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Bibliography of books/articles about Oliver Stone

Anderson, Carolyn.
"Biographical Film." In: A Handbook of American Film Genres. Ed. Wes D. Gehring. pp: 331-51. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1988.
Main Stack PN1993.5.U6.H3351 1988
Doe Refe PN1993.5.U6.H3351 1988 Non-circulating
Moffitt Refe PN1993.5.U6.H3351 1988

Anderson, Carolyn and Lupo, John
"Hollywood lives: the state of the biopic at the turn of the century." In: Genre and contemporary Hollywood / edited by Steve Neale. London: BFI Publishing, 2002.
Main Stack PN1993.5.U6.G46 2002

Atkinson, Michael
"Long black limousine: rock biopics." In: Ghosts in the machine: speculating on the dark heart of pop cinema / by Michael Atkinson. 1st Limelight ed. New York: Limelight Editions, 1999.
Main Stack PN1995.A775 1999

Babington, Bruce.
"To catch a star on your fingertips': diagnosing the medical biopic from The Story of Louis Pasteur to Freud." In: Signs of life : cinema and medicine / edited by Graeme Harper and Andrew Moor. London ; New York : Wallflower Press, 2005.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995.9.P44 S54 2005

Bastin, Giselle
"Filming the Ineffable: Biopics of the British Royal Family." a/b: Auto/Biography Studies, Volume 24, Number 1, Summer 2009, pp. 34-52
UC users only

Bell, Alana.
"Biopic bibliography." Biography: an interdisciplinary quarterly (23:1) [Winter 2000] , p.212-222.
UCB users only

Belodubrovskaya, Maria
"The jockey and the horse: Joseph Stalin and the biopic genre in Soviet cinema." Studies in Russian & Soviet Cinema, 2011, Vol. 5 Issue 1, p29-53, 25p
UCB users only

Bergan, Ronald
"Whatever happened to the biopic?" Films & Filming nr 346 (July 1983); p 21-22.
Survey of the range of biopics.

Bingham, Dennis.
The biopic as contemporary film genre / Dennis Bingham. New Brunswick, NJ : Rutgers University Press, 2010.
Full-text available online (UC Berkeley users only)

Bingham, Dennis.
'I Do Want To Live!': Female Voices, Male Discourse, and Hollywood Biopics." Cinema Journal. 38(3):3-26. 1999 Spring
UCB users only

Bingham, Dennis.
Whose Lives Are They Anyway? : The Biopic as Contemporary Film Genre New Brunswick, NJ : Rutgers University Press, 2010.
Full text available online (UC Berkeley users only)
Challenges the assumptions about fifties film biographies and explores how "I want to live" finds male filmmakers identifying with a female protagonist in opposition to male institutions.

Coppola, Don.
"Bringing Historical Characters to Life: An Interview with Stephen J. Rivele." Cineaste: America's Leading Magazine on the Art and Politics of the Cinema. 27 (2): 16-19. 2002 Spring.
UCB users only
Presents hitan interview hitwith screenwriter Stephen hitJ. hitRivele, focusing on his work on the film "Ali." Includes his comments about becoming a screenwriter, balancing dramatic writing hitwith accurate portrayals when writing about historical figures, collaborating with his writing partner Christopher Wilkinson, and other related topics.

Bruss, Elizabeth W.
"Eye for I: making and unmaking autobiography in film." In: Autobiography, essays theoretical and critical / edited by James Olney Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, c1980
Main Stack CT25.A951 1980
Moffitt CT25.A95

Ciment, Michel (ed. and introd.)
"La Biographie filmée." Positif: Revue Mensuelle de Cinema, vol. 540, pp. 80-110, February 2006

Crawford, T. Hugh.
"Glowing Dishes: Radium, Marie Curie, And Hollywood." Biography 2000 23(1): 71-89.
"Discusses the cultural power of images of science and scientists produced by film biography. Using Mervyn LeRoy's Madame Curie (1943) as an example, the author charts the remarkable symmetry between some feminist critiques of science and some versions of feminist film theory of the 1990's, particularly in relation to notions of enlightenment, objectification, and identity." [America: History and Life]

