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Wild Women Don't Have the Blues

  • Rating: ****
  • Audience: High School to Adult
  • Price: Public performance: $85.00
  • Date: Copyright 1989. Released 1989.
  • Descriptors: Women singers. Blues. Music - Popular.
  • Production Information: Live action, Film transfer, Stills. Produced by Carole van Falkenburg, Christine Dall. Sponsored by National Endowment for the Humanities. Color. 58 min.
  • Production Company: Calliope Productions
  • Available from: California Newsreel 149 9th St., #420 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415)621-6196
  • Cataloging: 780.904 Blues (Music) - History|| Afro-American women singers
  • Print Entry #: 1:783
  • Reviewer: Kathleen M. Kilgen

    Wild Women Don't Have the Blues is a fascinating work. One is quickly drawn into the flavor and character of the Jazz Age by these profiles of female blues singers of the 1920s. They are presented in interviews with contemporaries and performers influenced by them, supplemented by photos, film clips, and recordings. These early media stars represent the beginning of professional status for black entertainers.

    Blues music was originally presented through stage shows and the popular new media of the phonograph and talking pictures. The access to mass audiences allowed the blues to cross racial and economic lines. With this video, producers Carole van Falkenburg and Christine Dall have contributed valuable information to our knowledge of the blues art form. Wild Women also offers a new look into the fascinating era of the Jazz Age.

    Although the production style is traditional PBS, it holds the viewer's attention by the presentation of unique film clips and photos of black life in the 1920s. The soundtrack of continuous blues music sets the tone for the stories being told.

    Wild Women Don't Have the Blues should be considered for public, academic, and high school collections. The biographies of these remarkable women will appeal to general audiences as well as students of music and sociology.

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