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Under the new system, supervisors will always know when annual evaluations are due for their employees:  last name A-M is due June 15; last name N-Z is due November 15. 

Approximately three months before the due date, LHRD sends out a call to all departments, naming employees who are eligible for review in that period.  Completed performance appraisals will be due June 15 or November 15. 

Please note that date of evaluation will not necessarily coincide with date of merit pay increase. Separate requests for salary  recommendations will be sent as appropriate. 


The Library is moving to a twice yearly alpha based system to simplify the evaluation process.  The prior process has evolved into multiple and complex due dates based on date of hire and date of last increase; and ever-changing merit effective dates with deferrals and prolonged contract negotiations. 

In the new system, the due date for an employee's appraisal will remain fixed every year based on first initial of last name; only those employees who change names may have a change in due date.  Thus, most of the Library's employees will remain on a fixed, predictable and regular evaluation cycle which both supervisors and employees will be easily able to recall. The simplification and regularity of the dates should make the task of planning for and completing annual appraisals effectively much easier for all supervisors. 

The Library's new evaluation system separates the evaluation call from the merit due date; although in effect these two have been separated for years with the deferrals in merit pay implementation. 


Under Personnel Policies for Staff Members and contractual agreements with labor unions, the performance of each non-probationary employee in a career position must be reviewed annually. 

Thus, each Library staff employee will receive an annual performance appraisal in either June or November depending on last name.  If and when funds are available for merit increases, LHRD will ask rating supervisors to send in a recommendation for a merit increase.  Those recommendations will be based on the current evaluation previously submitted. 

For the first year of implementation, there will be some employees who will be called for appraisals in a somewhat shorter or longer time frame than the targeted year.  Supervisors who have recently completed performance appraisals and are now recalled for the same employees may simply do a minor update to the previously submitted evaluation.  Supervisors who have concerns about extending the time frame for employees may do an interim evaluation prior to the due date.  Remember that under policy supervisors may do performance appraisals at any time, but at least annually. 


Appraisals may be submitted in computer generated format, with signatures included, or on the Performance Evaluation Forms available in LHRD.  Questions can be addressed to Juana Loza at 23778 or email jloza@library.berkeley.edu.

Job Description:  We are requesting an updated job description be filed for each employee at the time of evaluation.  If the supervisor has a job description(s) prepared and dated in the previous one year period and the job duties are current, that copy will serve as the current description. 

Attendance:  Evaluating supervisors should provide written feedback on attendance for all evaluations.  Each employee should have his/her attendance noted as to regularity, predictability and it's impact on meeting the unit's staffing needs. 

Development Plan:  Every performance review process should include the discussion of a development plan for the next year or review period.  Supervisors will document in the Comments, or another section of the appraisal, the plan for employee training, refresher, or new skill building activities that will enhance each employee's contribution to library success over the next year

Evaluation Period:  The evaluation should cover the period from date of last evaluation to the June 15 or November 15 due date. 


The review process normally consists of a dialogue between supervisor and employee, and a written appraisal.  Additional information on performance appraisal can be found at the following web sites: 



Performance Appraisal Workshops:

The campus is currently offering workshops on topics related to the appraisal process.  An overview of these workshops can be found on the web at: 


and current classes are also posted on a flyer in the display case outside the LHRD office. 

Also, the Employee Relations Unit  of the Office of Human Resources is
sponsoring a workshop on the appraisal process:

Breaking the Ice:  Performance Appraisal As a Communication Tool April 5, 9-12

in the Section Club Room of Tang Center.  For information contact Barbara
Gottlieb at 642-1747 or holloway@uclink4.  To enroll, use the online Interactive
Class Enrollment (ICE) system, at http://hrweb.berkeley.edu/ice/home/ or
call EDT at 2-8134.


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