In the Life

All installments ca. 57 minutes unless otherwise noted

Episode 501: Lesbians at the World Conference on Women, Peking -- Gays in motion pictures including clips from "To Wong Foo, thanks for everything" and "Live to tell" -- Ballot Measure 9 in Oregon -- Gay marriage in Hawaii -- Sunshine Mission (Lesbian women's shelter) -- Van Ness Recovery House (Gay drug rehab. center) -- Catch One Disco (Gay discotheque).

Performer: Jocelyn Taylor, Mary Dale, Patrick Swayze, Bruce Cohen, Wesley Snipes, Darius de Hass, Heather MacDonald, Tom McCormack, Charley Lang, Evan Wolfson, Frederick Hollister, Kathleen Watt. Narrator: Katherine Linton. Video/C 4490:1

Episode 502: Gays on Catholic university campuses -- Treatment of homosexuals in Nazi Germany -- Los Angeles Gay Men's Chorus -- Political leadership in the gay rights movement -- Gay caroonists -- Lesbian theater.

Performer: Dennis Moore, Mark Jordan, Linda Plagman, Robert Nugent, Klaus Muller, Tanya Barfield, Miriam Bjerre, George Stephanopoulos, Barney Frank, Jennifer Camper, Howard Cruse. Narrator: Katherine Linton, Alan Tulin. Video/C 4490:2

Episode 503: Gay and lesbian attendance at the Martin Luther King Jr. March, Atlanta -- Gay and lesbian primary and secondary teachers -- National Black Gay and Lesbian Leadership Forum -- Afro-American Lesbian Theater Company -- Four gay and lesbian religious organizations -- Interview with screenwriter, Dirk Shafer -- Gays and lesbians in South Africa -- International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission -- Interview with Randall Kenan, biographer of James Baldwin.

Performer: James Orange, Kevin Jennings, Keith Boykin, Sonya Hemphill, Dirk Shafer, Mark Gevisser, Glen Retief, Randall Kenan. Narrators: Katherine Linton, Miguel Arenas, Tanya Barfield, Kay Selby. Video/C 4490:3

Episode 504: Gay and lesbian presence in the 1992 presidential campaign -- Marga Gomez, lesbian comedian -- Gay and lesbian journalists -- Interview with gay assemblyman, Barney Frank -- Cancer and AIDS among gays and lesbians -- Gay and lesbian theater by Susan Miller and Michael Kearns.

Performer: Bob Hattoy, Jay Sekulow, Carmen Vazquez, Barney Frank, Marga Gomez, Gail Shister, Susan Miller, Michael Kearns. Narrators: Katherine Linton, Alan Tulin, Kate Clinton. Video/C 4490:4

Episode 505: Debate on federal funding of school districts that promote homosexuality -- Gay and lesbian films for primary schools -- Interview with filmaker, John Schlesinger -- Gay film choices by In The Life -- Segment on gay rights around the world -- Gay and lesbian American Indians -- The making of the film "Stonewall".

Performer: Senator Robert Smith, Wayland E. Melton, Michael Ellner, John Schlesinger, Rick McKay, Johnny Symons, Brad Newcombe, Barbara Anderson, Christine Vachon, Guillermo Diaz, Fred Weller. Narrators: Katherine Linton, Charles Busch, Tanya Barfield. Video/C 4490:5

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