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Listing of indexes to film/mass communications journals and related publications
Listing of electronic film and film-related journals at UCB
Journal Sources for Film Criticism and Writing Before 1980

A Note About This List: The following list does not generally include annual or semi-annual publications, such as almanacs, handbooks, catalogs, and book series. Ceased journal titles for which the library only holds a limited number of volumes are also not included. For complete holdings, consult Pathfinder or the CDL Catalog.

For film journals in East Asian languages, consult the East Asiatic Library

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Titles (English Language)


Africa Film & TV (Annual)
Main Stacks PN1993 .S68 1997-1998 - current
(see also electronic journals list)

UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .A3 4(fall 1972)-13(fall 1987) [ceased]

American Cinematographer.
UCB Main Stacks f TR845 .A55 1(1920)-33(1952) (AT NRLF: v. 2 no. 18-28, v. 3-6, v. 11-33 1952)
(see also electronic journals list)

American Film.
Continues in part: Dialogue on film (Center for Advanced Film Studies (American Film Institute)).
Absorbed: Hollywood reporter magazine, formerly published as a monthly issue of: Hollywood reporter.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .A45 BOUND 1:6(Apr 1976)-17:1(Jan/Feb 1992)[ceased]

Animation Journal (Brown University)
(see electronic journals list)

Interview [Andy Warhol's Interview].
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 31899 5(1975)-7:2(Feb 1977)

Annual Film Studies: FS / Purdue University.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .F62484 BOUND 1978-1983(7) [ceased]

Asian Cinema: A Publication of the Asian Cinema Studies Society.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.A75 N4 6(1992)-12(2001)- current

Australian Films. (Canberra, Australia, National Library of Australia)
UCB Main Stacks PN1998 .A871 1940/58-1968, Jan 1973-June 1973, 1979-1981 (All holdings stored NRLF PN1998 .A871)

Australian Journal of Screen Theory.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .A9 1(1976)-17/18(1984) [ceased]


Back stage. NRLF PN1560 B3 v.11-33 no.1, 1970-Jan.1992.

The Bioscope. UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 78619 Sept 1908-May 1932

Black Camera: The Newsletter of The Black Film Center/Archives / Indiana University Department of Afro-America Studies.(see electronic journal list)

Bright Lights Film Journal (see electronic journal list)


Camera Obscura
UCB Main Stacks PN1995.9.W6.C3 1(fall 1976), 3/4(summer 1979), 6(fall 1980), 12-48(2001) - current (see also electronic journals list)

Cineaction! (Toronto: CineAction Collective)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C552 1(spring 1985)-4(winter 1986), 8-9(summer 1987), 12(spring 1988)-32(fall 1993), 34(1994)-54 v.3:3(1969)-5:2(spring 1972), 5:4-24:3(1998), v.26(2000-Fall 2001) (see also electronic journals list)

UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C35 v.3:3(1969)-5:2(spring 1972), 5:4-24:3(1998), v.26(2000-Fall 2001) (see also electronic journals list)

Cinecitta. (English and Italian)
UCB Main PN1993.5.A1 C56 1(Aug 2000)-6(2001)- current

Cinema Arts.
UCB Main Stacks fPN1993.C52 1936(preview issue); June 1937(v.1:1)-Sept 1937(v.1:3)// [ceased] (Shelved at NRLF: 1936-1937)

Cinema in India. (Bombay: National Film Development Corporation)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C53 Library has: BOUND 1(1987)-4(1990); 1991-1993(v.4:1)- current (Shelved at NRLF: Jan 1991-Dec 1991, 1992)

Cinema Journal
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C43 v.7(1967)-15:2, v.16-41(fall 2001-summer 2002) - current (Shelved at NRLF: v.7-19, 22:2-v.23, 25-26: lacks some issues) (see also electronic journals list)

Cinemaya: the Asian Film Magazine.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.A78 C56 1(fall 1988), 3(spring 1989)-4(summer 1989), 7(spring 1990)-9(autumn 1990), 19(spring 1993)-54(spring 2002)-CUMULATIVE INDEXES: 21(1993)-30(1995) (AT NRLF: no.3-4, no.7-9, no.19-22)

Cinemascope (see electronic journals list)

Cine-tracts. (Montreal, Institute of Cinema Studies)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C348 1:2(summer 1977)-3:2(spring 1980), 4:1(spring 1981)-4:2/3(summer/fall 1981)[ceased] (see also electronic journals list)

Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies (see electronic journals list)

Current Research in Film.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C8 1(1985)-4(1988) [ceased]


Daniel Blum's Screen World.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.3.D3.S33 Library has: BOUND 1949(1), 1952(3), 1954(5)-1960(11), 1962(13)-1965(16)// [ceased]

Deep focus. (Bangalore, India)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.I8.D44 1(Dec 1987/Jan 1989)-2:1(1989), 3(1990/91)- 8(1998)- current


East-West Film Journal. (Honolulu, Hawaii: Institute of Culture and Communication, East-West Center: Distributed by the University of Hawaii Press)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.E25 Library has: 6(1992)-8(1994)// [ceased]

EntreextremosLatin (Journal of Latin American Film) (see electronic journals list)


Film Comment
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.F386 v.1:3(1962)-1:5, 2:2(1964)-4:3(winter 1967), 5(fall 1968)-6:2(summer 1970), 6:4(winter 1970/71)-v.8(Nov/Dec 1972), 9:2(Mar/Apr 1973)-25:4(Aug 1989), 25:6(Nov 1989)-v.38(2002) - current News/Micro MICROFILM 2555 1(spring 1962)-4(summer 1968) (see also electronic journals list)

Film Criticism.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.F39 v.3(fall 1978)-19(spring 1995), 20:3(spring 1996)-v.26(fall 2001-spring 2002) - current
(see also electronic journals list)

Film Culture
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.F4 3(May/June 1955)-70/71(1983), 76(June 1992)-79(winter 1996)Library has: CUMULATIVE INDEXES: 1(1955)-75(1985) Index no.1-75 MISSING

The Film Daily Year Book of Motion Pictures.
UCB Main Stacks 906vc F48 1920-1938, 1942-1943, 1945, 1947, 1949, 1951, 1954, 1956-1963 (Shelved at NRLF: 1951, 1954, 1956-1963 1924-1926-1929-1930 Missing: 1927, 1931-1933, 1936

The Film Journal
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.F423 1(spring 1971-winter 1972), 2:2(Jan/Mar 1973), 2:4(1975)// [ceased] (Some volumes in NRLF)(see also electronic journals list)

Film-Philosophy (see electronic journals list)

