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A. Philip Randolph: For Jobs & Freedom

Chenoweth, Karin.
"The Man Who Pulled." (TV documentary on A. Philip Randolph, labor leader and Civil Rights activist) (includes related article) Black Issues in Higher Education v12, n24 (Jan 25, 1996):14 (4 pages).

Goodman, Walter.
"A. Philip Randolph: For Jobs and Freedom." (television program reviews) New York Times v145 (Thu, Feb 1, 1996):B2(N), C18(L), col 2, 11 col in.

Wintz, Cary D.
"A. Philip Randolph: For Jobs and Freedom." The Journal of American History Vol. 83, No. 3 (Dec., 1996), pp. 1127-1128
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Africans in America

Collins, James.
"Africans in America." (television program reviews) Time v152, n16 (Oct 19, 1998):116.

Cossaro, Karen.
"New Discoveries on Slavery." (PBS program 'Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery' produced by WGBH)(Brief Article) American Visions v13, n5 (Oct-Nov, 1998):12.

"Enough About Slavery." (the PBS "Africans in America" series and the Movie "Beloved" coverage of slavery is old news which misdirects energy that would be useful in the solving current racial problems). Time (Nov 2, 1998):56.

Goodman, Walter.
"Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery." (television program reviews) New York Times v148 (Mon, Oct 19, 1998):B4(N), E4(L), col 3, 10 col in.

Morgan, ES.
"Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery." (television program reviews) New York Review of Books, 1998 Dec. 3, V45 N19:14-14.

Phillips, Barbara D.
"Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery." (television program reviews) Wall Street Journal, n208 (Mon, Oct 19, 1998):A24(W), A24(E), col 1, 18 col in.

An American Love Story

Holden, Stephen.
"Love, forged in a crucible, observed in cold light." ('An American Love Story')(Review) New York Times (Wed, June 23, 1999):B5(N), E5(L), col 1, 20 col in.

James, Caryn.
"In a family portrait, the future; PBS's 'American Love Story' is about more than an interracial romance; it's about a new kind of family and this country's multiracial evolution." New York Times (Sun, Sept 5, 1999):AR1(N), AR1(L), col 2, 35 col in.

Leydon, Joe LEYDON, JOE.
"An American Love Story." (Review) Variety v373, n10 (Jan 25, 1999):74.

Mason, M.S.
"Insightful look at the joys and trials of interracial marriage; Innovative 'An American Love Story' is revealing." (Features)(Arts & Leisure)(Television) Christian Science Monitor (Sept 10, 1999):19.

Nichols, Peter M.
"Race relations taught on tape." (Jennifer Fox's 'American Love Story' is available from National Video Resources) New York Times (Fri, August 6, 1999):B30(N), E34(L), col 3, 14 col in.

Stovall, Natasha.
"An American Love Story." (Review) Rolling Stone, n822 (Sept 30, 1999):97.

America's War on Poverty

Berkowitz, Edward D.
"America's War on Poverty." (television program reviews) Journal of American History v82, n3 (Dec, 1995):1327 (2 pages).

Blaustein, Arthur.
"America's War on Poverty." (television program reviews) Mother Jones v20, n1 (Jan-Feb, 1995):17.
Goodman, Walter.
"America's War on Poverty." (television program reviews) New York Times v144 (Mon, Jan 16, 1995):B2(N), B6(L), col 3, 14 col in.

Herbert, Bob.
"A Reckless Journey." (Henry Hampton's documentary of the war on poverty in America is illuminating) (Column) New York Times v144 (Wed, Jan 4, 1995):A15(N), A19(L), col 5, 18 col in.

Leonard, John.
"America's War on Poverty." (television program reviews) New York v28, n3 (Jan 16, 1995):60 (2 pages).

Berkeley in the 60's

Battan, Jesse F.
"Berkeley in the Sixties." (movie reviews) Journal of American History v77, n3 (Dec, 1990):1125 (2 pages).

Berman, Marshall.
"Berkeley in the Sixties." (movie reviews) Dissent v38, n4 (Fall, 1991):538 (8 pages).

Cohen, Norman S.
"Berkeley in the Sixties." (video recording reviews) American Historical Review v96, n4 (Oct, 1991):1143 (3 pages).

Davis, R.G.
"Berkeley in the Sixties." (movie reviews) Film Quarterly v44, n1 (Fall, 1990):58 (3 pages).

Garson, Barbara.
"Berkeley in the Sixties." (movie reviews) Tikkun v5, n6 (Nov-Dec, 1990):99 (2 pages).

