller beer--Caravelle candy--U.S. National Guard--Presidents Environmental Awards Program (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)--Burger King--Georgia Power Company--General Telephone--Kool-Aid--King Vitaman cereal--"Bewitched" TV program (E. Montgomery)--Gillette shaving cream (in Spanish)--Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corp.--1964 Buick Riviera--1966 Oldsmobile--1964 Pontiac Grand Prix--1964 Buick wildcat--Avon cosmetics--General Motors auto parts--1955 Chevrolet--Delco battery--Flagg Flyers shoes--Goebel beer--Home safety (National Safety Council)--1957 Chevrolet--United Motors System--Safe driving (Safety Council)--Blinkey ring--Silvercup bread--Camel cigarettes--"Topper" TV program (A. Jeffreys, R. Sterling, L. Carroll)--Baseball stars for Camel cigarettes (E. Wynn, B. Lemon, M. Garcia)--Reynolds aluminum foil. Video/C 3932:12

Volume 13
Contents: Southern Bell telephones--Trust Company Bank--Photosun glasses--Ipana toothpaste--Super helmet--Hostess cupcakes--Wyler's lemonade--Frosty O's cereal--Wheat Honeys cereal--Ideal Kerry doll--Lucky Charms cereal--Twinkles dry cereal--Pepsi-Cola--O.M.A. toy gun--Plymouth Valiant car--Dentyne gum--Pringles potato chips--Nabisco cookies (12 adds.)--Coca-Cola--Nabisco shredded wheat--Pabst Blue Ribbon beer--Borden's instant coffee--Coca-Cola (S. Dee)--Bosco (D. Van Dyke)--Ronsom cigarette lighters--Nestle's instant coffee--RCA Silverama TV (V. Monroe)--Jade East cologne--Falstaff beer--Laura Scudders potato chips--Spring cigarettes--Purolator oil filter--Coca-Cola--Carol Richard's hairspray--Applaud hand lotion--Gunther beer--Ford Econoline van (B. Keaton)--Firestone tires--Carling Black Label beer (P. Ford)--1964 Chevrolet car--RCA television repairmen (V. Monroe) Video/C 3932:13

Volume 14
Contents: Brylcreem--Lovable bras--RCA Victor televisions--Hertz rental cars--Public service announcement: "Register, inform yourself and vote"--Gino's Pizza (S. Sales)--Southern Bell Yellow Pages--Tender Leaf tea--Ajax cleanser--Halo Shampoo (animated Eddy Cantor)--Philishave electric shaver--Peter Paul candy bars--Blitz beer--Quaker puffed cereals--Mitchell beer--National Bohemian beer--"Playhouse 90"--Esquire boot polish--Ballantine beer--Salada tea--Coca-Cola--Nabisco cookies--Lovable bra slip--Ritz crackers--Phillies cigars--Sunshine HiHo crackers--RCA Victor television (V. Monroe)--"Teahouse of the August Moon" (P. Ford), Nabisco cookies and crackers--Ethyl gasoline--Genesee beer--Schaefer beer--Nabisco honey cereals--Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.--Cadbury candies--Keebler crackers--Vitalis hair ointment--Ronson lighter--Flowing Velvet shin cream--Nabisco pretzels--Beechnut gum--"A day in the life of your television service man" (RCA TV award) Video/C 3932:14

Volume 15
Contents: Mattel shootin'shells--"About faces" (B. Alexander)--Morton salt--Swift's premium franks--Flyers canvas shoes--Mattel toy tunderbird gun--Cherrios cereal--Ipana toothpaste (Bucky Beaver)--Armour franks--Baker's instant chocolate (Jiminy Cricket)--Reynolds aluminum awnings & siding (R. Marshall)--Hills Bros. Instant coffee--Ken L meal dog food--Special K cereal (D. James)--Heart Fund--Mattell Winchester toy gun--Aunt Jemima pancake mix--Scotch cellophane tape--1-a-day multiple vitamins (J. Dodd, Mickey Mouse Club)--Coca Cola--Trix cereal--"Lawrence Welk Show" (L. Welk)--Mars candy--Mattell fireball toy gun--C7 lettuce--U.S. savings bonds--"Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" (R. Nelson, D. Nelson, O. Nelson)--RCA TV picture tube--Blatz beer--Saturday Evening Post (M. Berle)--Bosco (D. Van Dyke)--"Jailhouse Rock" (T. Steele)--Golden fluffo shortening--RCA high fidelity phonographs (R. Merrill, V. Monroe)--Public service announcement: Diabetes (B. Talbert)--Lucky Strike cigarettes--1955 Chevrolet--Altes ale--Red Cross safe driving (2 adds)--Goebel beer. Video/C 3932:15

Volume 16
Contents: Delco batteries--1957 Chevrolet car--Flagg shoes--Delco batteries (A. Stang)--Public service announcement: Safe driving--RCA Victor phonograph album--Abbott's ice cream--Telephone yellow pages--Robert Hall Clothes--Good Luck oleomargarine--Sunshine crackers--Gillette razor (R. Campanella)--Greenmint mouthwash--Blatz beer--RCA Victor TV's and picture tubes--RCA tape recorders and radios--Vicks Vapo Rub--Ethyl gasoline--Ronson lighters--Milton Bradley board games--Tootsie Roll pops--Fizzies drink tablets--Bosco chocolate syrup--Bosco milk amplifier (V. Graham)--Good & Plenty candy--Michigan milk products--Post alpha-bits cereal--Nabisco crackers, cereals and cookies --Coca-Cola--Betty Crocker pick-a-pack dry cereals--Welch's candy. Video/C 3932:16

