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Africa .
Hosted by Basil Davidson. The story is unfolded on location all over Africa, showing life as it is today, plus archive film and dramatized reconstructions. Two programs per cassette, each an hour long. See OskiCat or MELVYL for individual episode information. Video/C 2487-2490.

Africa: Search for Common Ground .
A series profiling formal efforts by various Sub-Saharan African countries to peacefully resolve contemporary conflicts. Video/C 5344-5356.

The Africans (BBC, 1996).
Explores the history, culture, and politics of Africa. Includes discussions of the influences of Islam and the West. Video/C 945:1-9

Africans in America
A four part series portraying the struggles of the African people in America, from their arrival in the 1600s to the last days before the Civil War. 1998. 90 min. each installment Video/C 5838-Video/C 5841

Against All Odds. (Annenburg/CPB, 1989).
Unlock the mystries of statistics with this series on the real-world application and timeless equations of this essential subject. Video/C 2910:1-22 - 2910:25-26. (56 min. ea.).

Age of Uncertainty. (BBC, 1977).
Economist John Kenneth Galbraith discusses views and ideas on economics presented in his book of the same title. Video/C 447-489.

AIDS Quarterly. (PBS, 1989).
With Peter Jennings.
See OskiCat or MELVYL for individual title information. Video/C 2336-2339.

America. (PBS, 1987).
Narrated by Alistair Cooke. Video/C 1415-1427.

The al-Qaeda Files
Dist.: PBS. c2006. 57 min. each installment. DVD 6685

With Alistair Cooke. 52 min. each installment Video/C 1416 - 1427

America at War.
45 min each. Video/C 5700-5704

America by Design. (PBS, 1987).
Architectural historian Spiro Kostof (UC Berkeley) hosts a tour of America's built environment, from the earliest settlements to the latest manifestations. DVD 8933; Video/C 1039:1-5.

America Goes to War: The Home Front
Series depicting the major movements in the lives of Americans in the 1940s as the country endures WWII, including changes in ideals, life styles, morals and ethics. 1990. 29 min. each installament. Video/C 9063-9072.

America in the '40s: A Sentimental Journey
1998. 3 segments, 57 min. each. Video/C 5807-5809

America in the '40s, A Sentimental Journey (PBS, 1998).
A three part cultural history of the United States during the 1940's decade. 57 min. each Video/C 5807-5809

America: 1900. (WGBH Educational Foundation; [Alexandria, VA]: PBS Video, c1998).
A 4 part series examining the turn of the century pivotal year: 1900. Video/C 5810-5811.

American Cinema. 13 part series
The Studio System. DVD 371; Video/C 3710 The Star. DVD 371; Video/C 3711 The Western. DVD 371; Video/C 3712 Romantic Comedy. DVD 371; Video/C 3713 The Combat Film. DVD 371; Video/C 3714 Film Noir. DVD 371; Video/C 3715 Film in the Television Age. DVD 371; Video/C 3716 The Film School Generation. DVD 371; Video/C 3717 The Edge of Hollywood. DVD 371; Video/C 3718 Classical Hollywood Today. DVD 371; Video/C 3719 Film Language: the Director's Choice. DVD 371; Video/C 3719 Thinking and Writing About Film. Video/C 3719

With Alistair Cooke. 52 min. each installment Video/C 1415-1427

America at War.
1995. 45 min. each installment. Video/C 5701-5704

The American Experience. (PBS, 1988).
Documentaries by various film makers on unique and diverse events and personalities in American history. Includes rare archival footage and photographs. Check MELVYL or OskiCat under series name for individual installments.

American musical theater : 1800's to 1960's Video/C 4044-4045.

American President
2000. 60 min. each installment. Video/C 7161-Video/C 7165

The American Short Story (Learning in Focus, 1985).
Film adaptations of short stories by Mark Twain, John Updike, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and others. Video/C 785-800

American Social History Project (Who Built America?)
Film series which explores the central role working men and women have played in the key events of American history. 30 min. each installment. 1987. DVD X2340-DVD X2345; Video/C 5826-5834

American Visions
An eight part series presenting American history through its visual art, painting, sculpture, architecture and monuments. Video/C 4775-4782.

The people of South and Central America and Caribbean reflect on their lives, their history and societies in this series. This look at contemporary Latin America examines issues confronting the entire region by focusing on individual communities. 1-The Garden of Forking Paths [Argentina] 2-Capital Sina [Brazil] 3- Continent on the Move [Mexico] 4-Mirrors of the Heart [Bolivia, Haiti, the Dominican Republic] 5-In Women's Hands [Chile] 6-Miracles Are Not Enough [Brazil, Nicaragua] 7-Builders of Images [Puerto Rico, Brazil, Nicaragua] 8-Get Up, Stand Up [Colombia, Jamaica, Panama] 9-Fire in the Mind [El Salvador, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua] 10-Latin American and Caribbean Presence in the U.S. [Southern California, Miami, New York City]. Video/C 2808-2817. (60 min. ea.).

Americas War on Poverty.( PBS Video, 1995).
Video/C 3926-3930.

Anxiety-related Disorders, The Worried Well
Dist.: Films Media Group. 1997. 15 min. each installment DVD 6663-6668

Arab Diaries.
A five-part documentary series providing fresh insight into contemporary life across the Arab world. 26 min. each segment. c2000. Video/C 8334-8338.

The Arab World Series
1991. 30 min. each installment. Video/C 2330-2334.

The Arabs: A Living History. (WGBH, 1985).
Explores Arab history, culture, and society from within and the lives and opinions of Arabs today. Video/C 1169: 1-10.

The Arab World.
A series of conversations about Arab history, religion and culture, hosted by Bill Moyers. Video/C 2330-2334.

Art of the Western World. (Annenberg/CPB Project, 1989).
Provides a panorama of 2000 years of architecture, painting, and sculpture. Studies the art masterpieces as reflections of the Western culture that produced them. Video/C 1675-1683.

Artists & Photographers Series
Tilting at Space: The Work of Jan Groover. 28 min. Video/C 3988
Roy Lichtenstein: Reflections. 30 min. Video/C 3989
The Climate of New York [Rudy Burckhardt]. 8 min. Video/C 3990
The Phillips Collection [NY MOMA]. 29 min. Video/C 3991
Duane Michals, 1939-1997. 14 min. Video/C 3992
Brice Marden: A Film. 20 min. Video/C 3993
Horst. 20 min. Video/C 3994
Aaron Siskind. 17 min. Video/C 3995
Harry Callahan, Eleanor and Barbara. 18 min. Video/C 3996

The Ascent of Man. (BBC, 1974).
Anthropologist and science historian Jacob Bronowski explores the history of man as the history of science. DVD 802-DVD 806; Video/C 162-70.

