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Student Assistant II (Regular)
$13.00 per hour

This title and salary is the regular rate for all student library employees.

Student Assistant III ( Workleader)
$14.50 per hour

This title and salary is to be used for student library employees in public service units when they work on a night and/or weekend shift AND when they are in charge of all student workers on that shift AND there is no non-student staff member on duty.

All student employees earn the regular rate when not working in this capacity.

Workleader Rating

All new student library employees are initally set up to be paid the regular student rate. Students hired into public service units that are open on nights and/or weekends will be dual rated (set up to be paid at both the regular and workleader rates).

The Library manages student employee time using an automated timekeeping system called Caltime. Students are paid based upon their punches in Caltime and always earn the regular rate unless working a specific, pre-approved workleader shift. Students working workleader shifts will clock in as normal and their supervisor will transfer their punch to the higher rate in Caltime. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to monitor all Caltime timesheets for accuracy.


Student Assistant III (Graduate)
$14.50 per hour

This title and salary is used for Graduate Students who perform advanced level research and curatorial support to academic Library personnel. The Library uses working titles such as "Curatorial Assistant" (payroll title Student Assistant III) as appropriate for the duties performed.

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