Volume 17
Contents: Goodyear Playhouse--MGM "This could be the night" (J. Wilson)--Beechnut gum--Brylcreem--Sylvan Seal milk--Milkbone dog snacks--Kasco dog food--Bemco matresses--Nabisco shredded wheat--Pertussin cough medicine--Mutual Savings banks of Massachusetts--Pepsodent toothpaste--L&M cigarettes--Klix dog candy--Oxydol detergent--My-T-Fine desserts--Lucky Strike cigarettes--Vicks cough drops--Bond bread--Black Horse Ale--Clicquot Club drinks--Burk's meats--Listerine toothpaste--Gillette shavers (W. Ford)--Ballantine beer---Sunshine HiHo crackers--Lionel electric trains--Remco toy cars, trucks, Heidi doll and Screaming Mee Mee toy rifle--Ford power steering--Bonomo's presents the Magic Clown for Turkish taffy--Ford trucks--Vitalis hair tonic--MGM "Something of Value"--Dorothy Gray cosmetics--MGM "High Society"--MGM "The Little Hut"--MGM "The Rack"--MGM "Designing Woman"--Wildroot Cream-oil--Singer sewing machines--Sunbeam bread--Time Magazine--RCA color television--Schaefer beer--United Airlines--Pilsener Duquesne beer--Carling Black Label beer--Piels canned draft beer--William's cakes--MGM "Forbidden Planet"--Speidel's bracelets--RCA air conditioners (V. Monroe)--RCA tape recorders (S. Sawyer)--Bill Ding supplies--RCA kitchen ranges (S. Sawyer)--RCA picture tubes (V. Monroe) Video/C 3932:17

Volume 18
Contents: Argus cameras--Nabisco graham crackers--Tribute to television technicians--RCA batteries (V. Monroe)--Sylvania florescent lights--Rain Barrel fabric softener--Crayola crayons--Kraft grated parmesan cheese--Miracle Whip salad dressing--Biographical sketch of David Sarnoff--Speech by D. Sarnoff--Tang instant drink (Project Gemini astronauts)--Marlboro cigarettes (J. London)--Brigitte detergent--Milton Bradley board games: Hangmen, Battleship, Twister, Electronic battleship, Mouse trap--Lipton ice tea--Vaseline hair tonic--Wisk detergent--Bovril drink--Vicks Vaporub--Minipoo dry hair shampoo--Ol' Commodore Gray (Cartoon feature on tolerance by Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith)--1950 Ford cars--Four Southern Bell Telephone adds--Shawmat Association Banks--Excedrin (D. Janssen)--Corning photosun glasses--Esso Gasoline--Nissen's Old Home bread--Apples (N.Y. and N. England Apple Institute)--Nabisco cookies--MGM's "Don't Go Near the Water"(M. Shaughnessy)--Brylcreem--MGM's "The Invisible Boy"--Salada tea--Etch-a-sketch toy--Women's hair wigs--Sealy posterpedic mattress--Drewrys beer--Dream Whip--Funny Face drinks--Topper toys--Lucky Charms cereal--Cherrios (Bulwinkle cartoon)--Amodent toothpaste--Turkish Taffy (Bonomo's The Magic Clown)--RCA televisions and portable radios--Chiquita Bananas (Cartoon)--Kellogg's Frosted Flakes (G. Reeves as Superman)--Four Coca-Cola adds (Emmett Kelly and three cartoon strips) Video/C 3932:18

Volume 19
Contents: Rike's, the bride's store--Abraham & Straus mattresses--Knit dresses at Winkelman's--Gimbels--Rich's Clothing--L.S. Ayres & Co. clothing--Golds Giant Stores--Rike's store for men--Boston Store (clothing)--Rich's Clothing--Golds Giant Stores--Hartford Insurance--State Farm Insurance--Union Central Life Insurance--General Safeco Lifeco Insurance--Prudential Insurance--Public service announcement (Epilepsy Foundation)--Mutual of Omaha Insurance--Metropolitan Life Insurance--Homemakers Boston baked beans--Laura Scudder's potato chips--Kellogg's Rice Krispies--Nalley's salad dressings--Fisher's Zoom cereal--Bumble Bee Tuna--Heinz baby foods--Fritos chips--Ideal bread--Armour chili--Great Adventure Amusement Park--Shearson, Hammil Brokers--Dreyfus & Co.--Oppenheimer Fund--Hamilton Funds Inc.--Peter Pan peanut butter--Milk, ice cream, butter (American Dairy Assoc.)--1956 Nash car--Kelvinator washing machine--Walt Disney's "Parent Trap"--Dixie cups--"Snowhite and the Three Stooges" (C. Heiss)--Metrecal Liquid--Campbell's beans--Canada Dry soft drinks--Plymouth cars--Dodge trucks--1966 Oldsmobile car. Video/C 3932:19

Volume 20
Contents: Utica Club beer--Chevron home heating fuels--Remington electric shavers--Nabisco sip n' chips snacks --Chesterfield menthol cigarettes--Glade airfreshner (B. McCutcheon)--Oreo cookies--Plymouth cars (3 adds)--Bonomo's peanut brittle candy--Swifts sandwich steaks--Milk, cheese, butter, ice cream (American Dairy Assoc., 12 adds)--Swifts premium canned meats (2 adds)--General Mill's cereals--Betty Crocker muffin mixes--Peter Pan peanut butter (6 adds)--Swift frozen foods--Jello--Baker's instant chocolate drink (Mouseketeers from Mickey Mouse Club TV program)--Reynolds aluminum boats and outboard boat motors (R. Marshall)--Log cabin syrup--Hills Bros. Coffee (2 adds)--Mars candy bars (3 adds)--Hills Bros. Instant coffee (2 adds)--Canada Dry soft drinks (4 adds)--Reynolds aluminum shingles, house siding, doors, windows (R. Marshall)--Simoniz vinyl floor wax--Pepto-Bismol--General Mills cereals (2 adds)--Handi-wrap--Dentyne gum.Video/C 3932:20

Volume 21
Contents: Betty Crocker Valencia rice mix--Volkswagen--Goodyear tires--Van Heusen men's shirts--Aunt Jemima pancake mix--Great Western Savings--Country Club malt liquor--Frosted Flakes (A. West)--Cheerios--Chrysler cars--White Owl cigars--Cashmere bouquet bath powder--Breck shampoo--Mennen aftershave--Ever Sweet orange juice--Dupont anti-icer--Centura Corning Wear dishes--Kodak cameras and film--Kaiser aluminum foil--Milk Bone dog snacks--Allerest--"Read" (public service announcement by National Book Committee, Amer. Library Assoc.)--Ford cars (3 adds)--Coca-Cola--Jamaica (Jamaica Tourist Board)--B.O.A.C. Airlines--Dodge cars--Cracker Jacks--Chevrolet cars--Alka-Seltzer (3 adds)--United Airlines--Qantas Airlines (Koala bear add)--Eastern Airlines--Speak Easy breath spray--Zale's Jewelers--Whirlpool repair service--Toni haircoloring--Kodak cameras and film--Ban deodorant--Excedrin--Chevrolet trucks--Kellogg's cornflakes--Hertz rental cars (2 adds)--Sunsweet prunes--Luden's cough drops--CBS News--Gulf insecticide--Diet Pepsi--Chemical Bank, N.Y.--State Farm Insurance--Bold detergent. Video/C 3932:21