Custen, George F.
Bio/pics : how Hollywood constructed public history New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c1992.
MAIN: PN1995.9.B55 C87 1992
MOFF: PN1995.9.B55 C87 1992
Contents via Google books

Custen, George F.
"Making History." In: The Historical film: history and memory in media / edited and with an introduction by Marcia Landy. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, c2001. Rutgers depth of field series.
Main Stack PN1995.9.H5.H59 2001

Custen, George F.
"The Mechanical Life in the Age of Human Reproduction: American Biopics, 1961-1980." Biography 23.1 (2000) 127-159
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Custen, George F.
"Night and day. Cole Porter, Warner Bros., and the re-creation of a life."Cineaste Vol XIX nr 2-3 (1992); p 42-44
On how the biographical film "Night and day" idealized Cole Porter's life and ignored his homosexuality.

Custen, George F.
"The mechanical life in the age of human reproduction: American biopics, 1961-1980." Biography: an interdisciplinary quarterly (23:1) [Winter 2000] , p.127-159.
UC users only

Custen, George F.
Bio/pics: how Hollywood constructed public history New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, c1992.
Main Stack PN1995.9.B55.C87 1992
Moffitt PN1995.9.B55.C87 1992
Contents via Google books

Davis, Natalie Zemon.
"Any Resemblance to Persons Living or Dead': Film and the Challenge of Authenticity." Yale Review 76.4 (Summer 1987): 457-82.

Dickstein, Morris
"This Was Your Life: The Year of the Biopic." Dissent Volume 52, Number 2, Spring 2005 (whole No. 219) UC users only

Dixon, Simon
"Picture perfect: artist stereotypes in film." Art Papers v. 22 no. 6 (November/December 1998) p. 32-3 UC users only
"Artist stereotypes in motion pictures are discussed. The writer discusses a number of artist biopics, from Peter Watkins's Edvard Munch (1976) to John Maybury's Love is the Devil--Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon (1998). He observes that whereas the artist biopic that teaches much about painting itself is rare, fully fictional movies, in which the prosaic facts of the artist's life can be ignored altogether, have the greatest tendency to stereotype the artist." [Art Index]

Doherty, Thomas
"Sex, half-truths and videotape: "Auto focus" and "Confessions of a dangerous mind"." Cineaste Vol XXVIII nr 2 (Spring 2003); p 10-13
UC users only
Looks at the new breed of biopics which center on television celebrities and examines the lives of Bob Crane and Chuck Barris who are the subjects of "Auto focus" and "Confessions of a dangerous mind".

Eaton, Michael
Bugsy and Clyde." Sight & Sound Vol I nr 11 (Mar 1992); p 4
"Notes on biographical films, with particular reference to "Bugsy".

Elsaesser, Thomas
Film history as social history: The Dieterle/Warner Brothers bio-pic."Wide Angle Vol VIII nr 2 (1986); p 15-31
Argues that the social in cinema is always 'imaginary' with special reference to the Warner Brothers biopics directed by William Dieterle.

Felleman, Susan.
"Dirty Pictures, Mud Lust, and Abject Desire." Film Quarterly; Fall2001, Vol. 55 Issue 1, p27, 14p
UC users only

Fischer, Lucy.
"Marlene: Modernity, Mortality, and the Biopic." Biography-An Interdisciplinary Quarterly. 23(1):193-211. 2000 Winter
UC users only
"One of the major genres in Hollywood is the so-called biopic, and, frequently, such films have focused on the life of a well-known actress: Gertrude Lawrence, Frances Farmer, or Susan Hayward, for instance. Just as cinema has reworked genres like the Western and the musical (in films like Silverado or Pennies from Heaven), so the biopic is subject to modernist or postmodernist elaboration. This is the project of Maximilian Schell's experimental biopic Marlene (1983), which seeks to examine the life and career of Marlene Dietrich. Frustrating Schell's desire, however, is the fact that, although she commissioned the film, Dietrich refused to appear in it, leaving the filmmaker-biographer to deal with only photographs and archival film footage. Nonetheless, this highly self-reflexive work raises questions about the nature of biography, the relationship between cinema and death, and the ontology of the film medium." [America: History and Life]