The Astronomers. (PBS, 1991).
Adventurous scientists with innovative technologies are currently revolutionizing our knowledge of the universe. The Astronomers spans five continents to interview astronomy's newsmakers and examines such cutting-edge topics as dark matter, quasars, black holes and the search for planets outside our own solar system. Features state-of-the-art visual effects for a stunning exploration of the wonders of the universe using animated 3-D computer-generated imagery. Video/C 2050-2086.

Baseball. (PBS 1994).
Director Ken Burns' look at the history of the game. Video/C 3603-3611. (115-141 min. ea.).

Beirut to Bosnia: Muslims and the West.
Why have so many Muslims come to hate the West? In this controversial three-part series Robert Fisk, award-winning Middle East and Balkans correspondent for the London Independent, reports on Muslim unrest as ideology, religion, history, and geography come into conflict. 1993. 52 min each. Video/C 6617-Video/C 6619

The Beatles Anthology. (PBS 1994).
Video/C 4470: 1-8

Beirut to Bosnia: Muslims and the West.
Why have so many Muslims come to hate the West? In this controversial three-part series Robert Fisk, award-winning Middle East and Balkans correspondent for the London Independent, reports on Muslim unrest as ideology, religion, history, and geography come into conflict. 1993. Video/C 6617-6619.

Beyond the Veil.
1998. 52 min. each installment Video/C 5785-Video/C 5787

Bits, Bytes, and Buzzwords.
Examines the nature of computer hardware and software, and a discussion of various applications in business and other fields. (Shelved in permanent reserves, see: Computer Services V/C 3:1-5).

Blood and Belonging. (PBS 1984). 50 min. each
The Road to Nowhere: Yugoslavia. Video/C 4639
The Nation Returns: Germany. Video/C 4643
Dreaming a Nation: the Kurds. Video/C 4640
Lifting the Yoke: Ukraine. Video/C 4641
Mirror, Mirror: Northern Ireland. Video/C 4644
Reconquering the Conquest: Quebec. Video/C 4642

The Blue Planet.
Originally broadcast on BBC television in 1996. Narrator, David Attenborough. DVD X1933

The Blue Revolution.
DVD X1933

The Brain. (PBS 1984).
This series is devoted to discussion of the brain functions and development, current research on brain physiology and disorders. Video/C 955-962

Brain Sex: Brain Architecture and the Sexes. (PBS 1992).
51 min. each installment.

The Buried Mirror. (Public Media Video, 1991).
Written and presented by Carlos Fuentes. A look at the diverse cultures of Spanish-speaking countries and peoples. Also examines the themes, institutions, beliefs, and symbols of these cultures that have endured or changed through time. Video/C 2392:1-5.

Cadillac Desert, Water and the Transformation of Nature.
Cadillac Desert relates the story of the epic quest for water and the role it has played in the transformation of the American West. DVD 8700-8703 [preservation copy]; Video/C 5053-5056

Canticle to the Cosmos.
Drawing upon the data and theories of comtemporary sciences and the poetry of spiritual traditions, Cosmlogist, Brian Swimme, Ph.d., tells the story of the universe in language and images accessible to all. Study guide accompanies. Video/C 2904:1-12. (60 min. ea.).

The Century: America's Time. (Decades of Change.)
With Peter Jennings; produced by ABC News in association with The History Channel.The Century: America's Time. (Decades of Change.) With Peter Jennings; produced by ABC News in association with The History Channel. Video/C 6354-6368

Century: Events That Shaped the World (ABC Video, c1999)
With Peter Jennings. 42 min each. Video/C 6342-6353

The Century of the Self.
Series describing the psycho/social issues affecting 20th century consumerism against the backdrop of the development of Freudian psychology. BBC, 2002. 59 min. each installment. DVD 9424

Chicago: City of the Century
c2003. 345 min. DVD 1554

A four part series chronicling various aspects of the struggles for equal rights by Mexican Americans.Video/C 4308-4311.

Childhood. (WNET, 1991).
In seven one-hour programs, Childhood presents an examination of the various influences that shape us as individuals and members of the families and societies in which we are raised. Through observation of twelve families on five continents, the series looks at childhood from a number of perspectives. Video/C 2345:1-7

Childhood Development
c2004. 25-26 min. each installment DVD 5198-5202
China, a Century of Revolution
Video/C 3407-Video/C 6117; Video/C 6117

China From the Inside
Four documentaries that surveys China through Chinese eyes to see how history has shaped them, and where the present is taking them. Originally broadcast on PBS in 2006. Dist.: Films Media Group. 60 min. each installment. DVD 7397

China Rises
DVD X2541 - X2544

China: Through Mao's Eyes
Dist.: Films Media Group. 2006. 60 min. each installment DVD 6196 - 6199

China: Unleashing the Dragon. (1995).
Four part documentary chronicling the transformation currently sweeping over China, from its initiation by Deng Xiaoping, to the economic, social and cultural realities of today's China. Video/C 4441-4444.

Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood.
A six part series presenting the early days of the movie industry in Europe and the contributions of European filmmakers from the 1890's to the introduction of sound in the 1930's.Video/C 5590-5592

City Life.
Series examining the effect of globalization on people and cities worldwide. c2001. 30 min. each installment Video/C 8929-Video/C 8950

Civil War. (WETA, 1990).
A film by Ken Burns on the origins, battles, and socio-political outcome of the American Civil War. Video/C 1810-1818.

Civilisation. (BBC, 1970).
Sir Kenneth Clark's video dissertation on the history of Western Culture, as illustrated by its art and architecture. Video/C 4983-4989.

Climate & Man
Video/C 2401-2405

Close to Home: [Bill] Moyers on Addiction
Video/C 6505-6509

The Cold War. (Warner Home Video; [Atlanta, Ga.]: CNN Productions, 1998.).
A 24 part documentary series which examines the Cold War and its influence on history, culture, technology, economics, and the modern psyche. 47-50 min each installment Video/C 5735-5742.

Columbus andd the Age of Discovery. (PBS, 1991).
A 7-nation co-production, this series chronicles Columbus's extraordinary journey and legacy. The definitive series commemorating the quincentennnnial, this video history relives Columbus' daring and dangerous voyages and their momentous repercussions-for both the New World and the Old. Video/C 2240-2246.