Volume 22
Contents: Gas ranges--Parker Touche pen--Volkswagen--PG&E clothes dryer--Goodyear tires--Westinghouse dishwasher (Eve Arden)--Spud cigarettes--Sunset Stores--U.S.S. Glacier icebreaker at the North Pole with Westinghouse engines--Alka-Seltzer (2 adds)--Colgate toothpaste--Halo shampoo (cartoon)--Wild-root Cream Oil for men (5 adds)--Johnson's baby shampoo--Betty Crocker cakes (2 adds)--Cherrios cereal (4 adds)--"Space Patrol" TV program promotes 8 Chex cereal adds and a March of Dimes promotion (Jack Narz)--Slinky toys (3 adds)--Campbell soups (3 adds)--Hertz rental cars (O.J. Simpson, 2 adds)--U.S. Army enlistment (Baseball players Carlton Fisk, Chris Chambliss, 2 adds)--Mattell's Fright Factory toy--Mattel's dolls--Ideal Slap Trap game--Ideal Racerific cars--Topper Toys Johnnie Astro--Topper Toys Miss Fussy doll--Electro-shot Shooting Gallery toy--Fritos corn chips--Marx military and western toy rifles--Play Dough Fun Factory game--Quake cereal--Coco Puff cereal--Corn Busters cereal. Video/C 3932:22

Volume 23
Contents: Cap n' crunch cereal--Mattel's mini dragon Thing maker toy--Mattell's Barbi doll--Shake-a-puddin--Kellogg's cereals--Puffa puffa rice cereal--Nabisco toastettes--Cookie man--Cherrios (Bulwinkle cartoon)--Frosty O's--Mattel's M-16 rifle--Mattel's dolls--Whistle's snack--Mattel's incredible edible toy--Mattell's baby firststep doll--Nabisco cereal--Sugar Mama candy--Ideal action highway toy--Ideal super city--Kellogg's sugar smacks--Halo shampoo (E. Cantor)--Americana dolls offer from FAB detergent--Colgate toothpaste--Ajax cleanser--Palmolive soap (3 adds)--Geritol (2 adds)--Frigidaire appliances (5 adds)--Pall Mall cigarettes--Ocean Spray juices--Tareyton cigarettes--Baggies--Ultra-brite toothpaste--Salem cigarettes--Maxwell House coffee--Candid Camera TV program (A. Funt)--Dermassage skin cream--Kellogg's cereals--At last shampoo--Excedrin--Milk (Amer. Dairy Assoc.)--Lysol (2 adds)--Contac (chorus line add)--Lucky Strike cigarettes--RCA TV (V. Monroe)--Van Camp's pork n' beans--Salada tea--Hudson napkins--"Somebody Up There Likes Me" MGM motion picture--Mennen shaving cream--Crown Gold gasoline--Costa's ice cream--Rheingold beer (Spanish)--Yuban coffee--Top Job cleanser--Raisinets candy--Goobers candy--Parliament cigarettes--Preen floor wax--Crisco shortening. Video/C 3932:23

Volume 24
Contents: Westinghouse TV--Hertz rental cars (3 adds)--IBM typewriters--Tonka toys (6 adds)--Vademecum toothpaste--Salada tea--Centura tableware--Country Club malt beer--Volvo cars--All Spice men's products--Doctor's choice dog food (2 adds)--Rolla Print (N. Wood)--"Operation Mad Ball" motion picture (E. Kovacs)--Tri-Nut margarine--Roosevelt Raceway--Ladies Home Journal Magazine--Buster Brown shoes and slippers (2 adds)--Admiral refrigerators--Gleem toothpaste (H. O'Brian)--early cooking show--Gold Medal flour--RCA Silverama TV (V. Monroe)--Gleem toothpaste--Mercury Monterey car--Duz detergent--Dreft dishwashing liquid--Cash Card discount card--Rolla Print--RCA Victor phonographs--Nabisco cereals--Boston Five Savings Bank--Charles Antell hairspray--Hinds handcream--Lightolier desk lamp--Renuzit wax (3 adds)--Chesterfield cigarettes--Dr. Scholl's zino pads--Coca-Cola--Phillies cigars--Vitalis haircream (K. Boyer)--Wildroot haircream--Vim detergent tablets--Wilkinson's shaving blades--Baggies (2 adds)--Ajax detergent--Bond bread (4 adds)--Newport filter cigarettes--Yellow pages telephone book--Corvair car. Video/C 3932:24

Volume 25
Contents: "Join the Navy"--Beechnut gum--Saltine Crackers--Borden's coffee--RCA stoves--Aluminum soda cans--Lark cigarettes (2 adds)--Braille telephone book for the blind--Nabisco graham crackers--RCA Victor televisions--"Don't go near the water" motion picture (M. Shaughnessy)--Fitzgerald beer--Blatz beer (3 adds)--"The Morning Show"( J. Paar, 2 adds)--Bemco Mattresses (2 adds)--Nissen bread--Atlantic gasoline--Tintair hair lightner--RCA stoves (V. Monroe)--Nabisco cereals--Kasco dogfood--2 adds in Japanese--RCA clock radio--Sealtest dairy products (D. McNeill)--Filco ranges--24 adds for Coca-Cola done by the Andrew's Sisters, Emmett Kelly, 3 cartoons by Walter Lantz, Ozzie, Harriet and Ricky Nelson, Burgess Meredith, and Anita Bryant. Video/C 3932:25