Ford, Elizabeth
Royal portraits in Hollywood : filming the lives of queens / Elizabeth A. Ford and Deborah C. Mitchell Lexington, Ky. : University Press of Kentucky, c2009.
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995.9.Q35 F67 2009
Contents: Queen Christina of Sweden -- Catherine the Great -- Cleopatra -- Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland -- Queen Victoria -- Marie Antoinette -- Queen Elizabeth I.

Freeman, J.
"Biographical films." Theatre Arts v. 25 (December 1941) p. 900-6

Fulford, R.
"Portrait of the artist as explosive device." [artists in some recent and not-so-recent films]. Canadian Art v. 14 (Spring 1997) p. 54-9

Gabara, Rachel.
From split to screened selves : French and Francophone autobiography in the third person Stanford : Stanford University Press, 2006.
MAIN: PQ307.A65 G33 2006
Table of contents only

Gomez, J.
"'Mahler' and the methods of Ken Russell's films on composers." Velvet Light Trap nr 14 (Winter 1975); p 45-50
The use of music and the musical structures of Russell's biographical films.

Good, Howard.
"The Heart of the Order: The Success Myth in Baseball Biopics." In: Beyond the stars: Vol. 5: Themes and Ideologies in American popular film. / edited by Paul Loukides and Linda K. Fuller. Bowling Green, Ohio : Bowling Green University Popular Press, c1990-
Main Stack PN1995.9.C36.B49 1990
Moffitt PN1995.9.C36.B49 1990

Gustafson, Richard.
"The Vogue of the Screen Biography." Film and History 3.3 (1977): 49-54.
UC users only

Halberstam, Judith
"Telling Tales: Brandon Teena, Billy Tipton, and Transgender Biography." In: Passing: identity and interpretation in sexuality, race, and religion / edited by Maria Carla Sanchez and Linda Schlossberg. New York: New York University Press, c2001. Sexual cultures.
Main Stack HM1068.P37 2001

Halskov, Andreas
"The Biography of Great Men The Political Biopic in America." 16:9 10:44 Febrary 2002

Hamilton, Nigel Biography : a brief history / Nigel Hamilton. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2007.
Full text available online (UC Berkeley users only)
Main (Gardner) Stacks CT31 .H36 2007
Moffitt CT31 .H36 2007

Hanson, Cynthia A.
"The Hollywood Musical Biopic and the Regressive Performer." Wide Angle-A Quarterly Journal of Film History Theory & Criticism. 10(2):15-23. 1988
Reveals how biographical films of musicians create a certain kind of sympathy for the main characters, using as examples "La bamba", "Sweet dreams" and "The Buddy Holly story".

Heldt, Guido
"Playing Mozart: Biopics and the musical (re)invention of a composer." Music, Sound & the Moving Image; Spring2009, Vol. 3 Issue 1, p21-46, 26p
UC users only

Hoberman, J.
"Heroes and memories."Sight & Sound Vol III nr 3 (Mar 1993); p 6-9
Analysis of Hollywood's 1990's tendency to produce films based on historical events in the 1960's which mythologise the events and their protagonists, e.g. "Hoffa", "JFK" and "Malcolm X".

Inglis, Ian.
"Popular music history on screen: the pop/rock biopic." Popular Music History, Apr2007, Vol. 2 Issue 1, p77-93, 17p
UC users only

Karsten, Eileen
From real life to reel life: a filmography of biographical films Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1993.
Media Center PN1995.9.B55.K37 1993
Doe Refe PN1995.9.B55.K37 1993Biographies)

Kolker, Robert Phillip
"Ken Russell's biopics: grander and gaudier." Film Comment Vol IX nr 3 (May-June 1973); p 42-45
Discussion of the style of K.R.'s films.

