The Films of Chuck Jones

Warner Brothers Cartoon videography/bibliography

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[Jones. Chuck] Chuck Jones: Extremes & In betweens, A Life in Animation
Chuck Jones offers a personal introduction to his timeless cartoon creations, with clips from classic works like "What's Opera, Doc?" and highlights from cartoon shorts. Presents a fascinating look at the life and times of the pioneering artist whose contributions have influenced some of today's leading animators and filmmakers. Includes critiques from fans including Ron Howard, Ken Burns, Steven Spielberg, Matt Groening, Robin Williams, Whoopie Goldberg, Lorne Michaels and Leonard Maltin. DVD special features: A Chuck Jones tutorial: Tricks of the cartoon trade ; bonus Jones Cartoons: Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th century and Feed the kitty ; the Grinch pencil test ; Mississippi hare pencil test ; interactive menus ; scene access. All my favorites -- Early years -- Cell-washer to director -- The Dover boys -- Bugs Bunny -- Daffy Duck -- Genre parodist -- Pepe Le Pew -- Hubie & Bertie; the three bears -- Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner -- Animation process -- Backgrounds -- Timing and dialogue -- Animators; expressions -- Music -- Rabbit of Seville -- What's opera, Doc? -- The dot and the line -- How the Grinch stole Christmas -- Elder statesman -- One froggy evening -- End credits. c2000. 85 min. DVD 3564; vhs Video/C MM161

Ali Baba Bunny (1957)
Bugs and Daffy tunnel to Baghdad where they find caves full of treasure and a guard named Hassan who wants only to "chop" them. DVD 2443; DVD X937

Angel Puss (1944)
A little black boy is hired to kill a cat, but the feline escapes and proceeds to play tricks on the kid, pretending he's a ghost come back to haunt his "killer." DVD 2443; DVD 9357

Aristo-Cat (1943)
Meadows the butler, fed up with the family cat's practical jokes, walks off the job, leaving the formerly-pampered feline alone and totally helpless, unaware even of what a mouse looks like. Thus, he's terrified when the cheese-hunting mice Hubie and Bertie show up, making their first appearance in a Warner Bros. cartoon. DVD 7359

Awful Orphan (1949)
Porky Pig's quiet life in his high-rise apartment building is rudely disrupted when an obnoxious mutt sneaks in and refuses to leave. DVD 6006; DVD 2073

Baby Buggy Bunny (1954)
Baby-faced Finster robs a bank, but the baby carriage with the money in it goes down Bugs' rabbit hole. DVD 3137

Barbary-Coast Bunny (1956)
When Nasty Canasta cheats Bugs out of his gold, the rabbit retaliates by playing a naive hayseed whose effortless and unrelenting winning bankrupts Canasta's new casino. DVD 7359

Baton Bunny (1958)
Bugs conducts the Warner Brothers Symphony in Suppe's "Morning, Noon, and Night in Vienna" while reacting to a bothersome fly. DVD 6006

Bear Feat (1949)
Pa sees a want ad calling for vaudeville acts and tries to whip the family into shape for the job. Pa winds up being the only one getting whipped. DVD X942

A Bear for Punishment (1951)
It's Father's Day, and Junyer and Ma have a bunch of big surprises in store for good ol' Pa, including a pipe filled with gunpowder. To top it off, there's a gala Father's Day pageant, and Pa sits cringing through Junyer's recitation and aghast at Ma's tap-dancing rendition of "I'm Just Wild About Father." DVD 3137

Bewitched Bunny (1954)
Disguised as a truant officer, Bugs attempts to rescue Hansel and Gretel from Witch Hazel. DVD X937

The Bird Came C.O.D. (1942)
Conrad Cat, making his first appearance in a Warner Bros, cartoon, has trouble getting a prop tree he's delivering to a theater into the door. Once inside, he falls victim to an intimidating little bird who hops out of a magician's hat. Video Disc 154

Boyhood Daze (1957)
Young Ralph Phillips is scolded for breaking a window and sent to his room, where he lets his imagination run riot and fantasizes he is in prison, next that he is in Africa, and then that he is a space ace pilot who single-handedly thwarts a Martian invasion. DVD X942

Brave Little Bat (1941)
When his car breaks down out in the country, Sniffles the mouse takes shelter in an old mill, where he meets up with "Batty," a non-stop-talking little bat who later save Sniffles from a hungry cat. Video Disc 154

Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (1944)
The bears tempt Goldilocks with carrot soup, the scent of which brings Bugs on the scene. Bugs romances Mama bear and she becomes infatuated with him. DVD 8513; DVD 2073

Bugs' Bonnets (1956)
In a variation on the phrase "The Clothes Make the Man", Bugs and Elmer get various hats dropped on their heads and begin taking on the personas associated with the hats like, Gangster, Cop, Judge, Pilgrim, and Game Warden, among others. Bugs dons a G.I. helmet, but Elmer emerges with a General Douglas MacArthur-style hat, corncob pipe and dark glasses. "I've been outranked!" Bugs exclaims. After a furious exchange of hats, Elmer wears a bridal headpiece and falls in love with Bugs (wearing a groom's topper). "You know, I always helps a picture to have a romantic ending," Bugs concludes. DVD X937