Volume 26
Contents: King Zor toy--Nabisco cereals--1965 Dodge Coronet--Exlax--Van Huesen shirts--Playtex gloves--Swanson TV dinners (2 adds)--Support hose (2 adds)--Dapper Dan tire repair--Aquaduct (race track)--Pall Mall cigarettes--Minute Rice--Lady Esquire shoe coloring--Wildroot hair groom--Nabisco cereals (Marry Poppins)--Soakie toys (2 adds)--Spring cigarettes--Big shot toy--E-Z weaver toy--Budding beauty toy vanity--Big Bruiser toy truck--Duncan yo-yos--P.F. shoes--Sticky fingers toy--Teflon quickie pie--Buster Brown shoes--1965 Chevrolet car--Ringling Bros & Barnum and Baily circus (V. Borge)--Fluff marshmellows--Uneeda dolls--Vim laundry tablets--Schlitz beer--Lay's potato chips--"Dream Girl of 1967" (TV program)--Mike Wallace in 3 adds for Jotto game, Empire State Music Festival and Sealy Mattresses--Chicletes gum--4 political adds for A. Beame, H. Humphrey, R. Kennedy, B. Goldwater and "Vote against Richard Nixon"--L&M cigarettes--Vanquish--Lysol cleaner--Comet cleanser (2 adds)--Crest toothpaste--Ivory soap--Lionel electric trains (3 adds)Video/C 3932:26

Volume 27
Contents: Farmer John meats (Tom Kennedy)--Aristo cold storage for clothing--Remco Wiresell toy radio--Flavor straws--Cocoa Marsh--Electric trains (Lee Reynolds, 3 adds)--Emenee electric organ (Sonny Fox)--Three stage rocket toy (Billy Johnson)--Sardo bath oil--Milt Grant Show and TV Record Hop (M. Grant, 2 adds)--TV weather show (Jean Ramsey)--M&M candy--Uncle Ben's rice--Glen Echo Amusement Park--Nabisco cereals (B. Johnson)--Bosco chocolate syrup (B. Johnson)--Good Humor ice cream--Willoughby's store (Cameras, tape recorders, movie cameras, Fred Scott, 5 adds)--Easter Seals--Winky Dink magic window--Wheaties--Chase & Sanborn instant coffee (Monte Hall, 2 adds) Video/C 3932:27

Volume 28
Contents: Piel's Beer (Dick McCutchen, Today Show)--Pepsi, Motorola portable radio, Music Box record shop, Briggs ice cream, Tops drive-ins (Milt Grant, Milt Grant show, 5 adds)--DuMont Television--Pop-a-day Vitamins--Hamilton Beach electric skillet--Chinchilla breading (Hoot Gibson, 8 min.)--Philco electric ranges (Don McNeill, Breakfast Club)--Coca-Cola (2 adds)--Frigidaire refrigerators and air conditioners (Arthur Godfrey show, 2 adds)--1949 Lincoln and Mercury cars (Ed Sullivan, 2 adds)--Frigidaire appliances--1958 Edsel car (Bing Crosby, 3 adds)--Silvercup bread (Todd Russell, Rootie Kazootie Club, 3 adds)--Wisk detergent, Dove soap (The Price is Right, Bill Cullen, Natalie Core)--Jello pudding. Video/C 3932:28

Volume 30
Contents: "Talent Scouts" (M. Griffin)--Standard Oil (Laurel & Hardy)--Kent cigarettes (2 adds)--Unguentine first aid--Ban Deodorants--Mattel Barbie doll (2 adds)--Brylcreem--Lucky Strike cigarettes (F. Gifford)--Kent cigarettes (2 adds)--Aeroshave--Miller High LIfe beer--Wizard bathroom deodorizer--Ideal toy boats-- Rolaids--Anacin--Dristan--Clorets (2 adds)--Philip Morris cigarettes--Chef Boy-Ar-Dee pizza mix--Mennen grooming for men (6 adds)--Budweiser beer (E. McMann)--Marx astro-gun--G.I. Joe dolls (2 adds)--Spaulding tennis balls--Fisher Price toys--Johnny Eagle toy army gun--Frisbees--Fascination toy--Remco duck and turtle toy--Remco Kennedy Airport toy--Remco crawl-along doll--Remco astro-train--Zeroid robots--Barrel of monkeys toy--Marx rock 'em sock 'em robots --Multi-pistol toy gun (2 adds)--Sonic blaster gun--Super spy attache case toy--Marx Gung ho commando outfit--Frito corn chips--Mattel Big thumb toy--Billy Blastoff space base toy--Flintstone vitamins--"Ford town USA"--Post raisin bran-- Schmidt beer (W. Rogers)--U.S. Air Force (D. Williams)--"Galouping Gormet" (G. Kerr)--Post cereals--Hamm's beer (2 adds)--Kodak cameras--Hi-lex bleech--"VD is for everyone"--Life Insurance--Hair dye--FDS--Drive detergent--Cherrios--Grain belt beer-- Jello--Ponderosa boots--Muriel cigars--American Cancer Society. Video/C 3932:30

Volume 31
Contents: TWA Airlines--Hamm's beer (Laurel & Hardy)--American Express card (M. Blanc)--Ducks Unlimited (B. Crosby)--1969 Plymouth cars--Amer. Assoc. of Retired Persons--Grape nuts (E. Gibbons)--Old Milwaukee beer (2 adds)--American Cancer Society (J. Wayne)--March of Dimes (M. Hamill)--Clairol hair products (E. Montgomery)--Gravy Train dog food (Rin Tin Tin)--DX gasoline--Flintstone vitamins--Born free shampoo--Zenith phonographs--Comet--Milk (Amer. Dairy Assoc.)--Instant Sanka coffee--General Mills cereals (5 adds)--Post Toasties (A. Griffith)--Hai Karate aftershave--Forest fire prevention--Schlitz beer (T. Hall)--Jello (5th Dimension)--Scotties (J. Durante)--Kool Aid (The Monkees)--Purina cat chow--Coca-Cola--"Keep America Beautiful"--Mattel dolls--Food safety (U.S. Dept of Ag.)--4 toy adds--Pressman games (R. Maris)--TB Assoc. (V. Edwards)--Driver safety (2 adds)--Lincoln Center--Tolerance of neighbor add--Bike"Save the Children" (UN)--United Way--Gro-pup dog food--Marx toys (3 adds)--Motion picture adds for "Bewitched", "Partridge Family", "Make Room for Granddaddy"," Odd Couple". Video/C 3932:31

