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General Information 

The explanation for classification of positions can be found in Policy 36 of the PPSM.  More information on the implementing procedures for classification on the Berkeley campus can be found in Supplemental Personnel Policy 36.

All other documents, such as cover letter, letters of support, work samples, are not required. 

The Classification/Reclassification Process
Guide to Managing Human Resources - classification

There are several processes for classifying positions depending on the job title.  Library Assistant positions are classified by the Library Classification Committee.  Programmer Analyst I and II are classified by the Campus Compensation Analyst.  Programmer Analyst III/IV and Computer Resource manager positions are classified by the Campus Technical Classification Committee.  Clerical and all other Library positions, excepting MSP positions, are classified by the Campus Compensation Analyst. 

For all positions other than MSP, four documents should be submitted to LHRD.  These include: 

  • Current signed, dated job descriptions with percentages of time assigned to major tasks

  • Former job description - this should be the job description that the position's current classification is based on

  • Current organization chart of the unit/department showing reporting lines and classifications 

  • Supervisor's check list (this substitutes for the cover memo)

  • For P/A, CRM classifications only: the PA/CRM questionnaire in lieu of the job descriptions
Upon submission to LHRD, the documents are date stamped and distributed to 
the proper officials for processing.  If approved, the reclassification is effective the 1st of the month following the month of submission. 

Timing:  The Library Classification Committee meets quarterly.  The Technical Committee meets monthly.  The MSP Review occurs twice a year.  Campus Compensation processes classification requests continuously based on order received.  In most cases, a decision is usually received within 30-90 days. 

For General Information and information about preparing job descriptions, read How Jobs are Classified.

For Job Specifications and Evaluation Tools, read: 

Systemwide Series Concepts
Clerical/Administative Matrix
Programmer Analyst (P/A) Matrix
Computer Resource Manager (CRM) Matrix
Generic Clerical Job Descriptions


Pay Procedures

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