Levasseur, Audrey
"Film and Video Self-Biographies." Biography-An Interdisciplinary Quarterly. 23(1):176-92. 2000 Winter

Lavery, David
"Functional and dysfunctional autobiography: Hope and glory and Distant voices, still lives." Film Criticism Vol XV nr 1 (Fall 1990); p 39-48 Abstract: On the differing approach towards autobiography of "Hope and glory" and "Distant voices, still lives".

Levy, Lisa.
"Storytelling: great love and great work in the biopic." Radical Society: Review of Culture & Politics, July 2002 v29 i2 p87-101
Lisa Levy discusses biography in film, an every era tells inspiring stories about extraordinary people. Biopics, or biographic films have both love and work as their themes and it is difficult to estimate whether an audience prefers a love story or a work story.

Linville, Susan E., (Susan Elizabeth)
Feminism, film, fascism: women's auto/biographical film in postwar Germany / Susan E. Linville. 1st University of Texas Press ed. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1998.
UCB Main PN1993.5.G3 L56 1998

Lupo, Jonathan; Anderson, Carolyn.
"Off-Hollywood Lives: Irony and Its Discontents in the Contemporary Biopic." Journal of Popular Film & Television, Summer2008, Vol. 36 Issue 2, p102-112, 11p
UC users only

Lupo, Jonathan; Anderson, Carolyn.
"Off-Hollywood Lives: Irony and Its Discontents in the Contemporary Biopic." Journal of Popular Film & Television, Summer2008, Vol. 36 Issue 2, p102-112, 11p
UC users only

Lyons, Charles.
"Hollywood takes up art history with biopics." Variety 376 Oct 11/17 (1999): 10.

Magny, Joël
"William Dieterle's "biopics"." Cahiers du Cinéma nr 532 (Feb 1999); p 10
On the biographical films of William Dieterle.

Maio, Kathi
"In the shadowland of the Hollywood biopic." Fantasy & Science Fiction; Oct/Nov94, Vol. 87 Issue 4/5, p77, 7p
UC users only
Comments on the lack of reality portrayed in biographical pictures (biopic) made in Hollywood. Stretching of the truth in stories; Misportrayal of composer Cole Porter in the 1946 film `Night and Day,' directed by Michael Curtiz; Focus on misrepresentations in the film `Shadowlands,' directed by Richard Attenborough.

Man, Glenn (ed.).
"The Biopic." Biography-An Interdisciplinary Quarterly. 23(1). 2000 Winter
UC users only

McFarlane, Brian.
"Portraits in celluloid." Meanjin, March-June 2005 v64 i1-2 p28(8)
UC users only

Millard, Kathryn
"Projected lives: a meditation on biography and cinematic space." In: Screening the past : film and the representation of history / edited by Tony Barta. p. 231-37 Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 1998.
Full text available online (UCB users only)
MAIN: PN1995.2 .S38 1998

Miller, Robert Milton
Star myths: show business biographies on film Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1983.
Main Stack PN1995.9.E77.M5 1983

Murphy, A. Mary
"Model Lives: The Social Value of Filmed Arts Lives." Kinema, Spring 2004

Neale, Stephen.
"Biopics." In: Genre and Hollywood / Steve Neale. London ; New York : Routledge, 2000. Location Call No. Status
Full text available online (UCB users only)
PN1993.5.U6 N436 2000
PN1993.5.U6 N436 2000

Oliver, Charles
"That's life." (biographical motion pictures)(Column) Reason, April 1993 v24 n11 p56(2)
"The biographical film, or biopic, used to be an important part of the studion system in Hollywood, CA, between 1927 and 1960. However, the biopic has suffered from overexposure on television between 1960 and 1990. Some of the recent attempts in biographical films are analyzed." [Expanded Academic Index]

Plagens, Peter
"Biopics Mix Shticks, Kitsch." ARTnews; Dec2006, Vol. 105 Issue 11, p118-121, 4p