Volume 32
Contents: Milton Bradly games--United Airlines--Kodak camera--11 adds for Remco toys: Dun buggie wheelies, Finger dolls, Adventure boy doll, Baby laugh-a-lot, Mighty Casey ride-a-railroad, Polly Puff play set, Mr. Brain robot, Boatniks, Tru-Smoke trucks, Jumpsy doll, Speed rail train--6 adds for Ideal toys: Quick shoot game, Thumbelina dolls, Wrestle around toy, Jalopy showdown (2 adds), Kerplunk game--Volvo cars (4 adds)--Camero cars--RCA TV (2 adds)--RCA stereo--Marx Bop-a-bear--Mattel Barbie dolls (3 adds)--Playtex disposable diapers--Tootsie rool pops--Keds sneakers--Scuba Scout toy--Tootsie rolls (2 adds)--Johnny Lightning car set--Susy homemaker sweet shop--Buick cars (M. Berle, 2 adds)--Mattel Tippie toes doll--Go back game--Mountain Dew--3 musketeers bar--Marx Zoom car--Marx Rock 'em sock 'em robots--General Mills cereals (17 adds, Bulwinkle)--Sylvania TV/stereo--Mattel man in space doll--Bounty pudding--Campbell's soups--Mattel Cookie/cake--Mattel Baby first step--Hasbro Charlies angels dolls (5 adds)--F&F throat aids--Brrr Blobs ice cream--Chicago Today newspaper--Levis geans--Miller beer--Maxwell House coffee--Billy Blastoff construction set--Eldon Touch command car--Bisquick--1964 Falcon (2 adds) Video/C 3932:32

Volume 33
Contents: Gruen watches (W. Winchell, S. Hayden, T. Wright, 3 adds)--Rise shaving creme--BB Rolrite pens (S. Stone)--Duff's baking mixes and Ballard biscuits (G. Moore, D. Kirby)--Play spray toy--"Fresh Air New York"--Lestoil--Kellogg's cereals (Dennis the Menace)--"What's my line?" (J. Daly)--Red Cross--Beacon wax--Micrin breath freshner (2 adds)--Pillsbury flour--Albolene skin cream--Gallo wine--Final touch fabric softener--Jergens lotion--Pledge wax--Papermate pens (W. Mosconi)--Spring cigarettes--Contac (5 adds)--Tobin's meats (3 adds)--Spectrocin-T--Sweeta artificial sweetner--Yuban coffee (2 adds)--Uncle Ben's rice--French's instant potatoes--Excedrin--Maxwell House coffee--Good Seasons dressings--Sweet-Orr Men's clothing (3 adds)--Shop Smith hardware store--Bayer aspirin (2 adds)--Soaky toys--Top brass hair groom--Sta-Puff fabric softener--Dubonnet--Van Huesen shirts--Dixie cups--Diet Rite cola (2 adds)--Duncan Hines mixes--Distran (C. Middlecoff)--Golden 65 insurance--Dromedary mixes--El Producto cigars--D-Zerta gellatin--Pepsi (2 adds)--1965 Dodge (2 adds). Video/C 3932:33

Volume 34
Contents: 1964 Falcon--Kodak film--Ipana toothpaste--Vitalis hair groom--Singer sewing machines--Chatty Cathy doll--Aqua Velva (2 adds)--Buitoni noodles (J. DiMaggio)--Geritol (2 adds)--Nikoban--Sominex (2 adds)--Serutan (2 adds)--Lectric shave (2 adds)--Johnson's foot soap--Lanacane first aid--Polident tablets--Red Cross--Glo-coat floor wax--Glade air freshener--Pledge wax (G. Moore)--Oldsmobile--Winston cigarettes--1963 Christmas Seals (Nat. TB Assoc.)--Slinky building toy--Stella Doro cookies--Cherrios--Special K (D. Kirby)--Sears appliances--Purina cat chow--Pepto Bismol--Alpo dog food--Reynolds Brown-In-Bag--Mrs. Pauls fish sticks--Whirlpool appliances--Dutch Masters cigars--Toni permanent--White Rain shampoo--Halo shampoo (E. Cantor)--FAB detergent--Colgate toothpaste (E. Cantor, 2 adds)--Ajax cleanser--Palmolive soap--1962 Plymouth--Lestoil cleaner--Hobby Crafts--Toy guns--Cocilana throat losenges--Pop-a-day Vitamins--Coco Marsh--Maypo cereals (Herb Sheldon, 3 adds) Video/C 3932:34

Volume 35
Contents: Duncan Hines cake mixes--Dristan--Sweet Orr men's clothing--Dixi cups--Reader's Digest sweepstakes--Good Luck margarine--John Hancock Insurance--Florida orange juice--Icy Point canned salmon--Red Cross--Italian Swiss Colony wines (2 adds)--Lysol cleaner--Vitalis (B. Hull)--Baltimore & Ohio Railroad--Sunshine crackers & cookies (7 adds)--Lorna Doone cookies--Prestone anti-freeze--Tintair hair creme (2 adds)--Nabisco cookies & crackers (6 adds)--Wilkinson shaving blades--Blue Cross insurance (6 adds)--Aquaduct (racetrack)--Fowler & Williams Freight Lines--Ronson cigarette lighter (2 adds)--Sylvan seal milk--Hills Bros. coffee--Wildroot cream oil (Dick Tracy)--Salada tea--Philip Morris cigarettes--Tenderleaf tea (3 adds)--Klix dog candy--Van Camps beans--Nestle's Quick (7 adds, R. Rogers, D. Evans)--General Mills cereals (2 adds)--"High Society" motion picture--Sucaryl--Mattel board games--Chatty Cathy doll--"Bhowani Junction" motion picture (A. Gardner)--Birds eye frozen foods--Schlitz beer (2 adds)--Supp-hose nylons--Scotties tissues--American Oil car products (2 adds)--"CARE Food Crusade" (Medico, 3 adds)--Pepsi (2 adds)--Electric heat (Niagara Mohawk, 2 adds)--Kool cigarettes--Nationwide Insurance. Video/C 3932:35

