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Sandra's Garden

  • Rating: ****
  • Audience: High School to Adult
  • Price: Public performance: $275.00
  • Date: Copyright 1991. Released 1992.
  • Descriptors: Sex crimes. Incest.
  • Production Information: Live action. Produced by Joe MacDonald, Ches Yetman. Directed by Bonnie Dickie. Color. 33 min.
  • Available from: Women Make Movies 462 Broadway, 5th Floor New York, NY 10013 (212)925-0606
  • Cataloging: 306.877 Incest - United States
  • Print Entry #: 3:1312
  • Reviewer: Mary Beth Fecko

    Sandra's Garden focuses on one woman's struggle to recover from the trauma of incest. Sandra works through her feelings of guilt, and acceptance of her own innocence, by talking with her female friends and a psychologist. Sandra's garden is used to symbolize recovery, rebirth, nurturing, giving, and returns. The garden is also her solace.

    The video examines relationships and discusses how incest has affected Sandra's ability to maintain relationships with others. Sandra's relationship with her partner Kathy is specifically mentioned. Sandra and Kathy candidly discuss how they met, and how Sandra's experiences as an incest victim have affected their relationship from the beginning. Sandra's relationship with Kathy, as well as with her other female friends, has helped her to get beyond the pain of her past and to deal with her feelings of powerlessness and self-doubt. Sandra's relationship with her father (and also those of her friends with their own fathers) and her feelings of betrayal and manipulation are also discussed.

    The program has high-quality technical aspects. The color photography is clear and bright, and often features beautiful scenery as a backdrop. The background music is appealing and appropriate. Narration by Sandra works as a link between the various sequences of the video.

    Sandra's Garden is a well-made and timely video about a very real problem. It deals with the issue of incest frankly and realistically. Sandra's pain and struggle are symbolic for all individuals who have suffered from incest and other forms of sexual abuse. The video is appropriate for high school, college, and adult audiences, and is highly recommended for purchase.

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