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The Films of Bob Clampett

Onosko, Tim. "Bob Clampett: Cartoonist." Velvet Light Trap: A Critical Journal of Film & Television, Fall75, Issue 15, p38-41, 4p

Africa Squeaks (1940)
Porky Pig goes on a safari in Africa, and runs into an assortment of crazy animals, wacky natives and Kay Kyser giving dance lessons in the middle of the jungle. DVD 9355

Ali-Baba Bound (1940)
Porky finds out that Ali-Baba and his Dirty Sleeves plan to attack the fort; it's up to him to go warn the fort. He gets there to discover everyone has left for the Legion convention in Boston. Porky and his rented camel fend off the attackers themselves for a while, but when the situation gets dire, the young camel summons its mother. Momma takes care of the attacker that's menacing them. The secret weapon, who has been sitting on the bench with an artillery shell strapped to his head, now comes in, but runs right through the fort and into Ali-Baba. DVD 9358

Any Bonds Today? (1942)
Bugs Bunny and friends sing and dance to promote the sale of government bonds in support of the war effort. DVD 8711; vhs 999:2143

Baby Bottleneck (1946)
It's the start of the Baby-Boom, and the overworked delivery system is full of glitches: Mother Goose gets a baby skunk, a Scotty dog gets a little hippo, and Mr. and Mrs. Mouse wind up with a kitten. Porky and Daffy take over the Baby Factory and get things straightened out until an unidentified egg comes rolling down the assembly line. DVD 3136

Bacall to Arms (1946)
A Hollywood wolf makes a pass at a cute movie usherette, gets slapped in the face, then settles down for the show. But his juices get flowing again when the feature ("To Have... To Have... To Have...") comes on and he's inflamed by the hot romantic scenes between Bogey Gocart and Laurie Becool. DVD X937

The Bashful Buzzard (1945)
Once again, as in 'Bugs Bunny Gets The Boid (1942)' , Beaky Buzzard is sent out by his Italian-voiced Mamma to bring home something to eat. While his brothers fetch a milk cow (with farmer attached), a string of circus elephants (including a baby one brandishing a banner reading "I am NOT Dumbo") and a dog attached to a fire hydrant, Beaky manages to capture a baby bumble bee. DVD X937

The Big Snooze (1946)
Elmer is so fed up with chasing and never catching Bugs that he quits cartoons. He rips up his contract and makes sure "Mr. Warner" knows that he's quitting. He decides to go fishing instead of hunting. That's when he falls asleep and Bugs invades his dreams. Bugs and Elmer appear as "Rabbit and Costello" in a deranged escapade, including a spoof on Dumbo's "Pink Elephants on Parade" sequence. Elmer appears in drag: "Have any of you girls ever had an experience like this?" DVD 3137; DVD 8514

Birdy and the Beast (1944)
Tweety is set upon by a fat, jowly cat, who winds up with, among other things, a dozen eggs and a gallon of gasoline in his mouth instead of the little bird. DVD 8513

Booby Traps (1944)
Pvt. Snafu thinks he's too smart to get caught by an enemy booby trap, but he soon finds that the traps are alluring and that he is every bit the booby. DVD 35; DVD 5529; DVD 2004

Book Revue (1946)
The ultimate Warner Brothers "books come to life" cartoon. Parodies and caricatures of Harry James, Frank Sinatra, 'Benny Goodman' , Tommy Dorsey, Gene Krupa, Jimmy Durante and, in a wild take-off on Danny Kaye, Daffy launches into a Russian-accented version of "Carolina in the Morning," then scat-sings his way through the tale of "Red Riding Hood" with 'Margaret O'Brien (I)' as Red. DVD 3136

Buckaroo Bugs (1944)
Bugs is the Masked Marauder, a carrot thief whom Brooklyn's Red Hot Ryder must try to bring to justice. DVD8510; DVD X937

Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (1942)
Mama Buzzard wants her children to learn to bring back meat for dinner. One buzzardling is shy and has to be kicked out of the nest. He's told to at least bring back a rabbit. DVD 6006; DVD 2073

