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 Library Human Resources Department staff are available to structure a training and development programs for individuals or units, or provide referrals to campus and community resources. 

Among the training opportunities currently facilitated by LHRD are the popular series of introduction to supervision workshops The Nitty Gritty of Supervision. LHRD also offers a comprehensive New Employee Orientation Program (NEOP) for our new staff members. During the year various programs are brought on site such as training in Conflict Resolution, Diversity Awareness, or Managing Effective Meetings. 

Among the training opportunities currently facilitated by LHRD are specific and immediate "how to" workshops addressing operational practices.  Generally these tend to focus on those practices going through major changes; or are on topics requested by particular departments or units for their staff.  These usually are for targeted specific groups.  Recent examples include workshops on How To Request Reclassification; Competency Based Interviewing;  An Introduction to the Student Decentralized Classification system and Employment Law.  Workshops are given on classification within individual departments and for committee members.

During the year various programs are brought on site such as training in Diversity Awareness, or Managing Effective Meetings, Sexual Harrassment, and Understanding Contracts.  With current limited resources, LHRD training has taken on a greater referral role than a provider role.  The department mails weekly email messages out to all Library Staff on upcoming training events of interest; co-plans trainings with Staff Development Committee sponsorship; and runs a weekly column in CU News titled "HR Alert" where current updates of important policy/procedure is announced; and all trainings of interest sponsored on campus are listed.

LHRD frequently refers employees to the comprehensive training offered by the campus' Personnel Office's Employee Development and Training (EDT) unit, or to the specialized programs on Health and wellness offered through the campus' CARE Services and HEALTH*MATTERS. Current campus offerings are published bi-weekly in the Berkeleyan

Employees interested in returning to school should consult with LHRD staff on various funding opportunities. Fee reductions are available for UC Berkeley classes, and UCB staff enrolled at other schools may apply to the Staff Development Committee for assistance with tuition and books. 

LHRD staff sit as ex-officio members on the Staff Development Committee which provides funding for conferences and other career development activities for Library staff. 

Addtional information concerning training opportunties for librarians and others can be accessed through the ARL web site.

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