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As University employees, students are paid once a month. Student payday is the sixth working day of the month, which usually falls on the eighth. It may take up to eight weeks to receive the first paycheck.

Students may choose between direct deposit or the Pay Card. More information is available at the Payroll site. http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/Staff/Payroll/

Student Titles and Pay Rates
Student Assistant I - Level 1 $ 10.60
Student Assistant I - Level 2 $ 12.00
Graduate Students $ 14.01

Basic Kronos Instruction

Student employee hours are tracked by an automated timekeeping system called Kronos. Time is recorded by swiping your student ID card through the time clock or by logging in through the online interface, depending upon which Library unit you work in. You will be trained on proper Kronos procedures by your supervisor.

If you have more than one Library job, you will need to transfer at the time clock. For detailed instructions on how to transfer, contact your supervisor or Library Payroll Staff. Additional Kronos information can be found on the Library Payroll Website.

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