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Students are hired by the Library Student Recruitment Coordinator. The Library Human Resource office is in 110 Doe Library. To contact the Student Employment Office, email stuempl@library.berkeley.edu.

Posting a Job:

Students can view all open positions on the new online job board. Students can obtain an application via the job board or at 110 Doe.

Students will bring their completed job application into the HR office; we will review their application against the job posting to determine their eligibility. Work-Study will be checked. Once all this has been verified the student will be given the supervisor’s contact information-either email, phone, or both depending on what the supervisor indicates on the job requisition. Supervisors will then review the application and decide if you would like to contact the student for further information and/or set up an interview.

Supervisors will work with the student(s) to set up an interview.

Hiring Process:

  1. Email stuempl@library.berkeley.edu when you have made your hiring decision, with the student's name, ID and email address.
  2. The student will receive a job offer email and respond whether he or she will accept the job.
  3. Students must complete their new hire paperwork and provide proper ID before they can start working. When their paperwork is complete, they will receive information on how to sign up for direct deposit and a link to the Student Employee Handbook and Sexual Harassment Training Course. They will be sent a new hire email with additional instructions. Supervisors will be copied on this email.


Graduate Students

Graduate student employees must be supervised by a librarian, Library faculty member or an authorized Principal Investigator. Requisition forms for Graduate students must be approved by your department's AUL and will be reviewed by LHRD before being posted. Graduate student jobs must meet certain criteria, as outlined in the Graduate Student section of the Student Information webpage. The basic hiring procedure for Graduate student employees is the same as that for Undergraduate student employees; however, additional restrictions and requirements may apply. Contact Student Employment for additional information.

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