Commanders. (BBC, 1973).
Documentary on the lives and careers of famous military personalities, including Dwight D. Eisenhoweer, Erwin Rommel, and Douglas MacArthur. Video/C 457-463

Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy
2 hours. c2002. Based on the book by Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw (HD87 .Y47 1998 Bus & Econ, Moffitt) Video/C 9034-9035

55 min. each installment. 1985. Video/C 3495-Video/C 3499

The Computer Programme. (BBC, 1982).
Explores such topics as what computers can do for you, who is using them, how do they work, and what will they mean for the future. Video/C 394:1-10.

Comrades. (BBC, 1986).
Series documenting everyday life in the Soviet Union through a series of profiles of "ordinary" Russians. Video/C 1008:1-12.

Congress: We the People. (PBS, 1983).
Edwin Newman narrates series on the structure and membership of the US Congress. Video/C 588-613.

Connectons. (BBC, 1979).
James Burke traces the hisoric antecedents of modern technology, and discusses the process of techno-historical change. DVD 807-DVD 811; also on VHS Video/C 2602-2611.

The Consititution: That Delicate Balance. (PBS, 1983).
Video/C 493-496

[The Consititution]That Delicate Balance II. (PBS, 1992).
Video/C 2936- 2940

Cosmos. (BBC, 1980).
Carl Sagan'ss series on the universe and man's role in it. Video/C1428:1-7. (2 episodes per cassette).

Carl Sagan discusses the cosmic relationship between man and the universe. 1989. 60 minutes each segment. DVD 816 (7 discs); Video/C 1428 (7 tapes)

Craft of Acting.
Video/C 4872-4875

Crisis in Central America. (WGBH, 1985).
Series traces the history of revolution in Central America, looks at U.S. activity in the region and examines the course of Cuba's revolution from the early days to present. Video/C 774-777.

Crusades. (History Channel : A&E Home Video, 1995)
Video/C 8300-Video/C 8303

Culture Shock (WGBH, 2000).
Four part series exploring why particular works of art became controversial. Part one addresses the mass appeal of movies, including their portrayals of sex and violence which have made them a target of censors since the early days. Video/C 6908-6911.

Crusades (History Channel, 2000)
Chronicles the origins and history of the Crusades. Series host: Terry Jones; History Channel host: Roger Mudd. 1995. 50 min. each. Video/C 8300-8303.

This 8-part series probes the traditions of dance in communities around the world and from the latest hip-hop in Morocco to a ballet class in Russia and a modern dance rehearsal in New York, Explores the art of communication called dance. Video/C 2914-2921. (58 min. ea.).

[David Halberstam's] The Fifties.
90 min. each Video/C 5378-Video/C 5383

Dawn of the Eye (History of Film and TV News) (BBC, 1997)
47 min. each DVD 4527-4532; Video/C 5942-5946

The Day the Universe Changed. (BBC, 1986).
James Bruke traces the development of Western thought through major transformations through the centuries, from the Greek to the New Physics. Video/C 997:1-10.

The Decade of Destruction
Chronicles the destruction of the Amazon rainforest - perhaps the 20th century's worst environmental disaster. c1987. DVD X1324; vhs Video/C 1834 - DVD X1327; vhs Video/C 1834

Desination America. (Film for Humanities, 1992).
Tells the story of 35 million Europeans who left their troubled homeland for the promise of freedom and opportunity, and the hardships of the transatlantic voyage they endured to reach America. Video/C 2636-2644. (52 min. ea.).

Destiny of Empires: the Spanish-American War of 1898
DVD 1969-DVD 1970 1998. 52 min. each installment

Discovering Psychology. (WGBH, Boston in association with the American Psychological Association, 1989).
See MRC's Psychology videography for contents. Video/C 3953

Earth Revealed.
26 part series. 30 min. each. Video/C 2435-Video/C 2447

Eastern Europe: Breaking with the Past. (Global View, 1991).
An examination of political and social events ocurring in Eastern European nations from World War II to the present day which culminated in current political upheavals and restructuring of Eastern European governments and societies. Video/C 1955:1-13.

Experiment: Power, Behavior, and Identity Under Duress
4 part series updating the controversial 1971 Stanford prison experiment, Dr. Philip Zimbardo's inquiry into the power of social situations to distort identity and erode moral behavior. 2004. 60 min. each installment. DVD 4708-DVD 4710

Extreme Oil.
Dist.: Films Media Group. 2004. 57 min. each installment. DVD 6055 - DVD 6057

Dist.: Films Media Group. 2003. 57 min. each installment. DVD 2404-DVD 2408

Economics USA. (Annenberg/CPB Project, 1986).
An introductory course in college-level macroeconomics. Video/C 1229:1-28.

Emerging Powers.50 min. each
China Video/C 4304
India Video/C 4305
Mexico Video/C 4306
Brazil Video/C 4307

Ethics in America. (Annenberg/CPB Project, 1989).
Discussions and debates on some of the difficult ethical issues and dilemmas facing contemporary society. Video/C 1653-1663.

Europe the Mighty Continent. (BBC, 1975).
Examines the historical development of Europe from the turn of the century to the present. DVD X2798-2810 [preservation copy]; Video/C 4883-4895.

Eyes on the Prize I. (PBS, 1987).
History of the American civil Rights Movement, 1954-1965. DVD 6961-6966; Video/C 971:1-6.

Eyes on the Prize II. (PBS, 1989).
America at the racial crossroads, 1965-1985. DVD 6961-6966; vhs Video/C 1652:1-8.

The Farmers Wife. (PBS, 1989).
This film follows Juanita and Darrel Buschkoetter, a remarkable young Nebraska farm couple, to tell a compelling love story. 3 videocassettes (375 min.) Video/C 6115

[David Halberstam's] The Fifties (PBS, 1989). 90 min. each Video/C 7372-Video/C 7377

Force More Powerful: A Century of Nonviolent Conflict
Written, produced and directed by Steve York, 2000.
Nashville: We were Warriors. Video/C 7372
India: Defying the Crown. Video/C 7373
South Africa: Freedom in Our Lifetime. Video/C 7374
Denmark: Living with the Enemy. Video/C 7375
Poland: We've Caught God by the Arm. Video/C 7376
Chile: Defeat of a Dictator. Video/C 7377

Fragile Planet
c1990. Video/C 2407-2409.

Free to Choose. (WQLIN, 1980).
Economist Milton Friedman expounds on US economic history and the free enterprise system. Video/C 1172-1181.

A documentary series chronicling the epic journey of America's commitment to liberty and the idea of freedom. Based on the book series A History of US by Joy Hakim. c2003. 52 min. each installment DVD 2196.