Film Quarterly. (Continues: Quarterly of Film, Radio and Television)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.F424 v.12(fall 1958)-39:2(winter 1986), 39:4(summer 1986)-v.55(fall 2001-summer 2002)- current (v.25:4 MISSING)(see also electronic journals list)

Film Reader.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.F623 4(1979)-6(1985)// [ceased]

Film Society Newsletter
UCB Main PN1993 .F426 Sept 1964-May 1965// (Some volumes in NRLF)

Film Society Review. (New York: American Federation of Film Societies. Continues: Film Society Newsletter Continued by: Critic )
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.F427 v.1(Sept 1965)-2:1, 2:7-4:5, 4:7-4:8, 5:1, 5:3-5:4, v.6-7(Mar/May 1972)// [ceased] (Some volumes in NRLF)

Film World and A-V News Magazine. (Continues: Film World and A-V World News Magazines. Absorbed: Teaching tools)
Ed-Psych Library PN1993.F43 18(1962)-22:6(June 1966)// [ceased] (Shelved at NRLF: v.18-22 1966)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.F43 16:7(July 1960)-22:6(June 1966)// [ceased] (Shelved at NRLF: v.16-22 1966)

Film World and A-V World News Magazines. (Continues: Film World. Continued by: Film World and A-V News magazine)
UCB Main PN1993 .F43 9(1953)-16:5(May 1960)// (AT NRLF: v.9-16)

Films and Philosophy (London)

Films & Filming (London)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.F64725 325(Oct 1981), 337(Oct 1982)-405(June 1988), 409(Oct 1988)-420(Oct 1989)

Framework. (Coventry, England)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.F75 1(1975)-25(1984), 29(1985)-41(1999) Library has: CUMULATIVE INDEXES: 1(1975)-25(1984)(see also electronic journals list)


Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television
Main Stacks Stack HM258.H52 1(1981)-21(2001); later issues unbound Note: Vol. 13:1, v.15:1-3, v.17:2, v.17:3, v.19:2 include microfiche suppl. inside back cover. (see alsoelectronic journals list)

Hitchcock Annual
UCB Main Stacks PN1998.3.H58.H55 1992-1997/98 - current(see alsoelectronic journals list)

Hollywood Quarterly. (Continued by: Quarterly of film, Radio and Television
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.F424 1(1945)-5(summer 1951)//


Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture (see electronic journals list)

The Independent (Continued by: The Independent Film & Video Monthly)
UCB Media Ctr 14:3-15:1, 15:3-4, 15:9, 16:1, 16:9-10(Dec 1993)

The Independent Film & Video Monthly (Continues: Independent)
UCB Media Ctr PN1993 .I617 v.14-21(1991-2000), v.22(2001)- current

Indian Cinema.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.I8 I512 1977/78-1979/80, 1981/82-1993, 1995-1999 - current

Indian Cinema Entertainment: ICE (American Indian Film Institute)
UCB NativAmer NASL NEWSLETTERS 1(1993)-6:3(summer 1998), 7(1999)-9:1(winter 2001)- Newsletter File

Indian Films (National Film Archive of India)
UCB Main Stacks PN1998 .I451 1972, 1974-1977/78, 1983; AT (NRLF: 1972, 1974)

IndieWire (see electronic journals list)

Intensities: The Journal of Cult Media (see electronic journals list)

Intercine (Published in 5 editions: English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Superseded by: Cinema)
UCB Main Stacks LB1044.A2.I6 1(July 1929)-7:1(Jan 1935) Library lacks: 1:2(Aug 1929), 2:2(Feb 1930)-2:12(Dec 1930), 3:1(Jan 1931) (Shelved at NRLF: v.1, v.2:1, v. 3-6 1934, v.7:1)

Interview (Andy Warhol's Interview)
UCB News/Micro MICROFILM 31899 Library has: 7:3(Mar 1977)-
UCB Main Stacks Periodicals AP2.I7 Shelved: In Newsprint Section Library has: Current only


Japanese Film (Continues: Japanese Films) UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.J35 J3 1984/85-2002(29)- current

Japanese Films (Continued by: Japanese Film) UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.J35 J3 BOUND 1962-1966, 1975

John Willis' Screen World.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.3.D3.S33 1971(22)-1981(32)// [ceased]

Journal for MultiMedia History (SUNY Albany) (see electronic journals list)

Journal of Film and Video (University Film and Video Association) (see electronic journals list)

Journal of Film Preservation (see electronic journals list)

Journal of Popular Culture. (Bowling Green, Ohio, Bowling Green State University)
UCB Main Stacks HM101.A1.J6 1(1967)-34(summer 2000-spring 2001)- current
(see also electronic journals list)

The Journal of Popular Film. (Continued by: The Journal of Popular Film and Television)(Official Organ of the Popular Culture Association)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .J66 1(1972)-6(1978)//

The Journal of Popular Film and Television (JPF&T) (Continues: The Journal of Popular Film)(Official Organ of the Popular Culture Association) UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .J66 7(1979)-29(spring 2001-winter 2002)- current (see also electronic journals list)

Journal of Religion and Film (see electronic journals list)

Jump Cut. UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .J8 3(Sept/Oct 1974)-5(Jan/Feb 1975), 8(Aug/Sept 1975)-17, 19(Dec 1978)-43(2000)// (see also electronic journals list)


Kinema: A Journal for Audiovisual Media (University of Waterloo) (see electronic journals list)

Kinoeye: A Fortnightly Journal of Film in the New Europe (see electronic journals list)
Kulture Void Pictures (see electronic journals list)


Leading Motion Pictures. (Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America)
UCB Bancroft F867.M6 L18 BOUND Feb/Mar 1935-June 1944//

Literature Film Quarterly. (Salisbury State College)
UCB Main Stacks PN1995.3 .L571 BOUND 1(1973)-29(2001)- current
(see alsoelectronic journals list)


Media History (see electronic journals list)

Millennium Film Journal. UCB Main Stacks PN1995.9 .E96M49 Bound 3(winter/spring 1979)-4/5(summer/fall 1979)(see alsoelectronic journals list)

Millimeter (see electronic journals list)

Monthly Film Bulletin. (British Film Institute)( Absorbed in May 1991 by: Sight and Sound)
UCB Main Stacks LB1044 .B66 no.518(v.44, Mar 1977), no.528(v.45, 1978)-no.683(v.57, 1990); AT NRLF: no.518, no. 528-537, no.540-635 (At NRLF: no.518, no. 528-537, no.540-635)