Volume 36
Contents: Camel cigarettes--Wishbone dressings--Muriel cigars (2 adds)--Diet Pepsi--McCormick Tea (2 adds)--Niagara Mohawk Electric Co. (2 adds)--Benjamin Moore House paint--Toastem popups--First National Bank--Homelite chain saw--Muriel cigars--Nabisco crackers and cookies (2 adds)--Milkbone dog bisquits (2 adds)--Domino sugar--Pabst Blue Ribbon beer--Contac nasal mist--Delco batteries--Jergens lotion (3 adds)--Jifoam oven cleaner--Icy Point canned salmon--Hudson tissues--Bristol Cream sherry--Hecks flour--Helena Rubinstein cosmetics (3 adds)--Gaines dog food--Handi-wrap (2 adds)--Record albums--1965 Chevrolet--Tareyton cigarettes--Omega cigarettes--Kinney car rental--Rustoleum (2 adds)--Gulton cigarette lighters (2 adds)--Candy gram (D. Wilson)--White Owl cigars (5 adds)--Robert Burns cigarillos (2 addds)--Tiparillo cigars (3 adds)--Secret deodorant--Fluff marshmellows--Maypo cereal--Old Spice deodorant--Gilette blades--Swanson frozen dinners--Maxwell House coffee (R. Taylor)--Nabisco cereals--National Airlines. Video/C 3932:36

Volume 37
Contents: Parental behavior add (spa.)--"Don't throw your life away" (Jap. Advert. Counc.)--"Preserve o que e de todos" (Anti-pollution add, spa.)--"Lonesome Car-boy" (spa.)--Cofap shock absorbers (spa.)--Costa Verde Tennis Clube (spa.)--Estado de Sao Paulo (newspaper, spa.)--Clarin clasificados (Jornal da Tarde, spa.)--Soap (jap., 2 adds)--Shampoo (jap., 3 adds)--Camay soap (spa.)--Bravis hairgroom (jap., 2 adds)--Valcan cologne (jap.)--Brut Light--Shick blades (spa.)--Embassy for men (spa.)--Tactics cologne for men (jap.)--Avon (jap.)--Max Factor (jap., 2 adds)--Moddess (spa.)--Bigen hair color (jap.)--toothpaste (jap., 2 adds)--Mentholatum (jap.)--Eva dishes (spa.)--Clocks (jap)--Hitachi TV (jap., 2 adds)--Sharp air conditioners (jap., 2 adds)--Space heaters (jap.)--Furniture (jap.)--sound cassette tapes (jap.)--Mattresses (jap.)--Philco TV (jap.)--Mitsubishi TV (jap.)--Penedo pans (jap.)--Humidifiers (jap., 2 adds)--Ink presser (jap.)--Kelvinator refrig. (eng.)--Consul refrig. (spa., 2 adds)--Coffee urns (jap.)--Lamps (jap.)--Window blinds (jap.)--Thermometers (jap.)--Refrigerators (jap.)--sewing machines (jap.)--Videoplayer(jap.)--Aurex stereo (jap.)--Sony stereo (jap., 2 adds)--Lita mayonnaise (spa.)--soups (jap., 4 adds)--Pork (Canada)--Tobasco sauce (spa.)--Pickles (Canada, 2 adds)--Heinz Ravioli sauce (eng.) Video/C 3932:37

Volume 38
Contents: Heinz spighetti sauce (2 adds)--Cerelac baby food--Purin (jap.)--Noodle mix (jap.)--Spigetti sauce (jap.)--Gellatin (jap.)--Palky franks (jap.)--Bagoon noodle mixes (jap.)--Food mixes (jap., 4 adds)--Robin Hood flour (2 adds)--Rice (jap., 3 adds)--Maioneggs--Kellogg's corn flakes--Soup mixes (spa.)--Beans (jap.)--Toyota cars (jap., 6 adds)--Ford truck (spa.)--Mazda (jap., 3 adds)--Rover Leyland car (Britain)--Volvo (spa.)--Nissan car (jap.)--Galanta auto (jap., 3 adds)--Isuzu (jap., 2 adds)--Nissan trucks (jap.)--Fiat pick-ups (spa.)--Lancer EX1600 (jap.)--Opel Manta car--Chrysler (spa.)--Brasilia auto (spa., 3 adds)--Coca-Cola (jap.)--Tropical cola (spa.)--Mr. Juicy drink--Del Monte juices (jap.)--Pepsi (spa., 4 adds)--Fanta cola (jap.)--Coca-Cola (2 adds)--Lift soft drinks (jap.)--Manzana cola (spa.)--Twist drink (Jamaica)--Sprite (jap.)--Pepsi (6 adds)--Draiv grape soda (spa.)--Canada dry (jap.)--Sprite--Canada Savings Bonds (2 adds)--Elma-Chips snack food (spa., 3 adds)--Taster's Choice coffee (2 adds)--Apple Calpis drink (jap.)--Sony tapes (jap., 3 adds)--Fru Sol juice (spa., 2 adds) Video/C 3932:38

Volume 39
Contents: Fru sol (spa.)--New Wool clothes and carpet (jap., 3 adds)--Chevrolet (spa., 3 adds)--Seafood (jap., 3 adds)--Kraft cheese (Canada, 6 adds)--Rama spread (jap., 3 adds)--Chesterfield cigarettes (spa., 3 adds)--Furniture (jap.)--Natural gas (3 adds)--Olivetti typewriter (3 adds)--Fujicolor film (jap., 3 adds)--Derby cigarettes (spa., 2 adds)--Casaforte (spa., 3 adds)--Lipton salad dressing (spa., 3 adds)--Koko liquid detergent (spa., 2 adds)--Caballero cigarettes (spa.)--Hollywood cigarettes (spa., 2 adds)--Jok cigarettes (jap.)--Aquafilter cigarettes (jap., 2 adds)--Minister cigarettes (spa., 2 adds)--Commander cigarettes (spa., 3 adds)--LS cigarettes (spa.)--Continental cigarettes (spa., 2 adds)--Charm cigarettes (spa.)--Marlboro cigarettes--Jockey Club cigarettes (spa., 2 adds)--Saratoga cigarettes--Nacional cigarettes (spa.)--facial tissues (jap., 3 adds, Brooke Shields)--Banco do Brasil (spa, fre., 3 adds)--Nescafe coffee (jap., 3 adds)--Ontario Hydro electricity (Canada, 3 adds)--Sightseeing eye glasses (jap., 2 adds) Video/C 3932:39

