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Columbus's World

  • Series: Columbus and the Age of Discovery
  • Rating: *****
  • Audience: Jr. High to Adult
  • Price: Public performance: $149.00
  • Date: Copyright 1991. Released 1991.
  • Descriptors: Columbus, Christopher. America - Exploration. Explorers. Discoveries (in geography).
  • Production Information: Live action. Color. 58 min.
  • Production Company: WGBH (Boston)
  • Available from: Films for the Humanities and Sciences PO Box 2053 Princeton, NJ 08543 (800)257-5126
  • Cataloging: 970.01 Columbus, Christopher||America - Discovery and exploration - Spanish|| Civilization, Medieval
  • Print Entry #: 3:1194
  • Reviewer: Margaret Loucks

    Columbus's World is part one of the Columbus and the Age of Discovery series originally broadcast on PBS in the fall of 1991 in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the voyages of Christopher Columbus.

    A superb production, it is well narrated by Will Lyman and Mauricio Obregon, as well as various university professors and historians drawing on the explorer's own letters and ship's logs. The dramatization and photography are first-rate, documenting the European and Asian world as it was known prior to and at the time of Columbus.

    Live action takes the viewer to the Spice Islands, Japan, China, Cairo, Constantinople, Genoa, and Venice, while explaining the lure of the Orient for the Italian merchants and Columbus in particular. Artwork of the time in the form of oil paintings and illuminations are interspersed throughout, thus enhancing the presentation.

    The introductory segment sets the stage for the seven-hour series and poses the questions that following episodes attempt to answer. Among them: Who was this man? What happened when he brought two worlds together for the first time? The story spans the globe and retraces the extraordinary voyages of the explorer from the Old World to the New.

    This video is highly recommended and will be an excellent purchase for junior high, high school, college, and public libraries.

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