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Congratulations on your new position with the UC Berkeley Library! We are happy to have you on the Library Student Employee Staff.

Once you have provided proper identification and completed your employment paperwork, you may report to your new supervisor and inform them that you’re ready for training.

Below, you will find links to important websites that will help you become familiar with the Library and its policies. Please read this document in its entirety and follow directions as indicated.

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For any questions regarding Student Employment, email

Student Library Employee Handbook
You must read the entire handbook before the end of your first week of work.

Online Sexual Harassment Course
All new employees must complete an online sexual harassment training course in the first two weeks of employment. Complete the course online, print out the confirmation certificate and bring it to 110 Doe Library.

Blu Portal
The Blu Portal is an online service that allows employees to access and change personal information by logging on with your CalNet ID. Blu offers services such where you set up direct deposit, changing your personal data in the HR system, viewing your earning statements (pay stubs) and last year’s W-2.

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For pay and pay check questions, contact

The Library uses Kronos, an automated timekeeping system, to clock our student employee hours.

Our pay period covers the 15th of one month through the 14th of the next and is paid on the 6th working day of the following month, usually the 8th. For example, if you start working on October 22 (which is during the pay period that closes on November 14) you will receive your first pay check on December 8.

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When you graduate or decide to terminate your employment with the Library, you must: Inform your supervisor and fill out the Reason for Leaving Form

Feel free to contact the Student Employment and Student Payroll offices at any time should you need assistance.

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New employees are required to read the following documents during the first two weeks of employment:

Conflict of Interest for Public Officials

Political Reform Act

UC Policy on Substance Abuse

Resources for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Congratulations on your new job! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your employment.

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