From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians. 56 min. each installment. 1998. Video/C 5691-Video/C 5694

Popular PBS series dealing with a wide variety of topical issues. Consult the MELVYL or OskiCat catalogs under series name for individual titles.

45/85: America and the World Since World War II. (ABC News, 1986).
Ted Koppel and Peter Jennings host this series which traces world events from the end of WWII to the Geneva summit. Video/C 943:1-5.

From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians.
56 min. each installment. 1998. Video/C 5691-Video/C 5694

Fueling the Future Series
Video/C 2552 - 2555

Furious Flower: Conversations with African American Poets.
A four part video anthology of African American poetry from the 1940s to 1995 offering intimate portraits of leading poets reading and discussing their own works. 114 total running time Video/C 6023-6026.

The Genocide Factor.
2001. 57 min. each installment. Genocide, From Biblical Times Through the Ages: DVD 4507; Genocide in the First Half of the 20th Century: DVD 4485; Never Again?: Genocide Since the Holocaust: Video/C 8744; Genocide: The Horror Continues: Video/C 8745

Giant Awakes.
Series dealing with economics and business conditions in China 1994. Produced by BBC News and Current Affairs. Video/C 5790-Video/C 5791

Global Generation
c2003. 26 min. each installment DVD 2164-DVD 2168

The Great Depression. (PBS, 1993) (60 min. ea). DVD X1162-DVD X1168; Video/C 3171-3177.

The Great Step Forward: China Women in the 20th Century.
2004. 55 min. each installment DVD 5115 - 5116

Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century Video/C 5256-5259

The Greatest Pharaohs
Examines the lives of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt using expert interviews, computer re-creations, extensive location footage and the latest archaeological and scientific evidence. Video/C 4833-4836

The Greeks
(52 min. each installment) Video/C 5597- 5600

Green Means
Series of short video programs about ordinary people who are making positive contributions to the health of the planet. Includes segments on environmental activism in relation to grasslands preservation, eco-architecture and energy conservation, eco-agriculture, waste disposal, community gardens, marsh, stream and forest ecology, marine pollution, endangered species, the reintroduction of species and recycling. Video/C 4688-4689

The Health Century. (PBS, 1989).
Explores the dynamic processes of medical discoveries by probing current work in the nation's laboratories and research institutes. Video/C 1586-1589.

Heart of Darkness: The Vietnam War Chronicles 1945-1975.
Experience the real story of the Vietnam War as told by those who understood it best - the men who fought it. The longest military conflict in U.S. history, the Vietnam War claimed the lives of more than 58,000 Americans in addition to nearly 6 million Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians. Featuring rare footage and exclusive interviews, Heart of Darkness is an in-depth look at a war that has left us with many unanswered questions to this day. DVD 6684

Heart of the Dragon.
Series that comments on the parallels between Chinese and American society and discusses how China is coming to terms with modernization. Each part 57 minutes. DVD X1732-X1743 [preservation copy]; Video/C 1186:1-Video/C 1186:12

Heritage: Civilization and the Jews. (PBS, 1984).
A chronicle of Jewish history in the context of other Western religions and within the broader context of Western civilization. Video/C 701:1-8

Heroine Wars
1996. 60 min. each installament. Video/C 5297-5298

History of Britain: I and II
Volume I is a six part series exploring the history of Britain up to the 17th century; Volume II is a five part series exploring the history of Britain from Elizabeth I. 2001. Video/C 8479-Video/C 9329

History of Rock n' Roll. (Time/Life; Warner, 1985).
See also: Rock & Roll. Video/C 3939 - 3948.

History of Sex
Series exploring the worldwide history of sex and sexual practices from ancient civilizations through the 20th century. 1999. 50 min. each installment Video/C 9170-9173

Hollywood.(HBO Video, c1980)
History of Hollywood films and filmmaking. 52 min. each installment DVD X1778-X1790 [preservation copy]; Video/C 6154-6166 .

Hollywood Chronicles
Censorship - The Unseen Cinema; Sex in the Movies; Poverty Row; The New Rebels; c1991. Each feature 25 min. Video/C 8262-Video/C 8263

Homefront U.S.A.
Series presenting newsreel footage of activities on the homefront in America during World War II. 55 min each installment. 1997. Video/C 9019-Video/C 9025

How the West Was Lost.(Discovery Channel, 1995)
100 min. each Video/C 3954- 3960

Human Animal: A Natural History of the Human Species.
Anthropologist Desmond Morris narrates this 6-part series from 1994. 50 minutes each. Dist.: Films Media Group. Video/C 6237-Video/C 6242

Human Geography, People Places and Change.
Annenberg/CPB Collection, 1996. Video/C 4241- 4250

Human Race
1994. Video/C 7203 - Video/C 7204

Human Rights & Wrongs
Television series. 27 minutes each installment Video/C 6695-Video/C 6734

The Industrial Revolution
1992. 20 min. each installment. Video/C 8729-Video/C 8732

I'll Make Me a World (PBS, 1999).
Looks at the trials and tribulations of the first generation of African-Americans born into freedom, focusing on the contributions of this generation to the arts. Video/C 6262-6267

In Search of the Constitution. (PBS, 1987).
Bill Moyer's series on the constitution featuring discussions with Attorney General Edwin Meese, Justice Bork, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and others. Video/C 1046:1-11.

In Search of the Trojan War. (BBC, 1985).
Historian Michael Wood analyses the myths surrounding the Trojan War, and with the aid of modern day techniques, tries to discover wether the war actually took place. Video/C 1053:1-6.

In the Life.
A Televised newsmagazine of gay American issues and culture. For program contents, see In the Life page. Video/C 4490:1-5

Indonesia Riding the Tiger.
DVD X849-DVD X851; Video/C 4590-4592

Inside Out: Introduction to Psychology
DVD 8802-DVD 8807

Inside the Global Economy(Annenberg/CPB Collection, 1994)
With Nariman Behravesh. Moderator, Beverly O'Connor. 60 min. each installment Video/C 4853-4865

Into the Rising Sun: Search for the Sea Route to the East.
Produced by the National Commission for the Commemoration of the Portuguese Discoveries in cooperation with other organizations. 1999. Video/C 6558-6561

Islam Rising
c2000. 52 minutes each segment. Video/C 8173-8177

Japan Past and Present.
An introduction to the complexities, disparities, dichotomies, and beauties of Japan and the Japanese, then and now. 53 min. ea. Video/C 2998-Video/C 3002

Jazz (Ken Burns)
DVD 488-497 .