Robards, Brooks.
"Reel Art: Excursions into the Biopic, Mystery/Suspense, Melodrama and Movies in the Eighties." In: Beyond the stars: Vol. 3: The material world in American popular film / edited by Paul Loukides and Linda K. Fuller. pp: 106-20. Bowling Green, Ohio: Bowling Green University Popular Press, c1990
Main Stack PN1995.9.C36.B49 1990 Library has: v.[1]-5 (c1990-c1996)
Moffitt PN1995.9.C36.B49 1990 Library has: v.[1]-5 (c1990-c1996)

Robé, Chris.
"Taking Hollywood Back: The Historical Costume Drama, the Biopic, and Popular Front U.S. Film Criticism." Cinema Journal, Winter2009, Vol. 48 Issue 2, p70-87, 18p
UC users only

Rose, Cynthia; Thompson, Ben.
"The Riddle of the Rock Biopic." Sight & Sound. 3(10):14-17. 1993 Oct
On the varied successes of films representing the world of rock music, referring esp. to "What's love got to do with it".

Rosenstone, Robert
"In Praise of the Biopic." In: Lights, camera, history : portraying the past in film / edited by Richard Francaviglia and Jerry Rodnitzky ; with an introduction by Peter C. Rollins ; contributions by Robert Rosenstone ... [et al.]. 1st ed. College Station : Published for the University of Texas at Arlington by Texas A&M University Press, c2007.
Main Stack PN1995.2.L54 2007

Schiavi, Michael R.
"American Fabulous and the Re-Filming of Male Biography."Quarterly Review of Film & Video. 18(1):53-61. 2001 Jan

Schlotterbeck, Jesse.
""Trying to Find a Heartbeat": Narrative Music in the Pop Performer Biopic." Journal of Popular Film & Television, Summer2008, Vol. 36 Issue 2, p82-90, 9p
UC users only

Schlotterbeck, Jesse.
"Whose Lives Are They Anyway?: The Biopic as Contemporary Film Genre." Film Criticism, Fall2010, Vol. 35 Issue 1, p112-116, 5p
UC users only

Schonberg, H.C.
"Film lives of great composers." Harper's Magazine v. 242 (April 1971) p. 110+

Setoodeh, Ramin.
"Are Biopics History?" Newsweek, 2/22/2010, Vol. 155 Issue 8, p59-59, 1p
UC users only

Shor, F.
"Biographical moments in the written and cinematic text: deconstructing the legends of Joe Hill and [...]." Film & History Vol XIV nr 3 (Sept 1984); p 61-68
Compares written biographies of Joe Hill and Buffalo Bill with their portrayal in "Joe Hill" and "Buffalo Bill and the Indians" respectively.

Sinyard, Neil
"Bio-pics: the literary life on film." In: Filming literature : the art of screen adaptation p. 143-55 New York, NY : St. Martin's Press, 1986.
Moffitt PN1997.85 .S5 1986

Smith, Jr., Glenn D.
"Love as Redemption: The American Dream Myth and the Celebrity Biopic." Journal of Communication Inquiry, Jul2009, Vol. 33 Issue 3, p222-238, 17p;
UC users only

Spear, Thomas C. (ed. and introd.).
"Autobiographical Que(e)ries." A/B: Auto/Biography Studies. 15(1):1-165. 2000 Summer

Stevens, Michael G.
Reel portrayals : the lives of 640 historical persons on film, 1929 through 2001 Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c2003.
MAIN: PN1995.9.B55 S74 2003

Thomson, David.
"The Invasion of the 'Real' People." Sight and Sound 47.1 (Winter 1977-1978): 18-22.

Tibbetts, John C.
Composers in the movies : studies in musical biography New Haven : Yale University Press, c2005.
Full text available online (UCB users only)
MAIN: PN1995.9.C553 T53 2005

Tibbetts, John C.
"The lyre of light." Film Comment Vol XXVIII nr 1 (Jan-Feb 1992); p 66-68,71,73
Examines the effect of social and political forces on biographical films about composers.

Welsh, James M.
"Hollywood 'Faction' and the New Biofantasy." Studies in Popular Culture 15.2 (1993): 57-66.

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