Motion Picture Herald.(New York) (Merged with: Motion Picture Daily, to become: QP Herald)
UCB Main Stacks 906vc M916 Bound 119(Apr 6, 1935)-242(1972); (Library lacks: many issues)(AT NRLF: v.119, v.121, v.126, v.129-132, v.134-138, v.153, v.182-234, v.235:1-25, v.236:1-25, v.237:1-51, v.238:1-51, v.239:1-26)
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 2740 52:10(Sept 4, 1943)-155(June 24, 1944)

The Motion Picture Monthly. (New York)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .M43 BOUND 4(1928)-7:7(Dec 1931)// [ceased]

Motion Picture Projectionist. (New York)
UCB Main TR845 .M6 4-7:1, Nov.1930-33// [ceased] (AT NRLF: v. 4 no. 1-2, v. 4 no. 3-12 1931, v. 5-7:1)

Movie. (London)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .M78 15(spring 1968)-16, 18-28 (At NRLF: no.4-27/28, 1962-1981. (Incomplete))

Movie (Bombay, India).
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.I8 M68 BOUND 15:6(June 1997)-15:7, 15:10-15:12(Dec 1997); later issues unbound Unbound issues in South/Southeast Asia Library

The Moving Image (see electronic journals list)

The Moving Picture World. (Merged into Exhibitors Herald, which continued as Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World (later Exhibitors Herald World))
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 33208 1(Mar 9, 1907)-89(Dec 31, 1927)//


New Movies. (New York) (National Board of Review Magazine)
UCB Main Stacks 906vc N532 18(1943)-23:6(Feb 1949); Library lacks: 18:4-6; (At NRLF v.18-23)


October (MIT: Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies)
UCB Main Stacks AP2.O43 Library has: BOUND 46(fall 1988) Art/Classics AP2.O43 Room 308 (see also electronic journals list)

Offscreen (Canada) (see electronic journals list)


Persistence of Vision: The Journal of the Film Faculty of the City University of New York.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .P4 1(1984)-14(1997)(no longer received) (At NRLF: 5-10(Spr. 1987-Fall 1993).

Photoplay Combined with Movie mirror. UCB Main PN1993 .P45 BOUND 25(June 1944)-28(May 1946)//

Post Script: Essays in Film and the Humanities
UCB Main Stacks PN1995.P682 1(fall 1981)-10(summer 1991) (see also electronic journals list)

Postmodern Culture News/Micro MICROFICHE 16577 1(fall 1990)-5:3(May 1995) (see also electronic journals list) b


The Quarterly of Film, Radio, and Television. (Continues: Hollywood Quarterly. Continued by: Film Quarterly)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .F424 6(fall 1951)-11(summer 1957)//

Quarterly Review of Film and Video: QRFV. (Continues: Quarterly Review of Film Studies)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .Q3 BOUND 11(1989)-18(2001)- current (see also electronic journals list)

Quarterly Review of Film Studies.(Continued by: Quarterly Review of Film and Video: QRFV)
UCB Main Stack PN1993.Q3 v.1(1976)-8:2(spring 1983), 8:4(fall 1983) -v.10(Apr 1989)//


Scope (Nottingham University) (see electronic journals list)

Screen (Journal of the Society for Education in Film and Television) (Continues: Screen Education)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.7 .S29 v.11:1(1970)-11:3, 11:5, 12:1(spring 1971)-12:3(summer 1971), 13:4(winter 1972/73), 14:4(winter 1973/74)-v.17(1976), 18:2(summer 1977)-19:3(fall 1978), 20:2-v.28(1987), 29:2(spring 1988)-30:1/2(winter/spring 1989), 30:4(fall 1989)-38:2(summer 1997), 38:4(winter 1997)-v.42(2001)- current UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 2561 13(spring 1972)-14(winter 1974)

Screen Actor. (Official publication of the Screen Actors' Guild)(Continued by: Screen Actors Guild National Call Sheet)
UCB Main Stacks HD6350.A2 S33 1(1959)-32(1993) (AT NRLF: v.1-24:1, v.25-29)

Screen Actor. (Official Bulletin of the Screen Actors' Guild) (Continues: Screen Guild Magazine)
UCB Main Stacks HD6515.A22 S3 1(Apr 1938)-15:3(Feb 1947)//; (AT NRLF: v.1, v.2:1-2, v.11-15)

Screen Education (Continues: Screen Education Notes. Absorbed by: Screen (London, England))
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.7 .S3 12(autumn 1974)-31(summer 1979), 34(spring 1980)-41(winter/spring 1982)// CUMULATIVE INDEXES: 1(winter 1971)-17(winter 1975)

The Screen Guild Magazine. (Continues: Screen Player. Absorbed: Screen Writers' magazine, 1934)
UCB Main Stacks 906vc S42 v.3:5(July 1936)-v.4(Feb 1938); (AT NRLF: All holdings stored) The Screen Guilds' Magazine. (Continues: Screen Player. Absorbed: Screen Writers' Magazine, 1934.
UCB Main Stacks 906vc S42 1:5(Aug 1934)-3:4(June 1936)//; (AT NRLF: All holdings stored)

Screen World (New York)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.3.D3 S33 1966(17)-1969(20) 1982(33)-1989(40), 50(1999) (At NRLF: 20-40(1969-1989).

Screening the Past (see electronic journals list)

Script UCB Bancroft f F850 .S42 15:362(Apr 18, 1936), 34:10(Oct 1948)-34:11(Nov 1948)
UCB Main Stacks AP2 .R55 1(Feb 16, 1929)-35:3(Mar 1949)// [ceased]; LACKS 33:8-9; 34:11; AT NRLF: [v.1-27, 29-35:3 (1929-1949)] (At NRLF: [v.1-27, 29-35:3 (1929-1949)]

Senses of Cinema (see electronic journals list)

Sight and Sound. (London, British Film Institute)(Absorbed: Monthly Film Bulletin)
UCB Main PN1993 .S54 v.24:1(July 1954)-24:3(Mar 1955), v.25-28, 29:4-v.33, 34:2-34:4, 36:1-36:2, 38:3-60:1(winter 1990/91); ser.2, v.1:1(May 1991)-1:5(Sept 1991), v.1:7(Nov 1991)-v.12(2002); later issues unbound Unbound issues in Periodical Room ser.2 v.11:8 shelved with Main Desk Collection; AT NRLF: v. 30, 36:1-2
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .S54 set2 v.50(winter 1980/81)-51:3(summer 1982), v.52(winter 1982/autumn 1984)-60:1(winter 1990/91); ser.2 v.1:9(Jan 1992)-5:2(Feb 1995), 5:4(Apr 1995)-v.7(1997) (At NRLF: ser.2 v.11:8 shelved with Main Desk Collection; v. 30, 36:1-2)