The Cagey Canary (1941)
A cat (not Sylvester) tries to capture a little canary bird (not Tweety), and not get caught by protective Granny. DVD 8518

Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs (1943)
A blackface parody of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with a strong swing backbeat...and no apologies! Mammy (who resembles Aunt Jemima) tells her "Honey Child" the story of "So White" and the wicked Queen who "was as rich as she was mean." "She had everything," including sugar, coffee, auto tires, scrap metal, Chattanooga choo-choos, and a family coat of arms consisting of dice and switchblades. So White is a lascivious sexpot forced to wash miles and miles of laundry as she sings "Blues in the Night." "Magic Mirror on the wall, send me a prince about six feet tall," intones the Queen. When zoot-suited, thick-lipped hipster Prince Chawmin' (who has dice for teeth!) finds So White "dynamite," the Queen calls in Murder Inc. to "black out So White." Prince Chawmin' and the dwarfs are all miniature caricatures of Fats Waller, except for one who resembles Stepin Fetchit. The prince kisses and tries to revive the heroine. DVD 2441; DVD 9355; DVD 2443

A Corny Concerto (1943)
Making fun of "Fantasia", Bugs, Porky Pig and Porky's dog do a ballet after Elmer Fudd introduces "A Tale of the Vienna Woods." DVD X937; DVD 3137; DVD 8512

A Coy Decoy (1941)
Characters on book covers come to life, including Porky and Daffy. The "Wolf of Wall Street" chases Daffy through "The Hurricane," "The Storm" and across "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" before expiring in "For Whom the Bell Tolls." DVD X937; DVD 8515

Crazy Cruise(1942)
A parody of a travelogue with stops at a tobacco plantation, the Caribbean, the Swiss Alps, the Pyramids, the African jungle and, of course, Veronica Lake. DVD X937; also included on DVD 8514

The Daffy Doc (1938)
Doctor Quack is doing an operation, and Daffy is his assistant. Things start out sedately enough, with Daffy asking for quiet in various ways. Then the operation starts, and after handing over instruments at a ever-increasing pace, Daffy loses it and is ejected. He gets his head stuck in an iron lung, and feels the effects for a while. Daffy goes in search of a patient of his own, and Porky happens to walk by in time to fall victim to Daffy's mallet. Daffy hits himself on the head and has a consultation with the second and third image of himself. They agree to operate; Daffy chases Porky, and they both get stuck in the iron lung. DVD X937

Dough for the Do-Do (1949)
Porky ventures into Darkest Africa in search of the last Do-Do bird, and winds up in Wackyland, a surreal place where the sun comes up atop a human pyramid, the Warner Brothers shield comes zooming from the sky, and populated by creatures such as a three-headed Larry Moe and Curly beast. The Do-Do finally appears, to great fanfare, and eludes Porky by pulling out a pencil and drawing himself a door. DVD 2073

Draftee Daffy (1945)
Daffy Duck is desperate to elude the draft board respresentative bearing his conscription order. DVD 4875

Eatin' on the Cuff or The Moth Who Came to Dinner (1942)
A live-action piano player relates the story of the Moth who, on his way to marry his Honey Bee, falls into the clutches of an amourous black widow spider, who at one point disguises herself as Veronica Lake in an attempt to snare her man, er, bug. DVD X937

Falling Hare (1943)
"Falling Hare is a 1943 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Robert Clampett, starring Bugs Bunny. The title is another play on "hair", as "falling hair" refers to impending baldness, while in this cartoon's climax, the title turns out to be descriptive of Bugs' situation. Within the cartoon are several contemporary pop culture references, including to Wendell Willkie, John Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men and the folk songs "Yankee Doodle", "I've Been Working on the Railroad", and the Russian folk song "Dark Eyes. In addition, the Gremlin's behavior is possibly a homage to Bob Clampett's version Daffy Duck (for example, he is seen in one scene riding an invisible bicycle, one of Daffy's old trademarks, among other acts.)" The Gremlin holds the distinction, along with Cecil Turtle,the unnamed mouse from "Rhapsody Rabbit" and the fly from Baton Bunny, of being one of the very few antagonists to actually outsmart and rattle Bugs." [Wikipedia] DVD 8512; also included on DVD X817