Bully for Bugs (1953)
Bugs Bunny takes a wrong turn at Albuquerque and winds up in a Mexican bullring fighting one heck of a big bullying bull. DVD 2073

Bunny Hugged (1951)
Bugs is the mascot of wrestler Ravishing Ronald, who's getting mauled by the villain wrestler (Ronald's signs reading "Help!", "S.O.S.!" and "Foul!" earn no respite). Bugs laments, "There goes my bread and butter!" He decides to take the wrestler's place against The Crusher, and uses "strategy" to avoid getting crushed. DVD 3137; DVD 8513

Case of the Missing Hare (1942)
Bugs' home in a hollow tree is marred when the magician, Ala Bahma, plasters his show posters all over it. Bugs goes to the show to heckle. DVD 4875; DVD 8499

Cat Feud (1958)
Bulldog Marc Anthony is a guard at a construction site. He finds a kitten, Pussyfoot, to whom he affectionately gives a wiener for lunch. A hungry, grown cat sees the wiener and tries to take it from Pussyfoot. So, in defense of his kitten friend, Marc Anthony fights the cat on the steal beams of the partly constructed skeleton of a building. DVD 7359

Cheese Chaser (1951)
After invading a cheese factory, mice Hubie and Bertie have finally had their fill of cheese and figure there's nothing more left to live for. They plan to end it all by surrendering to Claude Cat, who becomes decidedly suspicious. DVD 3137

Chow Hound (1951)
A mean, greedy, glutton of a bulldog uses two unwilling parties - a frightened cat and a mouse to help him grab dinner from various residences. The scheme: Using the cat to pose as the pet for the residents; the mouse is used in one scheme while the cat poses as a sabertoothed-alley cat at a local zoo in another. The cat is instructed to gather juicy steaks and then surrender them to the bulldog, who badgers each time, "What, no gravy?!" Eventually, the bulldog holds the cat hostage for months, anticipating that the cat's "owners" will post rewards in the newspaper. The bulldog returns the cat to his masters, collects the reward and then reclaims his cat by means of a trick-bed. The dog uses his ill-gotten gains to purchase a meat butcher shop, where "acres and acres" of meat hang from the ceiling. It isn't long before the greedy bulldog must pay for his gluttony his grossly bloated carcass lies strapped to an operating table at a veterinarian's hospital, with the doctors planning to pump the mutt's stomach. Just then, the cat and mouse arrive to get their very just revenge. DVD X4715; DVD 8514; DVD X942

Claws for Alarm (1954)
Porky Pig doesn't realize that the old hotel where he and Sylvester are spending the night is really part of a ghost town. It's only Sylvester who sees the band of murderous mice trying to do them in, while Porky chalks his fears up to insanity. DVD 4875

Coming!! Snafu (1943)
Directed by Chuck Jones [uncredited]. Introducing Private Snafu, the nation's worst soldier and his various versions in different branches of the armed forces. DVD 2004; DVD X937

Conrad the Sailor (1942)
Conrad Cat's attempts to keep the battleship decks swabbed are frustrated by Daffy's tricks, like putting paint in his bucket, and by unexpected appearances of the pint-sized Admiral. DVD 7359

The Curious Puppy (1939)
While pursuing a little dog who's wandered into an amusement park at night, the park's watchdog accidentally switches on the power to all the rides and attractions, bewildering the pair of canines. Video Disc 165

Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur (1939)
"Millions and billions and trillions of years ago," Caspar Caveman (a caricature of Jack Benny) and his pet dinosaur Fido come up against Daffy when they're out duck hunting. DVD 4875

Deduce, You Say (1956)
Daffy Duck is a detective who is hunting for the Shorepshire Slasher. DVD 2073

Dog Gone Modern (1939)
The Two Curious Puppies visit a model home with a panoply of modern inventions, including an annoying robot that sweeps up anything that touches the floor. Video Disc 165

Dog Gone South (1950)
Ever in search of a master, no matter how unwilling, Charlie winds up on a plantation down South and tries to force himself on the owner, a Confederate Colonel. Unfortunately, the Colonel already has a pet bulldog, "Belvedere." DVD X942

Dog Tired (1942)
Two curious pups, vying over a bone, chase each other into the city zoo and upset the balance among the regulars. They have hilarious (and dangerous) encounters with the kangaroo, hippo, stork, lion, monkey, love birds, and even a porcupine. The puppies' confrontations with the various animals keep the laughing hyena in stitches. The hyena supplies the perfect punch line. DVD 8515

Don't Give Up the Sheep (1953)
A sheepdog thwarts the efforts of a thieving wolf whose tricks include altering the time clock, hiding in a bush, imitating Pan, digging a tunnel, unleashing a wildcat and disguising himself as the dog's coworker. DVD 6006; DVD 2073

The Dover Boys at Pimento University or The rivals of Roquefort Hall (1942)
Two curious pups, vying over a bone, chase each other into the city zoo and upset the balance among the regulars. They have hilarious (and dangerous) encounters with the kangaroo, hippo, stork, lion, monkey, love birds, and even a porcupine. The puppies' confrontations with the various animals keep the laughing hyena in stitches. The hyena supplies the perfect punch line. DVD 8518

