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The Library is always hiring!

There are a variety of student jobs available within the Library department in access services, circulation and public services, technical services, or performing administrative duties. We hire for over twenty of the UC Berkeley Libraries, including the Main (Doe) Library, Moffitt, Bancroft, and East Asian Libraries.

Peak hiring times are August/September and January. The Library employs approximately 600 students at any given time. Our office hires students with or without Library experience.

The Library Human Resources Department (LHRD) is located in the Doe Library, 1st floor, Room 110. Office hours for Student Employment are 8:00 a.m.- noon and 1:00 - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

How to Apply

Job postings are located on a bulletin board outside 110 Doe Library and can also be viewed online.

Once you've found a job that you would like to apply for, fill out an employment application and bring it to 110 Doe Library to arrange an interview with Judy Deliramich, Student Recruitment Coordinator. Applications are available outside 110 Doe Library or online.

The hiring supervisor will usually let you know during the interview when they will make a decision. You will be notified by e-mail If you are hired.

Hiring Process

Once you've been offered a job, you will be sent an employment packet that you must complete before working. Bring the completed packet and ID to Judy Deliramich at 110 Doe Library before you can begin employment. You will also need your completed application (either the pink one or the one your downloaded).

ID required:

1-a social security card or birth certificate;

2- a photo ID such as school ID or drivers license.

A passport counts as two forms of ID and would be the only ID necessary to bring.

If you are a Permanent Resident, your Permanent Resident card is required and counts for the two ID's.

If you have worked in any UC Berkeley campus job, you must notify Judy Deliramich when you fill out your paperwork.

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