The Free Speech Movement and Its Legacy:
Overviews, Explanations, and Histories of the Movement

The Free Speech Movement: A Chronology
© Pacifica Radio, 1979. All rights reserved.
(Pacifica Archives # E2AZ0260)

Documentary program produced for KPFA by Robin Steinhardt and Philip Maldari. 47 min.

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History of the Berkeley Movement
© Pacifica Radio, 1969. All rights reserved.
(Pacifica Archives # E2BB2276)

KPFA program featuring Art Goldberg, Jack Weinberg, Frank Bardacke, Buddy Jackson, and Randy Rappaport discuss activism on the Berkeley campus in the early 1960's. Recording of KPFA program.

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Part II (approx. 30 min.): Listen to it

Free Speech Movement: Sounds and Songs of the Demonstrations
© Pacifica Radio, 1965. All rights reserved.
(Pacifica Archives # E2BC2192)

KPFA documentary program. Produced by Stan Axelrod and Dustin Mark Miller. 50 min.

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Documentary on recent (Fall 1964)Student Demonstrations at UC Berkeley
© Pacifica Radio, 1965. All rights reserved.

A report on activities September - October 1964. Sound clips include September 30, 1964 statement from Chancellor E. Strong (read by Sanford Elberg, Dean of the Graduate Division) [4:59]regarding administrative policy against student advocacy on campus and indefinite suspension of eight students for violating this policy; Mario Savio response to this statement [8:19](includes comments on the "multiversity" as "factory" (see also Savio speech 2, December 1964); puts forward demands of student demonstrators (including dropping of disciplinary action against suspended students); Assistant Dean Barnes speaks to demonstrators: interpretation of rules against student advocacy [16:59]

For partial transcript of above, SEE Goines, David L. The Free Speech Movement: Coming of Age in the 1960s

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Report From Berkeley on the FSM Strike
© Pacifica Radio, 1966. All rights reserved.
(Pacifica Archives # E2BB1232)

Produced for KPFA by Scott Keech

NOTE: recording contains some gaps and poor sound quality.

Overview of events leading up to the FSM sit-in in Sproul Hall, December, 1964. On-site recordings of strike discussions and vote. Program and actuality of FSM student strike.

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Is Freedom Academic: A Documentary on the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley
© Pacifica Radio, 1964. All rights reserved.
(Pacifica Archives # E2BB0503)

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Mario Savio discusses the FSM and its roots

Source recording courtesy Lynne Hollander and Michael Rossman

Note: some portions of the recording are off-speed; some portions have slight background distortion.

In an informal oral history (date unknown), Savio discusses his involvement in Southern Civil Rights organizing in the early 1960's; his political activities after returning from the South, and the political scene on campus; campus policies on student advocacy and events leading to the development of the Free Speech Movement and activities of the FSM in Fall 1964; Savio discusses his perception of his role and the role of others in shaping and guiding FSM activities. At the end of part 1 and in part 2, Suzanne Goldberg comments on her involvement in student activism on campus.

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Sentencing of Free Speech Movement Defendants

© Pacifica Radio, 1967. All rights reserved.
(Pacifica Archives # E2BB1303)

Recording of KPFA broadcast.52 min.

Discussion of the trial and Supreme Court appeal of the Free Speech Movement defendants (in arrests made during Sproul Hall sit-in, Dec. 1964). Mario Savio and Bettina Aptheker interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson. Includes on-site recording of a rally in support of the defendants.

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Mario Savio interview with Jack Fincher, Life Magazine

Source recording courtesy Lynne Hollander and Michael Rossman

Mario Savio discusses his views on the governance of the University of California. Talks about the free speech on campus and the reaction of campus administration and faculty to student political advocacy and action.

Note: some segments are not accurate speed

Part 1 (1:04)
Part 2 (1:03)
Part 3 (1:02)
Part 4 (37:42

Television program on current FSM activities (Profile Bay Area, 1965?)

Source recording courtesy Lynne Hollander and Michael Rossman

Includes interviews with Bettina Aptheker (FSM); Michael Rossman (FSM); Charles Powell (President of Associated Students of UC); Professor Arthur Ross (Industrial Relations); Professor Alan Searcy (UCB Vice Chancellor). Issues involved include discussion of November 20, 1964 Regents meeting regarding disciplinary action against students involved in campus political advocacy; student role in campus governance; faculty stance on free speech and advocacy.

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NBC News feature on FSM activities (December 1964?)

Source recording courtesy Lynne Hollander and Michael Rossman

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Short radio news item regarding the FSM and student activism at UCB (1964?)

Source recording courtesy Lynne Hollander and Michael Rossman

Includes voices of Art Goldberg (SLATE and FSM), and Robert Dussault of the University Students for Law and Order (an anti-FSM group). Dussault characterizes the FSM as representing "anarchy chaos, rebellion and fanatacism."

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Paul Goodman on University Reform

© Pacifica Radio, 1965. All rights reserved.
(Pacifica Archives # E2BB0488)

Recording of KPFA broadcast. approx. 79:15 min.

Paul Goodman speaks on the changes in the university system made necessary by the Free Speech Movement

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