Farm Frolics (1941)
A series of spot gags about farm life. Running gag: why are all the little piggies watching the clock so intently? DVD X937; DVD 8515

Fighting Tools (1943)
Pvt. Snafu suffers the consequences of not keeping his equipment and weapons properly maintained. DVD 8719; vhs Video/C 7627 and vhs Video/C 999:2146

The Film Fan (1939)
"Porky Pig is on his way to the store to pick up some groceries for his mother when he walks by a sign saying that the local movie theater is having a "kids admitted free" day. The excited Porky rushes in and views a series of spoofs of newsreels, movie trailers, feature films, and even the Lone Ranger!" [IMDB] DVD 4875 and DVD 8900; also included on DVD X344

Goofy Groceries (1941)
Grocery store products come to life, along with caricatures of Jack Benny, Rochester and Ned Sparks, and take-offs on Superman and King Kong. DVD 4875; DVD 9359

The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (1946)
While reading his favorite comic book (Dick Tracy), Daffy accidentally knocks himself unconscious and dreams that he's "Duck Twacy, famous detective," trying to solve the case of the missing piggy banks. He even crosses paths with Sherlock Holmes! Porky Pig appears briefly (in a non-speaking cameo role) as a mustachioed trolley bus driver whose vehicle bears the prominent destination sign "To Gangster Hideout." More "To Gangster Hideout" signs along the track helpfully point the way. Once there, he meets up with such grotesque criminals as Eighty-Eight Teeth, the man with piano keys for teeth; Neon Noodle, who is made entirely of neon light; Snake Eyes, the man with dice for eyes; Bat Man, a giant baseball bat with arms and legs; and Rubberhead, who stammers "I'm gonna rub you out!" before nearly erasing Daffy out of the cartoon. Daffy might be over his head facing this tremendous group of evil villains. DVD 8497; DVD 3136

A Gruesome Twosome (1945)
Two cats (one a caricature of Jimmy Durante) battle violently for the affections of a pretty girl cat, who'll dispense her favors on the one who brings her a little bird. Unfortunately for the lovestruck felines, the bird in question is a vicious little thing named Tweety. DVD 4875

Hare Ribbin' (1944)
Bugs is chased into a lake by a French Poodle who speaks with a thick French accent; the rest of the story unfolds under water. DVD 8516; DVD X937

The Henpecked Duck (1941)
Mrs. Duck sues Daffy for divorce in Judge Porky Pig's courtroom, charging her husband with losing their egg in an abortive magic trick. DVD 8511

The Hep Cat (1942)
A cat-about-town fancies himself such an irresitible "hunk" he momentarily resembles Victor Mature. His wooing of a cute kitten gets derailed by a prankster dog using a cat hand puppet to trap him. DVD 3136

Horton Hatches the Egg (1942)
Horton the elephant agrees to watch over lazy Maisie bird's egg while she vacations. Much later, after standing (and sitting) guard 100-percent faith- fully through rain and snow, Horton and the egg are captured by three hunters and put in a circus. Maisie happens by just as the egg is about to hatch and demands that Horton give it back to her. DVD X942

An Itch in Time (1943)
Elmer threatens to give his dog a bath if he doesn't stop scratching, but the poor pooch is the victim of a hungry flea whose tools of the trade include pickaxes and dynamite. DVD 4875

Kitty Kornered (1946)
Porky puts his cats out in the snow, but then they put him out and have a party. Expelling them again, Porky goes to bed, only to be terrorized by the felines' mock Martian invasion. DVD 3136

Kristopher Kolumbus (1939)
"Porky Pig is Kristopher Kolumbus, who sets off to discover the New World carrying Queen Isabella's treasures (including her jewels, a slingshot and a Jr. G-Man badge). Porky is met by some weird-looking Indians, some of whom he takes back to the Old World to introduce to the court of Queen Isabella. A hush falls over the hall as the natives prepare to demonstrate their native dance. True to the Warner Bros. tradition, a wild jitterbug scene ensues with music from the studio orchestra." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD X344

