Selected World Wide Web Sites Concerning
Classroom Technologies
and other Issues Related to Instructional Technology

Classroom Development

Columbia University

A web site which describes Columbia's Multimedia Classroom Project--a group of multimedia classrooms jointly constructed and managed by the school's Academic Information Systems (AcIS), the Office of the Registrar, and Facilities Management under the auspices of the campus Multimedia Classroom Committee.


Description of the five highly-wired classrooms managed by MIT's Academic Computing Services, along with overviews of lower-end rooms managed and scheduled by other central campus service units.

Northwestern University

Describes the work of the university to develop "smart classrooms" on the Evanston campus--teaching and seminar facilities equipped with advanced instructional multimedia technologies. The web site provides information regarding resource availability, training programs, scheduling, and classroom support. Examples are also provided of some of the more interesting and visionary current uses of these facilities.

Ohio State University
( 8075/htbin/htimage/classroom/)

An informational site jointly mounted by Classroom Support and Public Computing Sites. Information regarding location, scheduling, training, technical support for classrooms outfitted with multimedia technology.

University of Michigan

Proposal for a Change in the Support Model for Electronic Classrooms at the University of Michigan. An interesting (if rambling) meditation on the need for changing the model for delivering technology to the classroom, written by a staff member of U Mich's Office of instructional technology. This document is part of a larger library of texts maintained by the UM OIT related to instructional tech (

University of Pennsylvania

An overview of U Penn's comprehensive program for classroom renovation and upgrade. The project has been on-going for the last four years and is being administered by a Classroom Facilities Review Committee chartered by the university provost.

University of Virginia

Describes the UV Classroom Technology Initiative--a collaborative endeavor between several units to develop facilities, services, and projects which employ new teaching and learning technologies. Includes a description of initiatives headed by the campus Media Resources Center to develop classroom technology standards and a multimedia classroom management structure.

University of Washington

The University of Washington's UWIRED project is a partnership between UW's computing/communications units, the undergraduate library and the undergraduate affairs office to create a integrated learning environment using technology. Part of the project involves the creation of electronic classrooms--Collaboratories"--conducive to collaborative learning and small group teaching.

University of Wisconsin

Site concerns a pilot project by the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) in conjunction with the Space Management Office (SMO) to develop a strategic plan for campus support of multimedia classroom environments.

Instructional Technology/New Media Sites

Association for Educational Communication & Technology

The Association for Educational Communications and Technology is the leading international organization representing instructional technology professionals. The mission of the association is to provide leadership in educational communications and technology by linking professionals holding a common interest in the use of education technology and its application to the learning process.

Institute for Academic Technology (IAT)

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Institute for Academic Technology (IAT) is dedicated to the proposition that information technology can be a valuable tool for increasing the quality of student learning, increasing access to education, and containing the costs of instruction. With generous support from IBM, the IAT facilitates the widespread use of effective and affordable technologies in higher education.

New Media Centers (Apple Computers)

Digital Libraries

Proceedings of the First Annual Conference on the Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries

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