Silents Majority: On-line Journal of Silent Film(see electronic journals list)

Slavic and East European Performance. (New York, NY : Institute for Contemporary Eastern European Drama and Theatre) (Continues: Soviet and East European Performance)
UCB Main Stacks PN2007 .N49 12(1992)-21(2001)- current

SMPTE Journal: Publication of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.(Absorbed: Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Directory for Members - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Inc. Continues: Journal of the SMPTE)
UCB Engin TR845 .S6 85(1976)-111:9(Sept 2002)//CUMULATIVE INDEXES: 85(1976)-104(1995) (At NRLF: 96:8,10-12(Aug.,Oct.-Dec. 1987), 97:1-3(Jan.-Mar. 1988))
Index online at:

Society of Motion Picture Engineers (Continued by: Journal of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers)
UCB Engin TR845 .S6 3(Apr 1917)-4(July 1917), 7(Nov 1918), 10(May 1920)-38(May 1929)// (AT NRLF: no.3-4, no.7, no.10-38)

Soviet and East European Performance. (New York, NY : Institute for Contemporary Eastern European Drama and Theatre) (Continues: Soviet and East-European Drama, Theatre, and Film. Continued by: Slavic and East European Performance)
UCB Main Stacks PN2007 .N49 9(1989)-11(1991)//

Spectator (Division of Critical Studies of the School of Cinema-Television, Univerity of Southern California)(see electronic journals list)

Stardust (Bombay, India).
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.I8 S8 Nov 1996, Jan 1997, May 1997-June 1997, Aug 1997-Dec 1997, Mar 1998-Jan 1999, Mar 1999, May 1999-June 2001 - current. Recent issues unbound Unbound issues in South/Southeast Asia Library


Take One.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .T3 1(SEPT/OCT 1979)-7:8(1979)// Library lacks: 1:2-1:3, 1:10, 2:2-2:3, 2:5, 2:12, 3:2-3:3, 3:9, 4:8-4:10, 5:4-5:7, 5:9-5:12, 6:1-6:7, 6:11; AT NRLF: (At NRLF V.2-5, NO.4, SEPT./OCT.1968-OCT.1976; V.5, NO.6-V.7, NO.9, JAN.1977-AUG.1979)

24 Frames Per Second (see electronic journal list)


UniJapan Film Quarterly.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .U55 no.15(v.5, 1962)-32, 34-36, 38-44, 47-50(v.13, 1970)(Some volumes in NRLF)
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 2618 4(1961)-7(1964), 5:2(1962), 5:4(1962), 6:2-4(1963), 7(1964)-8(1965)


Variety (New York, N.Y.).
UCB Stacks Main f PN2000 .V3 v.369:9(Jan 12, 1998)-371:6(June 21, 1998), 371:8(June 29, 1998)-372:8(Oct 11, 1998), 372:10(Oct 19, 1998)-v.388(Nov 17, 2002) - current UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 21159 1:1(Dec 16, 1905)-175:13(Sept 7, 1949), 177:5(Jan 11, 1950)-241:13 (Feb 16, 1966), 245(Nov 23, 1966)-272(Nov 7, 1973), 277(Nov 13, 1974)-365(Feb 2, 1997) (see also electronic journals list)

The Velvet Light Trap.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .V44 31(1993)-48(fall 2001)- current (see also electronic journals list)

Visual Anthropology.
UCB Anthropol GN347 .V57 1(Nov 1987)- current (see also electronic journals list)

Visual Anthropology Review: Journal of the Society for Visual Anthropology.
UCB Anthropol GN42.3 .S9 BOUND 7(1990)-15(1999/2000) - current


Wide Angle.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .W5 v.1(1976)-3:3, v.4(1980)-20(1998) - current (see also electronic journals list)


Zee Premiere. (India) (Hindi motion pictures and actors from Bombay film)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.I48 Z44 June 1999, May 2000-Sept 2000, Nov 2000-Dec 2000 - current

Titles (Foreign Language)

A / B / C / D / F / F / G / H / I / J / K / L / M / N / O / P / Q / R / S / T / U / V / W / X / Y / Z


1895: Bulletin De l'Association Francaise De Recherche Sur L'Histoire du Cinéma.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.A1 D58 1(1986)-34/35(Oct 2001)- current

24 Images: La Revue Quebecoise du Cinema.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .V56 100-112/113(fall 2002)- current

Aktery Sovetskogo Kino.
UCB Main Stacks PN2727 .A391 1(1964)-15(1979)- current (AT NRLF: v. 1-15 NRLF PN2727 .A391 v. 1-15)

El Amante: Cine (Argentina)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .A435 2(1992)-62(Apr 1997), 64(June 1997)-65(July 1997), 67(Sept 1997)-74(Apr 1998), 76(June 1998)-122(June 2002)- current

L'Annee du Cinéma.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .A627 BOUND 1981, 1985-1994, 1996-2001 - current

Annuaire Du Spectacle; Theatre, Cinéma, Musique, Radio, Television.
UCB Main Stacks PN2620 .A66 1960-1973// [ceased]; (AT NRLF: 1960-1973 PN2620 .A66 1960-1973)

Apresiasi Film Indonesia.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.A1 A6 1(1994)-2(1997), 4

Archiv fur Urheber-, Film-, Funk- und Theaterrecht.
UCB Law Lib KK6.A73 bd. 31 (1960)- current

Archivos de la Filmoteca: Revista de Estudios Historicos sobre la Imagen / FV, Filmoteca Generalitat Valenciana.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .A69 1(Mar/May 1989)- current

Arkadin: Estudios Sobre Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (La Plata, Argentina : Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata)
Main Stack PN1993.A75 BOUND 1(Mar 2005)-

Augen-Blick. (Marburger Hefte zur Medienwissenschaft. Augenblick)(Marburg : Institut fur Neuere Deutsche Literatur, Philipps-Universitat-Marburg)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.A1 A93 1/2(Dec 1985)-32(2001)- current

L'Avant-scene. Cinéma.
UCB Main Stacks PN1997.A1 A9 1(1961)-3, 23-45, 47-112, 114-134, 136-142, 145-335(Dec 1984), 337(Feb 1985)-501(Apr 2001)- current (Some volumes in NRLF PN1997.A1 A9)


B & N: Rivista Del Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. (Continues: Bianco e Nero)(Rome)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993 .B45 29(1968)-42(1981); 44(1983)-49(1988)(AT NRLF: v. 29:1-12, v. 30:1-12, v. 31:1-12, v. 32:1-12, v. 33, v. 34:1-12, v.35:1-12);

