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November 2002

Table of Contents

    LAUC Position Paper No.1:

    Criteria for Appointment or Promotion to the Ranks of Associate Librarian and Librarian and Advancement to Librarian Step V (Approved by the Librarians Association of the University of California) 

    Academic Personnel Manual - APM 360

    Academic Personnel Manual - APM 210

    Procedures For Review of Librarian Appointments:

    Promotions and Advancement; and Administrative Review Procedures for Librarians Requesting a Reconsideration of a Salary or Promotion Decision (Approved by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & Faculty Welfare) 

    The following documents are intended to amplify and explain APM 210 AND 360 and the Procedures for Review of Librarian Appointments... (Approved by The Library Administration and the LAUC-B Executive Committee)

    Librarian Review Process: Overview

    Revised Guidelines for Preparing Self-Evaluations

    Revised Guidelines for the Review Initiator's Evaluation

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