Volume 40
Contents: Banco do Brasil (spa., 3 adds)--Ontario Hydro (2 adds)--Jornal do Brasil (spa., 3 adds)--Canadian National (3 adds)--American Airlines (spa., 3 adds)--Labatts beer (Canada, 2 adds)--Silueta shampoo (spa., 3 adds)--Valcan cologne (jap., 3 adds)--50 Ale (Canada, 3 adds)--Household cleanser (Jap., 3 adds)--TV Guide (2 adds)--Hair gel--Skin cream (3 adds)--Primatene-Asthma tablets--Anacin--Clean & Kill cleanser (2 adds)--Q-tips--gum--Simoniz floor wax--La France bleach--SOS soap pads--Galaxy floor wax (R. Marshall)--Bull Durham cigarettes--Wheaties (B. Richards)--Cake mixes--Malboro cigarettes--Milk (Amer. Dairy Assoc., G. Gobel, 3 adds)--Flair pens--Prince spigetti sauce ("Laugh-in" TV characters)--Mouthwash-- Axion pre-soak (A. Godfrey)--Wisk detergent--Margarine--Bath oil (A. McGraw)--Enden shampoo--Ultra Brite toothpaste (2 adds)--Orange juice--Sardo bath oil--Asper gum--Lavoris mouthwash--Shoe liners (2 adds)--Baggies--Tab cola--Band aids--Baby powder--IBM--cookies-- crackers--Handiwipes--Hardees Hamburgers--Coca-Cola (2 adds)--Toni hair color--Hostess cakes & pies--Uniroyal spiked tires--Underwood corned beef--Noxema--Salem cigarettes--Contac--Dial deodorant-- Promotion of LSD, marijuana, (T. Leary)--Wink cola--Biz (E. Albert)-- Campfire girls--March of Dimes--milk (spa.)--U.S. Navy enlistment. Video/C 3932:40

Volume 41
Contents: Maxim coffee--Scoop sweetener--Raisin bran--Baby powder--Monsanto fabrics (R. Petty)--Safe driving add (Automotive Safety Found.)--Maxwell House coffee--(R. Peters, 4 adds)--Handiwipes-- Pepperidge Farm cakes--Rise shaving creme (B. Casper, 2 adds)--Dial deodorant (2 adds)--Gillette shaver--Efferdent denture cleanser--Gum (2 adds)--Potato chips--Supp-hose stockings (2 adds)--Esso gas-- --Frozen foods--Instant coctail mix--Burger Chef restaurants--Hair color--Coca-Cola--Shell gas--Alka-Seltzer (3 adds), Volvo cars (2 adds )--Ice Capades--Slender Carnation drink--cat food--Tab cola (2 adds)-- Pepsodent toothpaste--All detergent--Volkswagen (C. Chan, 2 adds)-- Arrid deodorant (J. Morgan)--Scope mouthwash--Dole pineapple (2 adds) --Calo pet food--Vote toothpaste--Ammends powder--Lays potato chips (B. Hackett)--1969 Plymouth--Chase & Sanborn coffee (J. Mackey, 2 adds )--Burger bits dog--Pillsbury mixes--Raid--Hickok leather goods (2 add )--Duz detergent--Crest--Contac--United Negro College Fund--Candy gram (D. Wilson)--Gain detergent--Avco credit card--Behold polish--Plunge-- Baby food (2 adds)--Cosmetics--Vicks--Chevron gas--Canned salmon-- Oatmeal--Goodyear tires--Howard Johnsons--Nair--Shaving cream (spa., 2 adds)--Dog food--Toothpaste--Lavoris mouthwash--Kodel fabrics--White Owl cigars--Papermate pen--Margarine. Video/C 3932:41

Volume 42
Contents: Previews: Bill Cosby show--Hawaii Five-O--Much Ado About Nothing--CBS News (J. Hart, 2 adds)--Sandy Duncan Show (2 adds)--Hee Haw--Last King of America--CBS horse races (2 adds)--Bellevue hospital special--Dick Van Dyke Show (2 adds)--Maude (B. Arthur, 3 adds)--Mary Tyler Moore Show--U.S. Open Tennis--Sonny & Cher Comedy Show--Carol Burnett Show--Gunsmoke (J. Arness, 2 adds)--Police surgeon--Bob Newhart Show (4 adds)--Barnaby Jones--Here's Lucy (L. Ball)--Cannon--Charlie Brown specials (2 adds)--Dr. Seuss specials (2 adds)--Scobby-Doo Movies--CBS Children's film festival--Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids--Flintstones--Flintstones on Ice--Haunted West special--1973 Miss USA Beauty Pageant--Play USA--Price is Right--Gambit--American Junior Miss Pageant--Joker's Wild-- 0,000 Pyramid--Briget Loves Bernie (4 adds)--Mannix (2 adds)--Dan August--Medical Center--N.Y. Philharmonic Young People's Concert (2 adds)--Hollywood's talking--CBS special (J. Mason)--Anna and the King (2 adds)--Grammy Awards--National Geographic Specials (2 adds)--Governor & J.J.--Young & the Restless--It Takes a lot of Love--Marlene Dietrich special--Up With People--Melba Moore-Clifton Davis Show--Bighorn (J. Denver, 2 adds) Video/C 3932:42