The Draft Horse(1942)
Directed by Chuck Jones. Warner Brothers. A farm horse tries to enlist in the army, but despite his virtuoso display of wartime histrionics, he's rejected when he flunks the physical. Dejected, he wanders into a mock battlefield, which tells him what war is really like. DVD X942; also included on DVD 6276

Drip-Along Daffy (1951)
Daffy Duck plays a western hero, but things don't go as he hoped in a one horse town. DVD 2073; DVD 8515

Duck Amuck (1953)
"Stand back, musketeers!" swordsman Daffy cries, surrounded by Dumasian scenery, credits and music. "They shall sample my blade!" But within a few thrusts and touches, Daffy notices that the background behind him has ended: "Hey, psst, whoever's in charge here, the scenery, where's the scenery?" A paintbrush comes across the screen and puts down a farmyard setting. Daffy leaps back in his musketeer garb, realizes it's inappropriate, and returns with overalls and hoe, then notices that the scenery has changed into a North Pole setting: "Would it be to much to ask if we could make up our minds, hmmm?" And so it goes. After changing from many classic scenes and gags, Daffy yells, "All right! Enough is enough! This is the final, the very, very last straw! Who is responsible for this? I demand that you show yourself! Who are you?" Pull back to reveal Bugs Bunny, seated by a live-action animator's light table, admitting to the audience, "Gee, ain't I a stinker?" DVD 2073

Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century (1953)
Space hero Daffy battles Marvin the Martian for control of Planet X. DVD 2073; also included on DVD 3564; vhs Video/C MM161

Duck! Rabbit, Duck! (1953)
The final installment of the "Hunting Trilogy" once again has Elmer out hunting, while Bugs and Daffy try to con him into shooting the other. DVD 4875

The Ducksters (1950)
Quiz-show contestant Porky is the one who's supposed to be penalized each time he misses a question, but host Daffy is the one who winds up getting safes and boulders dropped on him and deluged by torrents of water. DVD 2073

The Egg Collector(1940)
Sniffles the mouse and his friend the Bookworm decide to take up egg collecting, setting their eyes upon a big barn owl egg. But the big barn owl isn't so hot on the idea. Video Disc 154

8 Ball Bunny(1950)
Directed by Chuck Jones. Bugs helps a penguin go home via New Orleans, Martinique, the Panama Canal and finally the South Pole. But the penguin's home is in New Jersey. Included on DVD X4715; DVD 7359; DVD 8513; also included on DVD 4906

Elmer's Candid Camera (1940)
Elmer takes up wildlife photography, but finds his subject, a rabbit similar to the later Bugs Bunny character, much too wild. Video Disc 165 DVD 2073

Fair and Worm-er (1946)
One long chase: worm chases apple; bird chases worm; cat chases bird; dog chases cat; dogcatcher chases dog; dogcatcher's wife chases dogcatcher; mouse chases dogcatcher's wife. With occasional interruptions by a skunk. DVD 8515

Fast and Furry-ous (1949)
In their first appearance in a Warner Bros. cartoon, the Coyote (Carnivorous vulgaris) and The Road Runner (Accelerati incredibulis) launch their neverending series of chases through the desert, and The Coyote begins his relationship with the Acme Corporation in his quest for the perfect Road Runner-catching device. DVD 6006; DVD 2073

A Feather in His Hare (1948)
A myopic Mohican tries to catch Bugs. Bugs leads the Indian to the rabbit hole with hundreds of signs. Bugs gets tied to a stake and gets away, hitting the guy with snowballs (it's too cold to throw them in the winter). He parts the guy's hair with a tomahawk, and makes a clay jar to smack him with. "Who does dis character think he is anyway?" asks Bugs. The Indian replies: "Me? Me the last of the Mohicans." Pointing skyward, Bugs says: "Oh, da last of da Mohicans, eh? Well, look up, Geronimo." Up above are storks bringing baby Indians. The Indian faints. Bugs says "Oh, Prunella!" and laughs, then looks up and see storks bringing hundreds of baby bunnies. The baby rabbits say, "Ehh, what's up, Pop?" In a classic scene where Bugs is tied up, the Indian has a kettle on the fire and is slicing carrots and onions into the pot. Bugs keeps moving from place to place, and the Indian keeps picking up the kettle and moving near to where Bugs is. DVD 8510

Feed the Kitty (1952)
A bulldog, charmed by a kitten, tries to keep her hidden from his human guardian. DVD 6006; DVD 2073; also on DVD 3564; vhs Video/C MM161

For Scent-imental Reasons (1949)
Pepe Le Peu chases a female cat in a perfume shop until she turns the tables on him. DVD 6006; DVD 9503

Forward March Hare (1953)
Bugs mistakenly gets his neighbor's draft notice and causes a stir when he shows up as ordered. DVD 7359; DVD 8510