Jerusalem: Between Heaven and Earth.
A three part exploration of the history, religion and politics of Jerusalem as seen through the eyes of residents of Jerusalem, adherents of the three major faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 1996. Video/C 7969-Video/C 7971

Korean War: Fire and Ice
A 4 part documentary on the military history of the Korean War. A&E, 1999. 45 min each installment. Video/C 6636- Video/C 6639

Kostof Lectures. (UCB 1991).
Series of lectures by Spiro Kostof for Architecture 170 Spring 1991. Video/C 2338:1-26.

Land of the Eagle. (PBS, 1991).
The first comprehensive account of North America's wildlife and wild places, this series turns back the clock to reveal the continent as it was hundreds of years ago and tells the story of the land through the people who lived on it, charted it, and shaped it-the American Indians and the first European explorers and settlers. Video/C 2361-2368.

Land of the Eagles
Video/C 2361 - 2368

Lannan Literary Videos.
Conversations and readings with notable authors. See MELVYL or OskiCat for individual titles in series. Video/C 3478-3491

The Last of the Hiding Tribes.
A record filmed over 30 years, 1967-1998. Video/C 6627-6629

Legacy. (Maryland Public Television, 1991).
A six part series, explores the influence of ancient culture on our lives today. Visits the ancient cities and great ports of India and China, the deserts of Egypt and Iraq, the Mexico of the Inca, Aztec and Mayan peoples, the Greek and Roman monuments of Europe and the jungles of Central America searching for the living legaciess of these once great civilizations. Video/C 3017-3022. (57 min.ea.).

Liberty! The American Revolution. Video/C 5411-5413

A series on how the globalized world economy affects ordinary people. 24 minutes each segment. c2000. Video/C 7761-Video/C 7790

Life 4
A 27-part series about global efforts to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals. Originally broadcast on the BBC television program Lifeonline in 2004. DVD 3952-DVD 3978

Life 5
Life is an ongoing award-winning series in 13 parts looking at how globalization is affecting ordinary people across the planet. As the 2015 target for achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals approaches, LIFE 5 investigates the impact of globalization as developing nations respond to economic stress and attempt to create just futures. 2005. DVD 8385-DVD 8397

Life in the Undergrowth. (BBC, 1978).
In five filmed segments, David Attenborough explores the world of invertebrates, detailing aspects of life-cycles of numerous species around the world. DVD 7434.

The Life of Birds.
Presented by David Attenborough. c1999. Video/C 9118-9122

Life on Earth. (BBC, 2006).
David Attenborough narrates the series which traces the evolution of the species. Video/C 290-302.

Life on the Internet
13 part series; 27 minutes each. Video/C 5895-5920

Life on the Internet 2.0
13 part series; 27 minutes each. Video/C 5895-5920

Lincoln, the Making of a President. (PBS, 1992).
Drawn from letters, speeches and diaries, Lincoln's words are brought to life by the voice of Jason Robards and other noteworthy actors. Video/C 2807:1-4. (56 min. ea.).

The Living Maya
A four part documentary chronicling the everyday life of a present-day Mayan family as it tries to cope with modern society. 1977. Video/C 8486-8489

Living Planet: A Portrait of the Earth. (BBC, 1984).
David Attenborough hosts this series which traces the changing face of the Earth over the millennia in cycles of creation and destruction. Video/C 6050-6061.

Local Heroes, Global Changes. (South Carolina Educational Television Network, 1990).
A four part series on world development and global economic change. Video/C 1799.

Long Search. (BBC, 1978).
Discussion of the nature of faith, religion dogma in the modern world. Video/C 190-202.

The Machine That Changed the World. (WGBH, 1992).
Tells the story of the birth of computers and of the men and involved. Video/C 2452-2456 (58 min. ea.).

Made in America (1982)
50-58 min. each installment Video/C 2585-Video/C 2588
Hosted by Jonathan Miller. 60 min ea. See MRC's Psychology videography for contents DVD 7409-7413 [preservation copy]; Video/C 3695-3699

Make 'em Laugh: The Funny Business of America
Series chronicling how comedy has defined the nation's character with commentary by film historians, comedians, writers and producers, spotlighting comedians through the generations who broke the rules to advance the genre. 2008. DVD X828

Making of a Continent. (BBC, 1983).
Exploration of the geology abd geological history of North America. Video/C 1273-1275.

Making Sense of the Sixties. (WETA, PBS, 199).
A cultural and political histories of the 1960's. Video/C 1953:1-6.

The March of Time.
Originally produced as a newsreel by Time Magazine, The March of Time was seen monthly for sixteen years in more than 50,000 theatres around the world. This documentary series focuses on the Great Depression years. Video/C 2905:1-6

The Mechanical Universe. (PBS, 1986-87).
Exploration of physics and the physical world. Video/C 982:1-12. Beyond the Mechanical Universe Video/C 1019:1-26 (30 min.each). Also available on laser disc with an accompanying textbook. Video/D 79-104 See OskiCat/MELVYL for individual episode information.

Mekong, A Turbulent River.Mekong, A Turbulent River
52 min. each installment Video/C 7341-7344.

Men Who Made Movies. (WNET, 1973).
Profiles Alfred Hitchcock, Frank Capra, Vicent Minelli, Raoul Walsh and William Wellman. Video/C 2031-2038.

Mexico Series. (WGBH, 1988).
Records the history and political events in Mexico from Mexican Revolution to the 1988 presidential elections through interviews and the use of extensive materials. Video/C 1331:1-3.

Messengers from Moscow.
In this four part history of the Cold War told from the Soviet point of view, Soviet political leaders, military personnel and spies who ran their country speak candidly about what the Soviet Union really wanted during the 40-year-long Cold War. c1995. 53-55 min. each installment. Video/C MM68-Video/C MM71

Millennium: The IMF in the New Century.
Each segment 18-19 min. c2001. Video/C 7801-Video/C 7804

The Mind. (PBS, 1988).
Investigation of various functions and dysfunctions of the mind. Video/C 1301:1-8.

Mississippi, River of Song
Join folk-rock musician Ani DiFranco in a four part film series filmed live along the Mississippi River, highlighting the richness and vitality of American music at the close of the 20th century. 60 min each Video/C 6250-6253.

Mongols, Storm from the East
A four part documentary on the history of the Mongol invasions in the thirteenth century. 1993. 46 minutes each. Video/C 8361-8364

[Bill] Moyers on Addiction
Video/C 6505-6509

Multicultural Peoples of North America.
See OskiCat or MELVYL for individual titles.

Mystery of the Senses.
See MRC's Science and Technology videography for contents. 60 min. each Video/C 3921- 3925

NASA Film Library. (Cannata Communications, 1989). See OskiCat or MELVYL for individual titles. Video/C 2056-2086.