Balagan. Slavisches Drama, Theater und Kino (Slavisches Drama, Theater und Kino)
UCB Main Stacks PN2004 .B34 1(1995)-6(2000) - current

Bianco e Nero: BN. (Rome) (Continued by: B & N: Rivista Del Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia)
UCB Main PN1993 .B45 29(1968)-42(1981)(AT NRLF: v. 29:1-12, v. 30:1-12, v. 31:1-12, v. 32:1-12, v. 33, v. 34:1-12, v.35:1-12)

Bianco e Nero: BN. Butaca Sanmarquina: Revista Especializada en Cinematografia (Lima, Peru)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.P4.B88 1(July 1998)-8(2000)- current


Ca: Cinéma. (Paris, Editions Albatros]
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C21 1(1973)-14(1976), 17-20(1980)[ceased]

Les Cahiers de la Cinématheque (Perpignan: Amis du cinema de Perpignan et Confrontation Companion publication to: Collection des cahiers de la cinematheque)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.A1.C314 25(spring 1978)-68(1997) - current

Cahiers du Cinéma.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C3 1(1951)-207(1968), 218(1970)-221, 223-224, 226-286, 288-345(1983), 347(1983)-556(Apr 2001) - current (Some volumes in NRLF)(MICROFILM 2171 PN Library has: 208(1969)-217)

Chaplin. (Stockholm: Svenska Filminstitutet)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C31 v.27(1985)-v.39:2(no.269, Apr/May 1997)[ceased] (Shelved at NRLF: v.27-30)

Cine Argentino (Buenos Aires)
UCB Main PN1993.5.A7 A24 1976-1984// [ceased] (Some volumes in NRLF)

Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (Buenos Aires: Escuela Nacional de Experimentacion y Realizacion Cinematografica)
UCB Main PN1993.5.A7.C569 1(2003)-3(2004)- current

Cinecitta. (English and Italian)
UCB Main PN1993.5.A1 C56 1(Aug 2000)-6(2001)- current

Cineforum. (Venezia, Federazione italiana cineforum)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C36 ser.2:no.79(v.8, Nov 1968)-83(Mar 1969), 85(May 1969)-86(June 1969), 90(Mar 1970), 92(May 1970)-139(1974) (Shelved at NRLF: no.79-86, 90-139)

Cinéma 02. (Edited by the editorial board of Cinemat`eque (Paris, France), no. 1-18)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C562 BOUND fall 2001-spring 2005-

Cinéma(Paris, France: Federation francais des cine-clubs)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C38 217(1977)-438(Apr 1988), 440(May 1988)-441, 443-479(July/Aug 1991), 481(Oct 1991)-593(Jan 1998), 595(1998)-600(1999)// [ceased] (Shelved at NRLF: no.321-349)

Cinema Nuovo. (Bari, Edizione Dedalo)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C44 no.149(v.10, 1961)-no.268, no.270(v.30, Apr 1981)-no.361(v.45, 1996) - current (Shelved at NRLF: no.149-268, no.270-310)

Cinéma Pratique. (Paris)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C452 105(1971)-164/165(spring 1980)// [ceased] (Shelved at NRLF: no.105-165 in NRLF)

Cinémas (Revue d'Etudes Cinematographiques = Journal of Film Studies. Montreal, Quebec)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C464 3(fall 1992)-4(spring 1994), 6(fall 1995)-11(spring 2001) - current

Cinémagazine. (Paris)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C56 10(1930)Note: Reprint of articles found in v.10, no.1 (janv. 1930)-v.10, no.11 (dec. 1930) of Cinemagazine.News/Micro MICROFILM 3643 PN Library has: 1(1921)-15:18(May 2, 1935)// [ceased]

Cinemania. (Buenos Aires : Imago Editores)
Main, Current Periodicals: PN1993 .C5646 Library has: BOUND 1(May 2004)-14(June 2005)- no.9-14 (Jan-June 2005)

Cinemateca Revista. (Montevideo, Uruguay)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C468 2(Sept 1977)-45(Apr 1987) (Shelved at NRLF: no.2-45)

La Cinématographie Française. (Paris. Merged with: Film Francais)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C47 1138(1946)-1154, 1156-1256, 1258-1306, 1308-1327, 1329-1498, 1501-1519, 1522-1547, 1559-1565, 1567-1576, 1578-1638, 1641-1648, 1683-1848, 1852-1946, 1949-2045, 2048-2152(Mar 5, 1966)// [ceased] (many volumes at NRLF; check GLADIS/Pathfinder)

Cinéthique. (Paris)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C483 Library has: BOUND 1(1969)-37(1985)// [ceased] (Shelved at NRLF: All holdings stored)

La Cosa Vista. (Trieste, Italia: Centro universitario Cinematografico, Universita degli studi di Trieste)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C75 9(1988)-18/20(1992)// [ceased]

Cuadernos de Cinemateca. (Quito: Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.C83 2(2000)- current


Eclipse (El Eclipse: Cine y Video) (Rosario, Argentina) Rosario [Argentina] : Editorial Solaris, 1997
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.A7.E25 1(Oct 1997)- current

Ecran (absorbed by Revue du Cinema, Image et Son, Ecran)
Main Stacks PN1993.E3 32(1975)-86(DEC 1979)// (Shelved at NRLF: no.32-86)

Ekran. (Warszawa)
Main Stacks fPN1993.E5 v.22:34(Aug 20, 1978)-22:44, 22:46-23:30, 24:25-24:37, 25:1-26:10, 27:1-27:25, 27:27-28:2, 28:4-28:12, 28:14-29:13, 29:15-30:10(Mar 9, 1986), 30:12(Mar 23, 1986)-31:26(July 2,1987), 31:28(July 16, 1987)-32:37, 32:39-34:22(May 1990) - current

Ekran (Moscow)(Ezhegodnik kino)
Main Stacks PN1993.E57 1964, 1966/67-1983/84, 1988-1990(Shelved at NRLF: 1964, 1966-74)

EPD Film. (Frankfurt. Formed by the union of: Kirche und Film, and: Filmbeobachter. Continued by: Film EPD)
Main Stacks PN1993.F5436 1984-1988:1// [ceased] (Shelved at NRLF: Some volumes in NRLF)

Estonian Films.
Main Stack PN1993.5.E75.E88 Library has: BOUND 2002/03-2004/05-

El Extranjero. (Alternate Title Extranjero, artes audiovisuales; Revista El extranjero) (La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina : Departamento de Comunicacion Audiovisual, Facultad de Bellas Artes, UNLP) Current issue
Main Stack PN1993.5.A7.E98 Library has: BOUND no.0(Nov 2002)-2(Dec 2003)- no.0 (Nov 2002)

