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Announced Pay Program - 2007
Program Implementation Date : July 1, 2007

SUMMARY: 2007 Student Pay Rate Increase & Pilot Program

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In late Summer 2006, the Library Administrative Group (Admin) approved provision of additional Library funds for increase in student wages and concurrently directed LBS and LHRD to review and assess the current student wage program and make recommendations, as is appropriate. The review, assessment, recommendations and proposal process and Library communications on the same included:

  • Consultation with LBS and LHRD on past, current and proposed student pay rate & program infrastructure
  • Consultation or socialization with respective local unit managers with oversight for supervisors who supervise student employees
  • Concurrent LHRD consultation or socialization with those unit managers with oversight for supervisors who supervise student employees
  • Proposals presented at Roundtable by LHRD and LBS for Roundtable feedback and work-in-progress Announcements at Roundtable in the Fall 2006 timeline

Program Synopsis:

After the above extensive review, study, proposal and recommendation process, the Admin Plus Group (Admin plus the Directors of the Bancroft Library and the East Asian Library) has determined the new student pay rates and pay program will be implemented in a one year pilot in effect for two semesters or through calendar year 2007, and to be aligned with the following Program goals and guidelines:


  • Streamline implementation and operations with hallmarks of consistency and uniformity
  • Integrate simplicity & clarity within wage structure
  • Integrate GA budget stability
  • Align with Kronos requirements
  • Emphasize less labor intensive procedures for Library administration
  • Benchmark & establish competitive student wages on par with other large campus units


  • Effective in late winter/early spring 2007 there will be two levels of student work and two pay rates: A base rate and a Night/Weekend Workleader rate.
  • All students hired into circulation positions in Public Service Units which have night and weekend hours are hired at both rates (dual-rate) upon initial hire
  • All students hired into Public Service units without night and weekend hours or into non-Public Services units will be hired at a singular base rate. All students are instructed to clock-in at the base rate upon initial hire.
  • The majority (95%) of the student library employees will work at only the base rate throughout their tenure.
  • The Night/Weekend (N/W) Workleader rate is to be used as students are assigned by the units to night and weekend work when they are on duty at these times AND are in charge of the facility without the presence of career staff. When not on this assignment, the students resume clocking in at the base rate.

**Announced Pay Program 2007 Student Titles and Pay Rates. Implementation Date : July 1, 2007

Student Assistant - Regular $ 10.60
Student Assistant - Night/Weekend Workleader $ 12.00
Graduate Students $ 14.01

Supervisor Responsibilities:

  • Supervisors will pro-actively support, adopt and implement this Program within their respective work units
  • Supervisors will monitor all Kronos timesheets for accurate and appropriate submission of pay rates by student employees
  • Establish internal procedures, in those Units which have several supervisors managing students but only one Kronos supervisor, to ensure that the actual supervisor has seen and verified the student hours prior to the Kronos supervisor submitting the timesheets

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