Kempley, Rita.
"Berkeley in the Sixties." (movie reviews) Washington Post October 01, 1990

Knoll, Erwin.
"Berkeley in the Sixties." (movie reviews) Progressive v54, n11 (Nov, 1990):4.

Porton, R.
"Berkeley in the Sixties." Cineaste, 1991, V18 N2:31-32.

The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords

Amana, Harry.
"The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords." (video recording) (video recording reviews) Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly v75, n2 (Summer, 1998):435 (2 pages).

Evelyn, Jamilah.
"The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords." Black Issues in Higher Education v15, n12 (August 6, 1998):42 (2 pages).

Jacques, Geoffrey.
"The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords." (Review) Cineaste v24, n1 (Winter, 1998):74 (3 pages).

Mcguire, Phillip.
"The Black Press: Soldiers without Swords." (Review) (movie reviews) Journal of American History v85, n3 (Dec, 1998):1187 (3 pages).

Eyes on the Prize

Bayles, Martha.
"Eyes on the Prize II." (television program reviews) Wall Street Journal (Mon, Jan 22, 1990):A12(W), A12(E), col 1, 23 col in.

Butterfield, Fox.
"Black Film Makers Retrace the Civil-Rights Struggle." (Blackside Inc.'s 'Eyes on the Prize') New York Times v135, sec2 (Sun, Jan 26, 1986):H29(N), H29(L), col 1, 35 col in.

Goodman, Walter.
"Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years, 1954-1965." (television program reviews) New York Times v136 (Wed, Nov 19, 1986):20(N), C25(L), col 1, 18 col in.

Hadley, Amelia Elizabeth
"Eyes on the Prize: Reclaiming Black Images, Culture, and History." In: Struggles for Representation: African American Documentary Film and Video / edited by Phyllis R. Klotman and Janet K. Cutler. pp: 100-121. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, c1999.
Main Stack PN1995.9.N4.S77 1999
Hays, Constance L.
"Overcoming Obstacles to a Civil-Rights Chronicle." (making of documentary "Eyes on the Prize II") New York Times v139, sec2 (Sun, Jan 14, 1990):H31(N), H31(L), col 1, 34

Van Tuyl, Laura.
"Producer of the Prize; 'Eyes on the Prize'-creator Henry Hampton hopes continuation of series will put black struggle in context for young viewers." Christian Science Monitor v82, n33 (Fri, Jan 12, 1990):10, col 5, 12 col in.

Wood, Daniel B.
"Eyes on the Prize II." (television program reviews) Christian Science Monitor v82, n33 (Fri, Jan 12, 1990):10, col 2, 24 col in.

Family Name

Cheshire, Godfrey.
"Family Name." (movie reviews) Variety v366, n3 (Feb 17, 1997):70 (1 page).
Katz, Alyssa.
"Family Name." (television program reviews) Nation v267, n9 (Sept 28, 1998):32 (3 pages).
Leonard, John.
"Family Name." (television program reviews) New York v31, n36 (Sept 21, 1998):70 (2 pages).

Great Day in Harlem

Sight and Sound v5, n6 (June, 1995):43 (2 pages).

New Yorker v70, n46 (Jan 23, 1995):95 (3 pages).

New York Times v144, sec3 (Sun, July 9, 1995):F10(N), F10(L), col 1, 15 col in.

New York Times v144, sec2 (Sun, Feb 12, 1995):H13(N), H13(L), col 5,

New York Times v144 (Fri, Feb 17, 1995):B6(N), C12(L), col 1,

Looking for Langston

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Gilliam, Dorothy.
"Rallying Around 'Sankofa.' "(Haile Gerima's film about slavery) (Column) Washington Post v116 (Sat, Nov 6, 1993)

James, Caryn.
"Sankofa." (movie reviews) New York Times v143 (Fri, April 8, 1994):B11(N), C8(L), col 1, 11 col in.

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"Sankofa." (movie reviews) Christian Science Monitor v86, n211 (Fri, Sept 23, 1994):

Stratton, David.
"Sankofa." (movie reviews) Variety v350, n7 (March 15, 1993):64.

Tassy, Elaine.
"'Sankofa' Takes a Different Route to Theaters."(independent producers Haile Gerima and Shirikiana Aina used creative financing to distribute 'Sankofa' motion picture) Los Angeles Times v113 (Tue, Jan 25, 1994):D4

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"Sankofa." (movie reviews) Sight and Sound v4, n7 (July, 1994):53 (2 pages).

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"Filming Slavery: A Conversation with Haile Gerima." Transition: An International Review, vol. 64. 1994. pp: 90-104.

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