The Lone Stranger and Porky (1939)
The Lone Stranger is sleeping when his faithful, if overly caricatured, Indian scout sees stagecoach driver Porky being robbed by a bad guy. The scout summons the Lone Stranger, who rides to the rescue. The bad guy goes after him (and, briefly, the narrator). But just in the nick of time, the Lone Stranger recovers and conquers the bad guy. Meanwhile, Silver and the villain's horse have been having their own close encounter, and Silver returns with several little colts. vhs 999:2143

Meet John Doughboy (1941)
Porky introduces a newsreel of wartime spot gags, including a spoof of the RKO Pictures logo, and caricatures of Jack Benny and Rochester DVD X942

The Old Grey Hare (1944)
Elmer Fudd is taken far into the future (past 1990) and Bugs thinks back to when they first met as little babies. DVD X4715

Patient Porky (1940)
Porky checks into a hospital with a tummyache; he has the bad luck to encounter a patient posing a "Dr. Chilled-Air" who is a bit too eager to operate. DVD X937

Pilgrim Porky (1942)
Directed by Bob Clampett. "The Pilgrims, led by captain Porky Pig, set sail from Plymouth for America. We get a series of ocean sailing blackout gags, including a running bit between our narrator and the cook, looking for a fish suitable for dinner, a singing trio interrupted by seasickness, flying fish (in airplanes). Then, The Rains Came. A collision with an iceberg is narrowly averted. Land is sighted. The pilgrims are welcomed by Chief Sitting Bull." [Internet Movie Database] DVD X937; also included on DVD X4188

Polar Pals (1939)
Porky Pig inhabits an igloo in the Arctic, where he beds with a covering a several live, furry polar bears, bathes in a shower whose water instantly freezes into long icicles, and dances in the ice and snow with the native fauna. When a greedy fur trapper named I. Killem arrives to threaten Porky's walrus, bear, and seal friends, Porky acts to repel the trapper by firing a musket which spits out buckshot and explosives. Killem flees in what he thinks is a kayak but is actually a whale. DVD X937

Porky and Daffy (1938)
"Daffy is a looney boxer and Porky is his manager. Porky arranges a big bout for Daffy for a $500 prize at a packed arena. His opponent, the Champ, appears to be a tall, wimpy chicken. However, when the chicken disrobes, he displays powerful drumsticks. Daffy turns chicken and runs for his life. The killer chicken decks him, but Porky clamps a metal lid on his head and rings his bell. Daffy becomes a tiger and defeats the chicken." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD 3512

Porky in Egypt (1938)
Porky is a tourist. He's missed the main camel, so he rents one of his own. Both of them are soon overcome by the hot desert sun; the camel starts hallucinating, and marches off, playing the bagpipes. Porky sees the camel swimming in a pool, but it turns out to be a mirage. The camel eventually recovers enough to bring both of them back to town, where Porky goes mad. DVD 4875

Porky in Wackyland (1938)
Porky Pig goes on a hunt to catch the surreally elusive last Do-Do bird. DVD 3136

Porky's Five & Ten(1937)
Porky decides to sail to a tropical island to open a store. The fish try to rob him. Included on DVD X178

Porky's Hero Agency(1937)
Porky is reading the myth of the Greek gorgon, who turned everyone she looked at into stone. Mother tells him it's bed time; he dreams of being the hero that saves Greece, Porkyakarkus. The Gorgon runs a photo studio; Porky sneaks in and grabs her life-restoring needle, saving civilization just before he wakes up. Included on DVD 7585

Porky's Last Stand (1940)
"Porky and Daffy run a diner. The eggs come from chickens kept on the premises. A customer orders a hamburger, and Daffy discovers the mice have gotten to the meat first and left a note. He spots a calf outside and goes after it but ends up having to fight off a large bull. Meanwhile, Porky is preparing an order of two eggs, but one of them is actually a baby chick, who runs away. Daffy manages to sic the bull on Porky, who does some acrobatics to escape until Daffy lures the bull back to him. The bull finally crashes into the diner." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD X346