The National Parks. America's Best Idea
A film by Ken Burns. DVD X2127
Native Americans
48 min. each. Video/C 4768- 4770

Nature Perfected, the Story of the Garden.
A broad international survey of the history of gardens and garden design. 48 min. each. Video/C 4118- 4123

The Nature of Sex
1992 television program presented on the PBS series, Nature. 60 min. each installment. Video/C 9149-Video/C 9154

Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet.
60 min. each installment. 1998. Video/C 5687-Video/C 5689

The New Heroes: Their Bottom Line Is Lives
Originally broadcast on PBS stations in 2005. 60 min. each installment DVD 4495

The New Pacific
1986. 60 min. each installment Video/C MM582-MM833

New York, A Documentary Film.
Directed by Ric Burns. 1999. 120 min. each installment. DVD 3764-DVD 3771; also VHS Video/C 6650-6654

The 90's. (Subtle Communications, 1991).
The television series looks at "people, place and ideas from around the, entertaining, irreverent, funny and though-provoking reports from the creative edge of the video age". Video/C 2200-2207.

Nova. (PBS, BBC, 198--).
Series which investigates a wide range of issues and events pertaining to science, technology, and society. *Check OskiCat or MELVYL online catalogs under series name for individual titles and call numbers.

Odyssey. (PBS, BBC, 1987).
Series from the creators of Nova, covering paleontology, archaeology, and anthropology. Various call numbers. *Check OskiCat or MELVYL online catalogs under series name for individual titles and call numbers.

Oil. (PBS, 1986).
Examines the history of the petroleum industry and trade in the United States. DVD 7951-7958 [preservation copy]; Video/C 1720-1727.

On Our Own Terms
Host, Bill Moyers. 2000. 90 minutes each segment. Video/C 8420-Video/C 8423

Only One Earth. (Films Inc. 1986).
Examination of critical issues affecting the environment, including natural resource depletion, acid rain, tropical deforestation. Video/C 1664-1674.

Out of the Fiery Furnace. (PBS, 1985).
Exploration of the ways in which civilization has been shaped by man's use of mineral resources. Video/C 927-933.

Pacific Century.
This series looks at the past 150 years of economic and political development in the Pacific Basin. Studies the interconnections between Pacific nations and the United States within a geographical, cultural and history framework. (60 min.ea.). Video/C 2496-2505.

Panorama of African-American Theatre. 15 min. each installment. Video/C 4842-Video/C 4845

Passion and Fury: The Emotional Brain.
Originally broadcast in 2003 on the television series: The Nature of things. 43 min. each installment. Dist.: Filmakers Library. DVD 8619-DVD 8622

People's Century.
(BBC, 1986). Video/C 5552-Video/C 55531 Pharmacy from the Rain Forest.
Presentations from the workshop "Pharmacy from the Rain forest" held in Peru during October 1994. Video/C 7872-Video/C 7877

Piaget's Developmental Theory
Video/C 7596-7601.
Planet Earth. (BBC, c2007).
Narrator, David Attenborough. Extraordinary BBC 11-part nature series. 40 camera teams were shooting at over 200 different locations all over the world for more than 5 years to get the pictures seen in the series. Each segment is followed by a sequence investigating the techniques and challenges of wildlife photography within that segment. DVD 7435.

Planet Earth. (BBC, 1986).
Discussion of various aspects of the earth's physical nature, ranging from the oceans to the planets. Investigation of the effects of nature on man. DVD 7435; Video/C 5720-5726.

Playing Shakespeare
Members of the Royal Shakespeare Company present a workshop before a television studio audience to demonstrate how they rehearse and learn to perform Shakespeare's plays. Video/C 5260-5726

Politics of Food
(Yorkshire Television, Documentary Department. Evanston, IL: Journal Films, c1988) Video/C 5936-Video/C 5939 (note Video/C 5939 has DVD preservation copy: DVD 9827)

Politics of Food.
(1988) 20 min. each installment. DVD X993- X996 [preservation copy]; Video/C 5935-Video/C 5939

Portrait of an Artist. (WNET, 1986).
Each part in this series focuses on a single artist, discussing both his/her life and work. Series spans from the 15th to the 20th century, featuring both European and American artists. Includes Rembrandt, Velazquez, David, Inges, Delacroix, Raphael, El Greco, Manet, Degas, Cezanne, Seurat, Van Gogh, Cassatt, Kandinsky, Miro, O'Keefe, Necelson and others. Video/C 1092-1111.

Post Wall Germany 1990. (Deutsche Welle, 1991).
American Journalist Ron Williams explores East Germany through American eyes and presents an intimate portrait of the country and an analysis on the future role a united Germany can play in western society. Video/C 2379:1-4.

Power Game (PBS, 1988).
Four part series dealing with the powers of congess, the presidency, the pentagon, and the US electorate. Video/C 1333-1337.

Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell and the. (Mystic Fire Video, 1988).
Joseph Campbell discusses world myths and myth making with Bill Moyers. Video/C 1231:1-6.

Power of Place: World Regional Geography.(Annenberg/CPB Project, 1995)
A telecourse designed to build understanding of geography by examining eleven regions of the world and their interconnections. Each program contains case studies which characterize an individual region. 26 programs (2 programs per tape) 29 min. each. Video/C 4312-4324

Power of the Word. (PBS, 1989).
Narrated by Bill Moyers. Celebration of contemporary poets and thier poetry. Includes Galway Kinnell, Sharon Olds, Octavio Paz, William Stafford, Joy Harjo, Garrett Karou Hongo, Mary Tallmountain, Li-Youn Lee, Gerald Stern, and others. Video/C 1436:1-6.

Pride of Place. (PBS, 1985).
Series devoted to American architectue in its historical and cultural contexts. Video/C 891-898.

Private Universe Project.
A teleconference of science educators which examines how to design a classroom curriculum for difficult concepts in science. Video/C 3567- 3575

The Private Life of Plants
Host: David Attenborough. c1995. Video/C 9790-Video/C 9795

The Prize: The Epic Quest of Oil, Money & Power.
A panoramic hisotry of the largest, riskiest, most lucrative industry in the world-oil. Based on Daniel Yergin's Pulitzer Prize-winning book and narrated by Donald Sutherland. Video/C 2806:1-4. (60 min ea.)

