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UPDATE : 2007 Student Pay Rate Increase & Pilot Program

Program Implementation Date : July 1, 2007

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After the January 11th Roundtable announcement - and further consultation with Library Business Services (LBS), Library Human Resources Department (LHRD), AULs and managers of Library units that have student employee workleader positions - the Library Administrative Plus Group (Admin plus the Directors of the Bancroft Library and the East Asian Library) announces the following details of the 2007 Student Pay Rate Increase and Pilot Program:

Program Implementation Date : July 1, 2007

The 2007 Student Pay Rate Increase and Pilot Program will be implemented on July 1, 2007. Student pay rate increases will be reflected in student pay checks issued on the August 8, 2007 campus pay check date.

The July 1, 2007 start-up date...

...was determined after consultation involving LBS, LHRD and respective AULs and managers of those Library units that will require transitioning processes to be in - place in their units before Library - wide implementation of the Program.

...meets the implementation process requirements for the setting of new pay rates for a student workforce of approximately 700 employees. This involves individual, manual transactions for each individual in the HRMS personnel and Kronos timekeeping systems and requires a minimum of a seven weeks lead time.

...allows Library units a pragmatic timeline from the current date through June 30, 2007, to design and integrate plans and processes that will transition their respective workplaces to the Program.

In consideration of the above administrative and transition requirements and timelines, all parties consulted agreed to and preferred a Program implementation schedule aligned with a new semester calendar date as contrasted to a mid - semester date.

Because this is a pilot Program, the Library administration will review this wage program after one year to determine its effectiveness and whether any changes should be made.

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Program Transition Plan

In the interim or transition period from current date through June 30, 2007, existing student titles and current pay rates are in - place, as follows:

Student Assistant I - Level 1 $ 8.57
Student Assistant I- Level 2 $ 9.58
Student Assistant I- Level 3 $ 10.58
Graduate Students $ 14.01

The Library Administrative Plus Group has determined that in the event of new student hires within the above interim or transition period, NO new student hires will be hired into or may be moved into the Level 3 pay rate. The exception to the above in this interim or transition period is the event of new student hires into positions that are currently paid the $10.58 rate wherein position duties will remain unchanged after July 1st, and whose post–July 1st pay rate will be the new uniform Regular wage of $10.60 per hour. Examples would include student employee truck drivers and student employees in positions requiring fluency in special languages.

In the above transition period, those Library units requiring integration of plans and procedures to facilitate transition to the 2007 Program may consult with LBS and LHRD as to appropriate transition processes for their units.

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Summary of 2007 Pilot Program

Student Library employees are a valued component of the Library workforce. With the student pay rate increase and Program consistency deployed across units, the Library seeks to attract and retain high performing student employees across all our Library units.

**Announced Pay Program 2007 Student Titles and Pay Rates (Implementation Date : July 1, 2007):

Student Assistant - Regular $ 10.60
Student Assistant - Night/Weekend Workleader $ 12.00
Graduate Students $ 14.01

Effective July 1, 2007 there will be two levels of student work and two pay rates: A base Regular rate and a Night/Weekend Workleader rate.

The majority (95%) of the student Library employees will be classified as Student Assistant – Regular and earn the new pay rate of $10.60. Specifically, all students hired into non – public service units or public service units without night and weekend hours, will be hired at the Regular rate.

All students hired into circulation positions in public service units which have night and weekend hours are hired at both rates (dual-rate) upon initial hire.

The Night/Weekend Workleader rate is for students in public service units when students are assigned by the units to night (after 5 p.m.) and weekend work, when they are on duty at these times AND are in charge of the facility without the presence of career staff. Only one stuent per shift on a night or weekend assignment will carry the “in –charge” designation and be paid at the higher Night/Weekend Workleader rate. When not on this assignment, the student resumes clocking in at the Regular rate.

As a reminder, all student employee appointments have an end date of June 30, 2007. The annual review of student extension rosters, submitted by student supervisors, and the subsequent administration of the extension process coincides with the Program implementation date. Appointments for student employees as of July 1, 2007, will follow this new Program.

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Program Communications Plan

On Friday January 26, 2007, all of the information seen here was sent to all Library staff that have oversight for student employees and/or directly supervise student employees to help ensure that all parties have consistent Program information.

AULs and managers are encouraged to convene meetings with career staff supervisors and student employees to communicate the details of the Program and provide information on the transition and implementation process specific to their unit’s needs. Representatives of LBS and LHRD are available to participate in meetings, as needed.

Meetings and conversations about specific implementation plans and communications with student employees in respective Library units should be handled by the AULs and managers as best fits the department or unit.

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