Fox Pop (1942)
Directed by Chuck Jones. Warner Brothers. "A little red fox misunderstands the message when he hears a fur commercial on the radio saying that silver-furred foxes are in demand. He paints himself silver and turns himself into the Silver Fur Fox Farm, where he stays until he learns that the farm intends to skin him and remove his fur. He then takes part in a dangerous jailbreak. The story is told via a flashback and begins and ends with the fox destroying radios." [Big Cartoon Database] DVD 8516; also included on DVD 5962

Fresh Airedale (1945)
In his master's eyes, "good old Shep" is the perfect dog, but the cat knows he's really a two-faced mutt who can be bought off with a bone by a burglar, and then take credit for it when the cat chases the crook off. But then Shep becomes obsessed by a newspaper story proclaiming a real canine hero the nation's "No. 1 Dog." DVD X942; DVD 8516

Frigid Hare (1949)
Bugs rescues a penguin from an Inuit hunter at the South Pole and becomes obligated to it beyond his wildest dreams. DVD 6006; DVD 2073

From A to Z-Z-Z-Z (1953)
In his first of two Warner Bros. cartoons, schoolboy Ralph Phillips daydreams in class, the lessons inspiring his fantasy heroics, such as being a pony-express rider, a deep-sea diver, a boxing champion and even General Douglas MacArthur. DVD 9503

Gas (1944)
Snafu learns the need of keeping his gas mask at hand when he is attacked by anthropomorphic gas cloud. DVD 2004

Ghost Wanted (1940)
An inexperienced little ghost tries out for a house-haunting job, but winds up getting terrorized by the fat ghost interviewing him for the position. DVD 8497

Going! Going! Gosh! (1952)
In his attempt to catch the Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote tries the old cartoon trick of putting up a painting of a continuing road where a bridge has in fact gone out. It doesn't work, nor does dressing in drag or dropping an anvil from a balloon. DVD 3137

Going Home (1944)
Pvt. Snafu's unit suffers the consequences of blabbing military secrets while on leave at home. DVD 2004

The Good Egg (1939)
A hen adopts an abandoned egg which hatches into a turtle. The baby turtle becomes the butt of all the real chicks' jokes until danger threatens. DVD 8518; DVD 5529

Guided Muscle (1955)
While cooking a tin can, the Coyote spots a better meal rushing by- the Road Runner. But making himself into a giant arrow doesn't catch the bird, and the book, "How to Tar and Feather a Road Runner", isn't much help either. DVD 3137

Hair-Raising Hare (1946)
A sneaker-wearing, hairy monster chases Bugs through a castle belonging to an evil scientist. DVD 6006; DVD 2073; DVD 8517

Hare Conditioned (1945)
Bugs is working as part of an outdoor display in a department store window when the store manager decides to have him stuffed as part of the Taxidermy department. DVD 3137

Hare Tonic (1945)
Bugs Bunny tricks Elmer Fudd into believing his house has been quarantined for something called "rabbititus." DVD 4875; DVD 8511

Hare-abian Nights (1959)
Directed by Ken Harris. Intending to go to Perth Amboy, Bugs misses a left turn at Des Moines and tunnels into an audition at the Sultan's palace. The Sultan (who looks just like Yosemite Sam) has a crocodile pit ready to receive the talent he rejects. The Timbuc Three Plus 2, a Dixieland quintet, gets dropped, as does an Elvis Presley clone (singing "You ain't nothing but a hound camel"). To save his fur, Bugs offers a trio of tall tales. The last, involving his triumph over Yosemite Sam, displeases the Sultan greatly. Includes clips of earlier cartoons by Friz Freleng and Chuck Jones. DVD 8510

Haredevil Hare (1948)
Bugs is tricked into being the first rabbit shot into space. When he lands on the moon he finds Commander X-2 (later known as Marvin Martian) set to blow up planet Earth. DVD 6006; DVD X4715; DVD 2073

Heaven Scent (1956)
On the French Riviera, a female cat is frightened by sudden outbursts of barking by every dog around her. So, to scare them away, she paints her back with a white stripe like that of a skunk. The dogs, on seeing her stripe, run away and hide in fright. But she doesn't receive the peace she'd expected, because Pepe Le Pew, the amorous French skunk, sees her, thinks she's a girl skunk, and tries to make love to her. DVD X942

Hell-Bent for Election (1944)
In this cartoon, a political piece paid for by the United Auto Workers, presidential candidate Franklin Delano Roosevelt is portrayed as streamlined express train, while Thomas Dewey is shown as an old, tired steamer. The voters are encouraged not to "fall asleep at the switch" when it came time to support FDR. vhs 999:1834

High Note(1942)
Set on a piece of sheet music , musical notes arrange to perform "The Blue Danube," but are thwarted by one pixilated note who's been visiting the "Little Brown Jug." DVD 9503

Hold the Lion, Please(1942)
A lion wants to prove he's still "King of the Jungle" and, to prove it, he hunts rabbit. DVD 8516