Porky's Movie Mystery (1939)
this parody of the "Mr. Moto" series, a mysterious phantom is causing trouble at the Warner Bros Studios. The police call in Mr. Motto (Porky Pig) to investigate. vhs 999:2143

Porky's Party (1938)
Porky's birthday. His uncle sends him a silkworm that churns out articles of clothing when it hears the word "sew." After a sock and a bra, Porky stuffs it in a pocket to prepare for his party. He uses some hair tonic, then his dog Black Fury has some for himself it's 99% alcohol. The guests arrive: a penguin and a goose. The penguin, shoveling in the food, accidentally swallows the worm, which starts churning out top hats, which pop open inside the penguin's head. The goose tries increasingly violent ways of remedying this. Meanwhile, Porky's dog, lathered with shaving cream, runs in and is branded a mad dog. DVD 4875

Porky's Pooch(1941)
"A dog named Rover explains to a black, down-on-his-luck shaggy dog named Andy how he got his master. He went into a hotel room and bothered someone taking a bath--Porky Pig. Porky doesn't want Rover as a pet, no matter how many times Rover tries to make Porky adopt him." [IMDB] DVD X937; also included on DVD X337

Porky's Poor Fish(1940)
Porky Pig owns a fish store and goes out to lunch. After a cat is not having much success with a mouse, he goes into the fish store when Porky is away. When the cat thinks he has the good appetite, the fish go to war against him and drive him out of the store. He is then freaked out by the mouse and shrinks as the mouse grows. DVD 7359

Porky's Poppa (1938)
We take a tour of Porky's Poppa's farm, to the tune of Old MacDonald. After meeting several animals, "on this farm, he has a mortgage" which he frets over, particularly since Bessie has stopped producing milk. Poppa orders an Acme milk producing robot, and the beast vs. machine battle is on. DVD X937

Prehistoric Porky (1940)
Caveman Porky awakens and plays with his pet Rover, a massive dinosaur. After Rover's playfulness causes a disruption to the prehistoric peace and quiet, Porky's copy of "Expire" magazine arrives in the mail, filled with ads for fashionable new bearskins. Porky decides to go out and get himself a new suit, and sets off with his trusty club. DVD 7359

Russian Rhapsody (1944)
As Adolph Hitler personally flies a bomber on a mission to the Soviet Union, the gremlins from the Kremlin set about to stop him. DVD X942

Slap Happy Pappy (1940)
"A chicken on Porky's farm named Eddie Cackler gets all daughters and wants to have a boy baby, which the hens are "eggspecting." A Bing Crosby chicken gives him some crooning advice, as that is how he was able to have all boys.." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD X136

The Sour Puss (1940)
A canary commits suicide, and Porky's goofy pet cat "Sour Puss" kisses a mouse. Porky and Sour Puss go fishing. Although the cat has been dreaming of a fish dinner, they find only uncatchable flying fish. They are harassed by a goofy flying fish who puts them in a number of hilarious situations. In the final scene, the flying fish pretends to be a politically incorrect Japanese shark. But then a real shark shows up... DVD 7359

A Tale of Two Kitties (1942)
Babbit and Catstello, take-offs on Bud Abbott and Lou Costello try to catch the little Tweety bird, using everything from stilts to dynamite. Trouble is, the tiny bird has a vicious streak in him. DVD 8512; DVD X937

Tick Tock Tuckered (1944)
Porky and Daffy are workers at an aircraft company, and are chronically late. Why? Because they have a great deal of trouble getting to sleep, between the noisy cats, the full moon shining insistently, the sudden rain shower (and leak in the roof). DVD 8519