Volume 43
Contents: Players pipe tobacco (bri., 2 adds)--Sulfrin shampoo (swe.)--Philips shavers (ger., 2 adds)--Remington shaver (ger.)--Rice (ger.)--Orlane cosmetics (fre., 2 adds)--Walls ice cream (bri., 3 adds)--Soap--Vesta--Vim cleanser--Eggs (bri.)--Hartley's jam (bri.)--Richmond cigarettes--Pepitas chocolate (ger.)--Puschkin drink (ger.)--Findus fillets (ger.)--Mazola oil--Jacob's crackers (bri., 2 adds)--Marmite jam (bri.)--Gluck milk (ger.)--Toffee candy (bri.)--Maggi soup (fre., 3 adds)--Milk (bri.)--Knorr soups (bri., 2 adds)--Sanagola (swe., 2 adds)--Campbells soups--Olive oil (Ita.)--Cookies (bri.)--Fry's candy--Arrigoni (ita.)--Kex candy (swe., 2 adds)--Express cookies (spa.)--Gum (jap.)--Presilege (fre.)--Lesieur margarine & oil (fre., 2 adds)--Yogurt (ger.)--Danone yogurt (bri.)--Milk (swe)--Gervais (fre.)--Frosty (spa.)--Heinz mayonnaise (bri.)--McDougall's flour (bri.)--Lune de Miele (fre.)--Rice (fre.)--Philips stereo--Grundig stereo (ger.)--Brandt (ita., 2 adds)--Sharp TV (fre.)--Panasonic (jap.)--Energy stereo--Noblex recorders--Sharp recorders (eng.)--Walita mixers--Brastemp freezer (ita.)--Courage beer (bri.)--Ben Truman beer (bri.)--Bavaria beer--Carlton beer (bri.)--Harp beer (Australia, 2 adds)--Greenalle beer (bri.)--Knonenbourg beer--Holsten Pils beer (ger.)--Lyck holms beer (swe.)--Carlesen beer (bri.) Video/C 3932:43

Volume 44
Contents: Post cereals (16 adds., 3 with trading card offers, S. Huff, R. Maris, J. Arnett)--Marx Wacky walking toys--Marx Big shot cannon--Susy Smart doll--Jimmy Jet (2 adds)--Marx Penny the poodle--Marx Big Loo talking robot--Kool Aid (5 adds)--Pillsbury cookie dough--Mattel's Barbie dolls, fashion shop & dream House (7 adds)--Mattel's spy detector game--Mattel's Vroom bicycle--Magnetel game--Feeley Meeley game--Animal twister game--Fritos corn chips--Jungle book toys--Kelloggs cereal (4 adds)--Jiffy popcorn (R. Buzzie, 2 adds)--Pub. serv. announce: "Get a good education"--Mattel talking puppets--Milky Way candy--Mattel vacuform toy--P.F. Flyer shoes--Tootsie pop candy (2 adds)--Spirograph toy--Easy-bake-oven toy--People pals dolls--Hi-Ho-Cherry-O game--Mattel's talking lion and parrot--Frisbees--Zillion bubbles toy--Johnny toymaker--Pop tarts--Bubbl-trumpet--Mattel's vroom toys (2 adds)--Wylers lemonaide mix--Penny Brite doll--ABC's "American Newsstand" (R. Sharp)--Johnny 7 guns--Ovaltine (2 adds)--Marx Ramjet rifle. Video/C 3932:44

Volume 45
Contents: Post cereals (3 adds)--Marx Big Bruiser toy--Mattel dolls (2 adds)--Kellogg's cereals--Shake-a-puddin--"The Flying Nun" (S. Field)--Mattel's Vrroom tricycles--Gum (2 adds)--"Hootenanny"--Physical exercise promo. (J. Glenn)--"Jetsons"--Kool Aid--Candy bar (J. Brown)--"No Time for Sargeants"--"Wendy & Me" (G. Burns)--"Bing Crosby Show"--"Magic Land of Allakazam"--"Father Knows Best"--Wildroot hair dressing--Anacin--Salada tea-- U.S. Air Force recruitment--Vitalis--Gleem--Luster Creme Shampoo--Hellman's mayonnaise--Quaker cereals--Listerine--Antizyme toothpaste--Philip Morris cigarettes--Hula hoops & frisbees--Hai Karate aftershave--Oscar Mayer weiners--Castoria--Vel Soap--Pledge wax--Mental Health Assoc. (T. Hunter)--Tuna fish--Rival dog food--Austen canned meats--Pall Mall cigarettes--Crest toothpaste--Mr. Clean cleaner--Groom & Clean hair product--Bactine--Pioneer corn meal--Clairol hair color--Ban deodorant--"Live better electrically"--Hotpoint range (2 adds)--Colgate--Ajax detergent--Vicks tri-span--Evaporated milk--P.G.& E. electricity--Sugar jets cereal--Q-tips--Peter Paul candy--Camay soap--Safeguard soap--Quaker instant grits. Video/C 3932:45

Volume 46
Contents: Previews: "Dan August"--Gro-Pup dog food--Purina dog chow--Dial soap (5 adds)--Dial deodorant--Maybelline--Dole bananas--Happy soup (3 adds, Micky Mouse)--Cheetos--Diet Pepsi--V-8 juice--Kool-Aid--Glass wax--Barbie dolls--General Mills cereals (5 adds, Bulwinkle)--Racko game--Easy money game--Anacin--Chef Boy-Ar-Dee--Post cereals--Sugar Daddy candy--Wizard toys--Love & her friends dolls--Tootsie pops--Mars candy--Kellogg's cereals (2 adds, Tony the tiger)--Post cereals (2 adds)--Cream of wheat--Pop-tarts--Close-up toothpaste (2 adds)--Kodak film--Kodak instamatic--Peanuts--Margarine--Favor furniture polish--GE hair dryer--Falstaff beer--Miller beer--7 Up--ABC 9th Winter Olympic games--"Hootennanny"--"Lawrence Welk Show"--canned vegetables (3 adds, Green Giant)--Peace Corps--Electric toothbrush (2 adds)--Salem cigarettes (6 adds)--Code 10 hairdressing (2 adds)--Colgate--Ben-gay--hand lotion (2 adds)--Squibb vitamins--Radio Free Europe--Woodbury soap--Luster Creme shampoo (J. Blair)--Club crackers--United Cerebral Palsy--Remington shavers--Beef stew--Contac--"Worship this week..."--Rise--Spray starch--Squibb toothbrush--Aluminum cans--Spic 'n span--TV Guide--Wilkinson blades--Toyota cars. Video/C 3932:46

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