Homeless Hare(1950)
Directed by Chuck Jones. "It's morning and Bugs Bunny is awake. It doesn't look like he had enough rest though. He looks around and sees he is high up in the sky. Bugs' hole has become part of an construction site and a bulldozer is ready to move his hole to destruction. Bugs makes an emotional plea to move his home back to it's original place and the construction worker seems touched. But his intentions aren't that well. Bugs Bunny swears revenge." [Internet Movie Database] DVD 4875; also included on DVD 3513

Hook, Line and Stinker(1958)
Wile E. Coyote hopes to catch the Road Runner using a mallet, a cooking pan, a TNT stick, a balloon, and a piano dropped from a precipice. The last of these results in Wile E. falling to the road below along with the piano and ending up with 88 teeth. DVD X942

Hush My Mouse (1946)
Take-off on the "Duffy's Tavern" radio program, with tough-guy Eddie G. Robincat demanding a meal of mouse knuckles, "of which we ain't got none," waiter Filligan informs his absentee boss on the phone. To fill the plate, Filligan then tries to catch the blabbermouth mouse, Sniffles. Video Disc 154

The Hypo-Chondri-Cat(1950)
Those crazy mice Hubie & Bertie are at it again with Claude. This time the mice see that Claude is seriously ill, so they give him an operation. DVD 6006; DVD 2073

In the Aleutians(1945)
Pvt. Snafu complains about being assigned to the infantry only to learn that other branches have their own problems. DVD 2004; Video/C 7628; also Video/C 999:2146

Infantry Blues(1943)
Pvt. Snafu complains about being assigned to the infantry only to learn that other branches have their own problems. DVD 2004; Video/C MM178

Inki and the Minah Bird (1943)
In an African jungle strange enough to have a roaring butterfly, Inki the boy hunter, a lion with false teeth and a magical minah bird match wits. vhs 999:2145

Inki at the Circus (1947)
At the circus, two dogs compete for the bone in Inki's topknot, as a disinterested myna bird causes trouble for everyone. Video Disc 155

It's Murder She Says... (1945)
A haggard mosquito complains how tough life is with the military taking the proper precautions against malaria infection. DVD 2004

Joe Glow, the Firefly (1941)
A firefly with a miner's lighted helmet explores a camper's tent and the various people-sized items that, from his perspective, are gigantic, then utters the cartoon's single line of dialog. vhs 999:2143

Jumpin' Jupiter (1955)
Porky and Sylvester's desert campground is sliced away and towed into outer space by a green, bird-like Jupiterian searching for earthly animal life. But Porky remains blissfully unaware, leaving Sylvester to be terrorized by the alien. DVD X942

Kiss Me Cat (1953)
Horrified when he hears his master threatening to get rid of Pussyfoot unless the kitten starts catching mice, Marc Anthony the bulldog tries to tutor his little charge in proper feline behavior. DVD 7359

Knight-Mare Hare (1955)
An apple falls on Bugs' head, transporting him back to King Arthur's England. DVD 7359

A Lecture on Camouflage (1944)
Using Snafu as an example, Techanical Fairy First Class teaches the methods of effective camouflage. DVD 2004

Little Brother Rat (1939)
Sniffles the mouse has to get an owl's egg for a scavenger hunt, but once he's gotten it, the egg hatches and draws the attention of the mouse-eating father owl. Video Disc 154

Little Orphan Airedale (1947)
In his never-ending quest for the good life, pushy mongrel Charlie attempts to ingratiate himself with his unwilling "master," Porky Pig. Video Disc 155

Long-Haired Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny is sitting outside his rabbit hole, strumming a tune on his banjo ("Rainy Night In Rio"). Meanwhile, a few feet away is the great opera singer Giovanni Jones, rehearsing for tonight's concert. Unable to concentrate because of the rabbit's folk music singing, Jones goes to the bunny and breaks his banjo. Later, the rabbit plays a lovely tune using a harp. Jones smashes that, too. When the opera baritone interrupts Bugs' tuba solo and ties the rabbit's ears to a tree branch, Bugs allows as to how "of course, you realize this means war!" While Jones wins an early victory against Bugs, it is Bugs who ends up with the upper hand in his performance that night. DVD 2073

Mississippi Hare (1949)
Cotton pickers mistake Bugs' tail for a ball of cotton and toss him in with the rest of the haul. On the riverboat Bugs takes on the gambler Colonel Shuffle. DVD 7359; Included on DVD 3564

Mouse Wreckers (1948)
Mice Hubie and Bertie try to remove Claude the Cat from his house by driving him insane. DVD 9503; DVD 3137

Much Ado About Nutting (1953)
A squirrel in a downtown park lugs a giant coconut back home, but nothing he does can seem to crack it open. DVD X942

My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948)
Tunneling to Los Angeles, Bugs Bunny tries to find the La Brea Tar Pits. Taking a wrong turn, he finds himself in Scotland and immediately comes to the rescue of a poor old lady being attacked by a monster. The "monster" turns out to be a bagpipe, and the "lady" is MacRory, a kilt-wearing Scotsman. Bugs greets him with "What's up, McDoc?" as the Scotsman pulls a rifle, takes aim, and fires at the hare. Bugs disguises himself as a Scot, and MacRory challenges him to a game of golf. DVD 2073