Ezhegodnik Kino. (Moskva. Continued by: Ekran)
Main Stacks PN1993.3.E9 1955-1961// (Shelved at NRLF: 1955-1961) News/Micro MICROFILM 4906 PN 1959-1961// (Shelved at NRLF: 1959-61)


Farabi. (Published: Tihran : Bunyad-i Sinimai-i Farabi)
Main: PN1993.5.I846 F373

Farhang va Sinima. (Tihran)
Main Stacks PN1993.5.I7.F37 Apr 1990(no.1)-Feb/Mar 1991(ser.2:3); no.4(Apr 1991)-50(Feb/Mar 1996), 52(Apr 1996)-60, 62-89(Sept 1999), 91-97(May 2000), 99(July 2000)-117(Dec 2001) - current

FEPACI Info (Federation panafricaine des cineastes. Ouagadougou, Burkina. Issued also in English: FEPACI news.)
Main Stacks PN1993.5.A35.F47 1(1990)-11(Sept 1993) - current

Le Film (Paris)
News/Micro MICROFILM 3623 PN annee 1:1(Feb 27, 1914)-1:20, annee 3(Mar 17, 1916)-7(1920)Library lacks: 1:7; 3:2-4

Film. (Tihran)
Main Stack PN1993.5.I7.F54 Library has: BOUND 94(Aug 1990)-95(Sept 1990), 117(Dec 1991), 121(Mar 1992)-133(Nov 1992), 137(Feb 1993), 139(Apr 1993), 153(Jan 1994)-168(Dec 1994), 171(Mar 1995)-177(Aug 1995), 179-186(Mar 1996), 189-191(July 1996), 193(Oct 1996)-195(Nov 1996), 197(Jan 1997)-199(Feb 1997), 201(Apr 1997)-215(Feb 1998), 219(June 1998)-241(Sept 1999), 243-245, 247-277(Nov 2001), 279(Dec 2001)-325, 327-331(Apr 2005)-

Film a Doba; Mesicnik pro Filmovou Kulturu.[Praha, Orbis]
Main Stacks PN1993.F384 v.15:8(Aug 1969)-20:9, 20:11-v.21(1975), 22:3(Mar 1976)-v.36(1990), 37:3(1991)-37:4(1991), 38:2(1992)-v.39(1993); 1994-1996 (no longer received) (Shelved at NRLF: v.15:8-20:9, 20:11-v.21, v.22:3-v.32)

Film EPD. (Frankfurt. Continues: EPD Film)
Main Stacks PN1993.F5436 Feb 1988-2002 - current

Film Français (Paris) (Continues: Nouveau Film Français)
Main Stack fPN1993.F422 Circ. note: LIBRARY USE ONLY 1945(Apr 29, 1983)-1976(Jan 20, 1984), 1978(Feb 1984)-2203(July 22, 1988), 2205(Aug 5, 1988)-2295(Apr 1990), 2298(May 18, 1990)-2419(Sept 11, 1992), 2421(Sept 25, 1992)-2480(Nov 12,1993), 2482(Nov 26, 1993)-2808(1999)(Shelved at NRLF: no.1945-1976, 1978-2203, 2205-2278)

Filmbeobachter. ([Frankfurt am Main] : Gemeinschaftswerk der Evangelischen Publizistik)
Main Stack PN1993.F5435 Bound 1976-1980, 1982-1983:23/24//

Film-Korrespondenz. (Koln: Katholisches Institut fur Medieninformation. (Continues: Katolische Film Korrespondenz)
Main Stacks PN1993.F54 18:1(Mar 1972)-18:6, 18:11-19:6(Mar 1983), 19:8-36:13(June 1990)// [ceased] (Shelved at NRLF: v.18:1-6, v.18:11-24, v.19:1-6, v.19:8-12, v.20-28, v.29:1-30, v.30:1-30, v.31, v.32:1-26, v.33:1-26, v.34:1-26, v.35:1-26)

Film Kultura. (Budapest)
Main Stacks PN1993.5.H8.F54 v.20:6(Nov/Dec 1984), 21:6(June 1975), 22:1(Jan 1986)-22:3(Mar 1986), 22:5(May 1986)-22:6(June 1986), 22:8(Aug 1986)-26:3(1990)

Film und Fernsehen. (Berlin: Verband der Film- und Fernsehschaffenden der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik)
Main Stacks PN1993.F428 1984:1-1984:2, 1984:4-1996:1/2, 1996:5/6-1999// [ceased] CUMULATIVE INDEXES: 1994-1995 (Shelved at NRLF: 1984-1986, 1986 Index, 1987-1989)

Filmbeobachter. (Frankfurt am Main Stacks. Merged with: Kirche und Film, to form: EPD Film)
Main Stacks PN1993.F5435 1976-1980, 1982-1983:23/24// (Some volumes in NRLF)

Filmfaust. (Frankfurt am Main Stacks)
Main Stacks PN1993.F474 21(Feb/Mar 1981)-93/100(Jan 1996)// [ceased]

Filmhistoria (Barcelona, Spain) Note: Do not confuse with the series: Libros "Film-Historia"
Main Stacks PN1995.F6436 6(1996)-8(1998) - current

Filmspiegel. (Berlin)
Main Stacks PN1993.F65 1984-1986:18, 1986:20-1990:10, 1990:23-1990:25, 1991:1-1991:7// [ceased](Shelved at NRLF: 1984, 1985:1-26, 1986, 1987:1-3, 1987:5-26, 1988-1989)

Frauen und Film.
Main Stack PN1995.9.W6 F7 17(Sept 1978)-62(June 2000) - current CUMULATIVE INDEXES: 1(1974)-61(2000)
[on CD-ROM] MICROFILM 77559 News/Micro 1(1974)-35(1983)


La Gran Ilusion. (Lima, Peru: Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicacion de la Universidad de Lima)
Main Stacks PN1993.G66 1(1993)-6(1996), 8(1997)-11(1999)- current


Haciendo Cine. (Buenos Aires)
Main Stacks PN1993.5.A7.H3 1(v.1, Sept 1995)-no.12(v.3, Aug 1998)- current


Image et Son: Revue du Cinema. (Paris. Continued by: Revue du Cinema, Image et Son)
Main Stacks PN1993.I5 Jan 1969-Sept/Oct 1969(no.230/231)//

Informatsionnyi Biulleten Goskino RF / Gosudarstvennyi (Continues: Informatsionnyi biulleten' (Komitet Rossiiskoi Federatsii po kinematografii)). Komitet Rossiiskoi Federatsii po kinematografii.
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.R9 I54 1997; later issues unbound Unbound issues in Periodical Room
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 77980 1996:13/14-15/16, 19-20, 1997:13/14-15, 19/20