The Timid Toreador (1940)
Porky Pig is a street vendor in Old Mexico, selling really hot tamales. In the village bullfight stadium, "Slapsy Maxie Rosenbull" is making short work of the local matadors. Porky absent-mindedly wanders into the bullfight ring, and is clearly out of his element until the bull makes the mistake of fearlessly eating Porky's entire stock of tamales to prove how macho he is. The bull explodes, making Porky the triumphant toreador. DVD 2440

Tin Pan Alley Cats (1943)
A "Fats Waller" cat visits the Kit Kat Club to be tempted by wine, women and song, rather than listen to the pious sermons and hymns of the Uncle Tomcat Mission. A jazz version of "Nagasaki" gets so hot and makes him sing so high that it sends him "out of this world," straight to a Technicolor Wackyland, complete with Hitler, Stalin and Japanese enemies. Scared back to earth, he runs from the club to join the Uncle Tomcat Mission band for a rendition of "Dat Ol' Time Religion." DVD 9357; DVD 2443; DVD 2441

Tokyo Woes (1945)
"Tokyo Rose" broadcasts a message encouraging servicemen not to bother with war bonds. The Sad Sack, a fake U.S. POW with a Porky Pig voice, explains that life is so wonderful in Japan that he intends to move there permanently with his family. To the proposition "What good will bonds do?" Mr. Hook responds with a missile shell containing a reply from a "talking bond," along with a number of explosive devices. Post-war, another shell lands on Hook, this time containing the "talking bond" delivering all the benefits from his investment. DVD 5529; DVD X937; DVD 8769

Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)
Bugs challenges Cecil Turtle to race, only this time he's wearing an aerodynamic suit like Cecil's. Unfortunately, the gambling ring has bet everything on the rabbit, and Bugs now looks like a tortoise. DVD 6006; DVD 2073

Wabbit Twouble (1941)
The sign greeting campers says, "Welcome to Jellostone National Park: A Restful Retreat." Elmer Fudd finds this to be a dirty lie when Bugs Bunny torments him for the fun of it. Bugs will trick Elmer into thinking day is night, mid-air is safe ground, and his rabbity self is a grizzly bear before Elmer commits an act he'll immediately regret. DVD 8514; DVD 2073

Wacky Blackout (1942)
We tour a farm and see how the various animals are preparing for the war, in a series of blackout skits. DVD X942

Wacky Wabbit (1942)
Bugs arrives in the desert to find Elmer prospecting for gold. Fudd is finally driven to pull his own gold tooth. DVD X937; DVD 8519

Wagon Heels (1945)
Porky leads a wagon train into "Injun Joe Territory," and finally comes up against the fearsome Superchief. But Sloppy Moe, a survivor of a previous Injun Joe attack, knows something about him he won't tell... until the very end. DVD X937

What Price Porky (1938)
Porky tries to feed his chickens, but some ducks steal the corn he puts out, then declare war. The battle rages, with the ducks against the chickens, sometimes in wing-to-wing combat, but also aerial attacks, and Porky finally turning the tide with his machine gun improvised from a wringer washer and a bag of corn. But the ducks still get the last laugh. DVD X937

What's Cookin' Doc? (1944)
When James Cagney wins the Oscar Bugs shows a clip from "Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt" (1941) and demands a recount of the voting. DVD 9503; DVD 8520

Wise Quacks (1939)
Daffy Duck arrives home one day to find Mrs. Duck expecting. As we see Mrs. Duck trying everything she can to get her eggs to hatch, Daffy gets into the "corn juice" to calm his frazzled nerves, and is roaring drunk when his children are born. When a dastardly vulture kidnaps Daffy's littlest duckling, the besotted duck must try to save the little duckling, and he enlists the aid of Porky Pig to do so. DVD X937

The Wise Quacking Duck (1943)
"The aptly named Mr. Meek is sent by Sweety Puss to kill Daffy for dinner. Daffy escape the hatchet, and hides behind a haystack, squirting ketchup for blood and making dying noises. Mr. Meek sees through this, and chases Daffy into the house. Inside the house, there's a lot of chasing, Daffy does a striptease, and faced down a shotgun twice." [Internet Movie Database] DVD X937; also included on DVD X338

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