My Favorite Duck (1942)
Porky tries to relax on a hunting and fishing trip, but Daffy, smugly pointing out the "No Duck Hunting" signs, subjects him to constant irritation. Then the "Duck Hunting Season Open" signs start going up. DVD X942

My Little Duckaroo (1954)
Daffy Duck is a Wild West outlaw named "The Masked Avenger", righter of wrongs and doer of heroic deeds. Porky Pig is his sidekick. Together, they search for Nasty Canasta, a villain whose crimes include gag-stealing and square dancing in a round house. When they find Canasta's hideout and Daffy challenges Canasta to a duel, Canasta flexes his hulky muscles that entirely rip away his shirt, and proceeds to pound Daffy into a stupor. DVD X942

Naughty But Mice (1938)
Sniffles the mouse, in his first appearance in a Warner Bros. cartoon, goes to a drugstore and gets drunk on a cold remedy, then befriends an electric razor and gets it drunk as well. DVD 8517

Nelly's Folly (1961)
A talent agent on an African safari discovers Nelly, a singing giraffe, and brings her to America to be a famous performer. But with fame comes loneliness, and Nelly longs for male companionship. When her attentions to a male giraffe result in him leaving his family, Nelly becomes publically scorned as a "home-wrecker", and her fame is lost. DVD 9503

The Night Watchman (1938)
A little cat must take his sick father's place as nightwatchman, but is bullied by a tough mouse and his gang, leaving the rest of the mice free to eat all the food and stage a musical floor show. DVD 7359; also included on DVD 5837

No Barking (1954)
In a junkyard, Frisky Puppy's loud yapping keeps high-strung Claude Cat jumping, onto trains, planes and up past Tweety Bird's nest. DVD 4875

No Buddy Atoll (1945)
Private Snafu and a Japanese sailor simultaneously land on a deserted island, discover each other and fight it out until the private kills the sailor and attempts to sell his sword as a souvenir. DVD 2004

Odor-Able Kitty (1939)
A cat, tired of being abused by everyone in his neighborhood, disguises himself as a skunk and inadvertently attracts the romantic advances of a real skunk. DVD 8517; DVD 4875

Often an Orphan (1949)
Abandoned in the country by his old master, Charlie Dog tries to force himself upon farmer Porky Pig, playing upon his sympathies with a histrionic rendition of the horrors of big-city life. DVD X942

Old Glory (1939)
Directed by Chuck Jones. Porky falls asleep after refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Uncle Sam comes to him in his dreams and explains to him what the pledge means, and how it honors those who gave their life for the nation. Porky sees the error of his ways. DVD 8517; also included on DVD 4020

One Froggy Evening (1955)
A construction worker finds a singing and dancing frog in the cornerstone of the J.C. Wilber Building, an old structure (built in 1892) that he is demolishing. The finder's mind races with the possibilities of getting rich by exploiting this singing frog. But when he tries to cash in on his discovery, he finds that the frog will sing only for him... and just croak for the talent agent and the audience in the theater that he's spent his life savings on. DVD 3136; DVD 3137; also included on DVD 3564; vhs Video/C MM161

Operation Rabbit (1952)
Wile E. Coyote, nemesis of The Road Runner, makes the first of several attempts to use Bugs Bunny to satisfy both his craving for food and his mental craving for the thrill of capturing some helpless desert animal with an elaborate scientific contraption. DVD 7359

Outpost (1944)
Snafu has an object lesson on the value of complete and accurate regular reports when he discovers and reports evidence of the enemy's presence at his assigned area. DVD 2004

A Pest in the House (1947)
A sleepy man demands total quiet from hotel manager Elmer Fudd, but bellhop Daffy's noisy antics keep prompting the exasperated guest to sock Elmer in the face. DVD X937

Porky's Ant (1941)
A firefly with a miner's lighted helmet explores a camper's tent and the various people-sized items that, from his perspective, are gigantic, then utters the cartoon's single line of dialog. DVD 9358

Porky's Midnight Matinee (1941)
Working backstage at a theater, Porky frees a little ant he finds in a cage, only to learn that it's a rare and valuable trained pygmy ant. DVD 8511

Porky's Prize Pony (1941)
When jockey Porky's thoroughbred gets drunk on linament, a goofy milk-wagon horse takes over for the big race. DVD 8512

Prest-O Change-O (1939)
On a dark and stormy night, the Two Curious Puppies wander into an old dark house, and fall victim to the tricks of a mischievous magician's rabbit. DVD 8497

Private Snafu vs. Malaria Mike (1944)
Snafu learns hard way the consequences of not protecting himself from malaria infection. DVD 2004

Punch Trunk (1953)
A five-inch-high elephant arrives at Pier 38 in New York City in a boatload of bananas. The city is paralyzed by what its residents take to be a mass hallucination. DVD X942

Quentin Quail (1945)
Take-off on Fanny Brice's "Baby Snooks" radio program. An exasperated Mr. Quail tries to catch a worm for his whining daughter, Baby Toots, and gets the worst from a tough crow who has designs on the worm himself. Video Disc 154

