The following videographies provide a broad sampling of ethnic and racial representations in the movies over the last century. These films include works of mainstream Hollywood, as well as historical and current movies by film makers of color.

For a discussion of ethnic and national images in early motion pictures, see Noel Burch's What Do Those Old Films Mean? Video/C 1406 [Part 2]

African Americans

Arabs & the Middle East

Asians/Asian Americans
(South, Southeast, and East Asians; Pacific Islanders)



Native Americans

Interracial Marriage & Relationships

European and Scandinavian Immigrants in U.S.

Immigrants and Cultural Outsiders Outside of the US

Database of movies by title or director
War Movies and War Propaganda
Gay and Lesbian Studies

African Americans in Film and Television
Arabs in Film and Television
Native Americans in Film and Television
Jews in Film and Television
Chicanos/Latinos in Film and Television

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