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  1. Recruitment
  2. Performance Review/Evaluation
  3. Benefits
  4. FMLA
  5. HCRA/DepCare
  6. Worker's Comp/Disability Management
  7. General Personnel Actions
  8. Keys
  9. Employee Initiated Reduction in Time Program (ERIT)
  10. Leave Reporting Sheet (Kronos)

If you wish for an emailed version of any of these forms, then please contact Laurie Pangelina, and she will send you the form via e-mail within 24 hours.

The campus Human Resources Department has forms available on their website for a wide variety of actions. For Library Business Services forms, including travel reimbursement, please refer to the LBS webpage.


Academic Recruitment

The following forms are required to initiate the Academic Recruitment process:

See the Request to Recruit workflow here.


Staff Recruitment

The following forms are required to list a Staff job:

See the Request to Recruit workflow here.

Forms required to close a Staff job:


Student Employee Recruitment

Forms required to list a student employee job:


Preparing for your new hire

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Performance Review/Evaluation

Librarian Review Cycle

Librarian Review Information
Biography for Academic Personnel U1501 (R7/92) (.doc)
Librarian Self-Evaluation (.doc)
Merit Increase Review Form (.doc)
Promotion Review Form (.doc)
Certification Statement (.docx)
Document Checklist (.doc) Please note that this checklist is customized for The Library, adding the AUL's statement/evaluation into the checklist. It is slightly different from the APO documentation checklist that affiliated Librarians may use.


Staff Performance Evaluations

Performance Appraisal 1 (.doc) - for Non-CUE employees only
Performance Appraisal 2 (.doc) - May be used for all classifications including CUE-represented employees
Overall Performance Rating (.doc)

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UPAY 850 - Add new family members, change disability waiting period etc.
Fitsco - Sign up or change your 403(b) contributions
To change your address or tax status, use the At Your Service website



HCRA Reimbursement Claim Form (.pdf)
DepCare Reimbursement Claim Form (.pdf)
SHPS - EFT Agreement Form

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FMLA - Family Medical Leave Act

Leave of Absence Request Form
Certification for Employee's Serious Health Condition Form
Certification for Family Member's Serious Health Condition Form
Return to Work Certification Form

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Worker's Compensation/Disability Management

Employer's Report of Incident Form (.pdf) - Worker's Compensation Pre-Claim Form
Personal Physician Pre-Designation Form (.pdf)
Volunteer Form (.pdf)
Transitional Work Assignment Agreement (.pdf)

You can find these worker's compensation/disability management forms and more information through University Health Services.

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General Personnel Actions

Appointment Change/Personnel Action Request (The Blue) (.doc)
Supervisor's Checklist (.doc)
Telecommunication Agreement
Request for Time Off (.doc)
Resignation Form (.doc)
Student Reason for Leaving Questionnaire 

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Key Request Form (.doc)
Application for Library Electronic Key-Card Access (.doc)

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Employee Initiated Reduction in Time Program (ERIT)

ERIT Information Page
ERIT Contract and Amendment Form (.pdf)

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Leave Reporting Sheet (Kronos)

Kronos (online leave reporting system)
Kronos, Employee Manual (.doc)
Kronos, Supervisor/Manager Manual (.doc)

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