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There are volunteer opportunities available within the Library.  If you are interested in a volunteer position in the library please see availabilities at VolunteerMatch. Volunteers are asked to make a minimum 3 hours a week/3 month commitment. There will be special circumstances where volunteers are needed for a short term project.

The Library Human Resources Department (LHRD) coordinates the Library Volunteer program and is located in the Main (Doe) Library, 1st floor, Room 110. Volunteer office hours are 8:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. (Skip to information for supervisors)

How to apply

Once you have found a volunteer opportunity that interests you at VolunteerMatch, click "I want to Help!" 

You will receive an email from VolunteerMatch with a volunteer application attached. Please complete the application and email it to stuempl@library.berkeley.edu. Once the applications are received, the Volunteer Coordinator will forward them to the volunteer supervisor for review. The supervisor will contact the most qualified applicants and arrange interviews.  

Process to begin your volunteer assignment

The successful applicant will be contacted to arrange a start date. On the first day of the assignment the volunteer will complete the volunteer paperwork and provide proper ID (either a state ID card or a picture ID) to Judy Deliramich, Volunteer Coordinator in the Library Human Resource Department at 110 Doe Library. If you have worked at any UC Berkeley campus position in the past, please alert Judy Deliramich at that time.

Once you have completed your paperwork

  1. Go to Cal 1 office to get picture ID
  2. Report immediately to the supervisor
  3. Read the Volunteer Handbook
  4. Within 2 weeks take the sexual harassment prevention training course, print the certificate and return to the Library Human Resources Department.

Reporting hours

You will be shown how and when to report your hours by your supervisor.  The volunteer hours reporting form, is due to the Library Human Resources Department on the first working day of every month.


A brief evaluation will be completed at the end of your first month of volunteering, and annually thereafter.  This will assess the work performance and will highlight your contribution to the department and the Library.


All volunteer positions are posted with the specific ending date.  Some projects may be short term and some may be more ongoing.  The ending date may be extended, depending on department need and performance, but cannot be longer than one year.

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