Rabbit Fire (1951)
Daffy Duck and Bugs argue back and forth whether it is duck season or rabbit season. The object of their arguments is hunter Elmer Fudd. DVD X4715; DVD 8513

Rabbit Hood (1949)
When Bugs tries to take a carrot from the King's field in Sherwood Forest he's caught in the act by the Sheriff of Nottingham. DVD 7359

Rabbit of Saville (1950)
The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra is tuning up for "The Barber of Seville" when the perennial rabbit hunt lands Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny on stage. Bugs takes over the opera at Elmer's expense. The raised curtain gives Bugs the chance to shave Elmer within an inch of his life to the opera's famous overture. Razor flying, Bugs hacks away at Fudd's face (which looks as if it "might have gone through a machine") covered with a frothy milkshake of shaving cream. DVD X4715; DVD 2073; also included on DVD 3564; vhs Video/C MM161

Rabbit Punch (1948)
Heckling the Champ gets Bugs into the world championship fight as the challenger. DVD 4875; DVD 8513

Robin Hood Daffy (1958)
Daffy haplessly attempts to prove to the jocularly doubtful Friar Tuck Porky that he is actually Robin Hood. DVD 4875

Robin Hood Makes Good (1939)
A fox captures a group of squirrels while they're playing at "Robin Hood." The smallest of the bunch, who'd been bullied into playing the villain and thus avoided capture, uses his ingenuity to rescue his friends. DVD 8517

Rocket-bye Baby (1956)
A cosmic mix-up results in a Martian baby being delivered to Earth, while an Earth baby is sent to Mars. Joseph Wilbur and his wife try to raise the green-skinned, ingenious Martian tyke as if he were an Earthling. But the kid builds his own spaceship and flies away, and Wilbur must find him and bring him back, or he'll never be able to make an exchange with the Martian parents for his own boy. DVD X942

Rocket Squad (1956)
Space cops Porky (Sgt. Joe Monday) and Daffy (Officer Frank Tuesday) are assigned to track down the kid who blew the rings off Saturn, as well as the flying saucer bandit. DVD 4875

Roughly Squeaking (1946)
Cheese-chasing mice Hubie and Bertie convince a dumb cat that he's actually a lion, and that the mean bulldog in the back yard is really a moose. Eventually they convince the dog he's a gazelle, then a pelican. DVD 8517

Saddle Silly (1941)
A Pony Express rider's adventures in getting the mail through Indian country. Video Disc 154

Scardy Cat (1948)
Porky and Sylvester spend the night in an old dark house, whose horrors only Sylvester sees. His repeated attempts to save Porky from the ghoulish doings of the killer mice infesting the place only make the skeptical Porky all the more convinced of Sylvester's cowardice. DVD 2073

The Scarlet Pumpernickel (1950)
Daffy "Dumas" Duck has written his own screenplay which parodies The Scarlet Pimpernel and tries to sell it to "J.L.," the studio head. The cartoon concerns itself less with "The Scarlet Pimpernel," Baroness Emmuska Orczy's tale of an heroic figure who smuggles doomed noblemen out of Paris during the French Revolution, than with mocking swashbucklers in general and Errol Flynn in particular (Errol is mentioned no less than three times). Daffy plays the title character, a dashing highwayman (as Flynn) with an unspecified mission in life, except to irritate the Lord High Chamberlain (Porky as Claude Rains). The Chamberlain, realizing that his daughter Melissa is the Scarlet Pumpernickel's true love, arranges to marry her to the Grand Duke (Sylvester as Basil Rathbone), hoping that this will flush the Pumpernickel out of hiding. Elmer Fudd has a small part as the proprietor of the King's Nostril Inn. DVD 2073

Scent-imental Over You (1947)
Jealous of all the high-class dogs in their fine coats, a little Mexican hairless pooch borrows one, not realizing it's a skunk's pelt. Once she has it on, she finds everyone fleeing from her, except for the amorous Pepe Le Pew. DVD 8517

Scrambled Aches (1957)
Wile E. Coyote uses, among other things, a dehydrated boulder to try to catch the Road Runner. He applies a drop of water to enlarge it from pebble-size to usual boulder dimensions, but it enlarges as Wile E. is lifting it over his head, coming down on top of him. DVD 3137

Sniffles and the Bookworm (1939)
Literary characters come to life late at night in a bookshop, serenading Sniffles the mouse with swing music until the Frankenstein monster intrudes. DVD 8517

Sniffles Bells the Cat (1940)
Sniffles the mouse's friends talk him into putting a bell around the neck of the troublesome house cat. Video Disc 154

Sniffles Takes a Trip (1940)
Sniffles the mouse is in the country for a restful vacation, but the woodland creatures keep him awake and eventually frighten him into scurrying back to the city. DVD X942; DVD 8518

Snowman's Land (1939)
In the Canadian north, a little Mountie runs afoul of the dread outlaw, Dirty Pierre DVD 8518

Private Snafu has a secret: his ship leaves for Africa at 4:30. He's determined to keep it, but bit by bit it slips out, and eventually, the details end up right on Hitler's desk and the ship is attacked. DVD 360; also on DVD 35 and DVD 5529; vhs Video/C MM177