Promised Land
Narrated by Morgan Freeman. Based on the book: The Promised Land by Nicholas Lemann ( New York: A.A. Knopf, 1991. Main Stack, Moffitt E185.6 .L36 1991) Documents the migration of rural Southern blacks from the segregated South to Chicago. 90 min. each installment Video/C 4754-Video/C 4756

Protein Synthesis
10 min. each. Video/C 5047- 5052

Psychological Development of the Child
A film by Emily von Sarkozy-Kerner, J. Hermann von Wimpffen; a coproduction of Bavarian Television, Munich, TransTel, Cologne, Telepool, Munich & Zurich. 1994. Video/C 4944-4951

Public Access: Spigots for Bigots or Channels for Change?
1990. A series examining the controversy surrounding hate programming and First Amendment issues on public access cable television. Video/C 7696-7698

Public Mind. (Copeland Griggs Productions, 1989).
Examines the impact on democracy of our mass culture whose basic information comes form image-making, the media, public opinion polls, public relations, and propaganda. Video/C 1441:1-4.

Race, The Power of an Illusion
A three part series exploring the history of race perceptions and behaviors towards races in the United States, within the context of recent scientific discoveries which have have toppled the concept of biological race. c2003. 56 min. each installment DVD 3046; Video/C 9574; DVD 3046; also VHS Video/C 9575; DVD 3046; also VHS Video/C 9575; DVD 3046; Video/C 9576

Race to Save the Planet. (WGBH, 1990).
Series based on Worldwatch Institute's State of the World Reports. Discusses the relationship of man toth planett, and investigates various worldwide endeavors to avoid ecological catastrophe. Video/C 1788-1798 (check OskiCat or MELVYL catalogs under series name for individual installment information).

Ring of Fire.
Presents the ten-year voyage of two filmmakers, brothers Lorne and Lawrence Blair, through the islands of Indonesia. Video/C 3582-3586

Rock & Roll. ( WGBH, 1995) .
See also History of Rock and Roll. Video/C 4158 - 4162.

Russia's War: Blood Upon the Snow
A 10 part documentary on the struggles of the Soviet people during World War II. 51 min. each installment. 1995. Video/C 5695-Video/C 5699

Rx for Survival
c2005. 112 min. each installment DVD 4776

School, the Story of American Public Education.
A four part documentary on the history of public education in the United States. c2001. 55 min. each segment. Video/C 8328-Video/C 8331

The Sci-Fi Files
For centuries, science fiction has predicted the future. This film series explores the history of this art form using clips from films and expert commentary. Parts 1-4, each preceded by 7 minutes of theatrical advertisements. 50 min. each. Video/C 5987-5990

Secret Life of the Brain
2001. 60 min. each installment. DVD 9764; Vidoe/C 8768-8772

The Seceret of Life. (WGBHG, 1993).
This series shows how the revolution in molecular biology is transforming agriculture, industry, medicine-and perhaps the human race. Check OskiCat/MELVYL under series name for individual installment information. Vidoe/C 3155 - 3162 (60 min. ea.).

Sex, Censorship and the Silver Screen.
Dist.: Films Media Group. 2007. DVD 8851 -DVD 8854

Shock of the New. (BBC, 1986).
Robert Hughes, art critic for Time Magazine, expounds his provocative view on modernism in art and architecture. Video/C 217-224.

Shoulder to Shoulder. (PBS, 1989).
The story of women's struggle for the vote, with a focus on leading figures in the womens's suffrage movement. Video/C 1272:1-6.

Skyscraper. (WGBH, 1990).
A five part series on the history, planning, building, and financing of skyscapers. Video/C 1805

Social Psychology
1989. 30 minutes each. Video/C 8357-8359

Splendour of the Moghuls
Video/C 7830 - Video/C 7832

Statistics: Decisions Through Data
Five part introductory video statistics course, c60 min. each. Includes one teacher's guide (246 p.) and one student workbook (146 p.): Video/C 5886-5890.

Stephen Hawking's Universe
DVD 531-DVD 533 ; also on VHS Video/C 5441-Video/C 5443

Story of English. (BBC, 1986).
Series hosted by Rober MacNeil, which chronicles the evolution and transformation of the English language. Video/C 918-926.

Strangers Abroad: Pioneers of Social Anthropology.
Video/C 3851-3856

Struggle for Democracy. (Canadian Broadcasting Corp., 1989).
Discusses worldwide movements and events certing around the struggle for socio-political democracy. Video/C 1886-1896.

Struggles for Poland. (PBS, 1987).
The story of 20th Century Poland told through archival film footage, newsreels, and interviews. Video/C 1247:1-9

Surviving the Bottom Line.
58 min. each installment. 1998 Video/C 5494-Video/C 5497

Ten Great Writers. (Films Inc., 1987).
Profiles such writers as Joseph Conrad, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, T.S. Eliot, Henrik Ibsen, James Joyce, Franz Kafka, Thomas Mann, Marcel Proust, Virigina Woolf, and Luigi Pirandello. Video/C 1253:1-10

Terrorism, Aims and Objectives
Series produced & directed by Tony Stark. c1995. 52 min. each segment Video/C 8341-Video/C 8343

The Third World War, Al Qaeda.
Dist: Films Media Group. 1994. 41 min. each installment DVD 3735-DVD 3737

Time to Grow
Series on child development Video/C 3107-3110

Tkuma: The First Fifty Years
A historical documentary series on the first fifty years of the State of Israel. 52 min each Video/C 6193-6198.

Too Close to Heaven: The Story of Gospel Music
Video/C 4940-4942.

Transformations of Myth Through Time: The World of Joseph Campbell Public. (Media Video, 1989).
Joseph Campbell explores the myths and symbols that have shaped our world and given us what he has called "the experience of being alive." The series spotlights the famous mythologist, speaking directly to the viewer. Video/C 1628-1635.

Trials of Life. (Ambrose Video, 1991).
This series by Sir David Attenborough uses advanced technology to reveal new discoveries of how animals meet the test of survival. Each episode shows a different stage in life, and the problems every animal must face in the course of passing on their genes to the next generation. The solutions of different species are often astounding, but all the more engaging, for they are the trials of life that we face ourselves. Video/C 2390:1-12.

The Tribal Eye. (BBC, 1976).
David Attenborough narrates an examination of art in tribal cultures. Video/C 175-181. (Video/C 176, "Behind the Mask", not available).

Triumph of the Nerds..
(Based on the book Accidental Empires by Robert X. Cringely (HD9696.C63 U51586 1992 Bus & Econ, Moffitt, Bancroft)

See MRC's Science and Technology videography for contents. Video/C 4565-4567

Understanding Terrorism
A five part series presenting the evolution of world terrorism in the past 30 years and the Special Forces of the world's elite counter-terrorism organizations. 2001. Video/C 8447-Video/C 8451

Victory at Sea.
Produced in cooperation with the United States Navy. Originally released by NBC in 1952-53 as a 26 part documentary TV series. DVD 3059

Vietnam: A Television History. (PBS, 1983).
Documentary on the origins and outcome of the US involvment in the Vietnamese War. Video/C 1911-1924.