IRIS: Revue de Theorie de l'Image et du Son (Paris, France).
Main Stacks PN1993 .I74 no.1(1983)-5, 7-28(1999)- current

Iskusstvo Kino. (Moskva. Continues: Sovetskoe Kino)
Main Stacks PN1993.I7 1952:1-1952:6, 1953-1959:5, 1959:9-1963:32, 1963:34-1966:12, 1967:2-1976:7, 1976:9-1979:2, 1979:5-1980:5 1980:7-1980:9, 1980:11-1981:10, 1981:12-1983:5, 1983:7-1983:9, 1983:11-1987:11, 1988-1989:9, 1989:12-1990:8, 1990:11-2002 - current (Withdrawn: 1959:6-8; 1963:33; 1967:1; 1976:8; (Some volumes in NRLF)

Iz Istorii Kino (Institut istorii iskusstv of the Akademiia nauk SSSR)
UCB Main Stacks PN1993.5.R9 I9 1(1958)-7(1968)


Jahrbuch Film (Munich)
Main Stacks PN1993.J323 1977/78-1985/86// [ceased](Some volumes in NRLF)

Jeune Cinema. (Paris)
Main Stacks PN1993.J48 1(Sept/Oct 1964)-9, 11-272(2001) - current (Shelved at NRLF: no.1-9, no.11-93, no.95-198)

Journal Film. (Freiburg, West Germany)
Main Stacks PN1993.J63 1(1980/81)-8(1984)// [ceased]


Katolische Film Korrespondenz. (Continued by: Film-Korrespondenz)
UCB Main PN1993 .F54 1(1955)-18:4/6(Apr 1972) ; (LACKS some issues; Some volumes in NRLF)

Kinematograph (Germany)
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 33564 1907-Mar 1935; AT NRLF: JAN. 6 1907-DEC. 30 1908, JAN. 6 1909-DEC. 28 1910, JAN. 4 1911-MAR. 27 1912, APR. 3-DEC. 25 1912, JAN. 1-AUG. 27 1913, SEPT. 3 1913-MAR. 25 1914, APR. 1 1914-JUNE 30 1915, JULY 7 1915-DEC. 27 1916, JAN. 3 1917-APR. 24 1918, MAY 1 1918-APR. 30 1919, MAY 7 1919-AUG. 29 1920, SEPT. 5 1920-AUG. 28 1921, SEPT. 4 1921-OCT. 29 1922, NOV. 5 1922-MAY 25 1924, JUNE 1 1924-APR. 26 1925, MAY 3 1925-JUNE 27 1926, JULY 4 1926-JULY 31 1927, AUG. 7 1927-SEPT. 30 1928, OCT. 2 1928-SEPT. 30 1929, OCT. 1 1929-DEC. 31 1930, JAN. 2-DEC. 31 1931, JAN. 2-AUG. 31 1932, OCT. 2 1934-MAR. 30 1935 (some issues at NRLF: consult Pathfinder for holdings)

Kino (Warsaw, Poland)
UCB Main PN1993 .K5 216(June 1985)-217(July 1985), 240(June 1987)-246(Dec 1987), 248(Feb 1988)-263(May 1989), 265(July 1989)-268(Oct 1989), 270(Dec 1989)-366(1997), 368-421(June 2002); later issues unboundINDEXES no.271(Jan 1990)-no.294(Dec 1991) Unbound issues in Periodical Room; AT NRLF: no.216-217, no.240-246, no.248-263, no.265-268 (At NRLF: no.216-217, no.240-246, no.248-263, no.265-268)

Kino (Munich, Germany)
UCB Main PN1993.5.G3 K56 1979/80-1980/81, 1990-1991, 1993/94-1998/99 (no longer received)
Kino (Germany) (Export Union of German Film) (see electronic journals list)

Kino (Zhurnal ukrains'koi kinematohrafii) (Kharkov, Ukraine).
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 2665 1925-1933//

Kino Glaz (Russia)
UCB Main PN1993.5.R9 K46 1991-1997:2 (no longer received)

Kino i Vremia (Moscow)
PN1993.5.R9 K5 1(1977)-6(1985)// [ceased] (AT NRLF: v.1-6)

Kinopanorama (Sovetskoe kino segodnia)(Moscow)
UCB Main PN1993.5.R9 K54 Bound 3(1981)- current (Some volumes in NRLF)

Kinoschriften: Jahrbuch der Gesellschaft fur Filmtheorie.
UCB Main PN1993 .K545 BOUND 1(1988)-4(1996)- current

Kinostsenarii: al'manakh. (Komitet Rossiiskoi Federatsii po kinematografii)(Moscow)
UCB Main PN1993 .K53 1973, 1995:2, 1996:3, 1997-1998:4, 1998:6-2001:1, 2001:3-2001:6 - current (AT NRLF: 1973)

Kinovedcheskie Zapiski.(Vsesoiuznyi nauchno-issledovatel'skii institut kinoiskusstva, Goskino SSSR) (Moscow)
UCB Main PN1993.8.S6 K5 1(1988)-30(1996), 32(1996/97)-33(1997), 38-39(1998), 41(1999), 45(2000), 47(2000), 49(2000), 51-52(2001)- current

KINtop (Jahrbuch zur Erforschung des fruhen Films) (Basel, Switzerland)
UCB Main PN1993.5.A1 K556 BOUND 1(1993)-11(2002)- current


Letture Drammatiche. Cineschedario.
NRLF PN1993 L47 NO.25-65/72, 1970-73 [ceased]

Lichtbildbuhne (Berlin)
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM.33563 1911-Oct 2, 1939 (Some issues at NRLF)


Mosfil'm. (Moscow)
UCB Main PN1993 .M69 1(1959)-5, 8(1980)(AT NRLF: All holdings stored)


Namah-'i Film'khanah-'i Milli-i Iran. (Iranian National Film Archive Quarterly)
UCB Main PN1993 .N3 BOUND 1(fall 1989)-3:2/3(winter/spring 1992) - current

Nihon no yushu eiga = Selected Japanese feature films (Japanese and English)
UCB East Asia 6838.4.6565 1974- current

Le Nouveau Film Francais. (Paris) (Continued by: Film Français).
Main Stack PN1993.F422 BOUND 1705(Dec 30, 1977)-1944(Apr 22, 1983)// Library lacks: Some issues (Shelved at NRLF: All holdings stored)

