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Long-term Professional Development and Educational Leaves
Not Covered by Contracts or Legislation
August 16, 2001

This policy does not apply to family and medical leaves or leaves with pay.  It acknowledges the primacy of contractual obligations for leaves for professional meetings, jury duty, voting, blood donations, administrative and legal proceedings, emergencies, University functions, and so forth.

Leaves without pay may be granted for professional development and education.  Personnel have been granted leaves to work at the California Digital Library, to assume temporary positions at other institutions, and to complete academic degrees.

The Library will use the following guidelines in considering requests for such leaves:

The University Librarian and the Administrative Group will consider the responsibilities, staffing, and workload of the unit in which the requestor works;

Requests for leaves should be made three months in advance of the leave, if possible.  Requests made well in advance of the leave have the advantage of a longer period to plan the work of the unit and so have a better chance of being approved;

No leaves will be granted for a librarian or a staff member to “try out” a permanent position outside The Library;

Librarians and staff granted leaves of four months or longer might not return to the same position depending on the needs of their unit.

Review process:

Applicants should first seek the advice and approval of their unit head;

Leaves may not be authorized by anyone other than the University Librarian and the Administrative Group;

In the case of leave requests for librarians and staff in the Bancroft Library and the East Asian Library, the University Librarian and the Administrative Group will discuss the request with the appropriate Director in attendance;

All leaves of four months or longer must be approved by the University Librarian.  Leaves less than four months may be approved by the Administrative Group.

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