Voices and Visions: Modern American Poets. (Annenberg/CPB Project, 1987).
The tradition of modern American poetry is presented through the life and work of thirteen major poets, including Whitman, Elliot, Williams, Plath, Pound, Frost, Dickinson and others. Video/C 1067:1-13.

See MRC's US Politics & Government videography for contents Video/C 3509-3513

A Walk Through the Twentieth Century. (PBS, 1984).
Bill Moyers offers an often highly personal discussion of the major events and personalities which have shaped the 20th century. *Check OskiCat or MELVYL online catalogs under series name for individuals titles and call numbers.

War. (PBS, 1984).
Investigation of the causes, characteristics, and outcome of war. Narrated by Gwynne Dyer. Video/C 841-846.

The War.
A film by Ken Burns. Aeven part series telling the story of ordinary people during WWII in four quintessentially American towns - Waterbury, Connecticut; Mobile, Alabama; Sacramento, California; and Luverne, Minnesota. Narrated by Keith David, with Tom Hanks, Josh Lucas, Bobby Cannavale, Samuel L. Jackson, Eli Wallach, Adam Arkin, Kevin Conway, Rebecca Holtz, Carolyn McCormick, Robert Wahlberg. Originally broadcast by PBS in 2002. DVD 8536

War and Peace in the Nuclear Age. Annenberg/CPB, 1989.
Documentary chronicling the history and politics of world nuclear armament. See MRC's Peace & Conflict videography for contents Video/C 1281-1293.

Water Wars
1991. DVD X1234 [preservation copy]; Video/C 2933 - DVD X1236 [preservation copy]; Video/C 2935

The Way West. (The American Experience)
A documentary series by Ric Burns. See MRC's Indigenous Peoples of North America videography for program contents. 90 min. each. DVD 2580-2583; DVD X1627Video/C 4477-4480

Way We Live: Introduction to Sociology
2005. 27 min. each installment DVD 4796-DVD 4817

We are the People. (KQED, 1987).
Hosted by Peter Jennings this series focuses on contemporary issues such as religion in the clasroom, women's rights, and drug testing in light of basic rights outlined in the Constitution. Vidoe/C 1041:1-4.

The West.(WETA-TV, 1996)
See MRC's Indigenous Peoples of North America videography for program contents. DVD X1627; Video/C 4519-4527

Western Tradition. (Annenberg/CPB Project, 1989).
An overview of Western Civilization from prehistory to the present time. Hosted by Professor Eugene Weber. Video/C 1500-1525

What in the World? People of the Developing Nations
2004. 26 min. each installment DVD 5447-DVD 5451

When the World Spoke Arabic
(c2001) Video/C 8025-Video/C 8036

Who Built America?(American Social History Project)
30 min. each installment. 1987. Video/C 5826-Video/C 5834

Why Men Don't Iron.
1998. 3 parts, 52 minutes each, 1998. Video/C 6371--Video/C 6373

Why We Fight
Produced and/or directed by Frank Capra. Prelude to War (1942)DVD 37; Video/C 5434; The Nazis Strike (1943)DVD 37; Video/C 5435; Divide and Conquer (1943)DVD 38; Video/C 5436; The Battle of Britain (1943) DVD 38; Video/C 5437; The Battle of Russia (1944) DVD 39; Video/C 5438; The Battle of China (1944) DVD 39; Video/C 5439; War comes to America (1945)DVD 40; Video/C 5440; D-Day and the Normandy Invasion (1945)DVD 40

Winding Your Way Through DNA.
A symposium for the public on the scientific posibilities and social puzzles of DNA technology. Presented by the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, 1992. Video/C 2755:1-6 (approx. 70-80 min ea.)

With God On Our Side (PBS Video, 1996)
History of religious fundamentalism in the US. 56 min each Video/C 6030-6035

Witness to History: Days That Shook the World
A documentary series covering milestones of the 20th century including political turmoil, the horrors of war, medical, scientific and technological advances and social upheaval that made this century. 30 min. each installment. Video/C 8788-Video/C 8797

Women in the Arab World
25 min. each. Video/C 5072-5074

Women of Latin America (Mujeres de America Latina)
Series that looks at Latin America through its women with interviews and on-site visits. 1992. In Spanish. Video/C 8651-8655

Women in the Arab World.
1996. 25 min. each installment. Video/C 5072-Video/C 5074

World at War. (1980-82).
Narrated by Laurence Olivier. Examines the events of World War II using documentary footage, photographs, and reminiscences of individuals involved in the conflict. DVD 2736-1739; vhs Video/C 1602-1627.

World of Abnormal Psychology (Annenberg/CPB Collection, 1992)
See MRC's Psychology videography for contents. Video/C 4975-4981.

World of Ideas. (PBS, 1989).
Bill Moyers interviews artists, writers, scholars, and scientists about their work and about the creative process. (1) Richard Rodriguez, Video/C 2187 (2) Louise Erdrich and Micheal Dorris, Video/C 1853 (3) Carlos Fuentes, Video/C 1577 (4) Chinua Achebe, Video/C 1575 (5) Ernie Cortes, Video/C 2188 (6) Bharati Mukherjee, Video/C 1857 (7) Robert Lucky, Video/C 1570:1-2 (8) Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Video/C 2280 (9) Jonas Salk, Video/C 1572 (10) Leon Kass, Vidoe/C 1574 (11) Louise Erdich and Michael Dorris, Video/C 1576 (12) Mary Ann Glendon, Video/C 1884 (13) Patricia Smith Churchland, Video/C 1571 (14) Noam Chomsky, Video/C 2645 (15) Evelyn Fox Keller, Video/C 1855 (16) Maxine Hong Kingston, Video/C 1882 (17) Toni Morrison, Video/C 1573 (18) William Julius Wilson, Video/C 1885 (19) Toni Morrison,Video/C2315.

World of Islam. (Films for the Humanities, 1988).
Video/C 2507-2512

World Peacekeeping: Defining America's Role
Video/C 6822-6823

XXI Century
56 min. each installment DVD 2667-DVD 2673

Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation.
Using interviews with principal figures and archival footage, this six-part program studies how and why the once-unified country of Yugoslavia disintegrated into a combat zone of warring factions. Companion text to video series: Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation by Laura Sibler and Allan Little (Main Stack DR1313.S55 1996) 1996. 100 min. each tape Video/C 7401-7403

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