La Novela Cine-Grafica. (Venezuela) (In Spanish, with summaries in English and French)
UCB Chicano AP94 .G759 no.1(v.1, 1947)-no.134(v.16, Apr/May 1964)// Serials (On microfilm: no.1(v.1, 1947)-no.134(v.16, Apr/May 1964)// Microfilm Cabinet)


Objeto Visual: Cuadernos de Investigacion de la Cinemateca Nacional.
UCB Main PN1993 .O25 BOUND 2(1995)-7(2000)


La Petite Illustration Cinématographique. (Paris)
UCB Main 808t P489 c 1(1925)-17(1931)(AT NRLF: no. 1-16, no. 11-17)

UCB Main PN1993 .P6 1(May 1952)-31(Nov 1959), 33, 37-40, 56-60, 64-72, 74, 76-83(Apr 1967), 85(June 1967)-104, 116-129(July/Aug 1971), 131(Oct 1971)-138(May 1972), 140(July/Aug 1972)-141(Sept 1972), 143(Oct 1972), 148(Mar 1973)-497/498(July/Aug 2002)- current CUMULATIVE INDEXES: 1(1952)-134(Jan 1972)

Premier Plan. (Lyon, Societe d'etudes, de recherches et de documentation cinematographiques)
UCB Main PN1993 .P7 16(1961), 25, 28-33, 35, 37-55(1970)(Some volumes in NRLF)


Revista de Cine (Buenos Aires : Instituto de Artes del Espectaculo)
Main Stack PN1993.5.A7.R74 Library has: BOUND 0(Oct 2001)-1(Dec 2001)- no.0-1 (Oct-Dec 2001)

La Revue du Cinéma. (Paris) (Absorbed: Ecran; Continues: Image et Son; Includes: Saison cinematographique, <1974->).
UCB Main PN1993 .I5 379(1983)-427, 429-485(Sept 1992)//; (AT NRLF: no.379-400, no.407-411) La Revue du Cinéma, Image et Son. (Continues: Image et Son; Continued by: Revue du cinema, Image et Son, ecran))
UCB Main PN1993 .I5 1970(no.235)-Feb 1972(no.257), Apr 1972(no.259)-Apr 1973(no.270), May 1973(no.272)-Feb 1974(no.281), Apr 1974(no.283)-Dec 1974(no. 291), Feb 1975(no.293)-Dec 1979(no.345)//; (Some volumes in NRLF)

La Revue du Cinéma: Image et Son, Ecran. (Continues: Revue du Cinema, image et son; Absorbed: Ecran, Jan. 1980. Continued by: Revue du cinema (Ligue francaise de l'enseignement et de l'education permanente). Has supplement: Saison cinematographique)
UCB Main PN1993 .I5 1980(no.346)-Aug 1981(no.363); no.364(Sept 1981)-378(Dec 1982)//(Some volumes in NRLF)


La Saison Cinématographique. (Paris) UCB Main PN1993 .S2 1981-1991(39), 1997(41) (AT NRLF: 1981-1985)

Screenshot. (Other forms of title: Texte zum Film)UCB Main PN1993 .S37 2 2(May/July 2001)- current

Seans.(variant titles: Show, Zhurnal Seans)(St. Petersburg)(Issued by: Kinostudiia "Lenfiltsm", no. 1-2; by Kinoassotsiia "Lenfil'm" in collaboration with other film organizations of the former Soviet Republics)
UCB Main PN1993.5.R9 S33 BOUND 1(1990)-13(1996)

Simulacres. (Paris : Rouge Profond)
UCB Main PN1993.S56 1(1999)-2(2000), 5(Sept 2001)-7(2002) - current

Sin Cortes. (Buenos Aires)
UCB Main PN1993.5.A7 S52 89(July 1994)-132(Sept 2001)- current

Sinama Ti'atr. (Iran)
UCB Main f PN1993.5.I7 S5 4(1995)-16(Oct 1996), 18/19, 22-23(Aug 1998) - current

Sipario. (Milan)
UCB Main PN2005 .S5 177(1961)-403(1979), 407-506(1990); (AT NRLF: [no.177-309, 320-403, 407-445, 452-462 (1961-1986)]) [ceased]

Sovetskii Ekran.. (Moscow)( Continues: Ekran-kinogazeta. Continued by: Kino i zhizn')
UCB NewsMicro MICROFILM 2587 1925:1-1925:39, 1926:1-1926:52, 1927:1-1927:52, 1928:1-1928:52; AT NRLF: 1925:1-39, 1926:1-52, 1927:1-52, 1928:1-52, 1929 (At NRLF: MICROFILM 2587 1925:1-39, 1926:1-52, 1927:1-52, 1928:1-52, 1929)

Studia Filmoznawcze (Warsaw)
UCB Main PN1993. S78 BOUND 18(1997)-21(2000)- current


Le Technicien du Film et de la Video: la Technique, l'Exploitation Cinematographique. (Paris) (other forms of title: Film et video. Film & video. Technicien du film, TFV, Technicien film et video, Technicien film & video)(Continues: Technicien du Film)
NRLF TR845 T38 NO.266-365, JAN./FEB.1979-JAN./FEB.1988 Not currently received.

Le Technicien du film et la technique cinematographique. (Continues: Technicien du film; Technique - l'Exploitation Cinematographique. Continued by: Technicien du film la technique)
NRLF TR845 T38 NO.207-228, SEPT./OCT.1973-JULY/AUG.1975

Le Technicien du Film: la Technique, l'Exploitation Cinematographique. (Continues: Technicien du film et la technique Cinematographique. Continued by: Technicien du Film et de la Video, la Technique, l'Exploitation Cinemagraphique)
NRLF TR845 T38 NO.229-265, SEPT./OCT.1975-DEC./JAN.1978/79

Theater der Zeit: Blatter fur Buhne, Film, und Musik. (Organ of Verband der Theaterschaffenden der DDR)
UCB Main PN2004 .T5 6:4(1951)-34:7, 34:9-42:1(Jan 1987), 42:3(Mar 1987)-47:3(Mar 1992); 1993-2000:6, 2000-2001:6, 2001:9-2002:7/8 - current (AT NRLF: v.6:4-21, v.16:7-12, v.17, v. 21-22)

Tren de sombras : revista de cine. (Published: Lima : Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Facultad de Ciencias y Artes de la Comunicacion)
MAIN: PN1993 .T74

Trafic (Paris, France).
UCB Main PN1993 .T73 24(winter 1997)-42(summer 2002)- current


Vertigo (Paris, France). UCB Main PN1993 .V47 2(1988)-22(2001)- current

24 images. (Alternate Title: Vingt-quatre images; Cinema 24 images)
UCB BOUND 100-112/113(fall 2002)-
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