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Social Activism Sound Recording Project:
The Free Speech Movement and Its Legacy

The Free Speech Movement: An Audio Chronology

Primary source recordings of significant activities and events related to the Free Speech Movement

Overviews and Histories of the Movement

After the FSM: Student Movements and Student Protest 1965--

Retrospective Looks at the FSM

Miscellaneous FSM Sound Recordings

Free Speech Movement video and audio holdings (includes FSM-related recordings from the UC Berkeley Speech Archives and the Bancroft Library)
The 1960's video and audio holdings
The Free Speech Movement Archives
Bancroft Library FSM Digital Archive

About This Project

The UC Berkeley Social Activism Sound Recording Project is a partnership between the UC Berkeley Library, the Pacifica Foundation, and other private and institutional sources. The intent of the project is to gather, catalog, and make accessible primary source media resources related to social activism and activist movements in California in the 1960's and 1970's. Some recordings have been slightly edited for purposes of sound quality and continuity.

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