Stage Fright(1940)
The Two Curious Puppies wander into a theater and run afoul of a trickster magician's rabbit, a playful seal and an intimidating little bird. Video Disc 165

Steal Wool (1957)
Ralph Wolf tries to forcibly remove Sam Sheepdog in order to gain access to a flock of sheep. Without success, he uses a lasso, cannon, a string of firecrackers, and a giant rubber band. DVD 4875

Stop! Look! and Hasten!(1954)
A Burmese tiger trap, a pop-up steel wall, a motorcycle, and a box of Acme-brand leg-building vitamins can't help the Coyote (Eatibus anythingus) catch the Road Runner (Hot Rodicus supersonicus). DVD 3137

Tom's father mistakenly believes that the little bird who's just rescued his tiny son from drowning in the dishwater is attacking the boy and drives it away. Tom sets off to find the bird and gets lost in a fierce snowstorm. DVD 4875

To Duck ... Or Not to Duck(1943)
Daffy challenges duckhunter Elmer to a boxing match, rigged in his favor with the collusion of the duck referee. In the stands, Elmer's dog Larrimore suspects that something funny is going on, but he's drowned out by Daffy's all-duck cheering section. DVD 8519; DVD X942

To Hare Is Human(1956)
Wile E. Coyote consults a "Univac Electric Brain (Do It Yourself)" in his efforts to catch Bugs. DVD 7359

Tom Thumb in Trouble(1940)
Tom's father mistakenly believes that the little bird who's just rescued his tiny son from drowning in the dishwater is attacking the boy and drives it away. Tom sets off to find the bird and gets lost in a fierce snowstorm. DVD X937

Tom Turk and Daffy(1944)
Daffy agrees to hide Tom Turk from Porky, until he learns that Porky is planning to serve the turkey for dinner, then turns stool pigeon. DVD 8511

Toy Trouble(1941)
Sniffles the mouse and his friend the Bookworm try to evade a cat in a the toy department of Lacy's department store. Video Disc 154

Trap Happy Porky(1945)
Porky can't sleep because mice demolish his plates. A cat offers help and gets the mice out, but invites some friends so Porky still can't sleep. DVD 8519

Two's a Crowd (1950)
Claude Cat is determined to get rid of the mistress's birthday present: a new puppy. DVD 8519

Wackiki Wabbit(1943)
On a tropical island a pair of castaways look to Bugs as a source of food. DVD 8520; DVD 4875

Water, Water Every Hare (1952)
A sudden rainstorm floods Bugs Bunny's rabbit hole and puts him in the path of an Evil Scientist and of Rudolph, a beast that is covered in orange fur and shod in sneakers. DVD 8511; DVD 2073

The Weakly Reporter(1944)
Directed by Chuck Jones. Warner Brothers. Animated short. This Chuck Jones animated short parodies the newsreels that were the standard fare for movie theater intermissions during The Second World War. Included are gags about the food and supply shortages civilians had to suffer through, as well as the increasing role women were playing in the American war effort. DVD X942; also included on DVD 6281

The Wearing of the Grin (1951)
Spending the night in an old Irish castle, Porky is put on trial by two leprechauns who suspect him of trying to steal their gold. His sentence: wear the magic green shoes which keep him dancing a jig. DVD 2073

What's Opera, Doc?(1957)
Directed by Chuck Jones. Animated short. One of Chuck Jones' all-time greatest masterpieces and among the finest of all animated shorts of all time, "What's Opera, Doc?" lampooned classic opera by using its elements to set up the latest chapter in Elmer Fudd's hapless pursuit of Bugs Bunny. 7 min. DVD 3136; DVD 3137; also included on DVD 3564

Whoa, Be-Gone!(1958)
Wile E. Coyote's plans for catching the Road Runner involve a giant elastic spring, a gun and trampoline, TNT sticks in a barrel, and tornado seeds. The last of these schemes results in the Coyote being swept up by a twister and carried into a mine field. DVD 3137

You Were Never Duckier (1948)
In an early example of his greedy side, Daffy Duck is insulted when he learns the National Poultry Contest only awards $5 for the best duck, but $5,000 for the best rooster. Daffy disguises himself as a rooster and decides to enter. However, he attracts the attention not of the judges but of Henery Hawk and his father, George K. Chickenhawk. It isn't long before the faux rooster is abducted by the hungry chickenhawks, and Daffy pleads fruitlessly that he is, in fact, NOT a rooster but a duck. Daffy then realizes the contest is about to start, makes a hasty retreat to the auditorium and loses both the $5,000 prize and a $5 prize (for the best duck) to his predators (who are both disguised appropriately, young Henery pretending to be a duck and quacking happily at his small prize). DVD X937

Zipping Along (1953)
Hypnosis doesn't help the Coyote catch the Road Runner, nor do a clutch of string-controlled rifles or dozens of moustraps, but they all manage to backfire on him, naturally. DVD 3137

Zoom and Bored (1957)
Wile E. Coyote uses a bottle full of bees, a brick wall, a boulder in a catapult, and a harpoon gun in his usual unsuccessful attempts to catch the Road Runner. DVD 3137

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