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Copyright and Intellectual Property Information

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Film & Video Copyright (UC Berkeley)

  • Full text of the US Copyright Law

  • Stanford University Copyright/Fair Use Web Site

  • Copyright Web Site

  • Information about public performance rights and permissions

  • Fair Use in the Electronic Age: Serving the Public Interest (American Library Assn.)

  • Digital Future Coaltion
    The Digital Future Coalition (DFC) was formed in the fall of 1995 to work towards a thorough, broad and balanced Congressional debate of U.S. copyright law and policy. DFC's 27 members represent virtually every segment of the "information economy" and include creators, consumers and distributors of information. DFC believes that any changes in the nation's intellectual property laws must be carefully crafted not merely to protect copyright proprietors and existing business models, but to foster broad public access to information, innovation in industry and education, and the privacy rights of all Americans.

  • International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) Copyright & Intellectual Property site

  • NetRights: Intellectual Property Web Sites

  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Resources (Via Kent State)

  • Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia and Related Documents and Links

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