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Supervisors Process for Volunteer Appointments

Posting a volunteer position

Send the online volunteer requisition form to stuempl@library.berkeley.edu. When filling out the requisition form, please be aware that volunteer work assignments cannot include work functions performed by Library staff in non-represented (PPSM) or represented (union-represented) job classifications.

  • Make sure all fields on the requisition are complete.
  • Include any specific hours or special skills needed.
  • Specify the number of volunteers you need.
  • The requisition form will be posted on VolunteerMatch.
 Any position that uses keys or money or that works with confidential, proprietary information will require a UC criminal background check.

Scheduling interviews

All volunteers must apply through VolunteerMatch. Once the completed applications are received, they will be forwarded to the supervisor who will set up the interview with the potential volunteer.

The supervisor will be responsible for checking the volunteer’s references.

Please familiarize yourself with the Volunteer Handbook.

Process for appointing volunteers

  1. Email stuempl@library.berkeley.edu when you have made your decision. Include the volunteer’s name, and email address in the email along with the start date and time you would like for them to begin. Library Human Resources will call the volunteer and inform them of their start date and time. If the proposed start date or time needs to be adjusted we will contact the supervisor.
  2. Before starting, volunteers must meet with the Volunteer Coordinator, Judy Deliramich, to complete the necessary paperwork and a brief orientation. Volunteers will need to provide a picture ID (e.g. a state ID card) at that time, as well.
  3. After completing the paperwork and orientation, each volunteer will receive a Volunteer Handbook and be directed to the Cal1Card office to get a volunteer ID card. Then, each will be advised to immediately report to his/her assigned supervisor.

Reporting hours

The volunteer hours reporting form will be due to LHRD on the first of every month for the hours worked in previous month. Either the volunteer or the supervisor can fill out the form, but LHRD requires the supervisor to approve and submit it. The supervisor can email the completed form to stuempl@library.berkeley.edu; the email from the supervisor will be accepted as an electronic signature approval of the hours reported. It is imperative we document the hours our volunteers are contributing to reflect the consistent need for our volunteer workforce and for reasons of annual reports, etc.


A brief evaluation will be completed by the supervisor at the end of the first month of volunteer service, and annually thereafter at the time of renewal. The evaluation will help the supervisor and volunteer assess the work performance and will highlight the contribution to the department and the Library by the volunteer. As this is a pilot program, the evaluation process will validate the Library Volunteer Program ensuring its success.


All volunteer positions must have an end date indicated on the Volunteer Requisition Form at the time of posting. Some projects may be short term and some may be more ongoing. This date can be extended but cannot be longer than one year. The ending date may be extended, depending on department need and performance, but cannot be longer than one year.

Ending the volunteer appointment

You may end the appointment before the agreed upon time for reasons such as lack of work, poor performance or violating campus or library policies. For more information on campus and library policies see the Volunteer Handbook.

Either prior to or on the volunteer's last day, the supervisor is required to send an email to stuempl@library.berkeley.edu that includes the date when the volunteer's appointment ends. The supervisor must also collect the volunteer ID badge and return it to the Library Human Resources Department.

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